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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 49 - Such Memories

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
So, yesterday I started putting this thing together and WOW did you come out in droves to help! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and memories. And thank you kindly to the mods for stickying that post!
In one day we reached 60% completion on a list of top 100 Memories and Achievements of Dogecoin! That's amazing! So many fantastic memories and accomplishments!
Which leads me to share some developments.
The title of this endeavor is now - unless someone comes up with something better:
Such Memories: The First 100 Days of Dogecoin
I'm going to be putting this together as a 100-ish paged commemorative book - for free in PDF, probably with some cost as a fancy, printed book (Sold as close to 'at cost' as I can get it -- slipstream- has recommended selling it at a small profit, with profits going toward charities or Dogecoin Foundation for charities, etc - thoughts?).
Artists, if you've got Dogecoin-themed artwork you want to see in this, please, put forward some links to hi-res CMYK copies and I'll do my best to fit it in.
Also! Let's find the funniest, best Dogecoin-related memes that we have put together so far and include them as well! :D)
We're also going to need a cover.
Any artists out there care to try their hand at designing a cover for this?
We'll put it to the community to vote for the one they like the most, and we'll include the others in the book somewhere :D) If you're an artist who submits to the project, you'll get full credit and promotion for your site inside the book (probably in a credits section at the back).
I also want to hear from the community - think up some interesting stories, maybe what got you into Dogecoin. What your fondest memories of Dogecoin are. These first 100 days have been an exciting rollercoaster of adventure... let's make that we never forget all the fun memories we've had together. If you have personal, fun pictures you'd like to share, fun, personal stories you want to see get into the book, then start working on them now, put them into the comments, keep them on hand!.
Here's the list that I have right now - in no particular order:
  1. ummjackson's first 'joke' on Twitter about Dogecoin being 'the next big thing'
  2. The original bitcointalk Dogecoin forum page
  3. Dogewallet Hacked
  4. The first Dogecoin paperwallet design
  5. Save Dogemas is put together by the community, to help out victims of the hack. (News articles?)
  6. 15 Million doge raised by the community to save dogemas
  7. SilentShibe's first tip (not sure when that was)
  8. Ophrahshibe's mass-tippings
  9. The forming of the Dogecoin Foundation
  10. Vault of Satoshi adds the first DOGE->USD/CAD exchange
  11. Dogesled - Helping to fund the Jamaican Bobsled team - NPR article
  12. Shibes actually getting to meet with the Jamaican Bobsled team after funding! (pics?)
  13. Olympics Funding: Shibes raise funds to send Indian Lugers to Sochi in a matter of hours
  14. Strange Donuts - The very first brick-and-mortar food purchase with DOGE!
  15. NYC Dogeparty
  16. Doge 4 kids
  17. Doge is now accepted at experiment.com
  18. DOGE bought pizza for the homeless
  19. DOGE's first fork. Scary! slipstream- has found the exact time and date of our first fork: 2014-01-05 00:09:17 (UTC). That's Day 28
  20. The first time a /dogecoin post reached the top of /all (Thanks 42points for the link!)
  21. The first News article to cover Dogecoin - (http://wwwh.eavy.com/tech/2013/12/dogecoin-what-is-shibe-cryptocurrenc/) on Heavy.com dated Dec 9th, 2013, but not sure if it counts as 'News'. Thoughts?|
  22. The first-ever Of Wolves and Weasels post
  23. the creation of Dogec0in.com - a popular Dogecoin waterbowl/chat room
  24. the Christmas Day Dust Fix
  25. Kabosu's owner started accepting dogecoin for charity
  26. Reddit freaked out because they didn't realize it was an online wallet and thought that tiny withdrawals were indicative of hacking
