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Load balancing - Keepalived alternative for Solaris 10

Amazon.com: Oracle Solaris Cluster Essentials (Oracle. How to clear ILOM or FMA fault. Tomorrow it is time to patch my Solaris 10 workstation to our latest patch bundle level (November 2020). OpenVMS (Virtual Memory System) is a multi-user, multiprocessing virtual memory-based operating system designed for use in time-sharing, batch processing, and transaction processing. PowerPath on a Solaris 10 host. Hyper is key on Lisp Machine Keyboards. Serials & keys - unlocks the world https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=1021.

Oracle iLOM Archives

File system snapshots can be accessed under the. When to use JSON or JSONB array vs SQL array in postgres. Troubleshooting on Solaris 10. CDE Cannot Be Logged in Normally. The real innovation in Solaris 10 is the introduction of N1 grid containers. Solaris 10 patch cluster music. Product Details Description Explore and discover a spectacular and ever-changing universe!

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Solaris 11, which debuted a year ago, was the first major release of the Unix operating system that spans Sparc, Sparc64, and x86 iron to come out since the former Sun Microsystems launched Solaris 10 in January 2020. Please see the Activation Support page for information on contacting tech support for priority assistance with any serial number or activation question. Run Windows, Linux, Solaris and Netware operating systems and applications on the same physical server; Increase the CPU utilization of a physical server; Move virtual machines from one physical server to another without re-configuration. Job Search Made easy - India: 2020-05-18. This can be a great opportunity to create a community feel around your event, encouraging attendees to. Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2020 Update 1 (x64) https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=1034. Copy generated Activation Key and Password and paste those to activation dialog.

Stellaris Console Commands List

For Recommended Patch Clusters and Critical Patch Updates, use the Solaris Insufficient Disk Space - /var task (ID #3) to check whether the file system that contains /var has sufficient space to extract and install the patches. Managing Cluster Services. Solaris - EMC storage + powercf command + powerpath. Solaris 10 10/08 also includes virtualization enhancements including the ability for a Solaris Container to automatically update its environment when moved from one system to another, Logical Domains support for dynamically reconfigurable disk and network I/O, and paravirtualization support when Solaris 10 is used as a guest OS in Xen-based environments such as Sun xVM Server. Click in Allow access. Solaris Cluster 3.2 with Oracle 11i R2 oracle agent installation question Hi all! Download Solaris 11 Resource Kit.

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Delirium League challenges analysis/newbie guide

Feel free support my PATREON PAGE, means a lot to me even is little <3
  • All this analysis are based on a full time job player experience (spend 4~6 hours on PoE per day)
  • (40/40) tag means skip this if you're aiming for 36/40 challenges only, which means only wanna get those exclusive MTX skins, don't want the hideout trophy challenges.
  • Rating Difficulty:
    • Very Easy: Can be done within a week or day.
    • Easy: Can be done within a month, or couple of weeks.
    • Normal: Can be done within around a month or more, and require access end game content to do this.
    • Hard: Require heavy grinding which requires around 2 or more months of grinding.
    • Very Hard: Almost impossible to accomplished the challenge within 3 months(default league period)
  • Grinding here means play time in general, not farming on specific things.

1. Gear Up

  • Have a combined total of 1,000 Life, Mana and Energy Shield - Can get a lot from Armour Equipment(helm,chest,gloves,shoes).
  • Have a combined total of 150 Resistance - Can get a lot from rings.
  • Have a combined total of 200 Attributes - Can get a lot from amulet.
Very Easy. This challenge teaches you on how to improve your character-basic-stats in this game.

2. Complete Delirium Encounters I

  • Face your fears by passing through a Delirium Mirror. - Basically just start the encounter of the mechanic.
  • Obtain a reward from a Delirium Encounter. - Just fill up the loot icon bar at the bottom of your screen by killing monster, killing delirium monster will fill the bar even faster. Also you can spawn more delirium monster by walking on certain stuff.
  • Survive the madness. - Just don't die during the encounter.
Very Easy. Is an introduction to new player about the new league mechanic, delirium.

