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Top 8 RAR Password Unlockers to Unlock RAR Archives. The $25, 000 Pyramid; The Junior Pyramid; Junior Partner Pyramid; All-Star Junior Pyramid Special; The $10, 000/$25, 000/$20, 000 Pyramid/Episode Guide. NIST Bad Passwords, or NBP, aims to help make the reuse of common passwords a thing of the past.

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Step 2: Spray passwords. According to Microsoft, a 15 character password composed only of letters and numbers at random is around 33, 000 times stronger than an 8 character password which consists of any characters on your keyboard. The Top Ten Password-Cracking Techniques Used by Hackers.

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PM) fizikalac Wrote: WARNING: Be careful with sort -u because it can mess up UTF-8 unicode characters in your wordlist! This is a list of the best Cracked Minecraft Servers. Here's a list of the easiest passwords to hack.

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Here's a list of the most common passwords found in a set of stolen account credentials linked to a LinkedIn data breach. According to Burnett, this list contains over 98% of all passwords in use everywhere. Top 20 most common passwords according to NordPass Rank 2020 1 123456 2 123456789 3 picture1 4 password 5 12345678 6 111111 7 123123 8 12345 9 1234567890 10 senha 11 1234567 12 qwerty 13 abc123 14 Million2 15 000000 16 1234 17 iloveyou 18 aaron431 19.

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I f your password is "123456", "qwerty" or even "password", it would be a good idea to change it right now. Here is a visual diff that shows how it has changed: Note that all passwords on this list are from publicly available sources and can be found by anyone. Open 9am - 4: 30pm Mon-Fri UK Call Centre.

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Chrome OS Dev channel had a big update to 86.0.4229.0 some time ago. Here is what changed!


_All right crew!

Chrome OS Dev channel had a big update some time ago - from 86.0.4217.0 to 86.0.4229.0. Awesome!!

This particular update packed a lot of small fixes and tweaks with a total of 3459 changes (excluding platform changes). Due to preparation for the big Chrome OS 85 Stable milestone update coming soon, I omitted a large chunk of stuff, including all platform changes. If you find something new that's not on this list, feel free to let me know in the comments below and I'll be happy to add them in.

Sidenote: at the time of uploading this post, this build is the latest version of Chrome OS Dev.

Notable changes in this build

The following is a list of notable changes I found in this version of Chrome OS. Bullet points in bold are changes I believe are significant.

  • Magnifier: dragging items will now shift the fullscreen magnifier. This affects all draggable elements like windows, overview windows, shelf icons, etc.
Ambient mode
  • Power: fixed a Chrome OS crash bug during shutdown when background image download is scheduled
  • Behavior: ambient mode will turn off when the screen is off.
  • Lock/Login screen: added the “view password” icon back to the password field and added a submit button on the right.

Added back \"show password\" and introduced a new submit button

  • Lock/Login screen: slightly adjusted the error message on the login/lock screen to be more generic.
  • Adaptive icon: the adaptive icon feature flag is enabled by default, which adds background circles to most Chrome apps, Linux (Beta) apps, and Android app icons.

Circle all the things! Thanks for the screenshot Joe!

  • Overview mode: fixed performance regression when resizing windows in overview mode.
  • Overview mode: fixed a bug where selecting async apps (e.g. Android apps) from Overview does not trigger auto snapping in tablet split view.
  • System tray: polished and shrunk the tray icons.
  • Status area: added a new Wi-Fi with no connection icon.

New \"Network not connected\" Wi-Fi icon in the status area and quick settings. Also, the icons shunk a bit.

  • App drawer: drastically improved the performance of launcher app paging when dragging app icons. To try out this feature, enable chrome://#enable-launcher-app-paging.
  • Display: new system notification when a display is added.
  • Data Leak Protection: new data leak protection feature for enterprises that activates the privacy screen on some Chromebooks when confidential data is being shown on the screen.
Camera app
  • Camera: fixed a bug where some devices (like the Pixel Slate) will have the wrong orientation when recording video in the camera app when rotating the Chromebook.
  • PDF viewer update: the download button will be highlighted when the action menu is open.
  • Omnibox: new elide animation that displays and hides the full URL of the webpage when hovering your cursor over. This is a part of an ongoing but controversial effort to hide certain parts of the URL in the omnibox.

New elide animation that displays and hides the full URL.

  • WebUI tab strip: the WebUI tab strip drag handling feature that allows users to drag tabs into a new or existing Chrome window in tablet mode was spun off into its own flag. This addresses an issue where enabling WebUI tab strips in chrome flags activated the “old” version of WebUI tabs without ash integration. Note: this is already enabled on some devices. To get the new WebUI tab strip, enable chrome://flags/#webui-tab-strip and chrome://flags/#webui-tab-strip-tab-drag-integration.
  • Print Preview: added “Save to Google Drive” to the destination dropdown in Chrome OS’ print preview dialog
  • WebUI tab strip: fixed unable to close WebUI tabs when entering tablet mode.
Chrome OS Settings
  • e-SIM: Added a cellular icon and OS settings cellular setup dialog in Chrome OS network subpage. Most Chromebooks do not have a built-in SIM card, so you likely won’t see this.
  • Suggestion features: updated strings for Assistive input writing.
  • Search: fixed a bug where narrowing down the Chrome OS settings window and launching search will hide the menu “hamburger” icon on the left.
  • Update: fixed “learn more” button under “update schedule” linking to the wrong page.
  • Ambient settings: fixed a bug where jumping to the Ambient mode photos page directly through the search bar caused the albums to not show up
Files app
  • SWA: new chrome feature flag to enable the SWA variant of the files app. Note: this has no noticeable difference in functionality. To try out the SWA version of the files app, enable chrome://flags/#files-swa
Linux (Beta)
  • Sommelier: addressed an issue with some Linux (Beta) apps that depended on the stable xdg-shell.
OOBE (first-boot setup)
  • Users: added a brand new user creation screen so you can create a new user account during first boot, including child accounts.
  • CTS: CTS profile match now passes the test, which was the only test that made Safetynet fail. This means you can finally search and use apps like Netflix that require SafetyNet to pass.
Wallpaper app
  • Wallpaper Preview: Fixed a bug where Set Wallpaper preview in Alt+Tab.
  • Wallpaper Preview: Wallpaper preview will be closed when entering Overview mode.