  27. The first Halvening
  28. Our massive jump up from 25 Satoshis
  29. Dogecoin mentioned in the Australian senate (official Transcript here!)
  30. Payment systems for online shops: Moolah.ch, Coinpayments.net, Dogeapi.com
  31. PoS systems for brick and mortar: dogePoS, moolah (still in beta)
  32. Markets to sell product in dogecoin: shibemart.com, muchmarket.com
  33. Classifieds: suchlist.com
  34. Micro jobs network: dogerr.com
  35. The birth of Dogetipbot v1 - Went Live on 12/15/2013 - First ever dogetip!
  36. Rise of the tipbots: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Imgur, etc.
  37. Fork #2
  38. The "inflationary" characteristic of Dogecoin announcement from devs
  39. DogeTEL. The first cryptocurrency phone service!
  40. Fido.pw - sending DOGE via SMS anywhere in the world!
  41. Stuffcoins.com - created by stuffcoins an eBay for Dogecoins
  42. alwaysgeeky, Indie dev sells his game VOX for DOGE.
  43. triverske and friends over at /dogecrafters teach our DOGEs how to play Minecraft! with us - and share our DOGEs on any Minecraft Server
  44. vBulletin Forums Integration! daveaite has created a free plugin for vBulletin, allowing users to directly tip one another in Dogecoin!
  45. 'Universal' DOGE Tippers: DogeTip.co, built by woowdoge and Altcend, created by altcy. Send (password protected) tips - both the sender and the receiver have to sign up.
  46. DogeBucket.com is a Crowd Funding/Crowd Tipping website created by Goldiepurps and their team!
  47. Doge Lodge in Tehran, Iran - created by lincoln_lava - is a homestay if you happen to be in the area (or want to visit) for 10K DOGE per night.
  48. ÐTunes, created by hjras is a great place to sell and buy independent music for Dogecoins. Very cool!
  49. Stat-checkers: DogePulse, created by shibeous and Dogedump, created by cryptogaz
  50. Armstrong Steel - A Steel Building OEM Manufacturer is now accepting Dogecoin! Thanks to SekcRokStallion for their efforts to bring their workplace on board! That's most-definitely a first!
  51. Corinthian Transportation is now allowing you to pay for Limo services with Dogecoin!
  52. Buying homemade bbq/marinade sauce with DOGE - dogesauce.com
  53. @Adult's record-setting DOGE-tip on Twitter
  54. (http://www.reddit.com/dogecoin/comments/1yfnrx/looks_like_kraken_got_doge/) that the exchange [Kraken.com](http://www.kraken.com] is now accepting Dogecoin!
  55. The UniverseProject will be using Dogecoin as the main currency for their game VoidSpace.
  56. The "SnowDoge" Competition! Check it out HERE
  57. MultiDoge - First altcoin light wallet.
  58. Treats.io - The first place to buy giftcards with DOGE
  59. Buygold.io - The first place to buy Reddit Gold with DOGE
Added today:
TOTAL: 100/100
Also: I was thinking we might have a pour-one-out for all the Orphans - a page dedicated to all the blocks we lost along the way... thoughts?
What have I missed?! Let me know in the comments!
It's 8:29AM EST and we're at 53.95% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is spiking from ~61 to ~98 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is down slightly from ~1024 to ~1014.
Lots of fantastic things in store, let's keep this list growing!
As always, I appreciate your support!
TL;DR: 100/100!!!