3. Complete these Quests

  • The Dweller of the Deep - In Act1, kill THE DEEP DWELLER in the Flooded Depths(from the Lower Submerged Passage).
  • Sever the Right Hand - In Act3, kill GENERAL GRAVICIUS in the Ebony Barracks.
  • The King's Feast - In Act5, kill UTULA in the Ruined Square(after the fallen of High Templar Avarius)
  • Kishara's Star - In Act7, retrieve Kishara's Star in the Causeway, normally near the entrance to the next map(The Vaal City).
  • Fastis Fortuna - In Act9, retrieve Calendar of Fortune which can be obtain from killing Boulderback in Foothills.
Easy. All of these are side-optional-quests are NOT recommend to skip, because they give valuable reward for your leveling process.

4. Defeat these Act Bosses I

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the first-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

5. Complete Encounters I

  • Interact with a Massive Shrine - (Domination Mechanic) A random spawn of shrine that increase your character size.
  • Open an Arcanist's Strongbox - (Ambush Mechanic) A random spawn of strongbox that drop currency items.
  • Complete a Delve Encounter - (Delve Mechanic) Basically do Niko's mission in Act4 or any delving content.
  • Defeat a Red beast at the Blood Altar - (Bestiary Mechanic) Basically do a bestiary crafting in Einhar's encampment.
Easy. An introduction of some of the past league mechanic added to core game.

6. Complete Encounters II

  • Allocate a Major God Power - (Pantheon Mechanic) You'll gain these "power" by killing some of the bosses at the end of some story Act, for example The Brian King from Act 6, Arakali from Act 7, Lunaris and Solaris from Act 8.
  • Allocate a Minor God Power - (Pantheon Mechanic) You'll gain these "power" by killing some of the bosses after Act 6. You can access these "power" by pressing button "Y"(default button).
  • Upgrade an Incursion Room - (Incursion Mechanic) Basically do Alva's mission in Act 8.
  • Unlock a Veiled Crafting Modifier - (Betrayal Mechanic) Basically do Jun's mission in Act 9.
Easy. An introduction of some of the past league mechanic added to core game.

7. Use Essences

Essence are very useful to upgrade gear especially at early game, can change item rarity from normal rarity into rare with a guarantee mod. This table will help you understand more about essence tiers.
Easy. They actually make this essence challenge even easier compare to old times(Betrayal League: you need to get tier6 essence), which now you only need using essence on all part of your equipment to complete this challenge which doesn't require much RNG anymore.

8. Defeat these Act Bosses II

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the second-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

9. Defeat Delirium Monsters

Easy. Delirium monster rarity will start increasing as you venture further away from the start of the delirium encounter, the further you go away from the delirium's mirror the more harder delirium monster you'll encounter.

10. Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas

Normal. These are the new end game bosses since 3.9.0 update, if you build can't really kill them then just ask for experience player to help you kill them off when u got the map to spawn them.

11. Complete Vendor Recipes

  • Cartographer's Chisel - Vendor a Stone HammeRock BreakeGavel with 20% quality, and a map.
  • Orb of Chance - Vendor 2 identified rare items with same name(easily obtain from strongbox with mirror mod) OR a full set rare item with their item level 59 below OR 4 kind rarity of a same item(etc:normal,magic,rare,unique amulet)
  • Chaos Orb - Vendor a full set rare item with their item level between 60 to 74.
  • Sextant - Vendor 3 same tier of sextant.
  • Vaal Orb - Vendor 7 vaal gems and a sacrifice fragment map
  • Blight Oil - Vendor 3 same tier of blight oil.
  • Catalyst - Vendor 3 same type of catalyst.
  • Itemised Metamorph Sample - Vendor 3 type of metamorph's sample.
Very Easy. A good introduction of vendor recipe to newbies, the best way to get rich easily in PoE. Also for experience player you can skip some of these easily buy using Gilded Fossil crafting.

