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Who here is old enough to remember this goodie before Adobe bought it and destroyed it? It has one function where you can click and jump to the next beat so you can very easily cut a perfect drum loop or a sample. I could be wrong but I don't think FL has anything that works easily like this.
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RWBY Volume 7 Crew Commentary Notes!

I had this ready to go for the public launch date but there is a Twitter thread posting all this, so I figured I should get posting this before they get to everything. (And I figured this was okay to post because the twitter thread was posted on this subreddit) Once again it's possible I missed something, and some things they said I felt were jokes that didn't need to be included. Rebloggable version here.
Recorded in April 2020
Chapter 1
  • Featuring Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna.
  • Miles says he was hoping people didn’t figure out Atlas was a floating city in the sky before they got there. Even in World of Remnant, they were very careful with how they worded things to avoid spoiling this fact.
  • A large portion of ep 1 was intended to be in V6
  • Originally it was going to end with Penny being revealed, dealing with the Grimm, and ending on “Salutations”
  • Almost everything up until the Penny moment was how it was going to be in V6. For production and story reasons they decided to end V6 with just seeing Atlas.
  • Mantle is a little more Blade Runner and utilitarian looking, while Atlas was made to look like it was created by Apple. Two different futuristic looks.
  • When making the four kingdoms, they compared it to parts of the real world. Atlas and Mantle were two different versions of America
  • The drunk guy (Drunk Mann) we see insulting Blake is based off of Joel Mann and the other is Dustin Matthew (Grape-kun).
  • We saw Pietro (his hand) for the first time in Volume 3. They didn’t want to make him too similar to Dr. Weller from gen:LOCK, and so they made him to be like a ‘big’ kid. It’s where Penny gets a lot of her attitude from.
  • Kerry wants to do a show with all the old RWBY characters
  • V8 was harder to write than V7
  • It was a challenge in this episode to make it clear that Atlas is a new place for some characters, but a familiar one for several others, but that the Atlas in V7 is a different one than what they remember.
  • They try to theme the grimm to the location. So Grimm from Atlas are those that are from the Ice Age.
  • Miles compare Grimm to Pokemon. Some will pop up in every region, while others are region specific.
  • They had a lot of discussion surrounding what they wanted Penny 2.0 to look like. They considered giving her a conflict of her being a clone or not having her memories, but ultimately with the amount of stuff that needed to happen this volume they felt that it wouldn’t have been able to be done well.
Chapter 2
  • Featuring Kerry, Conner (director), and Kiersi
  • Forest became a fan-favorite
  • This episode was tricky to write because it was getting close to being an exposition dump
  • They had to balance movement and how much the characters can emote (especially when characters lie this episode)
  • Ironwood’s office shifting to present his plan was a cool idea + it was another way to stay in the room without having things get boring
  • Really wanted team RWBY to feel like they were on the right path and had something to follow. Establishing the trust theme early on.
  • Qrow and Ironwood’s relationship is super interesting to Kerry, and he wishes they could have explored it more. Conner pushed for Qrow’s hand to be lower in the hug scene (lol)
  • Conner jokes that he also proposed Ironwood should propose to Oscar when kneeling
  • Ironwood giving the relic back was his biggest sign of trust
  • They comment about how positively Penny states ‘it’ll be just like Beacon again!’ when she got destroyed there in V3
  • Kerry calls Watts ‘Daddy Long Legs’
Chapter 3
  • Featuring Kerry and Miles
  • They were confused when they saw people on Reddit and Tumblr think that this volume would have a shopping montage
  • Team RWBY jumping out of a plane is a callback to landing strategies and to see how far they have come since V1
  • The crew thought everyone would love Jaune’s new haircut, and was shocked when everyone immediately hated it. Miles wanted to see Jaune grow up a bit, so he liked the change.
  • They wanted team RWBY to start acting like and learning from professional huntsman
  • Miles wanted Atlas to feel like the Beacon days at first, and first came up with the idea that some Atlas academy professors would teach them. But that evolved into mentors, which eventually became Atlas’s best of the best.
