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[#68 Score:3 Comments:0] - Lil Zane - "Come Get Me" [Rap/Hip-hop] I've been a Lil Zane fan since I bought his album in 2000 and he really surprised me with his new white artist, he's good!

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201121 LOONA [12:00] Release: Orbit Ring Fansign #7 Roundup

Most from attendees and some attendees translated via @orrey_nim
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: Please say something to your favorite member..
Me: You like pineapple on pizza?
HeeJin: Yes, I like it!
x cr. @orblti1
ok so heejin first asked me if i could hear her i was like yeah twirls hair & then i called her pretty & she said i was pretty so i was like NO? U so then i said how are u & she said im good & i told her i hope u have a nice say & are healthy & she said u too
x cr. @heejisoos
heejin’s dream subunit: jinsoul, hyunjin, olivia hye
x cr. @chemistinorbit aka u/chemistinprogress
  • told my dog she loved him
  • I showed her fanart for her birthday project
  • she told me "you'll be a great artist" after I told her she inspired me to try art again
  • I told her she's a stage genius
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • heejin forgot how to say exercise in eng “let’s..운동하다! planks! crunches!”
x cr. cigncture
so heejin was first! she told me that the best memory of why not era was trying out new things such as a new concept, new hair, fansign calls and extra music videos (star i'm guessing) etc
x cr. @8pointfive
heejin: has stitch pins/lanyard i had sent during so what era up somewhere in her home
x cr. @remfatale
i answer the call and see the most beautiful girl in the whole world 😭 i told her that i’ve been a fan since 2017 & she said that she was “crying” hence the second pic lmao! i love her so much 🥺 the sweetest girl ever!
x cr. @baephrodite0801 aka u/reeses_peaces
I told Heejin that I love her voice and I was also insecure about my voice but seeing her get more comfortable helped me as well. She said that it’s all thanks to Orbits that she’s more confident and learned to love that part of herself too 🥺
I asked her to do her part in Rosy and at first she kind of spaced out and mumbled to herself to remember the words but she got it and killed it 😂
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: What is your favorite concept / era?
Me: What is today's TMI?
HYUNJIN: shows her iced americano and mentioned that Heejin is her favorite member!
x cr. @orblti1
i talked to hyunjin next & she was like SOOO excited she was like “ hi sabika how are you” & im like good ofc, then i told her about hyunjin bday project & that me & my sister loves her & she was thankful & kept making chuu hearts? i was gonna cry
x cr. @heejisoos
i think she also appreciated my pick up line and the way that she reacted to all my compliments 🥺🥰😭
she says it’s amazing how much people want the hashbrown hyunjin pc
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • she barked at my dog
  • I did /not/ ask her to marry me with a ring box but she might have only heard "marry me"... she laughed and smiled
  • I showed birthday fanart "great! daebak~"
  • I pointed out my hyunjin shelf and she was very thankful
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • hyunjin said she’d the best at throwing the first pitch at a ⚾️ game (duh~)
x cr. cigncture
hyunjin was second and i guessed it was debut order at this point. hyunjin said if she was stuck on a desert island she'd like to be stuck with heejin because they always have fun together 🥺
x cr. @8pointfive
hyunjin: wondered why her hashbrown pcs were going for that much (i told her prices)
hyunjin: did an exercise motivational message for me in which she showed her bicep, flexed, and said "you see that?"
x cr. @loonathepriest
I asked Hyunjin that did she know her hashbrown photocard (album D version) is being sold for 200,000 won ($180) on eBay and she was shook LOL (fricking scalpers 🤣😭)
x cr. @remfatale
MY BEST FRIEND. i wanted to start sobbing when it was her turn. i told her that she was one of my biases & that i am so proud of her. i also let her know that orbits have been going crazy over her hashbrown pc & showed her that i own it! her reaction was so cute!
x cr. @baephrodite0801
I froze a few seconds because of how pretty she is. I asked her to sing Into the Unknown for me and she laughed out loud and looked around the room first before going “INTO THE unknown” and whisper yelled the last part. She laughed to 🐰 and 🐸
After we were done laughing, I told her that Around You is my favorite solo song and she looked very happy that I said that. I asked her to sing it for me and she did. It was very cute
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: A message for your favorite member?
