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Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead. As a result, NHS Digital no longer supports any version of Internet Explorer for our web-based products, as it involves considerable extra effort and expense, which cannot be justified from public funds. How to Find Windows 10 Version Number Information This tutorial will show you how to find and see what the. Windows 10 key feature This new version combines features from those two previous installments to suit the users in a better way for both desktop/laptop computers as well as mobile devices. The company explained the thinking behind its new OS back in September, and the Technical Preview.

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It was having few problems in operating with some web browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 and all Mozilla browser versions and Google Chrome, which are all fixed and updated to have the best compatibility with them. Support is deprecated for Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, and Internet Explorer Mobile. To find out which version of Internet Explorer you're using or which operating system you're running, follow one of these links. IDM Serial Key Free Download and Activation. Changes include a new user interface and improved scanning of internet sites for malware.

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In this article, we are going to explain Internet Explorer 10 Shortcut Keys in Windows 8. In Windows 8, shortcut keys allow us to navigate around the OS quickly and efficiently. Windows 10 Crack with Product Key Torrent 2020 [Full. April 10, Windows Experience Blog Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. Reopen the Last Browsing Session in Internet Explorer https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=1022. Hi Team, I am having IE build version in my windows 10 PC. I want IE build version to be upgraded only till (exactly) but not a latest version.

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Children's author and illustrator Liz Pichon will use these moments to create a 21st century version of the Bayeux Tapestry which will be revealed this summer. Now you need to get things set up. Here's a checklist of important things to do. Serial Key Generator - Free download and software reviews. All the web browsers you know from Windows 7 work in exactly the same on Windows 10, but Microsoft has thrown a new browser called Edge into the mix. Windows 10 - Microsoft Tech Community https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=1025.

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Apart from these professional functions, the Win 10 Pro operating system also contains new universal features and programs: Cortana: Personal assistant for intuitive operation of the system. How to Find Serial Number of Windows PC. IDM Serial Key Free Download [2020] - IDM Serial Number. Most offices spend 1-2 hours a day managing files. Program4Pc Video Converter Features.

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Removing malicious plugins is not a way of losing privacy. Here are simple methods to activate IDM using serial keys in this post: Method 1: Using 100% working IDM serial key. In addition to the digital version, Microsoft also sells a full packaged version of Windows 10 on a USB flash drive. With the help of this handy tool, users can easily draw smooth, beautiful lines, with mouse or pen tablet. An online or in-store purchase of a Windows 10 key would be considered a retail license.

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Windows 7 Activation Key - CNET Download useful source. In this article we are going to explain Internet Explorer 10 Shortcut Keys in Windows 8. In Windows 8, shortcut keys allow us to navigate around the OS quickly and efficiently. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\New Windows\PopupAllowHTTPS. Click the notification and follow the steps to repair Windows or buy a genuine version of Windows if you find out the software is counterfeit. Microsoft has continued to its winning formula by revealing Windows 10. Either you can buy the windows 10 product key from the internet or retailer, or you can go out for the free windows 10 activation keys.

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Internet explorer new version 10-key. How to use Windows 10 Any Edition Activator. How to Specify Target Feature Update Version in Windows 10 This tutorial will show you how to specify a TargetReleaseVersion version of Windows 10 you want to move to or stay on until it reaches end of service in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education. How to Activate Windows 10 With or Without a Product Key.

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Is Internet Explorer still supported? For now, it's the default browser for Windows 10, yet IE11 remains the The key is an app called ModernIE from Microsoft, which is an ' always-latest'. In this edition of Windows 10, you will find Microsoft Edge as a final replacement of Old-days Internet Explorer that includes features of Text-only Reader Mode, Annotation tool, integration of Cortana, etc. An entirely new browser Internet Explorer 10 is the entirely new browser that's built. 3 Ways to Open Developer Tools in IE on Windows 10.