  • The Ace-Ops are not only fun characters, but also foils to some of our main characters to help move their stories along
  • The Ace-Ops having five members + a team name not based on a color was very intentional. It was to show that Ironwood doesn’t care about Oz’s rules and would rather have an efficient team.
  • Eddy came up with the name Ace-Ops. Each member is based off an Aesop fable.
  • The mine scene has us seeing the SDC logo everywhere. Adam, as a terrible of a person as he was, when he was younger, was arguing with someone at a SDC place and the other person grabbed a brand and gave him his scar. So seeing the logo all over the mine was very intentional to put that in the forefront of Blake’s mind, and Yang notices
  • The fight with the Centinel grimm was originally supposed to be a bit longer and there was going to be an alpha variant of the centinel (which they imply we will see in the future)
  • Some characters got more upgrades than others. Weiss is already perfect, so she didn’t need any changes. Miles was excited that they were able to give Ren heavy rounds to shoot with. Ren has his father’s dagger on his arm
  • Many things that seem like retcons are actually not, and instead is just Kerry and Miles learning how to tell a story while simultaneously telling a story. So things were not always explained well early on.
  • Qrow and Clover were an interesting couple of characters, Miles says. For a long time Qrow was the guy that worked best alone (compared to Shadow the Hedgehog) and wanted him to interact with people that aren't his nieces and their friends. Clover was made to be a total bro and like Captain America- who always makes luck puns. He constantly feels like he is in an action movie because things always go right for him, so he doesn’t need to look where he’s about the jump. Which ultimately leads to someone who relies too much on their semblance. He rides the line of confidence vs arrogance. Clover is kind of person that Qrow always wanted to be. At the beginning of their friendship, Qrow doesn’t really like Clover and finds him irritating. But eventually it evolved into friendship, and later tragedy.
  • They left RWBY out of the battle of the Ace Ops vs the Geist to showcase how they didn’t need RWBY to get things done. It was their moment to shine
  • Wanted to give a sense in these first few episodes that, maybe everything will work out okay
  • Spoiler alert: It won’t
Chapter 4
  • Featuring Paula (co-director), Dustin (co-director), Eddy Rivas, Kerry Shawcross
  • Wanted a chance for the characters to breathe a bit before bigger things went down
  • Kerry loves the lighting in the first scene. They referenced how lighting looks in the tundra
  • The first draft of the scene where Ironwood is giving orders originally happened in his office
  • From V5 they learned it’s great to be efficient with sets but they can fatigue the audience and the crew
  • Originally the celebration wasn’t going to be in Amity, and instead it was going to be in Atlas’s version of an auditorium.
  • The ship Jacques arrives in is the same one Winter arrives from in V3. It’s a Schnee company ship
  • Paula thought it was important that Blake hold Weiss’s hand and be the first to stand by her side when Jaques is yelling at Weiss since Blake knows what it is like to be in an abusive relationship. Ruby and Yang didn’t even really know a father would talk like that to his daughter.
  • They were excited to write Penny and Winter’s ‘mirror-destiny’, which they laid some of the foundation for this episode
  • Qrow talking to Ruby was barely on the outline for the episode, but it was on their wish list if they had time to get it in.
  • Dustin says ‘fatherly’ when describing the moment and Kerry is like, ‘you just opened up a whole can of worms’
  • Eddy loves the ‘Jim’ gag when referring to Jaune.
  • Watt’s entrance was a difficult shot to execute properly because of the door.
Chapter 5
  • Featuring Conner, Eddy, and Kerry
  • They originally weren’t sure about having a montage in this episode
  • The penguins we see for a moment were possibly going to be grimm penguins
  • Kerry wants RT to sell the cards Clover has, and Eddy thinks it’s funny he would have cards with him emblem on them.
  • They liked having the moment of Clover and Qrow in the middle of this episode to show that Qrow is now becoming a mentee of sorts.
  • Adding in the Robin encounter was a late addition to the outline. She wasn’t going to be introduced until Chapter 6 during her rally
  • But they wanted to put the two factions head to head earlier on.
  • It was also the first moment of Clover being a bit duplicitous.