YEOJIN: Vivi-unnie! You must be having such a hard time living in a foreign country.. Let's always be happy together. Thank you and I love you!
x cr. @orblti1
so i basically gave yeojin an essay, i was like “ your so pretty, girls look up to you, your so talented your singing is amazing, orbits love you; your so cute” and she was saying “ i love you too, im really grateful i always do my best for orbits”
x cr. @heejisoos
yeojin says we have a connection because we both said that it’s an exciting day because we get to meet each other
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • called my dog cute
  • I told her that I'm the youngest, but I want to protect her like a little sister; she talked about being an only child
  • I told her she's fashionable and asked for tips - she likes all types of fashion! sexy, cutie, etc.
  • translator -> she's into showing skin, but now that it's cold she wears lots of coats
  • I told her she looks good in everything she wears and she thanked
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • yeojin’s hair was rlly cute today
x cr. cigncture
i had a bunch of yeojin items behind me and she said 'so many yeojin!' 🥺 then i told her how much i loved her and she told me to keep smiling because it suits me, then told me she'll always be cheering me on. then i started crying bye
x cr. @8pointfive
yeojin: didn't receive many or any pepero for her bday this year
x cr. @remfatale
yeojin was so pretty oh my gosh i was speechless.. 😭 she was so sweet & let her know that orbits love her short hair so much! she said she wants to try pink hair soon 👀 when we were done, she blew me a kiss 🥺
x cr. @baephrodite0801
I said I love her short hair and she looked so pretty in the Star MV. She said “I’m happy the MV came out well”. I asked about any TMI from shooting and she said that she saw a frog on the way back from filming and took pics and videos of it
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: Can you say something to your favorite member?
VIVI: I love all of my members! And so I am telling everyone to stay healthy and I want to eat a lot of delicious food with them too!
x cr. @orblti1
god i cant believe i talked to vivi from loona, she is so pretty & i told her that she has amazing singing, and that orbits look up to her alot and that she’s gorgeous, & she said thank you so much i love you and i want to cry
x cr. @heejisoos
vivi from loona said her favorite part of the LOONA_STAR music video was when they all were in a circle and heejin walked in
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • she said "you are so cute!"
  • I asked if there's certain food she eats when she misses home
  • she answered meat and vegetables are what she ate most often and so it reminds her of home
  • I told her I hoped she could see family again soon and she thanked me
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • vivi wants to learn how to make soup
x cr. cigncture
VIVI FROM LOONA please shes the kindest girl evaaa she said she's going to keep learning english so that she can interact with fans better and more often! she spoke in english the whole time too
x cr. @8pointfive
vivi: will try to post more of her art
x cr. @remfatale
NO. WORDS. i was so excited to meet vivi that i completely blanked out & just started telling her how proud i was of her & how much she has improved this era. she was so happy 😭 she said she would like to have pink or black hair soon! 👀 OKAY SERVE i miss her so much
x cr. @baephrodite0801
My Cantonese queen. I started speaking to her in Cantonese and she immediately brightened up 😭 I asked what food she misses the most from HK and she said her mom’s food 🥺 and also dim sum so we started talking about dim sum until the end lol
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: What is your favorite era / concept? KIMLIP: BUTTERFLY!
she also mentioned that her favorite member is GOWON!
x cr. @orblti1
my brain worked by the time i went to kim lip, i asked her if she could play violin one day; & she said yeah one day i will show you while giggling & then she was like “you keep screenshotting omg” & i said “ what can i do your gorgeous” & then laughed & made a pose & thanked me
she was like laughing her ass off when she heard my screenshots at first i was confused and then the translator explained and she was really so sweet im sweating i love her she kept doing hearts and stuff
x cr. @heejisoos
kim lip remembered me from when i first met her 20 days ago!
i told her a cheesy pick up line and she absolutely lost it
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • she LOVED my dog
  • she kept calling him cute every 5 seconds and especially like his name
  • I told her eclipse and twilight are two of my favorite tracks and she was very grateful
  • I pointed out her slogan behind me and she said thank you
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • kim lip recognized me & my wall and asked me to sing for her 👁
x cr. cigncture
so kim lip told me that her favourite outfits from why not era were the black ones from the recent kcon! she was honestly so intimidating but i love her 😭
OP: I can't see your face very well;
OP: Since you're glowing!
