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wanted a little feed back. i need a little length to this paper yet so any help would be great. also pointing out any grammatical issues you see would be appreciated. the topic is The Contradiction between Courtly Love and Chivalry in Morte De Arthur's death of arthur.due December 4th

People live their lives in a constant pursuit of devote joy, in most cases this happiness in revolving around love. Thus desire for another person and potential “soul mate” requires one to make sacrifices and even change one’s life style. Though changing so much for just emotion may seem absurd to some, the majority of the population would be willing to make sacrifices for their true partner. Thus love is both the down fall and high point of many lives. It is both a beauty and a beast, it is both a desire and a fear; love is in itself a contradiction. Depicting this notion has taken many forms in pre modern times. The most common of which has been literature. From the modern Fifty Shades of Grey to the first folk tales told to peers love, passion, and sexuality have been a central focus or at least a detail that cannot be overlooked. Like everything though certain people are better at this than others. Sir Thomas Mallory depicts his aspect in his much a credited work Morte de Arthur as if he were a map showing cities location. He inserts an aspect of love that is the primary storyline in the portion of the book known as the death of Arthur. This is courtly love. This feature is the focus due to the contradiction with the unwritten rules of the medieval era which is chivalry. This contradiction between chivalry and courtly love sculpt the masterpiece that Mallory produces that’s shapes the future as he never would have imagined. Courtly love was first introduced into literature 400 years before in the text Ovid’s Art Love, and soon became popular in works from the 1100s to the 1300s especially among the newer romantic genre. This form of love is like all other in the way that is consists of two people who fall into a tender, uncontrollable, passion for each other, however it differs in the specific people that go googly eyed for each other. The partners in the relationship are a knight from the kingdom and the kingdoms queen, or the wife of the knights. The knight his self performs “love services” for the married lady, while she controlled the entire relationship. It was the knight who would go into great effort to do anything to win over the lady, just so he would be commendable of the queen’s love. This idea of an unable man having an equal felt relationship with a women of such nobility in the era it was written was essentially impossible in their times as most married other nobles to acquire more land or the such, so the commoners grew fascinated with the type of noble relationship on love. This was one reason Mallory’s work received so much fame, while the other part of the contradiction, chivalry, also aided to it. Chivalry in the classic sense is what Mallory’s work was largely focused on. In this regard chivalry is the unwritten guidelines for a knight. The rules typically consisted of complete devotion to your superior, courtesy toward your enemas, generosity to those in need, courage to fight foes, honoring those who deserve it and other ways of acting based on the military values and Christian faith.. It is through chivalry the feudalistic system was run with kings and nobles atop, while peasants and people of the like are at the bottom. This was the way people of this era were ruled, and it the backbone for the writing of the stories written in this moment in time. The Arthurian legends are a prime example of the underline system, while maintaining a direct contradiction of it throughout. In the death of Arthur the reader finds himself thrown into the love educed conflict without blinking an eye. A few of the knights, all part of King Arthurs well-known round table, are trying to convince other members to rat out the man engulfed with love for the kings’ wife. Sir Agarvain and Sir Mordred pleading does no good though, as the other knights feel they shouldn’t tell the truth as it could cause mass chaos in the kingdom. On the first page of the story the reader is introduced to the two contradicting ideas. As they are left with the choice of recognizing the courtly love taking place or being in their minds chivalric in the way that they will not disorder the kingdom. The first proposition of these two opposing beliefs goes ways, since Sir Agarvain and Sir Mordred choose to tell of the act of courtly love to their king while the others, Sir Gawain and his family, just to keep things as they are keeping the peace. Sir Thomas Mallory draws the audience in with his choice to do both of these allowing for a conflict to arise between the king and Sir Lancelot, the man laying with the queen. When told by the two knights of the possible sexual activates Arthur is reluctant to believe that his most “noble” knight would participate in such an act. Arthur says on page 441 “ But I would be loath to begin such a thing but I might have proof of it, for Sir Lancelot is an hardy knight, and all ye know that he is the best knight among us all”. Arthur clearly has sincere respect for the man accused of sleeping with his wife, although he does allow a few knights to get proof of the act as a precaution. This is when we are introduce to the second contradicting portion of the section of the book, and the best example of Lancelot’s courtly love to Queen Guinevere. The queen and Lancelot lock themselves in a room when the knights Arthur sends catches them together alone. Thus is when Lancelot talks to Guinevere telling her of the great effort he would go to so he can win over her love. Lancelot says on page 443 that if he is killed for their love he will have his fellow knights save her from her death, and then they will take her to Lancelot’s palace to live in ecstasy. He gives the greatest sacrifice to here, his own life, but still promises more to her past his own death, showing the trueness of his love for his king’s wife. After his sappy speech the knight is faced with two options: surrendering to the knights following chivalric code by never seeing his love again, or fighting his way out killing knights dishonoring his knightly guidelines but having the chance to see his love again. Lancelot chooses the latter