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You Can Tell Facebook And Google Are Evil Because Hollywood Made Movies About Them

Google loves IOT devices. IOT devices love to biologically feminize, sterilize and emasculate males of all species. These devices don't go to The Good Place when you recycle them, they end up in your body.
Monsanto paid Google to bury unfavorable news
Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers
Monsanto paid Google to promote search results for “Monsanto Glyphosate Carey Gillam” that criticized her work, the documents obtained by The Guardian revealed.
Google OK To Pump Diminishing Pristine Groundwater To Cool Servers
Google = Evil
Articles appearing in Common Dreams, Futurism and The Guardian have described how a well-respected Reuters journalist, Carey Gillam, was systematically harassed by Monsanto with the assistance of Google.
Back when Google started deploying its little Street View cars around our neighborhoods, the company also ended up collecting about 600 GB of emails, passwords, and other payload data from unencrypted wifi networks in over 30 countries.
The Inexorable Evil Of Google's Governance Structure
Pentagon says Google's Drone Targeting Work Is Exempt From Freedom of Information Act
Google starts AI lab in China while ending an AI contract with the Pentagon
Google building technology to automate oilfields and to enhance oil retrieval.
How Google Girly Men Are Made
I know the guy down the road from my place who invented Febreeze, a petrochemical odorizer. An odorizer is something that "stinks pretty", as my dad used to say about perfume. He has a degree in chemistry. If you like breathing petrochemicals because they smell good, be my guest. That new car smell is nothing but poison. The educated people destroying the world are highly trained professionals. They're not nearly as smart as they think they are, but they're highly paid, and highly professional. The people who approve the chemicals are highly paid, educated professionals, who will sign their name to anything with 6 zeros attached to it.
Petrochemicals and plastic use grows 7X faster than human population. By 2040 more oil will be made into chemicals and plastics than burned in cars each year, for the first time. People who work in plastic extrusion plants die young. By 2025 cars will spew over 5 gigs of EMF data per day, as your car makes more money from your personal life than the sale of itself new. By 2030 your car will lock you up and drive you to the cop shop triggered by AI debtor prison algos. Miss one big payment too many, and pray your car doesn't suicide you off the road in revenge before it gets there.
In China your phone auto pays for your jaywalking ticket before you hit the other curb thanks to AI facial recognition. AI IOT devices are made from toxic nano mineral petrochemical plastic particles. And, by 2025 there will be gazillions of IOT bugs. Gates wanted a computer in every home and google wants a bug up every ass. That's why google protects people like Monsanto.
Smart diapers will eventually turn your kids into stupid sterile ghosts. Car tire and brake nano dust combine with combustible nano magnets, and PFAS dust, with C02 levels of 1,000 ppm, to literally make you 15% stupider and infinitely sicker. By 2025, sitting in your car for an hour will make you sicker than 2 hours of wearing VR goggles on Red Bull.
Urban water air food fabrics and EMF fields are toxic to life on earth, and will have unstoppable irreversible multi-generational genetic consequences that will be ever so very terribly slightly unkind. Our nano plastic metal gadgets, gizmos and bugs are making us chemically extinct as a species, the good news is that runaway climate extinction may slow the process somewhat.
Before You Begin Your Journey - I would like to introduce academic scientific fraud. This goes to prove how sold out academia and science are, with the possible exception of any subject ending in studies. I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground, but I do know that you should never trust anyone over 30 who is a physicist or priest.