Kim Lip: Why's everyone like this today? I'm gonna lose it-
Lip: You're wearing a knit today, why're you wearing something so risque? Dressed so sexy today.
x cr. @8pointfive
kim lip: watched all the f&f films rather quickly as she was working out while watching
x cr. @remfatale
the moment everyone has been waiting for. NOAH X LIP. I HAVE MET MY ULT. honestly, talking to her was like talking to my best friend. we were laughing & smiling the whole time. i told her eclipse is what got me into loona & we did the choreo together! i miss her 😭
x cr. @baephrodite0801
This was probably my favorite one lmao. Kim Lip is definitely a character and it was so funny with her facial expressions. I asked if she prefers swimming in a pool or sea. She said pool because the ocean is scary lol
I told her “I can’t swim” but she misheard it as “I can swim”. She realized and went “OH can’T”. I asked if she would teach me how to swim and she said she will when she comes to my country. We pinky promised 😂 brb gonna drown for Kim Lip
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: JINSOUL, who is your favorite member?
Then KimLip appeared on the side and then started playfully hitting each other 😂
Me: You are one of my bias, Jinsoul! Can you tell me something heart fluttering?
JINSOUL: ****, you are my baby girl! *wink
x cr. @orblti1
ok so at first i called her pretty and then she said your prettier and like ?? no u; then asked her for composing advice & she was like “ wow your a musician?? Lets study music together im still learning” & i was like “ ok sure but your still amazing” & she said ty ily
x cr. @heejisoos
last time we met, JINSOUL had me promise to be an orbit for a long time until we can meet in person. this time, i told her that until then, she better get used to seeing me on here! she said she’ll always be ready
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • "so cute!"
  • I told her we're the same age and ISFJs; "oh! same!!" point
  • I asked what she would have studied in school; she said production or A&R
  • I told her I couldn't wait to hear her songs and she thanked me
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • jinsoul was like 귀여워~ after i said bye & was being passed to choerry but i could still hear her and got me flustered
x cr. cigncture
i was kinda reluctant to ask jinsoul to sing loonatic incase she couldn't remember the lyrics but since it's one of my favourites i stuck to it and she sang the chorus and aaaa what a moment it was
x cr. @8pointfive
jinsoul: hasn't written songs w specific members in mind yet but would like to in the future, like solo songs that suit each member
jinsoul: we had a miscommunication, and i think she thinks i write music (i do not)
x cr. @remfatale
OKAY THIS EXPERIENCE.. WOW. first of all, she looks GORGEOUS. i was speechless 😭 she sang me love letter which is one of my favorite songs ever & i told her how proud i was of her. (i had internet problems during her part so :,( our time wasn’t long)
x cr. @baephrodite0801
Basically told her how much I love her voice and all that standard fangirl stuff. I said her personality is my style and she’s funny. She smiled and clapped for herself 😂 I legit word vomited my love for her for the first twenty seconds oops
I asked what genre of music matches her composing style. She said R&B and that since Loona tries so many genres, she wants to try other ones and make a song that suits their sound. I told her I can’t wait and that I’ll love it and she laughed
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: What is your favorite song in the [12:00] album?
CHOERRY: Star! sings- cause we're running and running, it makes me nervous we're almost for sure, but we've scratched the surface
x cr. @orblti1
so this is where i malfunctioned, choerry called me pretty and i was like “ NO UU” and i asked her for loona lore theories if she had but she didn’t understand so she said she loved the mvs and was grateful that we loved it and loved orbits and she said “ i love you sabika”
x cr. @heejisoos
i asked the spoiler queen for any spoilers, she said she’s given away so many she needs to take a break. but her hint was that it’s coming really soon.
orbit 3.0 was just announced so she really wasn’t lying it was so soon!
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • made grabby hands at my dog several times "SO CuUuuUTE"
  • my dog didn't want to face the camera; she said it's okay and asked, "nervous?"
  • I told her about my work schedule (long night shifts) and asked for words of encouragement
  • "I am cheering for support! Orbit! I will support you a lot!"
