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Thoughts on the supposedly Lineage 2 style enchanting system?

Thoughts on the supposedly Lineage 2 style enchanting system? submitted by Kyralea to AshesofCreation

[Version 1.5] Timeline of Events + Theories (Monstadt History, Comic, Books, Videos, ADR 34+36 Quest) - Spoilers - Help Welcome

Hello everyone.
First off, thank you to the people who read and/or commented on my previous timeline post. The extra history information was interesting ( 1 2 ) and I suggest everyone to read those comments and do some digging on their own.
Now originally I was going to add in those comments in the timeline and do some digging on that stuff in what would have been this post. However, for this post I'm going to dispute what the wikia currently says about who two of the Four Winds (Falcon and Wolf) are at the time of posting this timeline to the subreddit. Aside from that, this should be a more cleanly formatted timeline from the last post with a couple more events added, extra citations, quotes, and highlighted lines of interest (a more smooth reading experience hopefully).
Lastly, I normally don't push for others to share a reddit post I made, but considering the sheer volume posts made to this subreddit I was hoping everyone could try to boost this post's visibility and any other posts you find about the story, lore, and/or theories. There are so many posts that are one off questions, memes, art, and discussions about the gameplay or the gatcha systems (not that I'm saying these aren't great or appreciated) that make it to the top, but barely any story or lore ones so I was hoping this could change that. I know there are people on the subreddit who enjoy picking at the details.
With that being said, I hope you enjoy.


Assumptions and Notes:
  1. Aether is the Traveler canonically (at least with the promotional material anyway), Lumine is the leader of the Abyss order.
  2. It has been stated that those with Visions (the gems that let the characters channel the elements) have the chance to obtain Godhood at Celestia (the island way up in the sky you might have seen in the game, but can't reach). There is this thing Venti mentions at the very end of the Prologue: "A Gnosis is a higher-order nexus of elemental manipulation and is emblematic of an archon's status as one of The Seven."
  3. I'm just going to assume the 7 archons were not born as gods, unless stated otherwise, to make it easier.
  4. I am not going to talk about Liyue because they even say they don't know the full history of that country.
  5. BP is just before present and 0 BP is when the traveler meets Amber.
    1. Before Paimon if you just shave off 2 months
    2. ~ This means "about."
  6. If I mess up anything please let me know.
  7. Also thanks to the people updating the Wiki and gensh.in, made things so much easier to get.

3200 BP - Rex Lapis (yet to become an Archon) is born (also the oldest of the seven).
  • I believe his age was stated to be 3200 years, but if you find anything contradictory make a comment.

3000 BP - War between the (Storm)Lord of the Tower (God of Storms | King of Ice), Decarabian, and the King of the North Wind (Kingwolf of Boreas | King of Frost), Andrius (the same wolf boss unless there was another entity/human named Andrius)
  • Old Monstadt is a frozen wasteland
  • A wind spirit (probably Barbatos?, perhaps another spirit ?) guides clan Gunnhildr (Barbara and Jean's family) to a safe haven after the clan leaves Old Monstadt.
  • Biography of Gunnhildr
The story of the Gunnhildr clan begins in legend, three thousand years ago during the war between the Lord of the Tower, Decarabian, and the King of the North Wind, Andrius. It was a time when Mondstadt was a frozen wasteland, and Gunnhildr was about to become the strongest leader her nomadic clan had ever seen.
Gunnhildr’s father, the then-leader of the clan, had once served under Decarabian. He served until he found the despotic rule of the aloof and selfish king to be more than he could bear, whereupon he had led his clan outside of the city where ferocious winds howled without mercy....
Just when all hope seemed to be lost for the wandering clan, a spirit from the midst of the myriad winds heard Gunnhildr’s prayers. The sincere plea of a clan chief’s young daughter joined with a people’s cry of help, a cry that the blizzard had all but drowned out, and became a faith. The faith gathered in front of the wind spirit like water flowing into a spring and became the source from which the wind spirit drew its power. The wind spirit used this power to make a small shelter for the clan, and bestowed upon the clan chief’s daughter the power to protect.
This work is divided into three sections: Section 1, "The Stormlord of the Tower and the Kingwolf of Boreas" covers the struggle between the Kings of Ice and Frost prior to Barbatos' arrival.