Academic And Scientific Fraud

1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility - Nature
Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science – Royal Society
Peer-Review Fraud — Hacking the Scientific Publication Process - NEJM
Worst Science Fraud - Discover Magazine
Is the Peer Review Process a Scam? – enago academy
Let’s end reviewer fraud – Publons
107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud | Ars Technica
Why scientists need to do more about research fraud – Guardian
Canadian researchers who commit scientific fraud are protected by privacy laws – The Toronto Star
China cracks down after investigation finds massive peer-review fraud – science mag
The Bottom of the Barrel of Science Fraud – Neuroskeptic
Scientific Fraud – EuroScientist journal
5 Common Types of Pharmaceutical Frauds You Should Know About!
Journey - Your Personal Descent Into Hell
Da Bone To Pick With You - RJC
A plateful of plastic – Reuters
Plastic Is Killing the Bacteria That Make 10% of Earth's Oxygen - Nature
Petrochemicals set to be the largest driver of world oil demand - IEA
Ocean Acidification Toxifying Phytoplankton - Planet Experts
Global petrochemicals market size projection - Newswire
Brake dust nanoparticles will kill you - INEWS
The future of petrochemicals - Deloitte
Rising use of plastics to drive oil demand to 2050: IEA - Reuters
Facing climate change pressure, big oil bets on plastic - Axios
A Surge of New Plastic Production Is on the Way - Yale
PFAS in almost everything - Yale ( there are thousands of different kinds of them )
Pollution Causing Feminization of Males Across Multiple Species - The Independent
Environmental impact of estrogens on human, animal and plant life - Science Direct
Warming warning over turtle feminization - PhysOrg
Environmental Warming and Feminization of Sea Turtle Populations31539-7) - Cell.com
Demasculinization and feminization of male gonads by atrazine: Consistent effects across vertebrate classes - NIH
Are Endocrine Disruptors Blurring Issues of Gender? - NIC
Background fish feminization effects in European remote sites - Nature
Endocrine Disruption Found in Fish Exposed to Municipal Wastewater - USGS
Evolution or Extinction of Men - Women's Health
Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products And Endocrine Disruptors in Water - EES
Black carbon found in women's placentas, even in remote sites - Newsweek
Environmental pollution is associated with increased risk of psychiatric disorders in the US and Denmark - PLOS
Top 10 air polluted cities are all in India = worse than China - FT
Lead Found in Drinking Fountains at 17% of California Public Schools - Capital & Main
Lake Michigan’s water volume can't dilute its chemicals - E Magazine
Males of All Species are Becoming More Female - Mercola ( with apologies )
Microplastic pollution ‘number one threat’ to humankind - Environmental Journal
Toxicity of Nanoparticles on the Reproductive System - Frontiers of Pharmacology
Pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environments an emerging threat for marine organisms - Science Direct
Microplastics cause chromosomal, reproductive abnormalities, early puberty, childhood obesity, increased blood pressure - Earth Day
Nanoparticles and embryonic development - Oncotarget
Moderate use of nanoparticles in food, toothpaste affects brain - Nebraska Today
Magnetic nanoparticles make youth stupid - The Scientist
Expert reaction to magnetite, air pollution and Alzheimer’s - Science Media Center
Plastic Teabags Release Billions of particles into Tea - Science Tech Daily
Impacts of Nano-Sized Plastic Particles on Benthic Invertebrates - Frontiers of Science
Microplastics in seafood and health - Springer
Nanoplastics accumulate in marine organisms and may pose harm to aquatic food chains - Science Daily
Microplastic Pollution has Physiological and Genetic Repercussions - Tech Today
Microplastics: From Fish To Human - Scientific American
Nine Things to Know About Microplastics - The Maritime Executive
Microplastics pose a threat to plants - Botany One
How tiny plastic particles are polluting our soil- United Nations
High levels of BPA found in the urine of teenagers - CSR Journal
Environmental Risk, Human Health, and Toxic Effects of Nanoparticles - Wiley Library
Silver nanoparticles have lethal effects on development and longevity - Nature
Combination of nanoparticles and contaminants form killer cocktail - Science Daily
Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Exposure on Human Health - Springer
Central nervous system toxicity of metallic nanoparticles - Dovepress
Metal Nanoparticles Damage Brain DNA - Tech Net
Toxicity of Nanoparticles on Insects - Dergy Park
Nanoparticles impact fish and us through food chain - Nordic Science
Impact of Nanoparticles on Brain Health - NCBI
Pesticides, petrochemicals and organic chemicals in drinking water - Health Vermont
Pharmaceuticals in the water cycle - USGS
Is tap water safe? - Environmental Magazine
11 terrifying things that could be lurking in your tap water - Business Insider
New PFAS Replacements May Pose More Risks - EWG
For Decades, Polluters Knew PFAS Were Dangerous But Hid Risks - EWG
Neonic Pesticide May Become More Toxic in Tap Water - NRDC
How DuPont Poisoned the World with Teflon - Organic Consumer
The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese - NYT
PFAS Chemicals Harm the Immune System, Decrease Response to Vaccines- EWG


The impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance - PNAS
Seniors and men are especially vulnerable to cognitive decline due to dirty air - Motherboard
Is air pollution making us stupider? - The Week
'Suppressed' EU report could have banned 31 pesticides worth billions, the report said pesticides are making us stupid, depressed and infertile - Guardian
Western diet cause reduced cognition, declining cognition and dementia - NIH
Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain - Psych Today
What Screen Time Can Really Do to Kids' Brains - Psych Today
Your smartphone📱is making you👈 stupid, antisocial 🙅 and unhealthy 😷. So why can't you put it down❔⁉️ - The Globe & Mail
Myopia Epidemic From Too Much Screen Time, Not Enough Sunlight - USC


Teflon Frying Pans = Smaller Penis - Daily Mail
Western Male Sperm Counts Down 60% in 40 years - Indpendent
Generational decline in testosterone levels observed - Helio 2007
You're Not The Man Your Father Was - Forbes
Millennial men are significantly weaker than their fathers - The Telegraph
Pathologizing Kids, Big Pharma Style - Counterpunch
How social media is making us dumb, angry, addicted - the college fix
Spike In Autism Linked To Preservative In Processed Foods - UCF
How Modern Life Is Transforming The Human Skeleton - BBC ( with apologies )
100 Years Evolution = small jaw + crooked teeth + sleep apnea - PLOS Blog
Spermacidal Junk Food Blues - The Telegraph


Long-term Antipsychotic Treatment and Lower Brain Volumes - NCBI
Chronic refined carbohydrates = neurocognitive deficits - NCBI
Refined sugar intake = lower cognitive continuum - Neurology
Excessive carbohydrates = insulin resistance - Nature
EMF Effects on Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife - EH Trust
135 reports on effects of EMF on male fertility (1972–2012)- EMF Research
These scientists think that plastics are shrinking men’s penises - SMH
Pesticide residue on fruits and veggies tied to infertility - Reuters
Plastic Food Packaging Shrinking Dicks - The Sun UK
Naval Medical Research Institute: 2300 Studies on EMF Health Effects - EMF Research
PFAS: Insights from Past Actions to Inform Today’s Decisions - Nature

PFAS/PFOS = Most western men will be infertile by 2060

EMFs = Adverse Reproductive Effects
PFAS/PFOS = Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water And Air
Drugged Waters — how modern medicine is turning into an environmental curse
Anti-Depressants And Violence (pro-gun, but still useful)
Over-diagnosis and over-treatment of depression is common in the U.S.
Your Cosmetics May Be Killing You
Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body
Photo toxic video light makes you myopic, frys your brain, damages your retina and disturbs your sleep.
EMF = Brain/blood barrier degradation which exposes brain to blood contaminates.
Nano-plastics penetrate the blood/brain barrier in fish causing behavioural disorders.
submitted by CommonEmployment2 to conspiracy

A Timeline of a Different Cold War - The Heir Apparent: The Legacy of Henry Wallace

A Timeline of a Different Cold War - The Heir Apparent: The Legacy of Henry Wallace
(This is work in progress) Hope you enjoy inventive timelines ;)
The Heir Apparent: The Legacy of Henry Wallace

US and Soviet Leaders
Cold War Circa 2016
Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, 1st Man on the Moon
July 19-21, 1944: Under pressure from FDR, and the re-energized Left in the party, the DNC relents and Henry Wallace is renominated as Roosevelt’s VP for 1944 General Election.

July 21, 1944 - The United States military begins to retake the island of Guam after Japanese troops had occupied the island during World War II. The battle would end on August 10.