12. Craft items using Currency

  • Orb of Transmutation - Change item rarity from normal to magic.
  • Orb of Alteration - Change magic rarity item's modifier depending on it's item level and the item base type.(etc: convoking wand can access minion modifiers)
  • Orb of Alchemy - Change item rarity from normal to rare.
  • Chaos Orb - Change rare rarity item's modifier depending on it's item level and the item base type.
  • Essence - Change item rarity from normal to rare with a guarantee mod depending on the essence type. Tier6(Shrieking) above essence can be use on rare rarity too.
  • Fossil - To use fossil, you have to put them inside a resonator then only can use them on item, it'll change the item's modifiers into random; with higher chance of getting certain modifiers depending on what type of fossils had been used.
  • Catalyst - Improve certain modifiers value on an item(rings,amulet,belt). It also improve the chance of getting certain modifiers when using other orbs on the item.
  • Oil - Add special implicit's modifier on an item. You can get modifiers that enhance blight's tower mechanic on ring; notable passive's modifiers on amulet.
Very Easy. They make the currency challenge becoming more interesting, from using quality currency only(old) to now using currency that change item's modifiers ... kinda force player to learn the crafting mechanics =P

13. Turn in Divination Cards

Type Best Choice
Scarab Cameria's Cut
Shaper or Elder Item The Lord of Celebration
Six-Linked item The Porcupine, Humility
Stack of Currency Emperor's Luck
Two-Implicit Unique Item Arrogance of the Vaal, Echoes of Love
Unique Map The Encroaching Darkness
Normal. Old player might remember how hideous this challenge is in the old days, not exactly the same but pretty much they improve it BETTER! Nice work GGG!! Also note that this challenge require card that reward SPECIFIC reward type as requested, so those wild reward like The Void won't work on this challenge.

14. Complete Encounters III

  • Lord of the Grey - Tier3 Belfry Map, this boss will plunges its hand create a portal Devouring Darkness is deals physical degen, also shoot out degen projectile from the portal. The projectile is kinda slow so is easy to dodge them away as long you're stay far away from that portal it created.
  • The Brittle Emperor - Tier3 Wasteland Map, he only create Consecrated Ground(gold color) around him, so try fight him at melee range to get under his Consecrated effect then kill him.
  • Nightmare's Omen - Tier3 Primordial Pool Map, he will cast 9 Blood Projectiles around the arena randomly, have to dodge these projectiles till he submerge twice then only kill him.
  • He of Many Pieces - Tier3 Museum Map, this challenge a bit tricky ... require a range build to do in order to avoid stepping on those bomb while killing him. Try do this map with twin mod or additional projectile mod so that can have 15 Chaos Bombs active easily.
Normal. These challenges makes the boss a bit tricky to do, can be done in low tier map so should be no problem. Click the link on their name to learn their fight mechanic.

15. Complete Delirium Encounters II

  • Apply a Delirium Orb to a Map - You'll start getting Delirium Orb from killing delirium monster in end game maps.
  • Complete a Rare Map that is affected by a Delirium Orb - Delirium Orb will cause the map to have permanent delirium effect, and it will drop the reward each time the reward bar is full.
  • Complete a Rare Map with maximum Delirium - Maximum number of delirium can be use on map is 5, recommend to do it in lower tier map.
Normal. Is an introduction of using the new currency from the league mechanic.

16. Use Betrayal Benches

  • Add a Veiled Modifier to an item - Place Aisling into Research Division.
  • Add Quality to Map Item - Place Hillock into Intervention Division.
  • Upgrade a Breachstone - Place It That Fled into Research Division.
  • Convert an Amulet into a Talisman - Place Jorgin into Research Division.
  • Add experience to a Gem - Place Tora into Research Division.
  • Transform colour of at least 1 socket to White - Place Vorici into Research Division.
Normal. Betrayal is the least RNG-gated mechanic if comparing to other league mechanic, because of you can control the syndicate position for their rewards. Here's a cheat sheet regarding syndicate rewards.