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This application does not require a valid subscription. The advanced database can identify additional add-ons and malicious toolbars in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. Build 14393) Windows 10 Creators Update. Pre-installed Window 10 wont activate on new computer. Any internet user has a choice on the web browser for personal reasons.

Version 10 Released ✨ Text chat and more added! See the change log here.

Version 10 Released ✨ Text chat and more added! See the change log here.

Welcome to the release of Version 10.

There was a silent version 9 release, which contained mostly bug fixes. Version 10 is a bit more substantial, with several user requested features as the main focus.
As always, please report bugs. If you run into new issues, you can still find the previous version of the app up at https://obs.ninja/v9/
Version 10 Change log:
Added text messaging CHAT.
-Pretty basic, but meet the needs of many
-red notification bubble implies you have a new message
-basic security/protections added to chat (no links can be sent, etc)
-HTML5 emojis are supported (https://www.w3schools.com/charsets/ref_emoji.asp)
-mobile compatible
-Built to be private and secure -- messages are peer to peer (no server)
Added the ability to Change the audio and video device while live streaming, including the option to screen share
-This was a time-consuming feature to add; please report any bugs you might encounter!
-Press the GEAR icon to bring out the settings menu. Click anywhere outside the menu to close it.


Added additional code to try to fix the OBS Vp8 pixel smearing problem
-Every 3 seconds it checks if there was moderate packet loss, if the codec is vp8, and if OBS is in use.
-If all true, and OBS didn't correct the packet loss, it acts on its own to trick the sender of video to send a keyframe.
-The point of this is to solve the RAINBOW PUKE problem.
-You can disable it with &obsfix=off or whatever.
-Please Report FEEDBACK and ISSUES with this new feature

Added a button that lets you FORCE a keyframe to all your connected viewers.
-If you are doing a live stream, you can use this to "kick" the stream if you start having problems.
-It will lower the video quality for a split second, but if the video is stuck or all smeared, this might help get it back to normal
-You can access this button via the Debug / Stats window on your local video preview (see below).

Improved the Debug Stats window to show things in kbps and to highlight the important stats better
- you can access it via CRTL + LEFT click on the video playback window
- made some UI/UX improvements to the way it can be closed
Added an "auto start" URL parameter that has a user auto-join the video, bypassing the camera/microphone selection page. &autostart , &autojoin, &aj
-Unless otherwise defined, it will use the default audio and video device as inputs/outputs.
-It won't auto start if an error occurs
-The user will still need to press an intial button, which is required to get needed "user gesture" permissions

Added the URL parameter &videodevice that hides the option to select a video device on join.
-if set to 0, it disables video for the guest. They can see video, but can't publish it
-if set to 1, it just hides the video selector; it will use the System Default video device intead.
-if added with no value, it is assumed to be equal to 1 (default camera)
- vd, vdevice are aliases

Also added the same function for audio, so &audiodevice hides the option to select audio inputs AND audio outputs.
-I also hide audio output as the goal is to make things less confusion, not more.
-you can still change audio/video via the settings icon once in the app
-you can use "&device" to represent both audio and video together.

Highlight specific videos in the group room
-Expanded &novideo and &noaudio so that streams listed as values are excepted
- https://obs.ninja?room=xxxx&novideo=MainVideo123,other123 --- in this case, MainVideo123 and other123 are both allowed to show video, but all other videos cannot.
- You can use this to have ONE video stream selected for everyone in a group chat, such as the output of OBS. This can help reduce the load on those in the group room, by only needing to pull and push one video stream.