November 6, 1944 - The last campaign speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt, seeking his fourth term in office, is broadcast from his Hyde Park, New York home. One day later, Roosevelt would gain that fourth term by a significant, but smaller margin than any of his previous elections, especially in the popular vote where Thomas Dewey lost by only three and one half million votes. The Electoral College margin, however, at 399 to 132, ensured Roosevelt good footing in the final prosecution of World War II.

December 18, 1944 - The United States Supreme Court rules in the case of Korematsu vs. the United States, the wartime internment of Japanese Americans on the West Coast was valid during a time of war.

February 4-11, 1945 - President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Premier Josef Stalin hold the Yalta Conference in the Soviet Union to discuss post-war Europe. Stalin meets with VP Henry Wallace many times during the conference, with FDR's health clearly failing, Stalin comes to believe that Wallace is someone that will be just as accomodating as FDR, if not more. FDR & Wallace want to prioritize the Pacific Theater and agree with Stalin to halt at the Wessen River in exchange for full Soviet commitment to routing the Japanese from the Asian mainland. This works out greatly to the benefit of the Soviet post-war position.

February 19, 1945 - Thirty thousand United States Marines land on Iwo Jima.

March 1, 1945 - American troops cross the Rhine River at Remagen, Germany. Two weeks later, on March 18, twelve hundred and fifty U.S. bombers attack Berlin, causing Adolf Hitler to announce the destruction of his own industries and military installations one day later in preparation for invasion. US forces advance eastward until they halted at the Wesser River as agreed at Yalta.

April 1, 1945 - American troops invade Okinawa, beginning the Battle of Okinawa, which would continue until June 21.

April 12, 1945 - President Roosevelt dies suddenly; Vice President Henry Wallace assumes the presidency and role as commander in chief for the duration of World War II.

May 2, 1945 – The Red Army captures Berlin following the suicide of Hitler and other Nazi leaders in a secret bunker. The Werhmacht continues fighting the Red Army east of the Wesser River.

May 17, 1945 - Wehrmacht High Command surrenders after their lines collapse allowing the Soviets to advance to the River Wesser. Soviet and US allies meet at Wilhelm Kaisen bridge in Bremen and fraternize with each other in celebration.

May 21, 1945 - The unconditional surrender of Germany at Reims, France concludes the military engagements of World War II in Europe. It is accepted by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in his role as the commander of Allied troops in the European theater of the war.

July 5, 1945 - In a surpise landslide, Labor wins the UK election. Despite the popularity of Churchill as a leader, the electorate did not want the Tories in charge of the recovery as they were for the previous depression recovery. President Wallace reaffirms America's special relationship with the UK and welcomes the renewed shift to the left.

July 16, 1945 - The first atomic bomb, the Trinity Test, is exploded at Alamogordo, New Mexico, after its production at Los Alamos.

August 2, 1945 - The Potsdam Conference concludes with the UK rather sidelined and the US, represented by Wallace, largely indifferent to Soviet expansion. The biggest change from Yalta, was the the abandonment of seperate zones of control for Berlin and Vienna while retaining the zones for Germany as a whole. Wallace was mosty focused on ensuring full Soviet cooperation with other allies regarding empowering the Allied Control Commission to make systemic changes in Germany. Within 5 years Germany would become more agrarian and lose most heavy manfucaturing capacity in favor of light manufacturing. Most significantly Potsdam established Denazification and the War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremburg.

August 6, 1945 - After much debate with the top brass, President Henry Wallace refuses to give the go-ahead for the use of the atomic bomb, citing such devastation would only harden the Japanese will to resist. He is also keen to keep the Soviets from discovering America’s atomic weapons project for both diplomatic and national security reasons. Operation Downfall is initiated instead as the official war plan to force the Japanese surrender by invasion of their home islands.

September 4, 1945 – Soviet forces capture Sakhalin and Kuril Islands, and then commit their forces to pushing remnant Japanese forces out of Manchuria. Communist movements greatly benefit from Soviet patronage in Korea and China.

September 19, 1945 - Thomas G. Corcoran is narrowly confirmed a justice of the Supreme Court by the Senate.