  • The plot line of tying the supplies through Robin’s storyline was a late addition while writing
  • Weiss vs Winter with summoning is a callback to V3C4 with them training together
  • Weiss being able to sit on hard-light (a block) is something Kerry was unsure about at first
  • Originally Weiss and Winter going to see Fria was going to be Winter getting an alert from Ironwood and having to leave, and Weiss following her suspiciously. But it worked better as Winter revealing a secret while Weiss was still keeping one
Chapter 6
  • Featuring Paula, Kiersi, Miles, Eddy, and Kerry
  • Eddy is the one who came up with the idea for the middle part of the season while he had a really bad fever
  • Originally Tyrian was going to make it look like a bunch of Atlas soldiers fired on civilians in Mantle. Then Eddie thought it should frame RWBY, but ultimately they went with framing Penny.
  • Nobody has ever offered Penny a fist bump before, so she wanted to do it perfectly
  • An old draft had the team and Ironwood doing an investigation at this warehouse post-massacre
  • There was also no montage in C5, just them sitting around a table talking about what they did
  • Miles also mentions there was going to be a scene in C3 with Marrow trying to bond with Blake about being a Faunus, and also about him specifically being a Faunus in Atlas who is a part of Atlas’s military team. But that episode was so packed they wanted to move it to C6, but then that episode also became too packed. But they plan to get to it in future volumes
  • They wanted to show how much the Happy Huntresses care about each other and about Mantle
  • They also originally did not want to have anything political in this season. But the more iterations they did, they felt it was the best course of action to do that with the story.
  • They wanted to give the heroes a high personal moment with Renora kissing right before things went down
  • Penny was not used to fighting sneaky enemies, so that is how Tyrian got the upper hand
  • While they don’t usually check back up on extras, things turned out that we kept seeing Drunk Mann and Grape-kun throughout the season to represent the city of Mantle
Chapter 7
  • Featuring Conner, Kiersi, Miles, Eddy, and Kerry
  • Fiona’s semblance was originally going to be Torchwick’s semblance, and it was called Deep Pockets. But they never found a moment for him to use it. So they decided he could be a great example of how some people don’t unlock their semblances
  • Originally some of C7 was meant for C4 where they found out earlier that Tyrian was involved with things
  • Miles wrote the description we got of Tyrian’s past (Salem first contacting Tyrian), and it was one of his favorite things to write.
  • Qrow looking at Clover when he is willing to go with Ironwood’s plan was meant to show some distance growing between the two
  • We were going to get more of Ren explaining why he was feeling the way he was and agreeing with Ironwood, but ultimately they are pushing it to next volume
  • Originally Blake and Yang were going to directly reference Adam when they had their talk, but they later figured out how to reference him indirectly
  • The arm robot Pietro has in his office was originally going to have more of a character like the robotic arm Tony Stark has
  • They tried hard to get Maria more scenes, but there was often no room for it
  • Miles realizes he was dumb to suggest that Pietro cover Watt’s face with his thumb while looking at a picture since they already did that with Raven in V3
  • The lady in the photograph with black hair is not Cinder’s mom (which was apparently a fan theory)
  • Robin encountering the Bees was a late edition to the outline. But it gave every member of RWBY a moment
  • They wanted the vault in the Academy to feel similar to the one in Haven but not a direct copy
  • Miles believes that if Ironwood would allow himself to be more vulnerable more often things would’ve gone differently
  • The invitation to the Schnee manor was originally going to be to a news conference
Chapter 8
  • Featuring Dustin, Miles, and Kerry
  • They didn’t specify what the hood ornament on the car would be, so Dustin was happy when it came back as a velociraptor, which references a raptor Monty Oum would put in photos with RWBY characters
  • Fans have guessed what direction they are going with Whitley. He starts off as a jerk, but Miles implies that is going to change. It is also an easy way to remind the audience of how the elite act
  • At the table, Jacques’s chair is bigger than everyone else's
  • Miles wrote the gag of JNR sabotaging Whitley’s conversation with Weiss and expected it to take only a few seconds, but as more people worked on it the longer it got
  • The stack of food was taller than Dustin expected it to be, and they even had to scale it back because it was going to be even taller
  • Another power move of Jacques is to only give a few people wine, as well as not giving Penny any food
  • Willow was originally going to be in the intro
  • A joke was made about Salem being Jaune’s sister in the V6 intro before everyone knew who she was
  • None of the writers expected Penny and Winter to have such a bond this volume initially
  • Miles wanted to portray when Weiss is talking to Willow that she doesn’t really know how to act around an adult with such an adult issue. Since Weiss is quite young (Miles compared it to him having to help an adult with an adult issue when he was 13)
Chapter 9
  • Featuring Paula (director), Kiersi, Eddy, and Kerry
  • It was difficult to keep the shots interesting in the dining room
  • We see Grape-kun and Drunk Mann again this episode
  • In earlier chapters they made sure to have an orange glow to represent the heating in Mantle since they knew it would be turned off in chapter 8
  • They wanted to showcase that Ironwood was starting to have doubts, which would later be clearly seen in episode 11
  • The foot soldiers (AKs) that the Grimm are able to overwhelm in only a few seconds were meant to represent that Atlas wouldn’t provide them with much defense against Grimm because they don’t care enough
  • Every storyline was coming together in this episode, and it’s tricky to make a setup episode like this not seem like filler
  • Ruby and Oscar’s awkward interaction came from them both ‘riding the high’ of the moment where it seems like they each have great plans that will go well.