Added the feature request to have bitrates per video be something you can set via the URL.
-so, ?view=aaa,bbb,ccc&bitrate=100,250,2000
- the first bitrate listed in the list becomes the default bitrate for all non-specified videos

Created a closed captioning (speech to text) translation tool added (https://obs.ninja/speechin)

Created an Invite URL Obfuscator tool with custom URL (https://invite.cam)

Improved the OBS Dock interface; now supports non OBS.Ninja domains

Created a speed test app, https://obs.ninja/speedtest that measure packet loss, transfer bandwidth, and more.
-Useful for analyzing performance and connection issues.
-Just reload if issues occur

🤖 Created an IFRAME and DUAL sample page app and an OBS.NINjA API.
I'll go more into this another time, but you can now use OBS.Ninja in an abstracted way via an API messaging layer.-I created the IFRAME sample pages as examples of how to code it.
-You can use it to create custom Control interfaces or custom video layouts
-the speed test uses this API to function; two Iframes + interface, all together.
-IFrames can be embedded into third party website and access data or control using custom interfaces
- https://obs.ninja/iframe (see the code here for reference of how it works)

Prototyped an app that lets you Screenshare and share your Webcam at the same time.
- Based on the above IFRAME sample code.
- https://obs.ninja/dual
- needs a lot more work, so keep an eye out for it. (It's just a prototype currently)

Made several UI/UX improvements to OBS.Ninja, including a better looking camera selection interface. (margins,paddings, colors, improved)
(Thank you Chris 😎 for the continual feedback on this front)

Support for 60fps @ 1080p with OBS Virtualcam has been tweaked/improved. This is a great way to screen capture a game, versus Chrome's built in screen capture tool.

You can now wait to &view an upcoming stream that gets added to a group room while not part of the room. (passwords are still needed mind you)

If using a password, the Stream ID will be salted so it cannot be found without the password. This was already the case for Room names.
- passwords also encrypt the important parts of the data stream, as to make it impossible to make a peer connection if not correct

Went two months without server downtime or others major issue this summer. 🤯
-Recently tho had to renew SSL certificates, apply system/security maintanence, etc.

The Backup server updated and consolidated into a single dedicated server box. https://backup.obs.ninja
- Also, added better messaging if you get the port 443 error. I also include a link to the Backup server in the message; failsafes ftw!

Video Player and Mirroring logic / UI improved
- When a video is mirrored, it now longer mirrors the video control bar also.
- Default Preview Video Mirroring is disabled for OBS VC, NDI tools, and rear cameras on mobile devices. It's on for others by default.
- Non-essential control bar elements have been deleted, such as the clock timer.
- Video Control bar is no longer visible at all in OBS . Before it unlocked after 3 seconds, but that was still causing some issues it seems
Tool tip added to audio selection menu, which explains how to select more than one audio source for mixing

Added support for iOS 14 Beta, which had a bug that broke the app.

If an OLD iOS device tries to use OBS.Ninja, I give them an error messaging now explaining what iOS versions are supported (iOS 11 and up)

More cameras are supported by Firefox now

Added an error message for MS Internet Explorer users , along with a link to download Chrome

moved the "HELP" icon to the lower right, next to the language locales button.

Numerous css/animation fixes throughout the site.

Pressing the "stop screen sharing" button will let you select a different screen automatically.
-based on user feedback

The manual video bitrate code now has a minimum bitrate floor that is set to 40% of the max bitrate set. I am hoping this adds some added stability to live streams.
I've added shortcut keys for mute / video -- CTRL + m / b , respectively -- on macOS, Mute is Command + ALT + m
Custom TURN server settings via the URL now delete existing TURN servers as options
Spanish, Dutch, and German Added as supported languages (v9 release)

Improved the Electron App
-manually specify width/height on Windows via CLI; also the URL. See the github for it.
-Supports High DPI displays (better performance now)
-Notorized the app for easier installation
-Improved the github website documentation for it

Improved the VOLUME meter visualization
-disabled on iOS since it was causing issues there
-made it more sensitive, horizontal, etc.