The nitty-gritty stuff

The following bullet points below is an advanced section of changes that impacts web developers and enterprise users.

  • Serviceworker: initial implementation of FetchEvent.handled in service worker to provide a way to execute work after Chrome has consumed a response. See developer discussion about it here.
  • Scroll: initial implementation of the ForceLoadAtTop feature, which allows sites to indicate that they should always be loaded at the top of the page, blocking any scroll-on-load behaviors including text fragments and element fragments.
  • Media: support a new MediaKeySession type “persistent-usage-record session”, which can help content providers to understand how the decryption keys are used for purposes like fraud detection.
  • Layout: the “fieldset” element will support “inline-grid, “grid”, “inline-flex”, and “flex keys for CSS ‘display’ property. The fieldset element can contain arbitrary elements, and it should support modern layout algorithms.
  • Input: added Azimuth and Altitude to PointerEvents, which should be properly commuted by Chrome when TiltX and TiltY are populated from the device. See this developer discussion for more details.
  • CustomHandlers: extended the list of URL schemes that can be overridden via registerProtocolHandler() to include "cabal", "dat", "did", "dweb", "ethereum", "hyper", "ipfs", "ipns", and "ssb". Extending the list to include decentralized web protocols allows resolution of links to generic entities independently of the website or gateway that’s providing access to it.

Things to watch out for

The following is a list of issues I personally ran into in this build of Chrome OS. These issues may vary depending on your Chromebook and user profile. This list will not cover issues flipped on by chrome flags.

  • Searching for apps through the launcher has about a 50% chance of crashing Chrome OS. This may either have to do with the adaptive icons or Chrome OS settings integration with the launcher.
  • Clicking on links in Android apps (e.g. Gmail, Telegram) and closing their custom Chrome window will crash Chrome OS.
  • There are several new issues with Overview in tablet mode, including resizing. I think it might have to due to the recent performance optimizations done to Overview, but I'm not sure.

Resizing in tablet mode is pretty broken

  • When entering tablet mode, the gesture bar on the bottom is still illegible. This bug is fixed in the Canary channels, but the fix did not roll out to the Dev channel yet.
  • I've personally ran into some slow performance when using Chrome. Chrome is taking a lot more CPU compared to the previous update. I'm not sure why.

Click here to see the official list of changes by Google (no platform logs, sorry!). Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next update (it's going to be big)!
submitted by kentexcitebot to chromeos

Usenet indexers, providers, resellers and other popular sites affected by CloudBleed

Original credit goes to u/whyUsayDat who had his topic removed.
Additional discussion:
List of potential sites vulnerable: (updated)
This list contains all domains that use Cloudflare DNS, not just the Cloudflare proxy (the affected service that leaked data). It's a broad sweeping list that includes everything. Just because a domain is on the list does not mean the site is compromised, and sites may be compromised that do not appear on this list.
Cloudflare has not provided an official list of affected domains, and likely will not due to privacy concerns. I'm compiling an unofficial list here so you know what passwords to change.
Between 2016-09-22 - 2017-02-18 passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were leaked by Cloudflare to random requesters. Data was cached by search engines, and may have been collected by random adversaries over the past few months.
I filtered usenet/wiki domain data and cross referenced against the github master list of domains using Cloudflare. The github list only includes Alexa's top 10000 domains. Additional domains may be vulnerable.
The following domains were potentially vulnerable. Users with accounts on these sites should consider changing passwords.
Usenet software
  • sabnzbd.org (forums)
  • sonarr.tv (forums)
while read i; do grep -x "$i".* sorted_unique_cf.txt; done < indexers.txt 
  • nzb.cat
  • nzbtv.net
  • nzb7.com
  • nzbplanet.net
  • nzbs.today
  • nzbtv.net
  • albumsindex.com
  • binsearch.info
  • binzb.com
  • findnzb.net
  • nzb.ag
  • nzbfriends.com
  • nzbid.org
  • nzbstars.com
  • nzbs.io
  • towngag.com
  • towngag.com.hk
  • townrag.ca
  • townragproductions.com
  • usenetor.net
Usenet resellers
while read i; do grep -x "$i".* sorted_unique_cf.txt; done < usenet.txt 
  • maximumusenet.com
  • newsdemon.com
  • newsgroup.ninja (sessions possibly highjacked, no password to change)
  • newsgroupdirect.com
  • snelnl.com
  • thundernews.com (not in list)
  • usenetrocket.com
  • xsusenet.com
submitted by breakr5 to usenet

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