??? BP - 2600 BP - ??? BP - The Archon War (probably involves the other Archons and their own conflicts and not just Venti)
Around 2,600 years ago, the Archon War had yet to end, and the world had yet to fall under the dominion of The Seven.

2600 BP - "Before the rule of the seven" - Barbatos (Wisp to Anemo Archon) takes the form as we know him.
  • Old Monstadt (aka - Dvalin's Nest/ Stormterror's Lair)
  • Barbatos/Venti, as an elemental wisp, meets a young Bard.
  • Barbatos and the young bard lead a revolt against a tyrant, Decarabian - God of Storms | Lord of the Tower
  • Clan Gunnhildr joins to fight against Barbatos and yet after the battle the clan accepts him.
  • AR 36 Quest: Should you Be Trapped in a Windless Land, The Boy and the Whirlwind
    • Sidenote: The red head dude at the end of the flashback is probably Diluc's ancestor

"When the Anemo Archon Barbatos challenged the aloof and selfish king Decarabian’s rule, Gunnhildr led her people to make a stand against the Archon’s fury. But when Barbatos finally fought through the ferocious winds and freed the tyrant’s subjects, she was also the one who decorated the victorious Anemo Archon with laurels."

??? BP (Assumption) - Barbatos/Venti has an agreement/peace treaty/accord with Andrius (since Andrius was at war with Decarabian).
  • Considering that Andrius lives in Wolvendom now and assuming it is the same Andrius from 3000 years ago, what happened to the region known as Boreas?
  • Maybe sometime after the revolt (hundreds of years later perhaps) Andrius and his people were forced out of Boreas and Barbatos gave them a safe haven in Wolvendom?

??? BP - Barbatos disappears, not wanting to rule over Monstadt as another tyrant.
After 1,600 years of history, Mondstadt's "freedom" had sunk to a heretofore unseen low. Barbatos, unwilling to become a tyrant, had departed. But he had never imagined that those to whome he had gifted freedom would make for themselves a tyrant.

Edit ~ 1000BP (+10 years) - Vennessa and her people (nomads) were driven to Monstadt by Ursa the Drake, 10 years ago.
  • Comic - Prologue Page 44
In a winter 10 years ago, we were hounded by Ursa the Drake who starved us for 4 days.

~ 1000 BP - Barbatos awakens from slumber.
  • I still don't know when the knights were founded specifically. The knights were founded around the time after Vennessa liberates Monstadt and from the previous quote above, 1600 years passed so for simplicity let's assume around 1000 BP.
  • Modern Monstadt
  • Ruled over by Lord Lawrence and other nobles (The Aristocracy)
  • Monstadt is terrorized by Ursa the Drake
  • Vennessa is a slave from a group of people are called "Children of Murata, the Lady of Fire" ( Murata - pyro archon?)
    • Comic (Prologue Chapter - Page 43)
    • Known as the Lion's Tooth/Lionfang Knight in the comic (Prologue Chapter - Page 35)
  • With assistance of Barbatos/Venti, Vennessa chases off Ursa the Drake (it dies later at the end of the timeline) and liberates Monstadt from The Aristrocacy and Lord Lawrence
  • The Gunnhildrs side with the people and spared exile
  • Biography of Gunnhildr
Gunnhildr’s descendants were themselves a prominent clan within the Aristocracy. But unlike the evil and scheming Lawrence clan, the Gunnhildrs upheld their legacy of protecting Mondstadt that was always enshrined in their motto, “for Mondstadt, as always,” doing everything within their power to protect its people. During the later struggle to overthrow the Aristocracy, they took the side of the people of Mondstadt. For this reason, they were spared the sentence of exile that was imposed on the rest of the Aristocracy.
The story has an interesting, little-known twist, however. The one who united the people of Mondstadt in this conflict was indeed the hero Vennessa — but that was which caused many of the aristocracy's troops to turn coat was a "treachery against the wind."
A secret treaty was found, a betrayal of the city — the aristocrats had forsaken the wind, and sold everything in Mondstadt to the Geo Archon of the neighboring land.
At the treaty's end was carved an insignia inimitable by all save the deity so named: Rex Lapis.
How the soldiers that had once oppressed the slaves shuddered when they saw that they too would become slaves in a foreign land.
The news, and the conflict, spread like wildfire, consuming the aristocracy. It was only many years later that historians would discover that this treaty was fake.
As it turned out, Venti had once practice the art of forgery in order to play pranks on the Geo Archon, but would never deceive the god of wealth and transactions. Even so, his adeptness would come into play after several hundred years.
What a happy coincidence.
  • After, Vennessa founded the Knights of Favonius (Ordo Favonius) and is the first Grandmaster
  • Vennessa's new alias "The Dandelion Knight"
  • Master's Day Off Quest
As the (Subtitles: Lionfang, Spoken: Liontooth) Knight, she courageously overthrew the oppressive ruling aristrocracy of her time. Then, she founded the Knights of Favonius and became known as the Dandelion Knight, spreading grace and compassion throughout the land.
After the Liontooth Knight liberated Mondstadt, the Knights of Favonius was established, and the Knight of Boreas joined them.
  • Vennessa for her deeds ascends to Celestia
    • The location from where she ascended from the earth is marked by the large tree at Windrise (next to the statue)
  • *** (DISPUTE) For the sake of simplicity I assume the Four Winds are established at this time
    • Falcon of the West - Knights of Favonius or Vannessa (after ascension) ?
    • Wolf of the North - Andrius or the Knight of Boreas (title)?
    • Lion of the South - Whoever holds the title Dandelion Knight (Liontooth/Lionfang Knight)
    • Dragon of the East - Dvalin
  • Master's Day Off Quest
All of the Knights of Favonius' Masters throughout the ages have inherited the title of "Dandelion Knight" or "Lionfang Knight."
The "Wolf" of the Knight of Boreas, the "Lion" of the Liontooth Knight (or "Dandelion Knight"), the "Falcon" of the Knights of Favonius, and the "wind Dragon" Dvalin have been long regarded as the Four Winds that watch over Mondstadt.

