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Sword Coast Pacifist's Guide: completing EA content without fighting


Having nothing else to play at the moment and having finished my 6th playthrough of early access, I decided it's time for things to get stupid.
Killing is bad, and just because you have a tadpole in your head doesn't mean you get a free pass on murder. This is gonna be a guide on how to get most content done and get as close to level 4 with as little fighting as possible. Not everything is possible, of course, but surprisingly many things are.
I dedicate this idiocy to ymfah: the inspiration for this run (and an IRL Great Old One, judging by the degree of insanity he produces).


The rules are a two-parter. First, the things that are absolutely off-limits:
  1. Killing anyone in combat with your party members, including goblins, undead, constructs, etc. It's all murder for this run. And yes, blowing up a barrel to kill someone still counts as murder. None of that fevered Snyder logic.
  2. Killing anyone in cutscenes yourself. Still murder.
  3. Obvious bug abuse. Ideally this would all be applicable to the full game where most of the current bugs will be gone, so relying on them is to be avoided. Although if you don't care about that, feel free to keep Shadowheart around as a Pass Without Trace bot. Would make conversations infinitely more tolerable.
Second, the things that should be followed, but are way more loose. The higher on the list any particular quest lands, the better:
  1. Stay away from combat.
  2. If not possible to stay away from combat, either hide and let it finish on its own or run away.
  3. If sitting combat out completely is not an option, summoning things not under your direct control (ogres) is fine.
  4. If summoning is not enough, buffing allies is allowed.
  5. If even buffing is not enough, other means of affecting combat without directly dealing damage or killing are acceptable in limited amounts.
Just about everything in the guide will actually fit within the first two: it's very rare for a situation to only be solvable with your direct help, yet still be solvable. One final guideline would be to avoid causing any indirect deaths, but that turns out to be quite impossible without breaking more concrete rules.


Character creation

Half-Elf is once again the best possible race: +2 CHA is just too good for talking your way out of conversations, but the other 2 points won't go to waste as well. My preference is Wood Half-Elf for Stealth proficiency and some extra move speed, but there are no terrible choices for subrace.
Class of choice is most definitely Warlock:
  • Has access to 4 uses of Invisibility/Misty Step a day, same as Wizard
  • Synergy with high Charisma
  • Eldritch Invocations give great non-combat options
  • Pact of the Chain familiar can be used as a distraction if nothing else works
  • Gets some freebies in unique conversation options
Wizard is viable, but the loss of Invocations is felt heavily. Between Great Old One missing some key features and Archfey not being a thing yet, patron choice doesn't matter much. Take GOOlock for emergency Tasha's laughter if you want.
For abilities I settled on 10 STR, 16 DEX, 8 CON, 8 INT, 16 WIS, 16 CHA with Half-Elf points going to DEX and WIS. Yes, that's 8 CON. You really don't want to know what Magic Missile does to 8 CON. 10 STR is taken for slightly more carry weight and longer jumps. If you don't plan on getting the Headband of Intellect (more on that below), go for 12 INT and 14 WIS instead.
Background and skills are flexible, but some things to remember here are:
  • CHA checks are everywhere. Beguiling Influence gives Deception and Persuasion, so getting Intimidation to round it off won't go amiss. Performance is rather more useless.
  • Stealth and Sleight of Hand are generally useful, however SoH comes from really bad backgrounds. Between Charlatan's deception and Urchin's stealth being useless to a Wood Half-Elf Warlock, both backgrounds are wasting one skill.
  • Arcana seems to come up a lot
My preference is Charlatan, but if you think you can do without Sleight of Hand, go for some combination of WIS and INT based skills.
Cantrips: Friends would be mandatory if it worked in conversations. Other than that, Minor Illusion, Mage Hand, and Eldritch Blast (good object damage for walls/etc.)
Spells: Expeditious Retreat is useful for getting out of fights. Tasha's can be used to get things off you in a pinch. Nothing too useful here yet.
With character creation out of the way, welcome Off-brand Geralt. Not quite as good at killing monsters, but definitely swears more. Won't be seeing much of him since I didn't bother taking a lot of screenshots.