17. Complete Twinned Maps

Not all maps can have "twinned" modifier, for example Kitava or Innocence boss.
Normal. Surprisingly they change from require specific map to have twinned challenge, to more broad choices ... interesting change GGG, nonetheless some map boss are more tricky to do when two of them in a small room, you can try roll a magic rarity of the map with "Twin" mod so make the fight easier. If still can't, just ask someone else to help kill when u got them.

18. Complete Delirium Encounters III

Easy. None of them are so hard to find, just keep doing the delirium encounter as you farming you gonna complete these monster check list eventually.

19. Complete Unidentified Maps

Going an unidentified rare map is kinda risky but high reward, do ounce per tier. You can obtain unidentified rare map by doing the map vendor recipe which also effect the rarity too, etc: vendor 3 same rare map you'll get +1 tier rare map OR corrupting rare map have a chance turning into unidentified(safer since you know the mods before hand). If your build can't deal most of the map mod then just party up with other people OR invite experienced players to help your Blind Map.
Normal. Surprisingly they make this challenge easier from doing all(16) last few leagues, to only 10 this league .. well thanks GGG! =D

20. Achieve Ascension

PoELAB is a good resource to check whether today is a short/safe layout to be run or not. Also try install LabCompass for more convenient, is a MUST tools for labyrinth camper! Here's are the locations for each trial to obtain before able to enter certain difficulty labyrinth:
  • Normal Difficulty: Act1 The Lower Prison, Act2 The Crypt Level 1, Act2 The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Act3 The Crematorium, Act3 The Catacombs, Act3 The Imperial Gardens
  • Cruel Difficulty: Act6 The Prison, Act7 The Crypt, Act7 The Chamber of Sins Level 2
  • Merciless Difficulty: Act8 The Bath House, Act9 The Tunnel, Act10 The Ossuary
  • UbeEternal Difficulty: Random spawn in end game maps, here's a picture for easier tracking which trial u haven't done yet.
OVERALL: Easy. Labyrinth will get easier when you practice more, if your build can't do it, just pay someone to bring you to do it ;)

21. Experiment with Cluster Jewels

Easy. All the new type of cluster jewel are cheap to get, as long you can get access to the cluster jewel socket(outer ring jewel socket) then you can complete this challenge easily.

22. Complete Encounters IV

  • Open 100 Strongboxes - Can be farm-able from Zana's Ambush map modifier.
  • Complete 50 Abysses - Can be farm-able from Zana's Abyss map modifier.
  • Interact with 150 Shrines - Can be farm-able from Zana's Domination map modifier.
  • Open 150 Perandus Chests - Can be farm-able from Zana's Perandus map modifier.
Normal, most of these are grind are available from Zana's map device modifier, so completing these challenge will be faster if using her map device.

23. Complete Metamorph Encounters

  • Defeat a Metamorph - Randomly spawn from end game maps.
  • Open a Map with a Metamorph Scarab - Metamorph Scarab can be obtain from Aisling in Intervention Division.
  • Obtain an Itemised Sample from a Metamorph - During metamoprh encounter, try fill the green bar to maximum with higher rarity organs to have a guarantee chance getting a metamoprh sample from the encounter.
  • Defeat a Metamorph in Tane's Laboratory - You can spawn a special metamoprh monster in tane's lab after you're collect 5 type of metamoprh samples.
Normal. This challenge inform us how they integrated metamorph mechanic into the core game.

24. Obtain Rewards from Vaal Side Areas

Normal. This challenge inform us how they improve the vaal side area reward that spawn in end game map during this 3.10.0 expansion. 7 out of 9, should be less RNG-gated for this challenge. You can make use of Hidden Vaal Pathways prophecy to proc proc side area in end game maps too.

25. Obtain Rewards from Delirium Encounters

Normal. 19 out of 22, should feel less RNG-gated for this challenge. You also can farm delirium encounter in act zone to proc many different type of rewards.

26. Complete Encounters while in Mist

Normal. This challenges is trying to inform us that delirium mechanic is the very first league mechanic can integrate with other old league mechanic, for the greater reward and also with greater RISK.