submitted by GoodShibe to dogecoin

3am Wed 9 May 2012 - /r/all

  1. Where am I and what happened to youtube? imgur.com comments funny
  2. Miracle Whip sent this letter to Stephen Colbert after he made fun of their mayo on his show. Well played, Miracle Whip. Well played. i.imgur.com comments funny
  3. I am a full-time YouTuber, founder of TGS, and StarCraft fanatic. AMA self.IAmA comments IAmA
  4. IAm Bad Luck Brian AMA qkme.me comments AdviceAnimals
  5. I'm from NC, where today we decide to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage, the first marriage amendment since the one to ban whites marrying "negroes" i.imgur.com comments politics
  6. Wierd sea creature caught on film by an ROV. I've never seen anything like it. youtu.be comments videos
  7. My gf was showing me her birthday pictures and was about to delete this one bc "somebody" photobombed her imgur.com comments pics
  8. Video game console dev kits images.wikia.com comments gaming
  9. Looking deeply into the distant future i.imgur.com comments aww
  10. Why Reddit sucks this time of year every year. i.imgur.com comments funny
  11. A trees root system merges with a brick walkway i.imgur.com comments pics
  12. Something so simple, yet it reaches so deep. i.imgur.com comments pics
  13. Englishman's Guide to Minecraft i.imgur.com comments gaming
  14. Loki grinning with a child on his shoulders. The happiest picture I've seen in a while. d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net comments pics
  15. Night Fishing in China i.imgur.com comments pics
  16. Mother Nature took ________ years to craft this amazing rock... i.imgur.com comments pics
  17. Pirates of the Caribbean got it right i.imgur.com comments atheism
  18. The first time I saw Bob Saget after Full House. i.imgur.com comments funny
  19. toothpasting i.imgur.com comments 4chan
  20. So i googled "Topless Jennifer Aniston"... edge.ebaumsworld.com comments WTF
  21. when you see it i.imgur.com comments pics
  22. A significant portion of this subreddit i.imgur.com comments pokemon
  23. Truer words have never been spoken i.imgur.com comments gaming
  24. My first lightning photo. Not a single "like" on facebook. i.imgur.com comments pics
  25. Yet another subject I shan't be discussing with my mother anytime soon. i.imgur.com comments fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu
  26. LPT: Use an empty glass vase or jug to amplify the shit out of music on your phone, as well as pick up more of the low-end frequencies. i.imgur.com comments LifeProTips
  27. While searching for images for a drawing, I came upon this i.imgur.com comments WTF
  28. Worlds cutest dictator. imgur.com comments funny
  29. TIL that in 1984, due to the complaints of the gore in "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom" and "Gremlins", Steven Spielberg requested that the MPAA create a new category, called PG13, for movies that have too much adult content to be rated PG, but not enough to be rated R. vanityfair.com comments todayilearned
  30. Just an observation about the Avengers movie. self.movies comments movies
  31. How Phones Should Work 24.media.tumblr.com comments funny
  32. 2012 vs. 1984: Young adults really do have it harder today - The Globe and Mail theglobeandmail.com comments worldnews
  33. flirting like a boss imgur.com comments fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu
  34. Some "graffiti" from Dublin. Whoever you are, you're doing it right. The codes work, btw. imgur.com comments pics
  35. I took my 4 year old son on a week long road trip to help my Dad move to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho so he could take care of my Grandpa. Here are pics of our journey to get four generations together. imgur.com comments pics
  36. The Fucking Cops. imgur.com comments WTF
  37. perspective on gay marriage i.imgur.com comments funny
  38. What a [10] feels like qkme.me comments trees
  39. Walking into a Taco Bell and seeing 3 cops in line [8] brojsimpson.com comments trees
  40. Alright which one of you fuckers works with me. i.imgur.com comments pics
  41. Did you ever have a moment of "evil genius" that you actually went through with? self.AskReddit comments AskReddit
  42. How I feel arguing with Creationists i.imgur.com comments atheism
  43. We had a little fun on the roof with a projector last night. i.imgur.com comments pics
  44. Marked every Dragon Priest and Word Wall location on the world map. Blue = Priest and Red = Wall i.imgur.com comments skyrim
  45. I guess we'll call this argument a draw? imgur.com comments atheism
  46. My mom doesn't know why my siblings find this humorous. i.imgur.com comments funny
  47. my 12 yo cat i adopted a month ago. no longer hates life. imgur.com comments aww
  48. Dandelion[FIXED] i.imgur.com comments funny
  49. Bros. i.imgur.com comments funny
  50. Diablo III - Wrath - FINAL UNLOCK IS OUT youtube.com comments Diablo
submitted by frontbot to frontall

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