October 4, 1945 - The Soviets begin a secret atomic weapons program of their own after discovering the success of the US atomic bomb project through the spy operation of Julius Rosenberg, Klaus Fuchs and David Greenglass. It would be decades before knowledge of the spy ring in the US would come to light.

October 30, 1945 - Soviets recruit Wernher von Braun and nearly a thousand other engineers and scientists into the Soviet rocket program greatly benefiting their long-sustained lead in the future Space Race.

November 14, 1945 – Operation Olympic begins with the invasion of Kyushu from the south coast by forces staged in Okinawa. Despite massive preparatory bombardment, the landings becomes the most deadly battle yet for American forces in WW2. Near total casualty rate is reported for the first wave of American troops.

January 3, 1946 – Second Phase of Olympic is executed with a smaller invasion of the island of Shikoku. Aerial bombardment, staged from Kyushu and the fleet, intensifies across Japan.

January 10, 1946 - The first meeting of the United Nations general assembly occurs after its founding on October 24, 1945 by fifty-one nations, including the Security Council nations of China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.A.

March 18, 1946 – Operation Coronet begins with the amphibious invasion of the Kanto plain and setting the Siege of Tokyo. Concurrently, US forces invade the Honshu coast from Kyushu and Shikoku.

June 6, 1946 - The Basketball Association of America, known as the National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1949 after its merger with the rival National Basketball League, is founded.

June 12, 1946 – Tokyo falls to US forces. Soviet forces invade Hokkaido as US forces fight northward against hold-outs.

June 20, 1946 - Wallace's second appointment to the Supreme Court, Fred M. Vinson, enjoyed more support in the Senate, thanks to majority leader Harry S. Truman for appealing to the center of the Democratic Party.

July 4, 1946 - The island nation of the Philippines is given their independence by the United States. This ends four hundred and twenty-five years of dominance by the west.

February 24, 1947 – Japan surrenders to the US by order of Emperor Hirohito, in return for protection, fearing Soviet control of a Post-War Japan. Days later US and Soviet forces meet at the 38th parallel and exchange diplomatic courtesies. Japan is divided by two occupation governments, Soviet-occupied "North Japan" (called the Democratic Republic of Japan) and US-Occupied "South" Japan.

190,000 Americans died in the battle. Millions of Japanese died during the fighting and resulting famines and guerilla insurgency during the post-war occupation.

March 1, 1947 - The Atomic Energy Commission is established.

March 12, 1947 - The Wallace Doctrine is announced to the U.S. Congress. When passed it would grant $700 million in humanitarian aid to liberal or socialist democracies. President Henry Wallace implements the act on May 22. During the bill signing ceremony, President Wallace argued for cooperation—not cold war—with the Soviet Union, setting the future course of US-Soviet diplomatic relations.

April 15, 1947 - Jackie Robinson breaks Major League Baseball's barrier against colored players when he debuts at first base for Branch Rickey's Brooklyn Dodgers.

June 5, 1947 - Secretary of State George C. Marshall proposes aid extension to all European nations for war recovery, known as the Marshall Plan, which would lead to Congressional approval of $14 billion over the following four years.

June 20, 1947 – Democrats in Congress, rallied by President Wallace, vote down the Taft-Hartley Labor Act that would have curbed strikes and sectoral collective bargaining.

December 30, 1947 - King Michael I, a westernized monarch, was forced to abdicate his throne at gunpoint by communist partisans. Romania was thereafter declared a socialist republic.

January 1, 1948 - Five hundred thousand mine workers begin to strike, with other industries following their lead in solidarity, particularly the Railroad. This was a result of built up grievances that were suppressed by the wartime “No-Strike Pledge”. Wallace responds days later with an order to nationalize the nation’s iron and coal mines and then implement worker demands.

April 1, 1948 - US convinced UK to make assurances that the decision to replace the Reichsmark would be quashed after a diplomatic row erupted with the USSR that threatened the post-war cooperative order. The German debt crisis will remain acute for the next decade. Despite earlier threats by the Soviets the West-East German border remains open.