  • Oscar is starting to tap into some of Ozpin’s memories, as alluded to when he mentions how Atlas is held to a higher standard
  • Terry the grimm being hit by a fireball (part of a plane I believe) was a call back to Jurassic Park
  • They struggled a long time with where to put the Neo reveal
Chapter 10
  • Featuring Conner, Dustin, Kiersi, and Kerry
  • They felt that if they showed a lot in the first scene of the episode, they wouldn’t have to saturate the background with other fires and crowds.
  • The shot of Weiss’s knight being summoned and overshadowing Marrow is setting up their fight in C12
  • When seeing the shots of the enemies infiltrating the kingdom, they didn’t know if they wanted to show Neo and Cinder or Tyrian and Watts first. But they went with Neo and Cinder because it would show that they thought their cover was blown, when it would really be about the other two.
  • The place Neo and Cinder are staying at is an Atlas ‘high-life’ apartment
  • They always knew Elm would have a rocket launchebazooka, but never got the time needed to show it until now
  • They had to restructure Mantle a bit to allow the huge elephant to fit in the streets
  • The main characters working with the Ace Ops in this episode was to make it so things hurt so much more after events in the following one
  • All the background characters apparently have little backstories as they made sure they didn’t appear in two places at the same time
  • Ironwood jumps down a ridiculous number of feet to meet Watts. They had to cheat to not make that so obvious as well as say this is animation logic so people working on the shot would stop questioning how he could possibly make it.
Chapter 11
  • Featuring Kerry, Paula, and Miles
  • Originally a gravity biome in Amity was going to appear in V3C5. It was going to be Sun and Neptune vs Pyrrha and Nora. It was written, boarded, and ready to go but they realized there wasn’t time for it
  • This was a hard episode to write. A lot of stuff that needed to happen, and happen in a specific way
  • Watt’s gun was inspired a 20-shot revolver Kerry saw on Reddit
  • Ironwood losing another hand represents him losing another part of his humanity (possibly confirming he lost his one organic arm)
  • The first cut of this episode was 23 minutes and was deemed too long so they had to scale back, but they still felt they kept in everything that was needed to make the episode great
  • Initially the Tyrian vs Qrow, Robyn, and Clover fight was going to be a chase that turns into a fight that turns into another chase. And Qrow is the only one that could keep up with Tyrian since he can transform into a bird. Qrow would land in front of Tyrian and say ‘that’s enough’ and Tyrian would ask, ‘are you able to talk when you’re a bird or do you have to wait until you’re a person to throw your one-liners?’ (Tyrian asking the real questions here) Tyrian’s lack of self-preservation would be shown even more. He would have run down an alley packed with Grimm and would just trust that he could’ve made it through
  • The fight with Tyrian was initially going to be more of a Tyrian vs Qrow fight, but Miles loves that they made it a 3 v 1 so it could show off Tyrian’s exceptional skill
  • The fight was also a callback to the first Tyrian vs Qrow fight, where Ruby tried to be good back up for Qrow but was ineffective. But instead this time have Robyn and Clover be effective and more experienced teammates
  • Clover is defense, Qrow is offense, and Robyn is picking away at Tyrian with her long-ranged weapon
  • There was going to be more discussion of where Oscar was at the end of the episode, as well as a whole bit where the Ace Ops and the kids land and they get a hand-written note saying they’ve been compromised instead of getting it via scroll, but it turned out to be too much
  • The scene of Ironwood talking to RWBY and his turn to being against them was the most important scene in the episode, and something everything in the season had to build up to
