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submitted by HCom6530 to u/HCom6530

Hey Reddit, budding musician here. I recently finished putting together my first 15-track demo album. Awkward TL;DR personal background story included. What do you think? (X-post from WATMM)

Obligatory background story:
My name is Dylan Cordoza, and I'm eighteen years of age. I've never had a job, and I dropped out of high school at the end of junior year (two and a half years ago, I believe?) thinking I'd be able to get one. Unfortunately, that didn't really work out, because the economy sucks and I'm also a bit lazy.
I grew up firmly believing that I was some form of schizophrenic. I frequently hear voices in my head that change their tone depending on my mood at the time being. Sometimes they will argue with me, tell me what to do, and tell me not to talk to certain people. They plant some pretty nasty and violent thoughts in my brain on occasion, but I am not a loon; over the years I have taught myself to overcome these impulses. The voices aren't always so bad, though, and this negative side of things is thankfully not that common as long as I can regulate my mood, blood sugar (I'm also hypoglycemic), and maintain healthy relationships with those closest to me. Control over my thoughts comes much easier when I have recently partaken in cannabis, but most especially in mushrooms, LSD, or DMT. Of course the only things that help me live a normal life are all illegal.
More often than not however, the voices sing to me. Or something like that. Ever since I can remember as a child, I've always heard the strangest, most dreamy and ethereal kind of music in my head. I still cannot recognize the instruments I hear being played, nor can I understand any of the words that are sung by what has always sounded to me like some kind of awkward -- but still sweet and airy -- inhuman voice.
The way my brain interprets this music is very strange. I don't think it's regular music at all -- when it begins to flood my head, not only do I hear the sounds, but I feel them as if they have some sort of shape. Not in the sense that one particular string of sound I hear is more like a cube and another is more like a sphere, but more in the sense that each wave of noise and feeling ripples in the space around me like a series of ghostly ribbons, not only in my head but also outside of it, so that I feel as if I could simply reach out and touch these sounds as they form themselves. There is such a strong, otherworldly array of emotions being conveyed in everything. Sometimes these emotions invoke images of what I've come to believe are memories from my past lives, as I always feel a profound and personal connection with what I see. In all logical honesty, though, I can't be for sure what it is I'm experiencing.
This is something I can't really talk with people about, and I hope you can understand where I'm coming from with this. I've always felt very alienated from everybody else throughout my life, be it the people in my school, my friends, my family, and even my parents. Now, don't get the impression that I am some sort of social outcast -- I'm actually very good at keeping up with public appearances and getting along with people. I just can't do it for very long before I get absolutely exhausted and need to spend some time alone to recoup. I'm an introvert; who would've guessed!
Anyway, I believe this is already beginning to get way too long for the average interweb-dweller to bother reading, so allow me to try and get to the point of all this.
It has always been my dream in life to recreate the sounds I hear in my head and share them with the world. However, seeing as how we don't quite live in the 4th dimension yet where feeling music in all five sensory receptacles might be possible and I have no idea how to even come close to reproducing the bizarre sounds I hear anyway, I get the feeling that my dream will never truly come to fruition.
So I simply allow my somewhat psychotic sonic experiences to influence my work, but I have come to accept that it's pointless and a waste of time to bust my balls trying to imitate them too closely. At least for now.
Despite what I said earlier when I mentioned that my ability to interact with the outside world is proficient enough to not be worth mentioning in conversation (that's a direct quote, right?), ever since I dropped out of high school I have been a complete social recluse and never leave my house for any reason other than to take out the trash. This has made it very difficult for me to connect with other local musicians, and people in general. I guess you could say this post is my first real attempt to reach out to society again, and to see if there really are any like-minded musicians out there who may be interested in collaborating. However, if it turns out that the general consensus on my work is that it is complete shit (which it is, in my personal opinion) and nobody has any interest in this kind of stuff whatsoever, then I won't get all butthurt about it. Either way, I'm going to keep making music.
I am very much open to criticism, but I would first like to make a few points:
  • Nobody is more critical of my music than I am. If it wasn't for some close friends pushing me to get my stuff out in the open, I probably would never have gotten around to putting together a demo album for you to listen to. In every track of mine that I listen to and review, I can point out a million and one things that I could have done better. I'm not the best when it comes to properly playing with the compression and EQ of my songs, and I know I have so much room for improvement. Which brings me to my next point:
  • All the music I have ever made has been on a $0 budget. I have no money. I have no job. I have no fancy equipment, save for a nice MXL usb microphone that I picked up for my birthday a couple years ago. Once I manage to secure myself an income (one of these days...) and no longer have to keep bumming off my parents to get by, I will be able to afford equipment both in the form of instruments and recording devices that will allow me to drastically improve the quality of my sound.
  • Some of the songs on this album (primarily the ones with the most flaws) are relatively old and don't quite capture what most of my more current stuff sounds like today, but I guess it still gives you an idea of how that sound has changed over the course of time.
I figure I ought to mention that the programs I typically use to create and record music include Audacity (which I recently stopped using because I can't stand it) as well as a pirated (sorry!) version of Adobe Audition 3.0 and FL Studio 8. All songs are recorded in my bedroom, at my desk. You will probably hear the background noise of my PC fans in some of them. Those would be the older pieces; I've gotten better at reducing noise over the years. Unfortunately, in most of those songs there is far too much for me to remove without heavily distorting the rest of the audio.
Now, if you've really made it this far then I must thank you for listening to what I have to say, while also apologizing for being so long-winded and taking so much of your time. Without further ado, I present to you... a slice of what I've recorded over the past few years.
Download the full album at Bandcamp.
...or visit my Soundcloud to give right proper feedback!
Track listing and personal comments:
  • Global Warming (A very old thing I made forever ago when I was heavily focused on making a'cappella tracks)
  • Arcadia (One of the first tracks I ever recorded, I have really come to detest this thing over the years. I like the intro, though)
  • Untitled no. 18 (I was at an [8] when I recorded this and it has always been one of my personal favourites, despite some faults in pitch correctness in one particular verse. There is a substantial amount of background noise as well)
  • Riverbed
  • Untitled no. 21 (You probably won't be able to understand anything I'm saying here. I have this really weird thing about singing in tongues when I'm under the influence; I was about a [9])
  • Untitled no. 35
  • Untitled no. 26
  • Interlude
  • Shankill Butchers (Decemberists cover) (Lead vocals by Sam Hay-Roe; recorded sophomore year of high school. 2008 I think? He was a freshman at the time)
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Turquoise (I've never been fond of this track in particular; the sawtooth synth that pops in at various places just kills me. Unfortunately I lost the original .flp a long time ago and could only play with the compression/EQ on the mixed-down mp3)
  • 4
  • Red Letter Day (This one was created between a [9] and [10] whilst also under the influence of some mushrooms)
  • Aquarius (My most recent track and another personal favourite, although I still consider it to be incomplete; I want to expand more on the ending)
  • End
EDIT: I'm new to this, and formatting is still somewhat confusing. My apologies if the way I've organized things looks a bit sloppy.
EDIT EDIT: My primary musical influences include Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Björk, and Múm.
submitted by mrcordoza to reddit.com

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