Level 2: take Beguiling Influence and an invocation of your choice. Beast Speech is decent, but there's so many potions for it, you might as well grab something else.
Level 3: grab Invisibility and Misty Step ASAP.
Level 4: Get whatever cantrip you were missing from the list above. Get either 18 CHA or extra proficiencies. You won't get to use it yet anyway.


Some items are useful despite lack of combat, some of them listed below.
Rusty Necklace is definitely something I wish I learned of earlier. Unlike Friends, Guidance actually works in dialogues. Having it yourself means you don't need party members for it. Still needs concentration, so you'd need a party member to stack it with Friends.
Idol of Silvanus gives proficiency in Nature and Animal Handling. Keep it on you if you choose to steal the thing.
Warped Headband of Intellect is a +5 to all INT checks, but hard to obtain on pacifist.
Staff of Arcane Blessing is pretty ridiculous for Bless, but is still very situational for a build that doesn't fight a whole lot.
The Mage's Friend, Arcane Circlet and other skill check bonuses help quite a bit.
The rest is as usual. 12 AC light armor, Speak with Dead amulet for the 2-3 corpses that will actually talk to you, etc. Shadow of Menzoberranzan is slightly useful, but you might as well just feed it to Gale.

Completing the act: minimal viable path

Now that all the preparation is done, let's see what we actually need to do to complete Early Access:
  1. Get off the nautiloid.
    1. Meet Lae'zel. Leave her where she is cause her Stealth is trash.
    2. Sneak past the imps. They move around a bit, try to wait for a clear path.
    3. First mandatory fight: Rush through the helm. Should be done on turn 2 with Expeditious Retreat and a regular dash.
  2. Prepare for the Underdark trip
    1. Sneak past the Intellect Devourers
    2. Walk up to the grove
    3. Second mandatory fight: Sit in a bush while everyone fights. Fun fact: everyone except Zevlor will die. Pretty sure he can always win the fight alone since the ranged goblins are dumb and won't even try to attack him half the time.
    4. Get invisibility potions. Volo has one that has to be pickpocketed. Roah Moonglow at the goblin place has them for sale.
    5. Stock up on other supplies. Extra cash and Thieves' Tools never hurt anyone.
  3. Get into the Underdark
    1. Get into the goblin temple, either by persuading/forcing goblins to let you through, or by drinking the invisibility potion you got from Volo.
    2. Lockpick the door in Gut's room and sneak past the ogre there.
    3. Solve the puzzle and enter the Underdark.
  4. Get to the duergar boat and sail it.
    1. Drink an invisibility potion and walk out into the Underdark.
    2. Stay close to the edge of the road at all times. That way the Bulette won't kick you out of invis and kill you.
    3. (Optional) Drop by the Myconid Colony for an extra potion (on the table behind the trader) and other goodies.
    4. Run to the beach in invisibility and interact with the boat
    5. Succeed the skill check with the other boat's crew, or use Illithid persuasion.
And that's it! You can complete the entire game with a sprinkle of invisibility and 15 minutes worth of running. Should've bought a pink ward.
But that's boring! And worse still, you're not even halfway to level 3! Let's fix that by doing some...

Side content

Let's get one thing straight: getting to 4 without combat experience will be a challenge. It might actually not be possible, as I only managed to reach 4 on an attempt where I clearly bent some of my rules. That said, most of the content can be completed without fighting. Most of it is likely common knowledge, but I'll highlight the parts that might not be immediately obvious anyway.