27. Complete Delirium Encounters IV

Normal. This challenges is just wanted us to push the limit of using the delirium orb(5 times) on certain map codition, most dangerous would be eldeshaper guardian which delirium will cause the boss to have additional skill and also cause the boss arena ground cover will special ailment, making the whole fight a bit more tense .... thus require a decent build to do, if you're build can't do it then try invite other experience player to help with.

28. Explore the Atlas

  • 140 Bonus Objectives - Obtain from completing maps with required rarity.
  • 140 Awakening Bonus Objectives Obtain from completing maps with required awaken power(amount of watchstone placed in atlas)
Normal. This challenge inform us that they had made some changes on how to get the awakening bonus and also it's reward.

29. Reach Level 90

Normal. This .... require a decent build to do this, require within a month to reach this level. If bad build that die a lot then .... maybe then need around a month+

30. Complete Encounters V

  • Varhesh, Shimmering Abberation - Tier15 Terrace Map, each time the boss lower it's 5% life will spawn blue little bubble that cause player to take cold degen name "Fearful" if touched it, so just avoid those bubble by running around the arena while killing it. BUG: Minions can't be touch by these bubbles or else you'll fail the challenge
  • Enticer of Rot - Tier14 Spider Forest Map, when the main boss life reach 50%, she will spawn Avatar of Rot's from the huge boiling pot. Then what you have to do to complete this challenge is deal more damage to her till low life, then only attack her offspring Rot's, you can kite it away from her because of her offspring is a melee but she isn't so she won't chase you down when you're killing her offspring. So when her offspring is dead, instantly go back to her then kill her.
  • Lady Stormflay - Tier12 Ghetto Map, the boss lightning strike skill have "Curse Vulnerability on Hit", so when the boss at low life, try get hit at least once by her lightning strike to get her curse then kill it instantly, also remember not to use your "curse remove" flask to avoid failing this challenge. This challenge also works with map that contain "Players are cursed with vulnerability" modifier.
  • Piety the Empyrean - Tier14 Shrine Map, when the boss enter a red portal, she will turn into Fire Form that have "Curse Piety's Rage on hit" effect from her melee attacks. Doing high tier version of her is kinda dangerous, so try damage her to low life first, then only wait for her turn into fire form, get hit once by her then instantly kill her while under her's effect.
Normal. These challenges makes the boss a bit tricky to do, and much harder because have to do them in high tier maps, try invite experience player if you're build aren't capable to do them. Click the link on their name to learn their fight mechanic.

31. Complete Simulacrum I

Hard. Simlacrum requires a really good build to beat it because of tremendous degen-damage deal from the mob and the delirium boss(11th wave), also the chance of IMPALE from monster ... I'll suggest to invite/join highly-capable player to finish the map for you.

32. Curious Corruption

Outcome Source
Corrupted Implicit Modifier Vaal Orb crafting on item
Two Corrupted Implicit Modifiers Temple of Atzoatl - Corrupting Room(-resistance), or Vaal Orb crafting on item that already have 2 implicit (etc: synthesis ring, gilded item)
Influenced Rare Item Temple of Atzoatl - Corrupting Room(-resistance)
Turn a Unique Item into a Rare Item Vaal Orb crafting on item
White Socket Vaal Orb crafting on item
6-linked Item Vaal Orb crafting on 2-hand weapon OR chestpiece
Additional Gem Level Vaal Orb crafting on gem
Additional Gem Quality Vaal Orb crafting on gem
Vaal Skill Gem Vaal Orb crafting on gem
8-modifiers on a Rare Map Vaal Orb crafting on map
Additional Map Tier Vaal Orb crafting on map
Unidentified Map Vaal Orb crafting on map
Vaal Temple Map Vaal Orb crafting on tier15 map
Unique Jewel Vaal Orb crafting on jewel
30% Quality Bestiary Crafting with Craicic Vassal beast
Normal. Pretty much an RNG challenge from doing corruption, but doing 12 out of 15 is actually sounds pretty fine just skip the temple atzoatl crafting option(2) then the rest of the others option should be pretty cheap and easy to get.

