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AMA Transcript with Christophe Lassuyt, co-founder of Request

Hi, sorry for doing it this late, we did the call with Christophe last Thursday and I'd like to describe the content of the discussions to you.
Before, I'd just like to give my impressions following this call : Christophe really acknowledges several mistakes about the lack of communication and transparency. I do think the team want to do things properly and they struggle finding a balance between what informations they should give and what they should keep quiet. I still think myself that there's a lot of haters way too vocal and that we should do better as a community. I reckon that it will only be possible if Request does a better job to manage the community. Christophe assured that they would be more around here. I still have a lot of faith in the project and know that things take time.
Edit : For those interested by Request finances, Christophe told me that they still had a lot of funds and there's link to the foundation wallet: https://etherscan.io/address/0xdD76B55ee6dAfe0c7c978bff69206d476a5b9Ce7
I'm really sorry if my transcript is sometimes not clear enough, I had to translate it from french and I had not a lot of time to do it. I have also edited some parts, when it was just talk between us. If you need more precisions, feel free to ask or ping ChristopheL.
Finally, I also ask Christophe to do a real public AMA, it should come soon.
Me : I was happy with the communication and the project until a few months after the ICO but since january at least, the communication has been either poor either non existant. Obviously, I don't expect an update every day and I'm not into the price discussion but I can understand why a lot of redditors have been frustrated, especially in regards to some of the promises made.
Christophe : The price has obviously some consequences on the community mood and, indeed, the fact that our communication has been poor, especially since January, creates frustration. We have been too much distant. Most of us would rather underpromise and overdeliver but I understand now that our lack communication can look like absence.
A year ago, a Request Network mobile wallet was announced (https://medium.com/@adamdowson/request-mobile-wallet-preview-3400ed38f279) and a iOS version was planned. What's the current status of this project ? It even looks like Adam has left the team
C : Good question. Adam is still in the team, he's one of the best performers on our team, he's always been fast to produce, especially for the mobile wallet. We have organized our team in three departments and one of them is called 'Traction/Experimentation' and they work on different hypothesis to find the best market-fit product. This department is quite recent and, indeed, since Adam has begun his work on the mobile wallet, we found that this product wasn't a priority to our project, so we put it on hold. According to Adam, the wallet is ready but we don't want to launch ten different products in the same time. I acknowledge that last year we mostly did that, unfortunately.
Ok, but it seems you put a lot of projects on hold : the donation app will not be ported on the V1 protocol, the crowfunding app Request Crowd seems totally left. From my point of view, there's a lot of projects that have been abandoned.
C : You know, there's a lot of what the community says that is right. We're not happy either. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and it's true that we fumbled a lot in 2018. Last year, our vision was to create an ecosystem with a lot of MVPs in order to give ideas to external builders. We did that quite a lot but we didn't attract enough builders. We don't want to do this again.
Now, we want to find the good market-fit product that would be totally open-source and build it ourselves. It's our new strategy.
Do you understand that it can be really disappointing to the people that have invested in the ICO because of the ecosystem vision ?
C : Obviously, we know that. This project is taking more time than we planned, the first version we tried didn't work as we planned since almost nobody used it. We're learning from this. The thing is there's also a message that we have not repeated enough since the ICO : our vision is built for the long term. And it hasn't changed. We have still one person dedicated to attract external builders. We will gain traction by attracting users.
You previously said that you didn't find enough builders on the V1. You launched the Hub and besides Gilded, it's my understanding that several projects have applied to the Hub, in particular someone who wanted to develop a Point of Sales integration in Request, and it seems that they didn't get replies from you.
C : The problem with the Request Fund is that a lot of applications come only to get... the fund and not for Request. It's not with them that we will be able to launch a good project. We got multiple Point of Sales propositions, some of them came only to get money, but we met with Pomelo Pay and we have a deal together. Now, it's on them.
But now you talk about it, I acknowledge that my absence from Reddit has prevented me to follow this discussion and to communicate about it. It's on me.
Let's talk about the partnerships. We can understand that there's some NDA. We don't really know what your deal is with Maker or PwC France since you announced these partnerships.