Druid Grove

Most tasks and quests here are straightforward and don't require combat anyway. Some remarks:
  • Don't leave the fight that starts at the gate. Sitting in stealth still gives you experience!
  • Freeing Sazza is easily done by sneaking past the goblins in the tunnel. You can leave her at the tunnel entrance by entering sneak without her and she'll teleport to you once you leave it. Shouldn't be an issue even if she follows though.
  • Once you get Kagha's letter (more on that under Fetid Bog), you can persuade her to fight the shadow druids. This is one of the many dialogues with several skill checks back to back. They're bullshit. They're just there to make things more RNG for no reason. Get used to them. Anyway, persuade her to fight and it'll be 3 Shadow Druids vs everyone. Pop invisibility and enjoy the show. Fun fact: the fight will probably drag out due to Rath's questionable life choices (like using a greatclub with 12 STR and no proficiency), leading Kagha to transform. She does not transform back, leading to some wonderful cutscene material.
  • The kid at the beach can't be saved. No clue what he was thinking to be fair, everything is out to kill you in Forgotten Realms.
  • You can steal the idol while druids are still chanting. Do it in Invisibility: you'll break invis but the act itself won't be seen. Hit the legs immediately, preferably just fast travel away. You have about 4 seconds before the entire grove turns into a bloodbath. Technically has nothing to do with you; you never entered a fight. This will be useful later.
  • Bugbear Assassin can't be stopped. Even if you could stop it for a bit with Tasha or sleep, his target will try to melee him anyway. Are all tieflings suicidal?
  • Persuading Nettie is yet another multiple skill check: high DEX and CHA give you good rolls on everything you need.
  • You can steal the rune from Rath and get Sorrow from Nettie's/Halsin's lab.
  • There aren't many XP-maximizing tricks around here, just make sure you visit everywhere and do everything.

Wilderness and miscellaneous

  • Exploring the ruins: lockpick the door where Shadowheart is placed. Alternatively, persuade the outside group to leave, threaten to kill the man behind the door. Everyone inside will group up to camp the front entrance while you drop the hanging stone and enter through the door behind them. This is normally where you'd move their oil barrel to kill the entire group in 1 hit, but this time we'll just make use of the distraction to sneak into the second room. Prepare for a disappointment: the quest cannot be finished without killing the scribes. Loot the Speak with Dead amulet and stealth your way out of there. Note: the melee skeleton will immediately spot you and move towards you even if you enter stealth. You'll likely have to cross his vision cone once, but the lighting is favorable for that.
  • Fishers trying to rescue a mind flayer need a persuasion check. There's technically a second wisdom check on turn 2, but you'll likely be dead by then. Just hope to pass the first check. The mind flayer himself isn't that interesting, just leave him to bleed out on his own. Pacifist doesn't mean I gotta help anyone.
  • Owlbear can be persuaded to let you go in a multitude of ways. The cub moves to the goblin camp after the dialogue. Steal the egg if you feel confident in your stealth skills and want bragging rights. Loot the shrine.

Blighted Village

  • Both the entryway goblins and the windmill goblins can be persuaded to leave. Regular persuasion or Illithid, your choice.
  • Necromancy of Thay: threaten the mirror, or just give it correct answers. Make sure to check all the interactables in the room past it, some of them give XP.
    • If the flamethrowers before the book activate, use turn-based mode. You can walk in, get the book, and walk out all in 1 turn.
    • You can get the amethyst for the book by sneaking or invis-ing past the spiders. Enter through the well or you'll have to walk on the webs and do saving throws.
    • Destroying the book is recommended since it gives XP. If you can't find one anywhere else, Minthara has a Scroll of Guiding Bolt in her room. Or just get Shadowheart to do it.
  • Don't open the barn.
  • Check the forge to get the Sussur weapon quest started if you want, more on that in Underdark. Tip: throwing the chest with the blueprint sets the trap off wherever the chest lands instead of in your face. Real Rogue Hours.
  • Ogres. The bane of my existence. You can easily persuade the ogres to leave you alone. You can not get the headband without them dying. You can, however, persuade or pay them off to fight for you and then just make them fight something that will kill Lump, like gnolls. Tip: always try persuasion options first, they don't stop you from paying if you fail.

