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BlueSoleil 10 has improved functions and optimized performance. Windows 10 32/64 bit Windows 8 32/64 bit Windows 7 32/64 bit Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2K. Also, BlueSoleil cPhoneTool allows you to both send and receive phone messages on your computer.

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The best Bluetooth driver/Bluetooth software for Vista, Linux, WinCE. The below is my complete troubleshooter for Bluetooth which should help if the computer actually includes Bluetooth. That is clever to get together the supplies to put together a wide variety of digital devices well-matched with Bluetooth, such as mobile phones, headsets, printers, keyboards and so on.

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Windows 10, bluetooth dongle..

So I had a bluetooth dongle, it used a program called "bluesoleil" which was a crappy chinese software that refused to work properly on W10.
I now bought this https://www.asus.com/Networking/USBBT400/ instead
Doesn't work either... I don't have a cd reader so I had to download the file from https://www.asus.com/Networking/USBBT400/HelpDesk_Download/
First I tried just installing it, didn't work. My computer couldn't find anything via Windows built in bluetooth ( https://gyazo.com/419db061e6f4633256da399c65129bbf ) sorry for it being in Swedish.
Then I tried uninstalling all my other bluetooth devices that I had, which was my old one and something called CSR bluecore device. This is how my device manager looks https://gyazo.com/64b0d174a065214ce0124599b6a13696
But now when I try to install the asus programm it just stops installing and this shows up https://gyazo.com/999c9e9aad3de03e47944c68f264cc8b (it says "Cancel installation" Trying to update CSR_BTPORT_01 doesn't work, it won't find the drivers.
How do I make this work? Do I have to downgrade to windows 7 or what?
submitted by Hdjkssg to techsupport

Bluetooth Headset having multitasking problems

Hello again everyone. I'm continuing with my experiment in office Desk phone/PC-based bluetooth integration. I previously inquired about hardware for a setup here.
Since then I've purchased a USB Audio adapter (USB -> 2x 3.5mm) for protection purposes, and also a 4p4c(rj11) to 2x 3.5mm adapter.
So the current setup is that I have my computer with a bluetooth dongle and a bluetooth headset paired with it with A2DP enabled. I also have the rj11 adapter set up. See this for a current diagram.
This setup works fine, but has the obvious drawback of not being wireless.
When I replace the 3.5mm I/O from the bottom half of that diagram with bluetooth (like so), I can only manage one-way communication (as in, the bluetooth headset can either listen to the desk phone, XOR transmit from its microphone to the phone). In doing further testing, I've noticed that any access to the bluetooth microphone device (whether it's 'listen to' or VAC doing audio repeating) causes the bluetooth stereo audio device to stop transmitting. What's more, even going to "Playback Devices" and clicking on the recording tab (without changing anything) will cause the bluetooth stereo audio device to stop playing. Leaving the tab restores audio after ~3-5 seconds.
At this point I'm fairly certain the issue is with the default bluetooth stack that's being loaded by windows. A while back I went down the rabbit hole of bluetooth stacks when trying to get my original setup to work, and in the end the thing that worked best was not installing anything and just letting the default windows driver automatically use the A2DP profile to create a bluetooth stereo audio device and ended up installing CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack which the manufacturer provides for the dongle. which worked great.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a bluetooth stack that would be compatible with this? The last time I chased this down, the drivers the company gave me wound up being a version of BlueSoleil from like 2005, which worked, but had to re-pair every time the device was turned off. Ideally, I'd like everything to sync up automatically just from turning on my headset.
For completeness, I'm running Win7 x64 Pro on a dell optiplex 7010.
Edit: Looks like I remembered incorrectly. I'm currently running CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack Version When it connects to my headset, the only services (I think these are called services) that get listed are A2DP (Sink), Audio Video Remote Control Profile, and Handsfree Profile. All three services were active for my initial testing. I highly doubt that the headset is incapable of two-way communication in this manner, because I can sync the very same headset to my cell phone and do precisely what I'm trying to do.
EDIT2: To the unlikely person from the future, so you don't get frustrated with the fact there are no responses, I discovered the following: There are two different audio adapters that are created by my bluetooth software related to this headset - a high quality stereo audio output that can only be used on its own, and a lower quality one that makes everything sound like it's coming out of a cheap phone. The higher quality stereo audio automatically turns off if the PC accesses the incoming microphone information OR if it outputs anything to the lower quality audio. Ostensibly, this is so that a program like skype can hook into your headset just for phone calls. Unfortunately, the adapter I purchased always wants to output a hum(likely the desk set is outputting this hum), so it's triggering the higher quality stereo audio to never be available. I'll need a manual way to swap between calls and PC audio, but I have gotten a workable solution here.
submitted by SkoobyDoo to techsupport

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