It's true but we remember we did some mistakes with our communication, especially with Wikipedia. We announced we'd work with them before actually doing it. It's obvious that we should have begun the work before talking about it but we did this mistake and because of this, Wikipedia cancelled the partnership. They thought we did only this to shill our project. After this, we chose to be discrete. Now, I understand that discretion can look like opacity but I want to answer : PwC is about networking. We still have this relationship. They introduce us to some of their clients and obviously PwC clients are not small enterprises. Thanks to these discussions, we learn a lot and we can position ourselves on potential big projects. We have conversations with governments, governmental associations or NGOs. We don't really want to talk more about it because we don't want to repeat our mistake with Wikipedia but I can say that we're building at least a big connection with one of them.
In regards to MakerDAO, we like each other. They use Request Network and we use Maker. They have contributed a lot to the $250 000 transfered on our network this past year, I think around 60% of it. In June, their usage was 10X their usage from 10 months ago. It's the biggest user of our V1 protocol, with a lot of traction. They also share their feedback and we learn a lot from them.
It's quite interesting and I suggest that you make a blog post about it, I think the community is really interested into this kind of informations. It shows that your technology is used and is gaining traction. Nobody actually knows it.
You're right, you're right. I totally agree and we plan to do it. It's in the pipe.
I'd like to talk about the token usage : the burn function is what is supposed to give REQ value. If you haven't found your market-fit product yet, we can doubt that the token will gain any traction. Do you plan different usages of REQ in the future other than the burn ?
I have never sold one REQ and I have even bought more last week. I'm totally focused on the adoption. I can't tell you whether or not there will be a change in the future but today, we don't plan any change. We still think the burn will work and even if it doesn't work this year or next year but it does in ten years, it's fine. That said, there's other possibilities to increase REQ's value.
But to be more concrete, how do you plan to increase adoption ?
When I talked about governments, we honestly don't know if these projects will run next year or in ten years. You could think it's bullshit but it's not, I assure you. I have two things in mind : you know that we were previously in money transfer and remittances ?
Yeah, Moneytis
Indeed. We did this startup because we found that it doesn't make sense for corporations to do the same thing multiple times. We went through three different incubators, the third one was the good one, Y Combinator. And thanks to them, we figured what was the source of the problem for these corporations : there's some people abroad who want to be paid but have to go through three banks to be paid in their currency. So, we decided to create a facturation network interconnected with a payment network, so one people can send an invoice in his currency and the one who pays can pay it with his currency.
We are to the point where we talk about fiat integration and oracles
It's one of the subject. Doing it with all the cryptocurrencies is doable although it's still challenging but it's even more difficult with fiat. Maker uses our V1 protocol because they need transparency, in particular when they give grants. It's public on the blockchain. It's one of the case but not everybody wants to have public informations on the blockchain. With our V2 protocol, we will have encryption and thanks to that, we will be able to interest a wider range of users.
There's another thing : we can develop a plugin in order to make all the invoices compatible with all the different accounting softwares. By example, I don't need to use gmail anymore to import my invoices in my accounting software. Actually, it doesn't make sense to use gmail for this.
To send the invoice, you use our network so there's a transaction and a token burn.
We actually develop a technology which is supposed to be used by banks and accounting corporations.
So, my understanding is that the V2 protocol should launch soon but how long will you need to put the encryption part on it ?
I'm not the CTO so I can't actually give an answer right now but I will come back to you soon (Christophe did come back to me and told me that the team will need between two and three months to integrate the encryption)
submitted by EmmanuelBlockchain to RequestNetwork

Something's up with Cecil's website (Possible ARG?)

Come join! We'll be migrating most stuff over there!
(In case anyone isn't aware: http://www.drcecilhhmills.com/)
The website set up for Dr. Cecil is a pretty funny goof, but there might be something else up here?
If you go to sign the guestbook, there's 8 total entries already on the page. These are all obviously pre-written gags (if you try to sign the guestbook, it will say your message is pending review and won't post it). However, each entry (except entry 4 by Carly Contreras) has numerous, randomly placed, italicized letters strewn about. This could just be done to make the text seem weird or something, or it could be some sort of disguised code.