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • choerry’s watching the drama start-up!
x cr. cigncture
choerry was soo fun to talk to 🥺 we spoke about harry potter for a little while then she said captain america was her favourite non-harry potter movie character heheh
x cr. @8pointfive
choerry: would choose yves and kim lip for catallena cover
choerry: would cover egoist i guess, this came from her mishearing me and i think she thought i asked whose solo she'd cover; i'm sure this has been asked before
x cr. @remfatale
i seriously mean this when i say choerry & i are best friends.. the way we just started talking like we had known each other forever. she was so excited the whole time & we talked about our favorite songs! she was so sad when we ran out of time 😭 i miss her so much
x cr. @baephrodite0801
I asked her if she’d rather lose her singing ability or dancing ability. She was shocked by the choices and couldn’t pick at first lol she had to think about it
She eventually chose to lose her dancing ability because she can always work harder to improve more but she said both are important to her and it’s hard to choose. I called her a dancing machine which she found funny
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: Can you send a message to your favorite member?
YVES: Hi Chuu, I'm Yves.. I love you! chuu heart
Me: Your favorite concept / era so far?
Then proceeds to get real dangerously close to the phone/camera lol 😂*
x cr. @orblti1
asked her if she could give a name for SAPPHICS “female fans who love women” i said, & she said WE’RE CALLED APPLE! & i told her me & my gf loves her & she was like “ i love you & ur gf i want to see her too ”
yves looked SOO HAPPY when i told her about my gf she was sooo supportive i said ALOT TO YVES i called her pretty & she said IM PRETTY?
x cr. @heejisoos
when she plays among us, she chooses the color black. when she’s the color black she’s always the imposter. she says she’s a master
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • "cute" at my dog
  • I told her we're the same age; "jjinjja? FRIENDS!"
  • I told her I appreciate how she gets close to the screen to look at fans and she giggled saying, "thank you~"
-we both leaned in close for eye contact (I perished on the spot)
  • just look at her
cont (she said so much I was so surprised)
  • "I love your room!"
  • she asked if I play guitar; I said I play guitar and piano; "wow... ARTIST!"
  • but I said I can't sing; "let's do a performance together and I'LL sing!"
  • "BYE FRIEND!!"
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • yves has the cutest freckles on her nose 🥺 she sang niki’s i like u for me 🥰
x cr. cigncture
YVES WAS SO FUNNY she said that to be a good dancer you have to enjoy it and have fun. then she kept getting really close to the camera and asking why there was so much yeojin stuff behind me and said 'hi yeojin' 😭
x cr. @8pointfive
yves: has written lyrics recently (not for a js song though)
yves: indicated interest in songwriting/production and... said something about doing something for each member? (memory fuzzy on this)
x cr. @remfatale
yves gets 2 parts because i swear we talked for 2 minutes 😭 this was my favorite moment of the fansign. i firstly thanked her as a fan apart of the LGBTQ+ community for her support & she got so happy 🤍 she kept getting so close to the camera and it was SO cute
after we talked for a little bit, i told her that i was a dancer & that she inspires me to continue working hard. she said that orbits inspire her as well & that she so thankful. she gave me so much love & i miss her so much 😭
x cr. @baephrodite0801
Began to have audio issues here 🙃 I just fangirled the whole time and showed her my signed Yves poster and she looked shocked and went “yay!!”. I asked her to sing her first part in butterfly and she got really close to the phone for it 😂
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: Can you send a message to your favorite member?
CHUU: GoWon, I love you!
YVES: Why not me???
CHUU: I love you, GoWon, but you don't love me!
YVES: *won't let CHUU breathe
x cr. @orblti1
ok im sorryfor the bad screenshot of chuu so like here i was telling her she looked pretty & she said” NO U” & i also said that i loved her performance in masked singer & she was really touched & thanked me & i said her singing is amazing & she said that she loves me x cr. @heejisoos
told chuu a pick up line and the reaction she gave LMAOO
i was at a loss for words but she said she had so much to say but will study more english so that she can communicate with us international fans properly 🥺
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • excited at my dog
  • I mentioned how she touched my hand at kcon and it was unforgettable; she stumbled a little saying, "I can't forget it" in English and it was so cute :'(
  • showed her birthday fanart
  • I said we saw a cooler side of her in Why Not; she said she really liked the styling!