Made some minor tweaks to audio and video bitrate functions; hoping to make the packet sizes more appropriate, etc.

if the server disconnects, during a live a stream, there won't be a popup error message.
-only if the initial connection fails will there be an error now

Added Multichannel 5.1 audio support
-add &stereo=4 to both view and push links to try out

When the video preview loads during device selection, the audio is now loaded afterwards and not together.
-speeds up loading of camera and avoids the camera failing if caused by a failed audio device. (and vice versa)
Lots of other minor changes, but that is the meat of it all.
🌋 🌋 🌋
Last but not least, I wanted to say thank you to those who sought out ways to help support OBS.Ninja. I haven't asked for donations, but numerous individuals have done so regardless. It's extremely thoughtful and it has motivated me to work on OBS.Ninja more than I ever thought.
A list of everyone who has contributed via financial sponsorship can be found here: https://github.com/sponsors/steveseguin
There has also been numerous users who have spread the gospel of OBS.Ninja to their colleagues, live stream audience, and others. It's been really rewarding seeing the userbase grow and to be provided with such fantastic feedback. Feedback is at the heart of helping me improve the service, so it is worth its weight in gold to me.
🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏
Thank you, everyone.
-Steve Seguin
submitted by xyster69 to OBSNinja

Here's a bunch of cool non-Big 2 comics I've read recently, and that I think you should give a shot!