April 30, 1948 - The Organization of American States is founded by twenty-one nations to provide a mutual development pact after World War II. Founding nations were Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

May 15, 1948 - Arab-Israeli War commence after the declaration of independece by Israel.

June 2, 1948 - President Wallaces decision to nationalize coal and iron mines is ruled legal by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, Peabody Coal Co vs US, expanding eminent domain power for "national security" purposes.

June 19, 1948 - Josip Broz Tito breaks with Moscow over growing Soviet interference over the Yugoslavian Communist Party. This tests the post-war unity amongst socialist nations and the USSR by starting the Non-Aligned Movement.

July 26, 1948 - Executive Order 9976, ending segregation in the United States military and federal civil service, is signed into effect by President Henry Wallace to the anger of many Southern Democrats.

August 12, 1948 - Infighting between Irgun and Soviet-backed partisans collapses the Ben-Guirion coaltion, and divides the IDF forces into separate militia factions. This causes the Israelis much delay in countering the Arab incursion.

November 2, 1948 - President Henry Wallace, and his VP Rexford Tugwell, rallies from behind, capturing his first president election from the presumptive winner Thomas E. Dewey, the governor of New York. Headlines in national newspapers had overtly announced a Dewey victory, only to be proven wrong. Wallace won the Electoral College vote with 283 to Dewey's 200, with Strom Thurmond, running as the States' Rights candidate, receiving 48 Electoral votes. Wallace won the election with 50.1% of the popular votes.

Wallace, in contrast to Dewey, saw unchecked private wealth as a threat to liberty. The “common man,” he argued, must “have the opportunity to form unions and bargain through them collectively.” Citing “Herr Thyssen, the wealthy German steel man” who “gave Hitler enough money to enable him to play on the minds of the German people,” Wallace warned of “wealthy men who sincerely believe that their wealth is likely to be safer if they can hire tyrants who lure the people back into slavery.”

Much throughout his campaign Wallace resisted Dewey's call for an American dominated post-war world order to counter the communist philosophy of the Soviet Union. Wallace's election was a rebuke to the concept of "American Exceptionalism". The implication was that global progress would flow from a partnership of nations, each of which boasted traditions of liberty, rather than domination by an America that would, as Wallace put it, “mold the world for such purposes as we see fit and by such means as we see fit.”

“Some have spoken of the ‘American century,’” he noted in his victory speech, but “I say that the century on which we are entering—the century which will come into being after this war—can be and must be the Century of the Common Man.”

December 15, 1948 - Alger Hiss, former State Department official, is indicted for perjury in connection to denials of passing state secrets to a communist spy ring. He would later be found not guilty in January 1950. It was perceived by the general public to be a partisan swipe at the Wallace administration.

January 5, 1949 - The 1st Indo-Pakistani War concludes in a stalemate with Kasmir divided along the Line of Control.

January 8, 1949 - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance is founded by the Soviet Union to aid European nations still recovering from World War II to develop infrastructure, this is the Soviet response to the Marshall plan and generates much support among left-wing parties in Western Europe.

February 9, 1949 - The last confirmed resistance militia in Japan was defeated after a battle with US soldiers. This ends the small insurgency by Shintaisei diehards against US forces occupying Japan.

March 2, 1949 - Captain James Gallagher lands the B-50 Lucky Lady II in Texas after completing the first around-the-world non-stop airplane flight. It was refueled four times in flight.

April 2, 1949 - The United Nations Security Council unanimously approves the trusteeship of Pacific Islands formerly controlled by Japan to the United States.

April 4, 1949 - ETO, the European Treaty Organization, is formed by the ten Western European nations (Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal). The treaty stated that any attack against one nation would be considered an attack against them all. Henry Wallace refuses to commit the US to a “post-war, Eurocentric, military alliance” and denounces it as a unnecessary provocation toward our Soviet allies.

May 8, 1949 - A stalemate ends the Arab-Israeli War, despite an energenic Israeli counter-offensive that regained control over most of the Jewish Mandate borders and the Gaza Strip. Much of Arab Palastine including the entire West Bank is annexed by Trans-Jordan and Lebanon. The USSR has gained much clout with both nations due to its generous aid during the war.