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • chuu listens to 10,000 hours by dan+shay & bieber
x cr. cigncture
chuu impersonated yves in the orbit ring fansign and the look that gowon gave her 😭 this was the funniest 20 seconds ever
including this video because it's so funny. after she did her yves and gowon impression, i asked chuu if the members were laughing at her because she kept looking at them and gowons face HELP
x cr. @8pointfive
chuu: no particular stories from iqs2 but was fun to meet other idols, hear songs early
x cr. @remfatale
CHUU. BEST GIRL. SHE IS SO ADORABLE COME ON. when she came on the screen, i smiled SO hard. i asked her what her favorite song was on the new album and she said fall again & sang me the chorus! we had internet problems so our time was short :,(
x cr. @baephrodite0801
She went “, hi!!” and was all smiley 🥰 it went away after I asked if she’d rather have a golf ball or watermelon for a head lol. She picked golf ball because hairstyles on a watermelon would look ridiculous
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: Do you have something to say to your favorite member?
GOWON: Olivia Hye... even though we always argue, I still love you.
x cr. @orblti1
btw gowon understood me 100% no translator needed, i asked her about loona studio she said she hopes to do it again, i also said she vocals were amazing & thats why i asked & she was extremely thankful, i called her pretty & she said im pretty too i was really shocked
x cr. @heejisoos
gowon would love to have more rapper parts so that she can beat hyejoo and become a better rapper than her she would also like to try lavender hair color
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • best reaction to my dog
  • "he's very big!"; I said he's heavy; she laughed and repeated, "ohh heavy."
  • I asked about being in contact with Oh My Girl; "not often but sometimes"
  • so I asked about watching their concert; "unfortunately no 🙅‍♀️"
  • ended with "your dog is very cute!" + grabby hands
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • gowon says to think like a bad person when you’re an imposter in among us
x cr. cigncture
aaaa gowon was so tiny :( she said if she could change the butterfly to a different representative animal she would choose something cute and fluffy like a puppy or bear so i mentioned a polar bear (her new nickname) and she laughed
x cr. @8pointfive
gowon: wjsn chocome 흥칫뿡 cover member choices are choerry chuu yeojin / some members have been recording for logs, but not her
x cr. @remfatale
GOWON MINAJ. my poor heart can’t handle how cute she is 😭 i wished her a happy late birthday & told her i bought __ amount of albums to meet her! her reaction was priceless LMAO. she also put her hands on her heart like me when i told her i’ve been a fan since 2017 😭😭
x cr. @baephrodite0801
I asked her if she could listen to one album for the rest of her life, what would it be. She said XX (well she called it the “butterfly album”) because it has so many great songs and it’s a continuation from Hi High. After that, the audio cut out 😔
x cr. @thewelfthtrack
Me: Any message to your favorite member?
OLIVIA HYE: GoWon! Belated happy birthday! Let's eat something together after this! 😁
x cr. @orblti1
so hyejoo i said her earrings are pretty & she was like “ LOOK AT MY RAINBOW EARRING, MY FAVORITE” and i was gonna cry, & then i was like “ pretty like you!!” & she said you too!! & rhen i said she is a talented performer & she told me she does well bc of energy from orbits & ty
x cr. @heejisoos
hyejoo has played pool with gowon who was actually really good the moon part of the lightstick was actually her idea!
x cr. @chemistinorbit
  • told her my dog has the same birthday; she wished him HBD
  • she really wants to stream with [?] audio cut off
  • she recently restarted super mario odyssey
  • I mentioned how cute she was with Jihan and she thanked me
x cr. @kristanomonon
  • hyejoo’s face cute
x cr. cigncture
face (ish) reveal? bahah we did a cute heart which was nice to end the call and hyejoo literally posed for it 😭 my question for her got a little mistranslated but either way she was super sweet and was so interested in what i was saying even if she couldn't understand :')
Olivia Hye🐺: Yes! I had malatang with Go Won unnie. But the really good malatang place disappeared! But the place right nextdoor was alright too, we went there.
🐺: Aw unnie, even I'm eating that, you should too.
x cr. @8pointfive
olivia hye: thanked me for the mulan pin i had sent; doesn't really like disney princesses but she likes mulan. said if she had a choice for the voice stage again, she'd pick mulan or pocahontas
x cr. @remfatale
oh my gosh.. my heart melted when i met olivia. i asked her what style of dance she’d like to try next and she said something more acrobatic! i then told her i’ve been a fan since her debut and she said that she hopes i stay an orbit forever 😭🤍
x cr. @baephrodite0801
Connection was really bad here. I didn’t have much time to ask what I wanted so I asked her what’s the first thing she would do on a deserted island and she said she’d make a fire (she rubbed her hands together to show how lol) and make a shelter
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