Here's a bunch of cool non-Big 2 comics I've read recently, and that I think you should give a shot!
With the encouragement of Zakuraba (and inspired by his awesome post from a few weeks ago ) I've decided to compile some of the little comics mini-reviews I've been doing in the "What Have You Been Reading?" threads into one post to try and bring attention to cool comics that I've loved recently. Dig in and see if there's any that tickle your fancy!
1) Bog Bodies by Declan Shalvey & Gavin Fullerton
The premise: Gangsters in Dublin, Ireland carry out hits and dispose of the bodies in bogs located far out in the country. A young lad, Killian, screws up a job, so a pair of older gangsters take him out to the bogs to kill him.
THEY then screw THAT up and Killian disappears off into the marshes, kicking off a chase which takes up the whole rest of the book.
There are more elements to this that I won’t spoil, but overall it’s a solid, creepy noir crime story, with no small shades of David Lapham’s Stray Bullets (think the very first issue with the hooker’s corpse) to it. Great characterization and slang-filled dialogue too. A brisk, bleak read with a satisfying ending. Recommended.
2) Savage Town by Declan Shalvey & Philip Barrett
This one’s much more lighthearted (although it’s still a crime drama featuring people getting brutally murdered at multiple points).
I think the easiest way to describe it would be: Imagine if early career, Lock Stock/Snatch-era Guy Ritchie made a movie set in a rough Irish neighborhood. It’s got a very familiar “cast of reprehensible goons get caught up in a scheme which gets increasingly complicated due to a series of screw-ups” concept. Add in a bunch of thick Irish slang and you have Savage Town.
3) Strange Skies over East Berlin by Jeff Loveness & Lisandro Estherren
A master spy smuggling people out of East Germany during the Cold War grows increasingly paranoid as Stasi investigators get closer and closer to finding out the truth about him. This is all the more complicated by the sudden appearance of a strange light in the sky, and a mysterious object landing in East Berlin.
A really cool blend of Cold War espionage and sci-fi horror. The ever reliable Lisandro Estherren’s expressive linework are accented by Patricio Depelche’s murky watercolors to create a sterile, oppressive atmosphere punctuated by sudden horrors illustrated in vibrant colors.
4) The Lone Ranger by Mark Russell & Bob Q
“Every law and policy I support, I do so in emulation of the cotton plantation, where everyone has gainful employment and purpose. A place where men, women and all races live harmoniously within their station... I have never known a purer more desirous vision of the future and it all begins with barbed wire.”
Because it wouldn’t be a Mark Russell comic without heavy social commentary.
And very well re-written it is too, as TLR takes on a Texas State Senator and his collaborating ranch-owners attempting to bring about gentrification in post-Civil War Texas as an emulation of their glory days owning cotton plantations. They aim to achieve this using the new invention of barbed wire to enforce stolen land boundaries, hence the quote and the barbed wire on the cover.
This of course has multitudes of parallels to modern-day issues such as the gentrification of ghettos and gerrymandering of districts.
It’s damn good stuff, as always, and I do love seeing Russell dial down the satire and do some deadly serious work once in a while.
Of course, it’s not totally without humour - Tonto getting away with shooting a lawman in the arm by joining another group of Native Americans to take advantage of the lawman’s racism (“They all look the same!”) gave me a chuckle.
5) Maestros by Steve Skroce
Magic family that rules the world gets assassinated. Lone surviving family member is the king’s son who got exiled years ago to Earth, and has been making a living selling magical penis enlargements to the rich and famous (believe it or not, that last part actually has plot relevance later on). He’s now the king of the universe, and uses his new throne to implement aggressively progressive reforms with a focus on equality, which ruffles a lot of feathers. Oh, and the psychotic wizard who murdered the royal family is still on the loose and possibly in cahoots with the king’s advisors.
A lot has to be said for Skroce’s snappy, snarky dialogue and magnificently detailed, Geof Darrow-esque artwork. It truly beautiful to look at, and the plot zips along at a highly entertaining, blood and guts-filled pace. Utterly bonkers. Lots of fun.
6) Judas by Jeff Loveness & Jakob Rebelka
So here’s an interesting pitch: It’s the story of Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus, but it’s sympathetic to Judas and paints him as a man who was born to do what he did and never had the chance to do anything else.
It’s a fascinating take on free will and biblical interpretation of it. It also, despite the way my above description may make it seem, is very even-handed in its handling of the subject and actually ends on a note which is not truly judgmental of any of the key figures - Judas, Jesus, Satan or even God.
As someone who grew up in a religious context but was detached from it (atheist parents, but Dad was from a deeply religious family that we were still very close to), Christian mythology and imagery has always been fascinating to me even though I believe in precisely none of it and it’s always cool to see alternative interpretations.
This comic is short, but very well done, and beautifully illustrated. Recommended.
7) Next Testament by Clive Barker, Mark Miller & Heami Jang