Risen Road

  • Karlach's quest cannot be resolved: either she dies or Zariel's paladins do. Steal the Sword of Justice for Gale though.
  • Avoid gnolls and hyenas leading up to the cave. For the final pack you can use the tadpole to cause Flind to kill the other gnolls. This is also my favorite spot to kill off the ogres due to how well multiattacks delete Mirror Image.
  • You can do the Zhentarim quest by sneaking in through the back entrance (next to Risen Road waypoint) and pocketing the chest. Don't bother opening the chest, you can't fight what's inside anyway. Entering the hideout is a matter of yet another multiple skill check. If you get caught while sneaking past the lookout, don't bother persuading him, the target for that is a completely balanced 25. Intimidate instead. Get past him and Zarys, give her the chest.
  • Buying the artist from Zhent might give XP. Unclear on that count.
  • Zhent have a hidden entrance to the Underdark close to the colony. Take care when using it though: they will aggro if they see you walk through the illusory wall. Also it's trapped and minotaured. Just use the goblin temple instead.
  • Githyanki patrol. Just avoid them, there's just no version of this that makes them worth it. It's the single worst skill check in the entire game: Insight into Charisma into Charisma skill of choice, with progressively higher targets. Any fail means combat. Passing all 3 without extensive save scumming is extremely unlikely. Alternatively, bring Lae'zel and watch her fail a charisma check after you already passed one yourself. Best part? No reward unless they die, including XP. Skip them. Edit: this can be somewhat simplified by using Disguise Self to turn into a githyanki. There will still be skill checks to pass but slightly easier ones. (courtesy of TheMillionthOne)

Fetid Bog

  • The tree fight is obviously impossible. Luckily we don't need to do it to get Kagha's letter. A spot on the opposite side of the tree island is within Misty Step range. Then either stealth or invis up to the tree and grab the letter.
  • You can talk to the monster hunter and persuade him to talk about Astarion. Doesn't seem to be much point to it though.
  • Making a deal with Ethel functions as usual, including giving you a stupid penalty that you can't remove. Just rob her house and walk into the fireplace without talking to her too much.
  • You can sneak and jump past everything in the lair. Ignore Mayrina, you can't actually finish the quest without fighting the Hag. Walk past and continue robbing her place. Grab the staff for Gale.

Goblin Camp / Shattered Sanctum

  • Just about every dialogue in here has an Illithid option. Feel free to use them if you wish.
  • Sazza will let you in both sections if you freed her, which you should.
  • Halsin is in Worg Pens, locked away as a bear. Without your help, he'll likely lose the fight to goblins and die, although the fight is a close one. You do need to initiate the fight through dialogue and sit through it in stealth. This is important for later.
  • You can get very cheeky 30 XP by asking Gut to move to her room and just not meeting her there again.
  • Either torture the prisoner or persuade the goblins to leave. You can release him afterwards.
  • You can persuade the spiders to eat some of the goblins. This doesn't change the number of goblins during the siege of the grove, but you could get a bit of extra XP from it by sitting stealthed in combat.
  • Doesn't seem like you can pass Loviatar's rites with 8 CON. No big loss there.
  • Owlbear cub and Volo can be freed without combat. Crusher can be forced to kiss your feet with double intimidation or tadpole.


  • Arcane tower: Invis past the turrets, exit through the door on the left. Jump down until you reach the bottom floor. Grab a sussur bloom, put it in the generator. This deactivates the turrets, while activating the elevator. Read every book, talk to Bernard at the top floor quoting the book. Say you're a friend, ask him about revealing a dark secret. He'll leave a ring on the table. Put the ring on and click on the Up button of the elevator to go back to the basement and get your Bless staff.
  • Myconid colony: Explore, get into the locked room for a magic helmet to feed to Gale. Do Omeluum's quest (with mushrooms from the tower). Ignore the sovereign quest, I don't think that one has a pacifist resolution. Save the mushroom picker by misty stepping to his bag. Picking up the noblestalk through poison should be easy enough once the torch is gone.
  • Sussur tree: climb the tree under Invisibility. Fun fact: sussur blooms don't break concentration. Probably unintended. If that gets fixed potions might still work, otherwise sniping the blooms is an option. Loot the bark under both Invisibility and Stealth since looting breaks the former and there are enemies around. Fast travel out before you're spotted and go finish the quest.
  • Can't kill the spectator, but you can loot everything around him in invisibility.