33. Complete Encounters VI

  • Defeat a Possessed Rogue Exile
    Can be done easily by activating "Anarchy's End IV" or "Deadly Rivalry III" prophecy.
  • Exchange 5,000 Perandus Coins with Cadiro Perandus
    This challenge exist before during sysnthesis league but in a bad situation because of how hard we can access the perandus mechanic during that time .... now with perandus available from Zana's map device, this challenge should be achievable even with this big amount, just be careful with scammers when buy this services/coins.
  • Defeat a Bestiary Boss
    To do this challenge just buy any cheap unique beast(Saqawine Rhex, Craicic Spider Crab, Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid, or Farric Tiger Alpha) then spawn in ur blood altar, complete the fight in their lair then you'll complete this challenge, or hunt them yourself. here's the details:
    • Saqawal, First of the Sky - It's recipe require Saqawine Rhex that only appears in Tier 5+ maps. This DINOSAUR boss not that dangerous but try don't stand in the tornadoes, they hurt more than anything else in the encounter
    • Craiceann, First of the Deep - It's recipe require Craicic Spider Crab that only appears in Tier 7+ maps. This CRAB boss same like bird boss are just loot pinatas tbh, haven't seen them alive long enough to do anything.
    • Fenumus, First of the Night - It's recipe require Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid that only appears in Tier 10+ maps. This SPIDER boss deal a lot of chaos damage, so bring chaos resist flask, and dont stand in the stuff on the ground.
    • Farrul, First of the Plains - It's recipe require Farric Tiger Alpha that only appears in Tier 13+ maps. This TIGER boss deal a lot of phys damage, so bring phys reduction flask, bleed immunity flask and dodge the stampede.
  • Defeat Atziri in the Temple of Atzoatl
    Kinda hard to spawn her in the temple, but should be fine now because this challenge is share-able now, which means you can join other player's temple that have her spawning in their temple to get the kills challenge. Unlike in the old days(incursion league) this type of challenge can't be shared ... have to done this challenge by your own temple which is really hard and RNG-gated.
Normal. These challenge are pretty achievable ... just require a bit RNG to get find them.

34. Defeat Map Bosses(40/40)

Hard. This seems another big improvement from previous league map grind challenge(1,500 map bosses), tone down to 500 map bosses with a condition, have to kill them under the delirium effect. You can farm map that have multiple bosses such as Arena Map, or Courthouse Map and so on ... the best one will be Precinct map because of it contain 4~5 bosses as long they're in delirium effect, could try make use of DEADLY TWINS prophecy. Also try make use of Delirium Orb on map to have a permanent delirium effect until the boss room, so that you won't have to backtrack finding delirium-mirror encounter at start of the map then run till the end to the boss room ... Hopefully GGG will fix this soon, will update again if they make any QOL changes on this.

35. Complete Unique Maps

Normal. Do 15 out of 19, with the help of The Encroaching Darkness divination card, this challenge will be slightly easier to complete as you keep grinding end game maps collecting this cards. Even your RNG is sux collecting these card, you could buy some of the unique map at here, most of the unique map are quite cheap.
The least 4 favorite unique map I would skip is ... Hall Of Grandmaster(hard), Perandus Manor(very expensive), The Putrid Cloister(expensive), and Doryani's Machinarium(expensive) depending whose the 4th expensive map is =D

