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Crack dynomite version 2.01. Download Review Comments (3) Questions & Answers Download from Software Informer. Dynomite 2.01; Mummy Maze Deluxe; NingPo MahJong Deluxe; Noah's Ark Deluxe; Seven Seas Deluxe; TipTop Deluxe; Typer Shark Deluxe; Update. He symbolized the 70s American dream of success - the former kid from the ghetto who rose to. This game is a prehistoric version of one of the best puzzle games ever done: Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bubble). The ever elusive blaze!

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Download Game Dynomite Deluxe Full Crack – Telegraph. YOUNG JEEZY "LOUIE" The OFFICIAL single off Bloodraw's upcoming album, "My Life: The True Testimony" to be released via Blood Raw Entertaiment/CTE/Def Jam Records. You can visit publisher website. PopCap Games develops games that can be played. Korban Olah (2: 01) Toujours (2: 16) Pause III (1: 02) King Of Misdirection (3: 23) Cost Of Living (4: 09) Add to cart. Dynomite 2.01 full crack.

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Dynomite 2.01 (7 Downloads) - Zedload - Download Software. Home; Signup; Take A Tour; FAQ; Testimonials; Support; Member Login. Dynomite Deluxe 2.71 all versions serial number and keygen address. Have you ever considered how breaking. Mac Popcap Games Full key generator: 21 Popcap Games All In One crack: Bejeweled Twist From Popcap Games New serial keys gen: Popcap Games-insaniquarium Deluxe crack: Popcap Games Inants Vs Zombies 1.3 serials key. China has topped the medal table for the ninth successive times in the Asian Games.

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Free Download Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Full Version with Crack Patch Powerful All-In-One Password Recovery Software 100% Free DOWNLOAD FRE. What's new in version 2.01. Born: June 25, 1947 Photos. It's best if you avoid using common keywords when searching for Dynomite V2.01 By Fff. Popcap games dynomite deluxe 2.71 crack. Dynomite Deluxe V2.01 https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=338.

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Homebrewed Arms Company (am aware is probably OP)

Extremely powerful by design and about 75% play tested(ish). We've been enjoying using them and haven't run into too many issues. The entire backstory could be a whole other post but basically, the company is run by a Supernatural Intelligence that has an instinctual understanding of just about all technology. his plan to gain dominance while also maintaining market stability is to slowly release technology either on or pushing the edge of what his competition can offer while keeping production numbers relatively small to maintain the illusion of limitations to R&D and Production.

To those unfortunate souls who may care: all Lasser Products are banned in the CS states under penalty of death due to the man’s at times open hostility to the CS states as well as allegations of him, and by extension, his products, being creations of magic.


Lasser Vibro Blades

Damage +5

Boom Hammer a.k.a Doom Hammer

A mighty weapon too heavy for most normal humans to wield, the boom hammer was intended as a close-range anti-armor weapon for use by borgs and those possessing supernatural strength, but it is equally apt at fighting the supernatural or painting a softer target across the next county.
  • Requirements: Robotic strength of 18, supernatural strength of 15, or human strength of 35
  • Damage: 2d4x10
  • Capacity: 5 “blasts” on an e-clip, unlimited when connected to the power supply of a borg or suit of power armor
  • Special: Armor piercing, deals double damage on a strike of 18, 19, or 20 (including bonuses) dealing triple damage on a natural 20. Large targets such as heavy borgs must make a roll with impact save VS the attackers roll+5 or be knocked down losing one attack and initiative. Smaller vehicles have a high (1-88%) chance of being knocked over, flipped, or otherwise rolled when struck. Vehicles such as medium trucks and armored cars have a fair chance of being rolled/flipped (1-40%), while larger vehicles: tanks, trains, giant robots are immune to this effect.

Bandito “Lasserator” 5000 Double-Bore

A product of a good-will joint venture between the up and coming Lasser Arms and the long-standing Bandito Arms, the Double-Bore ‘light’ railgun is more than just a double-barreled variant of the popular 5000 Big Bore light railgun with its inclusion of an advanced and reliable recoil control and hyper-burst systems that enables the user to reliably put an entire burst on target.
  • Requirements: 23 Strength required or suffer -4 to hit
  • Range: 2,500 feet
  • Damage: 4d4 for a double blast, 2d4x10 for a 4 (8) burst.
  • Capacity: box of 184 (23 bursts)
  • Bonus: Laser targeting standard +1 on aimed shot
  • Uncommon: 60,000 credits