  • Astarion and Shadowheart don't have "real" quests.
  • Lae'zel can be freed without combat by persuading tieflings to leave, but her quest leads you to the gith patrol. As described already, the gith patrol is horrible. Just ignore her quest, not like she'll approve anyway.
  • Since you don't need any combat gear, there's an abundance of items to feed to Gale.
  • Wyll dies at the Grove gate attack. No way around it unless he gets extraordinarily lucky. If he does, just take him directly to Spike and intimidate the goblin.
And that's all the side content currently in the game! With one major exception...

Save/Kill the Refugees

How. The fuck.
Let's outline the possible options for this quest:
  1. Save the refugees: Assassinate leaders
    1. (Optional) Free Halsin
    2. Kill Gut, Minthara and Dror Ragzlin
    3. Celebrate, move on
  2. Save the refugees: Siege
    1. Agree to help Minthara
    2. Refuse to open the gate
    3. Win the siege for the grove
    4. Celebrate
  3. Kill the refugees: Siege
    1. Agree to help Minthara
    2. Open the gate for the siege
    3. Win the siege for goblins
    4. Celebrate, persuade Minthara not to kill you
    5. Fight off Halsin alone in camp
None of these options sound particularly appealing. First one is out immediately: there is no way for all 3 leaders to accidentally die. The other two require the siege to play out. The siege involves:
  • Goblin bombers trying to breach the gate
  • 4 refugees defending the entire grove. This is some sort of a bad joke, actually. Even the group that you persuade to stay does not help.
  • An ogre throwing goblins on the ramparts
  • 2 multiattack spiders killing everyone
  • Poor barrel placement. Seriously, some of the barrels are on the refugees' side.
This is a textbook example of how not to defend a fortified position. Refugees will lose without major assistance, including moving the barrels, disabling the spiders and possibly summoning ogres. This is way more help than I'd consider acceptable. It is therefore not possible to complete the good route on pacifist. Doing the evil route still requires you to fight Halsin, however as mentioned before, Halsin will lose the fight in Worg Pens and die without your assistance. This brings the total to two fights we sit in as spectators.
Luckily, there is an alternative route with zero fights:
  1. Steal the idol during the ritual, causing druids and refugees to fight each other
  2. Do not kill Halsin
  3. Agree to help Minthara
  4. No one left to defend the grove means no siege
  5. Celebrate, persuade Minthara not to kill you
  6. Finish the act without long rests, so that Halsin never appears.
This only works on the assumption that Halsin cannot follow you into Moonrise and beyond to haunt your camp there. This does seem likely, but not guaranteed. If Halsin keeps stalking you through acts, just let the goblins kill him instead. For now though, this does let you finish the evil route without being in a single fight.


So to sum it up, it is possible to:
  • Finish EA without fighting or being in more than 2 mandatory fights
  • Kill the refugees/druids without fighting or being in more than 2 mandatory fights
  • Get halfway to level 4 without fighting or being in more than 2 mandatory fights
  • Get the Intellect headband without fighting and only causing one additional fight on your behalf
  • Finish vast majority of available content as Warlock without using Eldritch Blast
  • Spend 30-40 hours avoiding fighting in an unfinished game about fighting, and another 4 writing the results down cause you have nothing to do. You ever wonder if CP77 will get delayed again?
submitted by Cypher121 to BaldursGate3

Demon's Souls (2020) - Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Demon's Souls (2020 Remake)
  • PlayStation 5 (Nov 12, 2020)
Developer: Bluepoint Games, SIE Japan Studio
Publisher: PlayStation
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 93 average - 100% recommended - 17 reviews