??? BP - ~1000BP - Dvalin is born and wanders around Monstadt
  • In the story Venti sings at the beginning of the Prologue quests, he already appears as human in the flashback
  • Cutscene
~ 1000 BP - Dvalin meets Barbatos/Venti and becomes one of the four winds - Dragon of the East
"The poet, who had finished recounting the tales of the ruins and Vennessa, began to tell the story of the Wind Dragon. He began to sing, “The story to be told hails from ancient times, when the gods walked among us in their prime.” The dragon graced by Anemo was born in Gaotian* in that age of wonders. He slowly descended, and inspected everything with curious eyes. He landed in a village, only for the terrified villagers to throw rocks at him. The dragon could not understand why they cried in fear.
He landed in a cemetery, only to hear the lament of grieving people. The dragon could not understand what they murmured in sorrow. He landed in an orchard, only to be cursed by the furious farmers who lost their trees. The dragon could not understand why they screamed in anger. The world was too complicated for a young dragon. The dragon was bewildered, yet he did not give up.
One day, the dragon heard music pouring out from the Holy Lyre der Himmel. This was the name of the lyre belonging to the Anemo Archon. Enchanted by the poetry, the Wind Dragon landed beside the best singer under the skies. People panicked, for the mighty elemental dragons and the great archons that reigned over the earth had never seen eye to eye.
“Behold his beauty and benignity!” The Windborne Bard sang. “But we do not know him,” the people replied. What mysterious magic lies behind music and poetry that has the power to mesmerize both dragons and humans alike? I, for one, cannot fathom it. The dragon decided to stay with the bard, for he too wished to be understood by all souls. He learned human speech and Windborne Bard’s singing techniques. ...omitted…
Later generations regarded him as one of the Four Winds that watched over and protected Mondstadt.
"The dragon who defended Mondstadt for a millennium finally faces his perturbation. What does freedom really mean, when demanded of you by a god?"

*500 BP - Some sort of catastrophe occurs which results in the Cryo Archon (The Tsaritsa) cutting off contact with Venti.
You have arrived in Teyvat — a fantasy world where the seven elements flow and converge. In the distant past, the Archons granted mortals unique elemental abilities. With the help of such powers, people formed a bountiful homeland out of the wilderness. However, 500 years ago, the collapse of an ancient civilization turned the universe upside down...Though the calamity the world suffered has ceased, peace has yet to be restored.