Lasser Par-3 Particle Magnum

High-powered Particle weapons styled off a Magnum revolver, incredibly popular in the new west and supports all Lasser Arms Sights and Scopes
  • Range 600ft
  • Damage 1d4x10+5
  • Capacity: 6 from a standard e-clip
  • Bonus: Exceptionally balanced and comes with built-in laser sight: +1 on an aimed shot
  • Uncommon; 30,000 credits

Lasser Par-4 Particle Rifle

The standard of the popular Par series Particle weapons produced by Lasser Arms. The rifle sports an astonishing output for the power draw as well as sporting support for all the standard Lasser Arms Accessories.
  • Range 1,500ft
  • Damage: 1d4x10+5, 2d4x10+10 for a Charged blast (3 shots)
  • Capacity: 15 from a standard E-Clip
  • Bonus: Exceptionally balanced with precise iron and laser sight +1 on an aimed shot
  • Uncommon; 35,000 credits

Lasser Par-6 Advanced Particle Rifle

Top of the line in the ever popular “Par” series, it is in many ways an all-around upgrade on the Par-4 Featuring the all-new ‘reactive particle’ system which means more and variable damage, a longer range, and rapid-fire capability while maintaining the same reliability, modular design, and ease of use Lasser arms has become known for.
  • Range: 2,000ft
  • Damage: Low-power (3d6+5MD), regular (1d6x10+10 MD), max power (3d4x10+10 MD!)
  • Capacity: 15 (30 low powe 5 max power) from an e-clip
  • Exceptionally balanced with precise iron and laser sight +1 on an aimed shot
  • Rare; 40,000 credits
  • Special: Capable of suppression, fire off a wild burst of 10 low-powered shots to suppress a 20° cone. All in the area must make a dodge vs the attackers roll or take 2d6 MD

Lasser Par-9 Particle Cannon

Not available for general sale and distributed in limited quantities to special anti-demonic task forces as more and more demonic beings began pouring out of rifts, a monstrous weapon that outshines even the venerable boom-gun in sheer damage if not range.
  • Range 2,000 ft
  • Damage 5d6x10+10!
  • Capacity: theoretically unlimited, but most power armor and Borg reactors can’t handle firing it more than 20 times per hour without risking an overload and shut down (20% +15% per additional shot)
  • Bonus: All come with an advance semi-autonomous aiming and stabilization system to assure accuracy: +5 on an aimed shot!
  • Near-Unique; not for sale

Lasser Long-Caster Precision Platform

The Final Word in Long-Range Personal Weaponry. The weapon fires a Four-stage, fin-stabilized projectile, first being propelled by an extremely powerful and accurate rail system before triggering the 2nd stage: an internal rocket motor that continues to propel the mass-reactive shell at hypersonic speed, guided by a micro onboard targeting system which also controls fires the 3rd stage: a small onboard laser an instant before impact to soften armor and enable maximum penetration before triggering the 4th stage: a high explosive charge intended for internal detonation.
  • Range: up to 10 miles with a spotter
  • Capacity: 1, 1 shell and 1 e-clip which is entirely drained firing the single round
  • Damage: 3d4x10+5!
  • Bonus: Onboard guidance, targeting, and optics provide a +4 to properly trained operators
  • Special: Armor piercing, deals double damage on a strike of 18, 19, or 20 (including bonuses) dealing triple damage on a natural 20
  • Exceedingly-rare; 200,000 for the weapon, 10,000 for each round

Lasser Blu-2 Mass Reactive Magnum

It’s Big, it’s loud, it’s damned impractical, the Blu-2 by all accounts should be a novelty at best yet it has found its niche among large D-bees, Borgs, Headhunters, and juicers who are looking for something that sends a very loud, very messy message. And in that department alone the Blu-2 more than delivers. A massive, almost comically huge 5 shot revolver that fires an extremely dense, high explosive round of similar dimensions to a .50 BMG
  • Requirement: PS of 25 is required to use the weapon effectively with no penalty. Characters with a PS of 20-23 suffer a -4 to hit, characters with a PS less than 20 suffer a -10 and risk serious injury each time they fire it (45% chance of rendering their dominant hand and arm useless for 1d4 days!)
  • Damage 1D6x10+10!
  • Capacity 5
  • Very-Rare; 40,000 for the gun, 3,000 for each round or 10,000 for a box of 5.
*Rumor has it that a single, even more ridiculous, magically enhanced version of this weapon exists somewhere