option dishonoring chivalric code and solidifying his love to the readers and Arthur. This prime example of the two opposing concepts shows that both courtly love and chivalry cannot be chosen simultaneously like in the first example, and then when faced to make a decision love for a lady prevails over love for your kingdom. With conflicts arising fast and steady in the section Mallory presents another story changing scene in The War section of the death of Arthur. Like many storylines we see today Mallory tells of a man fighting to save the woman he loves. Guinevere is set to burned in front of numerous people of King Arthur’s’ kingdom Camelot, but Lancelot would spoil their show just as Spiderman rescues Mary Jane numerous times. However unlike the modern superhero, Lancelot’s rescue causes much controversy. Lancelot rides in slaying all that stands in is way to get to the queen he desires. He shows true ambition, but killing unarmed people in the process. Some of these people were his fellow Knights of the Round Table and family of Sir Gawain. Once again Mallory presents us with two opposites clashing in a fight to come out victorious. Chivalry is looked over again by Lancelot in his “heroic” act, but his passion stands out more than an orange and blue suit at a funeral. He manages to save his love. Just in doing so he managed to turn fellow knights against him and overlooking the chivalric guidelines once again for courtly love. Mallory continuously presents the two contradictions as choices to be made for Lancelot, and Lancelot continuously chooses love. However it can be said the opposite of the king. For when he hears of the taking of the queen he is more upset about the loss of his knights states “I am sorrier for my good knight’s loss than for the loss of my fair queen; for queens I might have enough” (pg446). In a battle between the code of knights and love it is evident Mallory made Arthur the opposite in this regard. Putting this opposite character in the story escalates the aura given off by Lancelot through the story. After this Lancelot rides away with Guinevere to his land in France. This resulted in the appearances of Lancelot lessening through the story, while King Arthur’s kingdom goes into mass chaos, just as the knights in the beginning predicted. Sir Gawain vows to kill Lancelot in vengeance and Arthur’s going to help him get Lancelot. Later one of Arthur’s former knights, Mordred, attacks Camelot only adding to the disorder. It is here where Arthur dies, gets his sword tossed into a source of water, and another one of Arthurs’s knights lies to him breaking the chivalry code again. Then Guinevere goes to a community of priests where she would deny Lancelot from being with her, so she sends him away. Ultimately she ends up dying there. It is then that Lancelot has numerous visions telling him to go to the holy place so that he could transport her to be buried next to her king. Lancelot leaves the next day to do exactly this, still showing that he is willing to do anything she asks, even after her death. It is at this point when we are presented with the final example of chivalry vs. courtly love. Lancelot stays at the tomb for six weeks without eating or drinking. We are told that this is due to Lancelot finally feeling terrible for destroying everything in the kingdom; however I feel this is a direct result of courtly love. Lancelot may feel bad for realizing he destroyed the once flourishing area, King Arthur, and breaking the chivalric code but this isn’t the only reason he says at the tomb never leaving her side. For when one person love another as much as Lancelot loved Guinevere it is impossible to forget about her, as if a piece of him died when she died. He finally does the one thing he originally promised to the queen when they were locked in the room hiding from the knights. He sacrificed himself to be with the queen in heaven. In the final battle between the traditional feudalistic code and courtly love it is the latter that would once again prevail. The constant choice for Mallory to have courtly love come out on top of chivalry evidentially led to a new way of thinking and changed the future. Since Lancelot can only choose one of the two he is always left with a tough choice. However in making the same decision over and again he subsequently creates a form of chivalry he has followed, despite ignoring the one he has always known. This unique form of chivalry contains aspects of courtly love, essentially combing the two to focus on the love aspect of the human psyche. Its rules like that of the knightly chivalric code focus on honor, respect, courtesy, generosity, and courage, although instead of the focal point being your king and kingdom it is a woman that you love. Going through hell and back to do anything and everything you can to please her, waiting on her hand and foot. Lancelot obviously does this as he saves her form he fiery death, while vowing to treat as a queen when she’s no longer at Arthurs kingdom, to his final act of becoming deathly sick in front of her grave. He was persistent in his pleasing, just so his love would be guaranteed his forever. Through Lancelot Mallory creates a modernized form of guidelines using his contradiction of courtly love and chivalry. If Mallory would have had Lancelot chosen to follow the king instead of pursuing his feelings then this women satisfying form of rules would not exist in this era and possibly our ( if it even still does exist in ours). Morte de Arthur s’ story sparked the beginning of a change to the way people saw the codes in which they live by. Circling around love and its ability to contradict the priorities we focus on. It consumes Lancelot it making him forget his ways of being knightly and solely focus on ways to demonstrate courtly love to Guinevere. Thus changing the way he is viewed by other knights and the way in which the kingdom sees him. The passion he had for Guinevere was without a doubt true courtly love, but it was also led to the eventual demise of the reputation of Lancelot as a superior knight. Forcing him to do things which he as a knight should have never done, but did break the rules to create new ones As Ivan Doig said in the eleventh man “the nature of love is that it catches you off -guard, subjects you to rules you have never faced, some of them contradictory”.
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