**100 BP - Dvalin battles with Durin and then Dvalin falls into slumber.
“An eclipsed sun befell its kingdom and a luminous pearl lost its glow.”
“Niveous silk grew dim and wheaten gold burned brilliantly no more.” So begins another tale that occurred in the lost Khaenri’ah Kingdom. The Eclipse Dynasty had fallen, and disaster spread across the land. The alchemist known as Gold was corrupted by his own greed and ambition, and created an army of shadowy monsters with his uncanny powers. Durin, a black serpentine dragon, rose from the sea to cast its shadow over Mondstadt. But it was at this very moment that there was no-one to inherit the title of Liontooth Knight, thus, the Knights of Favonius could not fly their falcon flag.
Approximately one hundred years ago, the land was in chaos. Darkness spread, contaminating everything it touched. Barbarians and foul creatures roamed the lands, forcing people to dwell within the city walls. It was an especially difficult time for Mondstadt. The Liontooth Knight was without a suitable heir, and the Knights of Favonius had lost many of its brave men and women during the bitter wars.
During the most difficult of times, Durin, the corrupted dragon of immeasurable power, began attacking Mondstadt. The prayers of Mondstadt's people awoke the Ameno Archon, and his will summoned forth the Wind Dragon Dvalin. As the last defender of Mondstadt, Dvalin battled Durin with all his might. The result was clear — Durin's remains still lie atop the snowy peaks to the south of Mondstadt — but the story of how the battle ended was lost in time. It is said that Dvalin ripped out Durin's throat, and together they fell from the sky. Durin's body sunk into the snow while Dvalin was summoned by the Ameno Archon and fell into a slumber.

Edit 10 BP - Kaeya meets Diluc's father, Crepus, at the Dawn Winery.
Kaeya's Stories

****4 BP - Amber's grandfather disappears.
Something happened one day four years ago that profoundly changed Amber. That day, her grandpa left his coat of arms and sword in his office and simply disappeared, leaving no note and telling no-one he was leaving. He had been the beating heart and the backbone of the Outrider division, and without his leadership they rapidly became undisciplined and lost their edge.
4 - 3 BP - Diluc's father (Crepus) dies and Diluc leaves the Knights
  • Diluc was Calvary Captain (now Kaeya's position) and earned the position at the age of 14
  • At this time Diluc would have been Jean's superior
  • Comic (chapters 7 - 8 part 1)
    • The person with the ring is might be Inspector Elik based on the stories
  • Diluc's Character Stories
"Sometimes, life can change in an instant."
The day that Crepus spoke these words to Diluc would turn out to be the latter's last as a Knight of Favonius. For on that day, a horrific monster attacked the transport fleet he and his father were traveling with. There was no time for Diluc to send for help. The monster was stronger than any foe the young Cavalry Captain had ever encountered, and overpowered him. Diluc could never have anticipated the way this battle would end: His father, who had been denied admittance into the Knights and who was shunned by the gods, defeated the monster with an unknown evil power — before that same power backfired, mortally wounding Crepus himself. Crepus died shortly after in his son's arms.
With a heavy heart, Diluc returned to the Knights' headquarters, only to receive an unthinkable order from Inspector Elik: "Conceal the truth."
Elik insisted that the incident must be portrayed as an unfortunate accident in order to maintain the reputation of the Knights of Favonius in the eyes of the public. Such was the sheer outrageousness of this request that Diluc did not think it was even worth trying to argue.
Diluc's father had once said to him that the world would never turn its back on the faithful. But now, the Knights of Favonius trampled on his faith like it was nothing. He couldn't help but wonder: What was his father's view on faith in his final moments? Diluc resigned from the Knights that day and left everything behind, including his Vision. He swore to avenge his father's death, and to find the source of that occult power which had caused his father's demise.

6 months BP - Grandmaster Varka of the Knights of Favonius takes 80% of the knights on an expedition to somewhere. Jean is left as Acting Grandmaster.
Half a year ago, Varka led the elite knights of Favonius on yet another expedition away from Mondstadt.
6 months - 3 months BP (Assuming unless stated) - Events of the rest of the comic occur, at least till chapter 13.
  • 1 of the 11 Fauti Harbingers is introduced - Il Dotorre (Killed Ursa the Drake) - Comic - Chapter 1
    • La Signora
    • Childe
    • So we know of 3 now
2 months BP - The Traveler meets Paimon.
0 BP - The Traveler meets Amber, Dvalin awakens, and the main story begins