Dragon-Fire Exorcist Dynomite

Magically infused TNT that explodes into MDC Napalm-like substance
6d6 Explosion + 3d6 per round for 1d4 minutes or until the fire is extinguished by rolling in sand or dirt


  1. Scope $1,200
    1. 10x Scope
    2. Cross-Hair sight
    3. Light Filter
  2. Multi-optic sight $20,000
    1. 10x scope
    2. Cross-Hair Sight
    3. Laser Targeting
    4. Light Filter
    5. Passive Night-vision
    6. Thermal Imager
  3. Reflex Sight $1500
    1. 1.5x magnification
    2. Cross Hair Sight
    3. Laser Targeting
    4. Light Filter
  4. Laser sight $1250
    1. Laser targeting system
  5. Variable Grenade Launcher (VGL)
    1. 1,200ft range
    2. Can fire most types of grenades
  6. Variable Rail-Assisted Launcher (VRAL)
    1. 2,000 Range
    2. Can Fire any conductive object that will fit in the barrel, including both traditional hand grenades and grenade launcher rounds as well as iron or MDC flechettes
    3. Damage for flechettes: iron 2d4x10 SDC, MDC 1D4 MDC.

LMBA – Lasser Modular Body Armor

Rather than offering multiple stylings and designs Lasser Arms has instead focused on creating a singular modular system that is easily modified, upgraded, and repaired with fully interchangeable parts. The base underlying component is a light, flexible, form-fitting body glove available in several parts that can be easily connected together before donning. This means that should one only wish to wear a portion of the armor they can easily do so or, better yet, easily replace damaged sections if need be. All available helmets come standard with full multi-optic system including a polarized/light sensitive visor, automatic sound dampener, short-range radio with 5-10 mile range, and a HUD with external connection ports (useless on its own and best paired with the internal microcomputer addon, but can be plugged into any compatible device for basic display functionality)

Under Suit: 3,000 Credits

The basic under layering suit, well insulated and hydrophobic, but surprisingly breathable with a built-in ventilation system to which a life support system can be attached. The suit is radiation shielded and This ventilation system can be quickly sealed to provide increased protection (recommended to at least coupled with a gas mask for best effect). Feels weightless; No Prowl penalty.
  • Head: 10 MDC
  • Main body: 15 MDC
  • Arms: 5 MDC
  • Legs: 10 MDC

Armor – Light: 39,000 credits

Light Armor plates made of MDC plastics that are easy to move in and interestingly are overall neutrally buoyant allowing a character to swim in them quite easily. 12lbs; -5% climb -10% to prowl, acrobatics and similar physical skills/performance (with the exception of swimming).
  • Head/Helmet: 75
  • Main Body: 90
  • Arms: 60 each
  • Legs: 75 each

Armor – Standard: 75,000 credits

The standard armor is lightweight yet extremely durable composite material able to outperform most other materials of a similar weight class. 20lbs; -5% to climb, -20% to swim, perform acrobatics, and similar physical skills/performance.
  • Head/helmet: 75
  • Main Body: 125
  • Arms: 95
  • Legs: 105

Armor – Heavy: 114,000 credits

The heaviest offering currently available utilizing a mixture of Composite and Alloy plating. Weight 60lbs; characters with supernatural PS, Robotic PS or normal human PS of 23 or greater: -15 climb, -30% to prowl, swim, perform acrobatics and similar physical skills/performance.
  • Head/Helmet: 115
  • Main Body: 225
  • Arms: 120 each
  • Legs: 140 each