August 18, 1949 - Due to his impressive record at Nuremburg, and commitment to desegregation and racial justice as Attorney General, the Senate soundly confirms Henry Wallace's 3rd nominee, Francis Biddle, to the Supreme Court.

August 29, 1949 - the Soviet Union secretly conducted its first successful atomic weapon test in Kazahkstan. Stalin decides that this must be kept a secret to ensure good diplomatic relations with the United States.

September 22, 1949 - Mao Zedong's Communists are victorious over the Koumintang in the Chinese Civil War and the People's Republic of China is founded on October 1st. The US, UK and France refuse to recognize the People's Republic, and despite Soviet protest, the Republic of China will retain its seat on the UN Security Council indefinitely.

October 4, 1949 - Earl Warren is appointed to Supreme Court by President Wallace after the death of Justice Rutledge.

October 7, 1949 - Tokyo Rose, the femme fatale of Japanese war broadcasts, is sentenced to ten years in prison. She would be paroled in 1956 and pardoned in 1977.

October 14, 1949 - Eleven leaders of the United States Communist party are convicted of advocating a violent insurrection and overthrow of the U.S. government. The Supreme Court would overturn the convictions 6-3 on June 4, 1951.

October 16, 1949 - In a stunning reversal of fortunes, thanks to generous aid and support by the Soviet Army, the Communist Party of Greece wins the Greek Civil War. Markos Vafeiadis establishes the Democratic Hellenic Republic and purges the monarchy and royal family. This encourages Turkey to pursue closer ties with the West and actively surpress communist influence at home.

November 1, 1949 – President Wallace signs into law a program, modeled after the Montgomery G.I. Bill, to provide college tuition to any person who has been accepted to an accredited public university or trade school.
World of 1950

January 14, 1950 - The United States recalls all consular officials from China after the seizure of the American consul general in Peking by communists. The Soviet Union intervenes diplomatically on behalf of the US to guarantee the safety of US citizens.

January 17, 1950 - The Brinks robbery in Boston occurs when eleven masked bandits steal $2.8 million from an armored car outside their express office.

April 1, 1950 – After President Wallace signed the Medicare Act into law, the US began implementing its first national health insurance program guaranteeing medical coverage for all Americans, subject to added premiums for wealthier citizens.

June 8, 1950 - Swedish scientists detect abnormal radioactivity in air samples, when shared with US government scientists the DOD begins to suspect that the USSR has been actively testing atomic weapons. This assessment is made Top Secret by the president and not released to the public until decades later.

February 28, 1951 - Preliminary report from the Senator Estes Kefauver investigation that had begun in May 1950 into organized crime is issued, stating that gambling take was in excess of $20 billion per year. Estes Kefauver spurred a renewed effort at combating the Mafia by passing new federal racketeering and forfeiture laws.

April 16, 1951 - The Fair Labor Standards Act is expanded by congress to require overtime pay for work performed on federal holidays and also establishes election day as a paid federal holiday.
September 6, 1951 – President Wallace hosts Josef Stalin at the White House for the first ever state visit by a Soviet leader to the United States. The meeting was heavily criticized by Republicans as a tacit acceptance of global communism.

October 25, 1951 - Labor holds their majority in the UK parliment after snap elections, President Wallace made a public endorsement for Clement Attlee and his Labor Party and their platform of economic justice. Labor will hold this majority until 1970.

February 14, 1952 - The 1952 Winter Olympics open in Helsinki, Finland with thirty participating nations. During these games, the first triple jump in figure skating history is performed by Dick Button, who won one of the four gold medals gained by U.S. athletes.

April 8, 1952 - President Wallace authorizes the nationalization of US steel mills in order to avert economic disruption by a another strike. Opponents deride Wallace as a “Socialist Tyrant”.

July 18, 1952 - Congress founds the National Airlines as a public-owned monopoly on commercial air service. Smaller air companies can still contract with the National Airlines to fill gaps in essential services between small airports. Air traffic control and airport ownership also fall under federal ownership.