(Yes, that’s Mark MillEr, not Mark MillAr)
So evidently with Judas I caught a bit of a bug for sacrilegious reinterpretations of biblical lore and so I jumped right into another book on my to-read list.
This one’s a pretty different proposition pitch: You know the whole “father, son, Holy Ghost” thing? And the oft-debated discrepancy between the vengeful bastard God from the Old Testament and the kinder, gentler one from the New Testament? Turns out they were different Gods. The father, son and Holy Ghost are distinct holy beings, and the son and HG sealed the father up in a cage for his mad shenanigans and that’s why he’s so much fucking nicer when the New Testament begins.
But now Old Testament God has been freed and he is gonna have himself a second coming at everyone else’s expense. This version of God is a kaleidoscopically rainbow-colored Loki-type who, upon reading the King James Bible, says he “enjoyed it thoroughly, though really, it should have included a disclaimer - ‘Loosely based on true events’“
This guy didn’t cause Noah’s flood because of a need for biblical cleansing, he did it “simply to see what it would look like”. He also didn’t burn Sodom and Gomorrah, he was in Sodom “enjoying the place for its very namesake” until his ‘brethren’ turned up and spoiled everything. It’s a gloriously anarchic take on God, kind of in the vein of Garth Ennis’ Preacher although not quite so juvenile. It is also a Clive Barker book so it very quickly gets violent and bloody. Good, blasphemous fun, with beautiful artwork from Jang.
8) Incognegro by Mat Johnson & Warren Pleece
Partially inspired by the true story of Walter Francis White, the leader of the NAACP, and a black man pale enough that he could go undercover as a white man and almost joined the KKK.
This is the story of Zane Pinchback, who, like White, is a black man pale enough to pass as white, and uses it to infiltrate racist groups in order to name and shame the people responsible for lynching young black men in his “Incognegro” newspaper column. It’s pretty powerful stuff. I at first found some of the characters a little cartoony (Zane’s best friend Carl in particular, who is something of a clown) but the final act of the book turns that around rather dramatically. My jaw dropped at one point.
Not easy reading at all, but recommended nonetheless. Also has a prequel, Incognegro: Renaissance, with a similarly scathing and unflinching look at middle-class New Yorkers from the same time period.
9) Angelic by Si Spurrier & Casper Wjingaard
It’s about a post apocalyptic world where winged, patriarchal, fanatically religious monkeys (called “Monks” - get it? Get it?) cordon themselves off in a little enclave and warn of the dangers of the terrible enemy, known only as “The Mans”, who turn out to be technologically advanced manatees (GET IT?). There are also psychotic cyborg dolphins and genetically enhanced cats who attack you while yelling “PET ME! NOW STOP PETTING ME! NO, STOP IGNORING ME AND PET ME!”
It’s fucking bonkers and another testament to Spurrier’s seemingly boundless imagination. I was already a big fan of Wijngaard’s art after Kieron Gillen’s Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, and he acquits himself magnificently here. Give it a look, guys, it’s a lot of fun. The plot is fairly standard “rebel against your oppressive post apocalyptic society and find out why the apocalypse happened in the first place” fare, but there’s so much else happening (characters, dialogue quirks, worldbuilding) that that didn’t bother me.
10) Coffin Bound by Dan Watters & Dani
Surreal western/horrothrilleI-don’t-know-what, with positively purple, pseudo-poetic dialogue, meditations on life and death and whether or not it’s truly possible to remove all traces of oneself from the universe, living vulture skeletons with cages on their heads, and literal strippers who tear their own skin off for their client’s pleasure.
It’s bizarre. It’s possibly pretentious but I think I might like that about it. Dani’s art is beautifully bleak. It’s a little odd seeing characters in a clearly west-coast USA setting speaking in very British idioms like “Knackered” and “oh, sod” and I can’t decide if that’s stylistic or if it’s a dialogue tic that Watters will need to fix in future. The whole thing unfolds like a gloriously bleak dream sequence.
I found the dialogue awkward at first but the more it went on, the more I liked how unashamedly florid it was, and I think that sentiment carries over to the whole experience - it’s gonna be one of those books that you either find unbearably up its own ass, or you get swept up in it and all it’s cod-Shakespearean aspirations.
11) Excellence by Brandon Thomas & Khary Randolph
Pitch: Young man named Spencer rebels against the Aegis, the magic society in which he grew up, that pretends to be focused on protection and guidance of the outside world for a better future, but is actually patriarchal, tyrannical and totalitarian.
It sounds like fairly standard young adult sci-fi fare, but it makes up for it in how complex it’s central characters are, particularly Spencer and his father (a prominent member of said society, who hates it, but sees compliance as necessary for survival). It has some great musings on the pressures that come with having a successful and overbearing father whose expectations you can’t measure up to, and also between Spencer and another young man, who begins as Spencer’s father’s protege and the son he wished he’d had, and then becomes Spencer’s sworn enemy, but eventually is his ally against the society that pitted them against each other.
