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CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914 Cracked [Latest] in 2020 like it. CCProxy is an easy-to-use and powerful proxy server software that supports broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN connections. Youngzsoft CCProxy 8.0 (2020) With Key. CCproxy crack a very useful and reliable application that provides the facility to its users to share.

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Download CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914 Full With Keygen [Here]
submitted by LeatherMood61 to u/LeatherMood61

Been having trouble with multiple devices and I think someones been trying to hack me. Checked open ports on an app called fing and theres 5 ports open. Help.

I've been having problems with my computer and phone lately so I decided to have a look into it. I'm not exactly tech savvy so I'm not really sure what any of it actually means to the barebone. So I'm sorry if I'm extremely vague with parts of my explanation. Basically I've been feeling like someone has been hacking me because theres been alot of weird tech glitches that's been happening to all of my devices. °°°
Device details~~ Phone model- Samsung 8+ Laptop model- HP pavillion Router- service provider is sky °°°
Computer ports~~ The main concern that I have right now is that I used the mobile app called fing. To check the security of my network as I thought that it had been attacked. I used their search for open ports on my laptop, router and phone. I found no open ports for my phone but 5 for my laptop and router.
The results for the laptop being: - 12345 (netbus). Netbus backdoor trojan or Trend... - 135 (msrpc) microsoft Rpc services - 139 (netbios-ssn) Netbious service session - 445 (Microsoft-ds) - 808 (ccproxy-http) ccproxy http/gopheftp over..
The results for the router being: - 53 (domain) domain name server - 80 (htp) world wide web http - 4444 (krb524) kerberos 5 to 4 ticket xlator - 5300 (haci-hb) HA cluster heartbeat - 31337 (elite) sometimes interesting stuff can b...
Note: I'm concerned about port '12345' as I searched it up and it came back with the netbus trojan. Having remote control to my computer.
How could I stop this? Plus would there be a way to get any sort of logs that could document it? °°°
Antivirus software~~ However since this may 2020 I've had both mccaffe and malware bytes installed on my laptop performing deep scans and turning up with no threats.
Note: there was an incident were when I was installing mccaffe a Cmd prompt appeared briefly with two lines containing the word 'mcaffe'. Maybe a script was run to hide whatever malicious thing that's on my computer?- This is just me speculating and I'm not sure even if it's possible °°°
Other Technical glitches~~ I'll add in all the noticeable weird stuff that's happened to my devices just in case it'll help to build a better picture of what ever is happening to my devices.
Phone: - instances of my where my phone would go black for a couple of seconds like it was refreshing. - I was on notes and the phone opened up a google page called static.bagda it was like a privacy document of my phone. - my phone just acting on it's own- similar to ghoust touch. For example it opened the alarm settings on my phone and whenever I tried to press the back button it would just keep on going to the settings page it got stuck on. Although the front of my screen is cracked. - have gotten a scam message and a phone call from a london number based number 0203(...) that when rung goes to an automated message. - location setting turning on randomly - i connected accidently to a bluetooth device with the I'd 'HTC-bs A56287' thinking it were my earphones. I'm mentioning it because I've noticed the devices are constantly on bluetooth when I go on the settings. Theres two of them. - found an app called fonego in app permissions - vaguely remember an app on my phone that had an black background battery icon in the middle and call icons- I uninstalled it. It wasn't from the play store cant remember the name of it tho. - duplicates of my phone on connected devices to gmail account
Laptop: - the cmd prompt will appear when I log onto the computer with only one line of text. This only happens within a split second. - there was a blue screen "your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart" that happened when I was just browsing through pinterest. - had a problem with the fans as they would make alot of noise- still do tho. But took it to a repair shop and they stripped it and found alot of dust there. - instances when the computer will heat up mostly starting from the right. - when checking the task manager the CPU part will spike to 100% on start-up then will decrease and rest between the 10-20% mark occasionally spiking once in awhile. It will take time for it to rest tho like a minute or two. - constant spikes for the network in task manager - I do have a fair amount of software on my laptop tho like the entire Adobe software package, Autodesk 2020, and Microsoft office. So I dont know if that could have caused anything. - internet explorer opened without touching it like when the tab opened i
Other devices- - alexa keeps on turning on by themselves like 'the couldn't connect to the wifi' message. Out of nowhere - Alexa keep on having this blue spinning light randomly - also out of nowhere she decided to sing 'it's raining in the cloud' when it was raining outside. At that point I just kept her off. - recently got a kindle fire hd 10 but stopped using it after it started to play some sort of audio message when it was on standby. Then deregistered itself afterwards. - similar thing happened to all devices connected to amazon they just deregistered at the same time. No orders made or anything. It was like I got mass signed out from everything. °°°
Overall I dont really know what to make of this like I feel as if I've been getting hacked just to get toyed around with at this point. As this has been going on for over 3 months now possibly more but the kicker being that nothing is really happening from it that I know off. Like theres no suspicious payments being made or messages being sent to me. It's like it's really obvious to see but hard to find. Like I sent my computer to a repair shop and they said that they didnt find anything suspicious.
I'm just wondering if anybody's got any ideas what could be happening and if so how could I stop it? It's been freaking me out and
submitted by SilverOk5561 to techsupport

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