36. Complete the Epilogue Questline

Check out Grimro video on how to obtain watchstones
There's 3 phases on how to upgrade full your atlas:
  • First 4 watchstones is from doing the maps at the corner region of your atlas. When you do your first map in those region, the conqueror will spawn in say something to you then portal back out, then your map will fill with the conqueror adds, and also in atlas UI that region will be colored depending of the conqueror. After u do 2 more map(must be different), then Kirac NPC will have a quest for you asking you to talk with Zana open the map for you that can fight with the conqueror itself. Repeat this process in 4 other corner region to get the first 4 watchstones.
  • Next 16 watchstones is from doing a region of map with their condition fulfilled. Previous 4 doesn't need condition that's why the conqueror can spawn. To know what's their conditon to spawn them, you can mouse over your watchstone invetory slots then it will show what it need and also highlight the region that the slots represent. With enough watchstone socketed in your citadel, the conqueror will spawn in if you run their appropriate map tier in that region 3 times(can't run other tier even is the same map). And after you got your 12 watchstone, Zana will invite you to kill Sirus, Awakener of Worlds boss.
  • Last 12 watchstones is pretty much the same with previous phase except this time conqueror will have CHANCE to spawn in after complete a map with their influence in a region, instead of previous phase gurantee spawn after 3 maps. Also now u can now farm conqueror by spawning them again to farm their influenced item but not their wathcstone(if obtained already).
    Side note, to get a citadel in a region you have to find them just by clearing any map till the boss open a portal which brings you to a small room with zana and an altar at the middle of the room, click the altar then you'll unlock citadel in your region.
Normal, this quest is all about killing Sirus, Awakener of Worlds which is when you collected 16 watchstones from conquerors of the atlas. Just invite experience player to help you kill Sirus if you're build aren't capable to do it after spawning the boss.

37. Complete Simulacrum II

  • Complete a wave of monsters which spawns two bosses in the Simulacrum
    There's a chance where 2 delirium bosses will spawn around after wave 18th, and the fight is very hectic .... might require a GOOD build to do this.
  • Obtain a Rampage Streak of 300 in the Simulacrum
    Can be done by equipping a rampage gear such as Bisco's Leash or Sinvicta's Mettle, let the rampage effect start then switch back to your main equipment quickly then continuing killing the mob and start the next phase instantly to keep the rampage number going till 300.
  • Complete 100 waves of monsters in the Simulacrum
    That's 5 runs on the Simulacrum map if you're build can do the full run(20 waves), for a descent build ... should do around 10 runs on this map that's roughly 10 waves per map, nonetheless 100 is a achievable number for a normal player.
Normal. Require a bit of grind on the league-exclusive-unique-map and also a GOOD build to do for the double delirium boss challenge ... Might need to invite a pro player to help you deal with that, the other 2 challenges is achievable with a descent build.

38. Complete Deadly Encounters(40/40)

  • Uber Elder
    You can access this boss domain by combining 2 shaper fragment(Shape & Knowledge) and 2 elder fragment(Emptiness & Terror), required a good-bossing-build to do this fight.
  • High Templar Venarius in The Cortex
    You can access this boss domain by putting Cortex Relic Chambers Map in ur map device, is pretty hard fight especially with multi-phases boss, invite experience player if you can't do this after you obtain the map.
  • Domain of Timeless Conflict
    When collect a total of 100 timeless splinter will become a Timeless Emblem map fragment, which can be use to unlock the 5th slot of map device, if running 4 type of emblem at once. For this challenge it can be need do putting any one piece of the timeless emblem on your map device, pretty easy.
  • Mastermind at an area level of 83
    This is the last boss of syndicate hierarchy, you can access the mastermind safehouse after fill the information bar to full from killing captains of each safehouse divisions. It's full fight is all about running around the arena avoid the middle laser beam and the burning arena from 4 edges. Getting a level 83 mastermind shouldn't be a problem as long you keep negotiating syndicate in high tier map, it will also replace ur old progression if u done some negotiation in the past low tier maps.
Hard. Finding these bosses is not a problem in this challenges, the BIG problem is to defeat them .... might require a good build to do these challenges OR invite an experience player to help with after you found these bosses.