Oh, and one more thing: The Aegis is a society of black magicians that controls the outside world by subtle manipulation of events to push “promising” young white people into successful positions. This of course adds another layer to Spencer’s struggle, because of course, he’s another black kid trying to escape a life of servitude for the benefit of white men - only this time, the oppressors are fellow black men. It’s... complex. It’s also beautiful to look at, which of course goes without saying for Khary Randolph. Highly recommended.
12) Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes & Jason Shawn Alexander
The central conceit is that a vampiric President John Adams (yes, that John Adams) is building a vampire army over centuries to take over the USA and reshape it to his liking. This idea seemed pretty silly to me at first, but Barnes makes it work - firstly, he reveals those details straight away, which gives him time to develop Adams as an antagonist alongside his main characters and not just be a goofy historical figure reimagined as a supernatural villain, and secondly, by setting it against the backdrop of racial tensions between the police and the black community. This is clever, because part of Adams’ pitch to entice folks over to the vampiric side is the promise of a new, more equal society where racial oppression doesn’t exist. At the same time, it also proves to be Adams’ biggest weakness, because with Adams operating since the Revolution era, he has many acolytes who are former slaves and start to see parallels between Adams’ plan for America and their old life...
I won’t say any more. Believe me, it may seem like I’ve spoiled a lot, but I really haven’t - there’s a lot going on in these issues and I have only scratched the surface with some stray observations. It’s very solid vampire horror, with effectively moody, Ben Templesmith-esque art by JSA and some surprisingly complex writing by Barnes.
13) Kaijumax by Zander Cannon
A story set in a world where Kaiju of all kinds run rampant and an island has been set up to imprison them. A book drawn in somewhat cartoony style that features expies of Godzilla, Mothra and Ghidora, and has a scene where a prison guard has to take a shuttle to do a deep dive into the rectum of a giant lizard to dig out a shiv that it has secreted in there.
And yet, despite all the inherent goofiness of the comic's thesis statement, it was shocking to me just how human the drama and the messages behind this book were. Like, one minute you’ve got guards in giant space mechs battling it out with Godzilla-expies, and the next, those same Godzilla-expies are being used to explore the intricacies of race relations (the HP Lovecraft monsters, robot monsters, Japanese monsters etc all form gangs based on their “type”, giving rise to all the complicated political problems that you might expect).
It’s very well written stuff, and the way Cannon is able to go from playful riffs on famous properties (the villain in the latest arc is a giant mouse-like beast with a lightning tail and spiky ears, he can only speak by saying his name, and he’s in jail for capturing kids and forcing them to fight in battles. His name is Pikadon. Figure it out) to perfectly handling the fallout of prison rape, is pretty incredible. I’m officially hungry for more.
14) Dept. H by Matt & Sharlene Kindt
A murder mystery set in a deep-sea research lab rendered in the Kindt’s always stunning watercolors. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say much more than “Matt Kindt” and that would be enough. Sadly, Kindt is still underrated and thus I have to say this is an emotionally complex, imaginative sci-fi/noir mashup with a large cast of fascinating characters, accented by the claustrophobic dread that comes with a setting surrounded by deep water that threatens to collapse at any moment. It’s great. Read it.
15) Revolver by Matt Kindt
This book is a really fascinating take on multi-dimensional, “every decision we make creates a new universe” theory, as a guy finds himself flipping back and forth between two different versions of his life whenever he falls asleep. He uses this situation he to his advantage - one reality is a normal, depressing, humdrum reality, while the other is an apocalyptic warzone. He needs to find out where someone was before the war broke out? Easy, he just waits until he wakes up in his “normal” reality and uses the internet to look them up. Needs to learn a new skill, like hot-wiring a car? Easy, he teaches himself to do it in the warzone universe, where there is less chance of repercussions if he fucks it up.
It's a brainfuck like a lot of Kindt's comics, and highly recommended.
(I'm assuming more of you will have read Mind MGMT by Kindt than these two books, which is why I haven't included it. But, just in case you haven't: Read Mind MGMT. It's a masterpiece. Let this review convince you.)
16) Shirtless Bear Fighter by Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner and Nil Vendrell
Look, guys, it’s the story of a man who flies around in a fighter jet made of bearskins that he calls the Bearoplane, fighting evil possessed bears who are being controlled by the psychotic CEO of a toilet paper company who wants to turn SBF’s forest into a lumber mill. 50% of the CEO’s dialogue consists of poop puns and references to clean buttholes. Every time SBF pinches a bear, there’s a “BEAR PUNCH” onomatopoeia. Oh, and “Shirtless Bear Fighter” isn’t a nickname or a code name - it’s literally his name. Like, everyone calls him “Shirtless.”
If that doesn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will.
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