Here's all the letters in order, separated by which entries they're from:
obaamsesevns johoepse woamdbscgh rdwrvtldse biehwedxeh nkdapzrs gshrsgt
I tried using a Caesar cipher, and running it through an angram solver, but they yielded nothing. Also the Thompson Cypher mentioned on Dr. Cecil's about page doesn't actually exist.
I mentioned that entry 4 by Carly Contreras doesn't have any special characters. Instead, this entry has an email address: [email protected]. I might email this one later if I feel like it.
Thought I'd post about this in case anyone wants to pick this up and run with it.
EDIT 1: God there's too much here
On the home page of the website there's a couple hidden links, one of which is a Veracrypt volume, which can be downloaded and decrypted to give you a folder with a bunch different files in it. (thanks IProvideThePaint for pointing this one out to me). Here's the link: http://drcecilhhmills.com/20_this_is_a_veracrypt_encrypted_volume_the_password_is_cecil_v1.0
To decrypt it, download the program veracrypt and the volume from the link. Drag the volume into vercrypt, and mount it to any drive. The password is "cecil".
Inside the folder is:
An unspecified file called "19_not_as_easy"
A jpg that looks like a picture from the new book called "ch16_youll_need_these_later"
A txt file called "helpful_clue", which contains a caesar cipher that gds15 translated as "cerberusfromonhighbydrcecilhhmills"
And a document containing a link to a google doc, where you enter you "crew name" to "log your progress"
There's also a reference in there to this twitter account: https://twitter.com/hr_bradford. When you add your name to the google doc, it gets updated on the twitter account under department 20. It seems there's 20 departments in total, and they go in decending order. this is probably what the number in "19_not_as_easy" is referring to. Seems like there's already some people ahead of us, there's already someone listed under department 16.
Anyway, the other hidden link on the home page is this http://drcecilhhmills.com/v1_sha256sum.txt sha256sum is some linux thing that is too far over my head to understand. Also I don't have linux, so I dunno what to do here.
EDIT 2: Seems like we've hit a standstill, so I'll update this:
The "unspecified file" that I mentioned before was another Veracrypt volume. There's one of these in every successive volume, and entering the correct password to unlock them is how you get to the next step.
Here's what's been found so far (thanks to ryaneklipse for summerising this so well up to (16), I just made a few edits for clarity):
First file (20)'s password:
  • cecil
  • Source: You're just told this one from the file name
Second file (19)'s password:
  • cerberusfromonhighbydrcecilhhmills
  • Source: Caesar Cipher inside the first Veracrypt (thanks to gds15 for this one)
(18)'s password:
  • hwxotjzfihmiklztcfdayopvcg
  • Source: Source code on website, all tagged letters surrounded by tag in order
(17)'s password:
  • bradfordandbradfordforever
  • Source: Third file (18) has one time pad key, which run against the previous password gives the pw.
(16)'s password:
  • drcecilhhmillsisahack
  • Source: enkogneato: "You need to do a diff of the image included in that level of the package with the same file as on the website (wallpaper 1) and then do another one time pad with the title of the file in that level"
(15)'s password:
  • mrclichedshill
  • Source: Another One-Time Pad, this time using "Itsawondrousworld" as the key and "ukulequhugbahz" (the morse from the first interview) as the message. (thanks to enkogneato)
(14)'s password:
  • trudidela
  • Source: The twitter (@hr_bradford) gave us a clue with this one: "Also, please be advised that according to department 14 convention: A=0, B=1, etc." Using this, we turned the numbers from the full stop sizes into letters, which came out as llopgsjpt. Putting this through the One-Time Pad with ecisovnat gives you the password: trudidela (Dimeetri5 got this one first, also shoutouts to enkogneato who was tragically not at their computer)
(13)'s password:
  • jjwattsvalentinewatts
  • Source: Second radio interview on the website has the code "gxtohhpsoisbqwbbkoqqg" hidden in it's metadata. Also, when analysing the mp3 file, the strange noise at 1:27 yields a series of noughts and crosses: "xoxoooxxoxooxooxooxxo". Putting these two together in a One-Time Pad as the plaintext and key respectively, gives us the password.