September 4, 1952 - The inauguration of trans-continental television occurs with the broadcast of President Wallace's speech at the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference in San Francisco. The treaty would be signed on September 8 by the U.S., Japan, and forty-seven other nations. The conditions of the treaty allow the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy to continue within limits as counterweight to the Japanese People’s Army (JPA). The parties also sign the US-Japan Mutual Defense Pact assuring South Japan that the US will provide a defense gaurentee against any agression by the Communist North. It also preserves the Imperial Family’s role in government.

November 1, 1952 - At Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, a larger atomic bomb, named Able, is exploded. US atomic weapons continue to remain a secret to the general public and the vast majority of nations.

November 4, 1952 - General Dwight D. Eisenhower, popular due to his role in winning World War II as European commander, turns down an offer to be the Republican nominee. President Wallace announces that he will run for a third and final term in office, as the recently passed 25th amendment doesn't apply to the current president. Henry Wallace remains as extremely popular as his predecessor and eventually trounces Robert A Taft, securing an mandate for a third expansion of the New Deal and continued peace with the Soviet Union. The Electoral College vote was 349 to 182.

June 5, 1953 – The first federal public education funding program is passed and signed into law. The Act will create block grants to support poor primary and secondary schools and provides extensive funding for science education.

June 17, 1953 - Food shortages, pay cuts and tensions over Soviet occupation lead to riots across East Germany. The uprising is swiftly put down by Soviet troops.

July 23, 1953 - Gamal Abdel Nasser takes power in a coup in Egypt and his Pan-Arab movement aligns itself with the Soviet Union after accepting foreign aid.

July 24, 1953 – The Atoms for Peace initiative begins to improve atomic power technology for civilian use by researching powerful atomic batteries, developing an emission-free nuclear energy economy, and improving agriculture through radiation-based gene manipulation. Henry Wallace successfully lobbied Congress to fund his initiative and to pass a law to indemnify atomic power plants leading to the Atomic Industrial Revolution in America.

August 19, 1953 - Operation Ajax is presented to Wallace and he admonishes the intelligence community for even suggesting something so damaging to US foreign policy. Mossadegh is not overthrown and continues to rule Iran on a social-democratic platform.

October 30, 1953 - President Henry Wallace approves a bill to reduce the size of the US military by 30% and to reduce naval tonnage in half. President Wallace also decided to secretly end US atomic weapons production by executive order. US stockpile was about 430 warheads.

December 30, 1953 - The first color televisions go on sale.

January 26, 1954 - Bell Labs discontinues research into transistors in favor of miniturizing vacuum tubes and developing atomic-derived portable power sources.

February 23, 1954 - The first large scale vaccination of children against polio begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

March 4, 1954 - Henry Wallace appoints Senator Estes Kefauver as Justice to replace the late Justice Vinson, and is confirmed by his colleagues.

May 17, 1954 - Racial segregation in public schools is declared unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court in Brown vs. the Board of Education. The ruling of the court stated that racial segregation violated the 14th Amendment's clause that guaranteed equal protection. The Monroe School in Topeka, Kansas had segregated Linda Brown in its classes.

July 18, 1954 - After protracted legal disputes with medical providers threatening to undermine the Medicare system, Henry Wallace rallies Congress to give him the power to nationalize for-profit hospitals under the National Health System.

August 19, 1954 - Another series of protracted disputes resulting from the Phillips Petroleum Co. v. Wisconsin case, which upheld federal price controls on oil and gas producers, the oil companies collude to restrict production and instigate lock-outs. This was met with an Act of Congress authorizing President Wallace to nationalize the oil and gas industry.

September 8, 1954 - In Bangkok, Thailand, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is formed by the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand, creating a mutual defense pact against Red China.

In 1954, Ray Kroc founds the idea for the McDonald's corporation, agreeing to franchise the idea of Dick and Mac McDonald, who had started the first McDonald's restaurant in 1940 and had eight restaurants by 1954. Kroc would incorporate the entity on March 2, 1955 and open his first franchise on April 15 in Des Plaines, Illinois. He would buy out the McDonald's brothers in 1961.
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