  • Miles said it was about time the two sides met face to face with RWBY meeting Salem
  • They wanted to make Ironwood’s progression into villainy subtle and make sense
  • Salem made things personal for Ironwood, so he felt like he had to come up with a solution
  • They wanted more Cinder and Neo in the volume but had to cut back. But to compensate they had to be instrumental to the collapse of Ironwood (Miles first said collapse of Atlas so wonder if he slipped up)
Chapter 12
  • Featuring Dustin, Conner, Kiersi, Eddy, and Kerry
  • They wanted to have a false sense of resolution in the previous episode just to blow everything up here
  • Eddy handled the Ace Ops vs RWBY and Winter scenes while Kiersi handled the rest
  • Kerry learned from V5 that having everyone in one room for a fight doesn’t work well
  • Eddy is a big Weiss stan
  • Clover has no idea who he’s up against with Tyrian, and thinks of Qrow as the big threat, as well as Tyrian manipulating Qrow
  • Clover saw both Qrow and Tyrian on the wrong side of the law, so he felt like he had to fight both of them no matter what
  • They made sure team RWBY can’t just stomp on the Ace Ops, but still show their teamwork. Plus the lack of Clover being there didn’t allow for the team to have a ‘cheat code’
  • This is another episode they had to trim down in length
  • Cinder was always going to lay waste to the medical facility and attack Winter
  • They also wanted to do a Qrow vs Tyrian reprisal
  • Kerry said he loves Clover
  • It was crazy for Qrow to meet someone that was a genuinely good person
Chapter 13
  • Featuring Miles, Kerry, and Eddy
  • The Neo vs ORNJ fight could have been shorter
  • At one point they wanted to show Cinder using maiden magic to bring some dead AKs (Atlesian-Knight) back to life to fight Penny (was going to be some sort of puppet joke).
  • But Miles realized that Cinder could just blow up the room and bust through the walls
  • Ren is struggling with some heavy emotional stuff that is not resolved at all this volume, but it is hinted there will be a lot more for him next volume.
  • The writers knew a lot of people wouldn’t be happy with Ren’s attitude this volume. But he still cares about Nora, even if he doesn’t always communicate it well
  • Miles cried during the voice over session of Fria’s scenes for this episode
  • They had a lot of talks about how the maiden power would be transferred. They debated if Penny would have to kill Fria.
  • Originally one pod was going to be broken, with the one with Fria being in tact. But because Penny is a robot, she could ‘remote-interface in’ and get the powers. But that still felt like stealing, and they didn’t want to go that route.
  • Oscar has matured so much in his role (joking call him Farm Man)
  • Ironwood is still expecting Oz to show up. He still really wants that guidance
  • Ironwood arguing with Oscar was the finale scene they wrote this episode
  • Ironwood feels that he is backed into a corner and is doing the only sensible thing.
  • Winter was waiting to be the Winter Maiden her whole life, but in a split second she gives it all up
  • There was one line in Oz’s monologue they were struggling with for a whole day
  • They loved the idea of ending the volume on almost an identical shot from where they started
  • Neo’s look after Cinder takes the relic and doesn’t thank Neo for getting it is setting up some things for V8 (probably a betrayal)
  • Oz came back at that moment because he heard what Oscar said to Ironwood and that made him brave enough to return
  • Miles reveals that the Grimm whale is based on Monstro from Pinocchio
  • It is once again said that Volume 8 is the hardest one they had to write so far. Miles seems super excited about it
  • Volume 8 was made with some fan-input in mind (since it was still being written by the time V7 ended), but Volume 9 will be the first one written in a vacuum
submitted by Sweetfable to RWBY

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