Summary of possibly useful info found: (strikethrough means the info has already been used in a step)
  • http://drcecilhhmills.com/v1_sha256sum.txt (Turns out this one might not be relavant)
  • obaamsessevns jhoepse woamdbscgh rdwrvtldse biehwedxeh nkdapzrs gshrsgt (from guestbook)
  • [email protected] (email found in plain sight on the guestbook. I have emailed this and have yet to get a response.)
  • The image of Dr. Cecil holding the knife is a gif, while the rest are jpgs There's also some suspicious-looking black dots on the image, though this could just be due to compression.
  • ukulequhugbahz (morse from first audio recording on website, thanks ryaneklipse. (Used in solution to 15)
  • characters in the background of ch8 image: ®>íA±z (Thanks Jee_ for writing these out)
  • strange characters in ch8 image
  • strange noises at 1:27 and 2:31 in the second recording
  • ^ spectrogram of noise at 1:27 comes out as XOXOOOXXOXOOXOOXOOXXO (Thanks Jee_) (Used in the solution to 13)
  • Email found on the source code of the contact page: [email protected]. When emailed it returns an automatic response, containing the MARK ZUCKERBURG rant.
  • ^ gds15: "there are parts of the Mark Zuckerberg rant that are missing letters like the paragraph was. I went through and found some, there might be more: AEUCMECEWMJLMOS" Actual missing letters are aeucmecgewtdzmjlmxos (thanks StaleMovesMcGee)
  • ^ StaleMovesMcGee found that using a One-Time Pad decoder with the missing letters from the rant ("aeucmecgewtdzmjlmxos") as the key and the original email address ("dvwgomnytnbyzfnpyxwd") as the text, the result is "drcecilsprivateemail". From this, we extrapolate to [email protected]. This email has yet to yield a response, it could need a specific code word to trigger it. I would wait till we're sure before we spam it with random codes.
  • Link to an mp3 file found in the styles.css file on the webiste http://drcecilhhmills.com/WordsThatWouldntBeUsedToDescribeCecil.mp3 (Thanks IProvideThePaint)
  • ^ I recognised the sound from Portal's hidden radio noises, did some googling, and found it was an SSTV signal. Using this software I translated the sound into an image, here's the result.
  • ^ To me at least, it clearly says "you are being lied to". World building? Or useful for later? Both? We'll have to wait and see...
  • Header image has a secret code, revealed when lowering the levels: fpllzdhkgnnwfsp (Found by theslowesthnery)
  • On the amazon page, the front cover for the book has a scribble on the bottom left. "7722L7272" (Thanks Dimeetri5)
HIDDEN LETTERS IN CHAPTER IMAGES: (all found by raising the lower levels of the image up in photoshop)
  • hidden "t" in ch16 image
  • hidden "p" in ch8 image
  • hidden "mh" in ch1 image
Things to keep in mind
  • This ARG is supposedly conducted by Bradford & Bradford, not Dr. Cecil.
  • This is being framed on the Grumps' and Arin's twitters as "helping Dr. Cecil find his password". If we end up having to do anything in character, approach it from that angle. Dr. Cecil might not be too happy if he finds out we're technically working with his worst enemy.
21/02/20 01:53 GMT EDIT: Updated info, added password to access (15).
02:27 GMT EDIT: Added what we currently know about (15). Going to bed, will have a peek at this in the morning.
03:25 GMT EDIT: ok ACTUALLY going to bed now, updated more stuff.
20:45 GMT EDIT: Added more stuff about the new mp3 file that was found. No progress towards passing step 15.
22:45 GMT EDIT: Dipping out for a bit, will update if anyone makes a breakthrough
22/02/20 04:30 GMT EDIT: Added some new stuff about the Mark Zuckerburg email, little breakthrough has been made in that area
23/02/20 04:45 GMT EDIT: BIG STUFF GOING ON, got the password to 14 and MORE, check the top of the post.
14:31 GMT EDIT: Cleaned up a bit, added info about the password to 13
submitted by JadeEnigma to gamegrumps

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