  • EBA – 8000 credits
    • An easily attachable computer-controlled environmental protection/regulation unit. Has artificial air circulation systems, gas/particle filtration, humidifier, heating/cooling and an automatic air purge/shut off valve and six hours of air. Renders the wearer immune to normal fire.
  • LFF-2 Force Field – 65,000 credits
    • An e-clip powered light forcefield with similar functionality to those offered by Naruni (though completely different, proprietary technology). Stops fast moving projectiles and high-energy attacks, slower attacks can get through though this is difficult (-6 to strike)
    • 50 MDC, regenerates 2 mdc per melee round (8 per minute)
    • 12 hours of functionality with standard e-clip
    • If MDC is fully depleted the shield overloads and cannot be reactivated for 4 hours.
  • Active Camo System – 75,000 credits
    • A highly advanced active camo/cloaking system that masks the visual, radar, and thermal signature with startling effectiveness (80% when moving cautiously, 25% when running/jumping/etcetera) and through a combination of cushioning and active noise cancellation can even mask the noise of wearer (+15% to prowl), invisible to thermal optics.
    • Powered by an E-clip and very draining (1 e-clip per hour of use)
    • Can also be used to change the colopattern of the armor (no charge needed to maintain passive color change).
  • Robotic exoskeleton – 50,000
    • A reinforced robotic exoskeleton that runs outside of the undersuit but under any additional armor plating. Grants a robotic PS of 25, +5 to p.p, +25 to spd, +15 to leaps, +10% to climb, and reduced rate of fatigue by 75%
    • Internal 24-hour power supply as well as a jack for E-clip which can be used in place of internal supply (12 hours) or to recharge the unit while it is powered down (30 min recharge for 12 hours of operation)
  • Sensor suit – 5,000
    • Mini-radasonar (5 mile range), heightened hearing (same as bionic ear), compass/navigation aid, dosimeter, long range wide-band radio/scrambler, motion detector, as well a several cameras proving 360-degree awareness ( as well as index finger cams for both hands for looking undearound things) all displayable on the HUD with easy vocal commands.
  • Laser range finder and sight
    • Provides a +1 to strike with hand-held or open-turret emplaced weapons on all targets up to 2000ft
  • Medical Suite – 6,000 credits (scanner only) 160,000 (full suit)
    • Scanner is a miniature equivalent of a portable bio-scan & bio-lab and Bio-Comp Monitor
    • Full suit also includes a miniaturized Combination Compu-Drug dispenser, IRMSS, RMK, RSU
  • Lasser MicroComp-U buddy – 20,000 credits
    • A small, microcomputer controllable by an extremely durable flex-screen easily placeable anywhere on the armor (usually one of the wrists), also controllable by voice and gesture (gesture only if helmet cam or sensor suit is installed). Routes into the Helmet’s HUD by default though can be plugged into any compatible display. Powered by body heat, movement, and photocells woven into the under suit. Electromagnetically hardened
    • A highly intelligent and dependable operating assistant comes default along with a modular LMBA Comp-U suit and a array of other standard programs including a basic internal database/encyclopedia with support for expansion both manual and automatic, a language translator that comes with a selection of 4 languages loaded by default, technical manuals for all publicly available Lasser Products, and detailed north American maps
    • LMBA Comp-U suit: provides additional functionality and improved efficiency to all other suit systems as well as providing a detailed analysis of the armor’s current condition.
      • EBA: improves gas/particle recognition as well as adding support for the identification of harmful biological agents as well.
      • LFF-2 Force field: When the field drops to 0 MDC the Comp-U has a 75% chance of de-activating the force field before it overloads, allowing it to be brought up after a minimum of one melee round of recharging (2MDC)
      • Active Camo system: increases the effectiveness of the unit in all regards by 5% at no further power cost. Automatically turns the unit on and off while moving or staying still to conserve power.
      • Robotic Exoskeleton: increases efficiency of power consumption by 50% (6 extra hours of operation)
      • Sensor suit: provides IFF functionality capable of tracking and identifying up to 10000 different targets simultaneously with 95% accuracy. Also provides +3 on initiative, +2 to parry and dodge, +5 to roll with impact, and allows the wearer to dodge all attacks including those from surprise or from behind
      • Laser range finder and sight: provides an additional +2 to hit
      • Medical Suit: increases the effectiveness of all applicable functions by +15%
    • Comp-U buddy: an incredibly smart AI assistant capable of learning and adapting to better suit its user. It should be noted that the Comp-U buddy’s level of independence can be set by the user, however, it is first and foremost an assistant. Meaning that while it will help you aim, or suggest courses of action, it will never pull the trigger (both literally and figuratively). This is done both for the safety of the user and for Lasser Arms own ethical standards regarding the use of AI. That said the Comp-U buddy is capable of initiating onboard medical and EBA systems should the wearer become incapacitated.
      • Easily performs both basic and advanced mathematics.
      • Provides bonuses to certain skills
      • Increased benefits from certain, more technical or mathematically oriented computer reference libraries.
  • Lasser Arms “Super Armor” alloy – Base armor price +75%
    • provides resistance (1/2 damage) to mega damage from kinetic and thermal (hot and cold) damage. This includes lasers, plasma weapons, particle weapons, railguns, as well as MD melee strikes. It also renders the wearer immune to the continuous damage of plasma napalm as only sudden changes in temperature damage the armor. not available for light armor.
submitted by fg094 to Rifts

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