Critic Reviews

Areajugones - Urko Miguel - Spanish - 9.4 / 10
If the original title was already a work of art as a video game, this remake goes a step further, offering the same experience and sensations but exponentially improving many of its sections. Its renewed audiovisual appearance also makes it the best exponent of the new generation that we have just premiered. Demon's Souls Remake has reasons of weight to consider it even better game, than the one that debuted in the distant 2009.
Ars Technica - Sam Machkovech - Unscored
A must-buy for PlayStation 5, should you have the stomach for the original gameplay formula.
Cerealkillerz - German - 9.1 / 10
Bluepoint delivers here, just like with Shadow of the Colossus an amazing work of art and shows again how a good remake of such a game has to look like. Demon's Souls is the new display what next-gen should look and feel like and was even optimized gameplay wise at the right parts. If you can live with everything the original was about and even some new challenges, you'll experience the PS5s game of the year.
Destructoid - Jordan Devore - Unscored
One day wasn't enough to burn through Demon's Souls, but so far, this remake feels like a gift – a game that had no right to turn out this well so early into a new console's lifecycle. It's a tough act to follow.
Digital Chumps - Nathaniel Stevens - 9.5 / 10
If you need a challenge that is less forgiving than the Dark Souls' series, then you want Demon's Souls. Bluepoint Games brings the very essence of the original 2009 title with this remastered version, upgrades the experience with PS5 hardware, and makes the game more terrifying.
Game Informer - Daniel Tack - 9.3 / 10
At once both a fascinating history lesson for the now ubiquitous Souls-like genre and an enjoyable romp in its own right, this remake gives plenty of reasons to return to the Nexus
GameSpot - Tamoor Hussain - 9 / 10
Bluepoint delivers a Demon's Souls remake that is as much its own as it is From Software's, and it shows off the power of the PS5 with it.
Kotaku - Ian Walker - Unscored
During my first few hours, I’ve found myself more than impressed with what Bluepoint has been able to achieve. While early on you may feel some dissonance between the classic gameplay and the updated graphics, that quickly goes away once you’re back in the thick of things. I think there’s something really special here, and I can’t wait to forge ahead.
Metro GameCentral - Unscored
At the outset this not only seems the perfect remake but an excellent demonstration of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities and a hugely encouraging sign for the future of the format.
Polygon - Michael McWhertor - Unscored
One of the nicest new additions to Demon's Souls is a photo mode. In addition to giving players the option to actually pause Demon's Souls - something you couldn't do in the original - it also takes some lovely screenshots. (See: every image in this review.)
Press Start - James Berich - 9 / 10
Demon's Soul is without a doubt one of the strongest PS5 launch titles, providing one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences. Bluepoint's treatment, although controversial, is immaculate and represents the best way to experience the classic that started it all.
Push Square - Christian Kobza - 10 / 10
Teensy quibbles aside, it's difficult to imagine how this Demon's Souls remake could be any better. It looks great, it sounds amazing, and it's extremely respectful of the PS3 original, which has aged surprisingly well after all these years. This is an exceptional remake, and it's exactly what Demon's Souls deserves.
Screen Rant - 4.5 / 5 stars
As a launch title for the PlayStation 5, Demon’s Souls has something to offer both Soulsborne veterans who want to see an old favorite shine and newcomers looking for a gritty, sometimes disheartening experience that demands perseverance.
TheGamer - Kirk McKeand - 5 / 5 stars
Demon’s Souls is the best PS5 game you can play at launch, and I’m sure it will go down in history as one of the best launch titles of all time. The Old One has awoken and I hope this review feeds it more souls. It deserves a full belly.
TheSixthAxis - Jim Hargreaves - Unscored
It’s certainly lost some of that unique style but it’s still a remake well worth playing. We just hope those picking up a copy with their PS5 on launch day know what they’re getting into.
Video Chums - A.J. Maciejewski - 8.4 / 10
Demon's Souls is an excellent game whether you're new to the franchise, have only played the Dark Souls games, or are a fan of the original. However, if you fit in the latter group like I do then you may be disappointed by its less visceral yet admittedly gorgeous world.
We Got This Covered - Billy Givens - 4.5 / 5 stars
Bluepoint Games' remake of Demon's Souls maintains a few of the original's less-than-ideal quirks, but its breathtakingly gorgeous visuals and updated gameplay make it a prodigious accomplishment nonetheless.
submitted by The_King_of_Okay to Games

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