39. Leave to Chance(40/40)

All of it can be easily be done but except 4 of it; chancing any weapon, strongbox, map or jewel into unique. By picking 2 out of 4, I'll choose weapon and strongboxes, here's how:
  • Chancing strongbox into unique is actually can be easily done by 2 players, 1 player spamming Orb of Chance on the strongbox another player spamming Scouring Orb on the box.
  • Chancing weapon into unique can be easily done but chancing unique weapon that are easily obtainable(high drop weighing) especially the leveling gear etc: lifespring.
Hard. Because of this challenge, orb of chance price is gonna be fluctuate for this league ... This challenge is very RNG-gated. If you manage to chance any of these 2 type into a unique rarity, then only you can proceed your journey to get the 40/40 golden trophy. Also if you're rich, you can buy the Trash to Treasure prophecy to skip this challenge easily, but expensive.

40. Complete Endgame Grinds(40/40)

  • Level 100
    This is gonna be hardest of the rest challenges. If your build not very end game or dying often ... highly recommended to skip this.
  • Complete 500 Delve Encounters at an area level of 80 or higher in the Azurite Mine
    Well this sound a lot better than previous depth 600 challenge, this mean any build can achieve this now as long you keep farming delve depth 189 above then eventually you'll reach this number in no time, really love this improvement GGG! Please don't bring back again reach depth 600 challenge :(
  • Cleanse 400 Darkshrines in the Endgame Labyrinth
    This actually worst than previous challenge, the best you can hope for is wait for a labyrinth layout with 4 darkshine(max) within them then you'll only need to 100 labyrinth to complete this challenge, fewer darkshrine may cost you more to farm it so .... 4 dakrshrine labyrinth is your best BET to clear off this challenge.
  • Complete 50 Blighted Maps
    This challenge use to be require 100 blighted maps(since blight league) got tone down to 50 ... looks good! 50 is a very achievable number, gonna at least try complete this one when doing end game challenges.
  • Defeat 100 Conquerors of the Atlas
    From "75 Sirus kills" to 100 conquerors which is like trying to spawn 20 Sirus instead! Great improvement GGG! 100 conquerors is definitely an achievable number from a casual player perspective.
  • Defeat 750 waves of monsters in the Simulacrum
    An upgrade version of Simulacrum II challenge, the required amount to farming this map is roughly around 75 times for a descent build(10+ waves per map) and 38 times for a good build(20 wavers per map). Is really grindy but if you like the new league mechanic then should be achievable. You can get more simulacrum splinter from farming map with high monster desnsity, etc: Tropical Island(T14), Lair(T15), Promenade(T16) base on Daykun video guide
Hard. GGG are pretty tame with the end game grinding number this league, I'm very surprise! In a good way :D ... Do 4 out of 6 of these choices, without a doubt I would skip that Level 100, that's ridiculous grind ... then maybe skip labyrinth by doing other content cuz I know many of yo really hate labyrinth ... I mean only 1% ppl can do labyrinth XD For those who willing to do lab then may wanna skip .... 750 simulacrum because of the big number, or maybe 500 delve encounters if you really prefer simulacrum if it's cheap or you love the content, 500 delve is actually more grindy compare the others options because of the sulphite grind. Well just skip the least content you like the most, overall these end game grind challenge is way more easier compare to previous league, great improvement GGG!
I will still be active updating this page from time to time whenever I got new INTEL untill the league ends ;) Hopefully you guys understand my poor english and also helped new comer try to get 40/40 challenges =D
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11-05 00:18 - 'I might be wrong, but there seems to be a conceptual hierarchy within current Linux kernel source trees: / net / (including IPv4), then / net/ipv6. This is mirrored by the menu structure in *make menuconfig:* Networking → TCP...' by /u/dp2ihs removed from /r/linux within 1975-1985min

I might be wrong, but there seems to be a conceptual hierarchy within current Linux kernel source trees: /net/ (including IPv4), then /net/ipv6. This is mirrored by the menu structure in make menuconfig: Networking → TCP/IP → IPv6.
This seems to make IPv6 dpendent on IPv4: you can disable v6 and keep v4, but not the other way around. Maybe this can be fixed, but seeing how other kernel concepts depend on ipv4 (PXE/bootp/mdraid/dm*/clusteNFS/netrpc etc. etc.), I imagine some major restructuring.
Maybe other systems do this better? Windows? macOS? *BSD? openSolaris? Some realtime stacks?
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