Theories and Dispute

*So the question is when does the battle between the siblings and the unnamed god takes place and what happened to Lumine?
Theory as made by Tevyat Historia
**So some connections: Khaenri’ah, Eclipse dynasty, and “An eclipsed sun befell its kingdom and a luminous pearl lost its glow.”
  • Khaenri’ah is shown in that Tevyat Chapter Storyline preview, it's the last act in that video
    • Also we have two characters from this region, Dainsleifand Kaeya (according to the wiki one of his character stories in the game says this, but I haven't seen it personally and it hasn't been uploaded to the wiki)
    • Also it appears Kaeya was adopted into Diluc's family - comic + Kaeya stories
  • Eclipse Dynasty
    • Well the unknown God and Paimon comparisons made before on this subreddit plus their designs, probably checks out for something related to this dynasty
  • “An eclipsed sun befell its kingdom and a luminous pearl lost its glow.”
  • Related to that incident 500 years ago
    • Tevyat Chapter Storyline preview - Cryo Archon - Tsaritsa
    • "She is a god with no love left for her people, nor do they have any left for her. Her followers hope only to be on her side when the day of her rebellion against the divine comes at last.

*** Now for the other reason for making this post, the Four Winds. As of now the wikia lists them as such:
  • Lion of the South - Dandelion Knight/Lionfang - Liontooth Knight - Jean
  • Dragon of the East - Dvalin
  • Wolf of the North - Andrius
  • Falcon of the West - Vennessa
First two based on the timeline and citations I agree with, the latter two not so much.
The Falcon of the West refers to the Knights of Favonius (the organization) not Vennessa (after ascension). The books and scenes contradict this claim, there is a leap in logic here, and from a writing standpoint it's weird.
The "Wolf" of the Knight of Boreas, the "Lion" of the Liontooth Knight (or "Dandelion Knight"), the "Falcon" of the Knights of Favonius, and the "wind Dragon" Dvalin have been long regarded as the Four Winds that watch over Mondstadt.
The phrasing is a bit weird but if we were to be consistent, the Lion refers to the Dandelion Knight cause we know it's Jean as of present, therefore the Wolf refers to the Knight of Boreas, and therefore the Falcon refers to the Knights of Favonius as a whole.
But it was at this very moment that there was no-one to inherit the title of Liontooth Knight, thus, the Knights of Favonius could not fly their falcon flag.
The lion fang perished and the falcon flag slept.
Now the reason I'm thinking Vennessa is considered the Falcon of the West as of current, is because in the comic, prologue chapter (pages 71-73), she turns into a falcon and is spotted by Venti. What she can't turn into any other animal or bird? Does anyone find it weird that she would start one of the Four Winds lineages via her 2 titles Dandelion/Lionfang (Lion of the South) and yet become another one of the Four Winds (Falcon)? It's a bit of a redundancy writing wise. Also, if the banner of the Knights were to represent Vennessa, why not a lion or dandelion instead? How would would anyone else know Vennessa watches over Monstadt as a falcon if the only one to recognize such is Venti (who is a god), as shown in the comic (which at the time Venti is talking to Aether in the present).



For those who doubt the wikipedia.

The Wolf of the North refers to the Knight of Boreas (currently Grandmaster Varka) not Andrius.
On the surface it would make sense that Andrius would be the Wolf of the North.
  • He's a wolf
  • One of his titles is King of the Northwind hence Wolf of the North
  • He uses ice and wind attacks when you fight him
However, assuming this is the same Andrius, he was a king and not a knight and the book refers to a one Knight of Boreas. Now I'm assuming the Knight and Andrius are related because "Knight of Boreas" and "Kingwolf of Boreas" but are two separate entities.
After the Liontooth Knight liberated Mondstadt, the Knights of Favonius was established, and the Knight of Boreas joined them.
  • It seems the Knight of Boreas is another title passed down through the ages, case and point Jean's stories
The other is the devoted teachings of Varka, the free-spirited Knight of Boreas and Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, currently dispatched on a crusade. The effect the relaxed and unruly Knight of Boreas Varka has had on Jean's growth has been great.
Again if we were being consistent and my second claim holds true about the Wolf, would it not make sense that the phrases makes it out so the Falcon refers to the Knights of Favonius as a whole instead of just Vennessa (after ascension)?
I think I made my case.
Why is this stuff unnecessarily so confusing?
**** Based on her backstory and how she is in the comic and the game, Amber is best girl. Fight me.
submitted by TheGreyGhost00 to Genshin_Impact

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