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Through the built in web browser o print on wifi bluetooth usb otg connected printers welcome to the. Asha 311 Mic Problem Jumpers Ways Solution. Hi my phone is nokia C, my internet is not working, i have send text to but still not working, please help. Trackon tracking: October 2020. Nokia 6650; Nokia 6630; Nokia 6610i; Nokia 6610; Nokia 6600i Slide; Nokia 6600 Slide; Nokia 6600 Fold; Nokia 6600; Nokia 6510; Nokia 6500 Slide; Nokia 6500 Classic; Nokia. How to unlock nokia asha 210 keypad security code on https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=370. If you are the kind of person who keeps more than two SIM cards, then Nokia C2-03 is the perfect device for you.

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Wisconsin's Family and Medical Leave Act under attack https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=373. In this case, the best solution is flashing firmware of this device. Get customer help today. Sun 22 Sep, plz send me super blutooth hacker for nokia aisha. Files and storage View topics. Note: Taxes are not included as they vary for different states. Nokia X is another affordable handset from Nokia.

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Wifi hacker for nokia c2-03 insert. Nokia C2-07 insert sim problem, Sim is not working in Nokia C2-07, Sim is not Valid, Single Sim is not working in Nokia C2-07 Tools -Nokia T4 and T5 key, Electronic meter, Electronics Cleaner, Hot Air, Solding Iron, Jumper Wire. Installing Whatsapp on Nokia Asha and other Java phones is very Nokia, Nokia, Nokia C, Nokia C, Nokia, Asha. New Nokia BB5 Unlock Code Calculator (Security Code. Findout saved wifi password in my nokia mobile. Thanks, Regards, System Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer. Nokia C Security password I dont know security passmord of N C how do i know it. Moderator's note: We provided a topic-related subject as the post was moved to the appropriate folder.

Cracked how to change imei number to my nokia c3-00? ( made in

LAN, WAN, Wifi Networking etc. Download free Nokia 5233 screensavers for mobile set. Repairing solution diagrams for Nokia mobile phones can be found on this page. El poder invisible del volcan para descargar pdf. Nokia X2-02 Keypad Not Working Problem Solution Jumper go to my site. See more like this NOKIA CHARGER ORIGINAL ACE 2, 5MM FOR C C C C. Insert a memory card Use only compatible microSD cards approved by Nokia for use with this device.

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Nokia C3-00 Light solution. The phone can remember the settings for up to five separate SIM cards.

Ripon Cht: Nokia C6-01 Sim Solution

Contact your customer service center for the unlock code' ( It will also display how many attempts remain ). 3. Press the 'Enter Pin Button' and enter the unlock code we sent you to unlock your phone. If you access such sites, take precautions for security or content. Emmanuel stonezy Internet, computer, mobile, Web Designing. Nokia 101 - Nokia - Whirlpool Forums https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=357. Leart Gjoni I''m a software engineer specialized in web development and software analysis. How we configure wifi internet connection in nokia c2-01 https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=372. Nokia 106 TA-1114 Display Light Ways LCD Light Jumper Solution.

How do you check Nokia N8 is original Finland made or

Following the release of the Nokia X1-01 and the C2-00 dual-SIM phones, Nokia this time announced the C2-03 handset, a dual-SIM Touch and Type phone. Some 3350s have back covers that feature a photo-insert window, allowing users to put personal pictures from photographs, magazine cut-outs, etc. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card. With a great appearance and ease of use, it comes packaged with Nokia phones. It allows you to use your Nokia C on any GSM wireless carrier anywhere in the world. Manager', 'Image Store' etc. Nokia c2-01 insert sim solution - Mobile Repairing Diagrams.

I am 35 years old, make $320,000 ($410k joint), live in the DC Metro Area, and work as a physician

I have been a lurker on this subreddit for the whole of the pandemic, and this is my first Money Diary! Thank you to all who participate in this sub, I have learned so much from you all and you have helped me feel less lonely during this unprecedented time :) (FYI pronouns she/her)
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance (and how you got there):
Mine: $61k in 401k, $6k in Roth IRA (had to do backdoor due to income limit)
My husband's: $100k in 401k
(Of note, we both have employers that participate in a pension plan. My husband is already vested and will obtain a certain percentage of his current income, as income upon retirement. I have a few more years to be vested and then I will also obtain a certain percentage of my income at retirement (the longer we stay at our employers, the higher the percentage of income. My contribution to the pension plan is automatically taken out (pre-tax) from my paycheck. I do not get a 401k match.)
Equity if you're a homeowner (and how much you put down and how you accumulated that payment):
We qualified for a no down payment mortgage, so we did not put any money down for our condo- we bought it at $290,000 and currently our neighbors have sold their similar unit for $350,000. We owe $260,000 so that means we have around $90k equity
Savings account balance:
$25k (we are comfortable keeping it this "low" as our emergency fund as our jobs are very secure)
Checking account balance:
$3k (fluctuates as we get paid and expenses come out, if there is any extra here due to a low expense month I move this over to savings or investments)
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it):
None. We put some things on credit (like vacations) for points but then pay off immediately or within 1-2 months. Due to COVID, we haven’t been travelling at all this year (good for our finances but bad for our mental health!)
Student loan debt (for what degree):
Me: $340k due to medical school ($280k in loans, now with $60k in accumulated interest). I am 6 years into an IBPSLF plan and these loans will be forgiven in 2024.
Husband: $100k for graduate school (also on IBPSLF with forgiveness date in 2024) and $19k in private student loan which we are motivated to pay off by the end of 2020.
Investment accounts: We have $30k in an investment account (ETFs) and also contribute $1k monthly to this account. When we accumulate more cash along the way we will make lump additions to this account as well.
WITHOUT FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS: $296k (yay finally positive!!!)
WITH FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS:-$144k (not as bad as the -$700k+ we started out when we bought our condo and before we started investing!)
Section Two: Income
Me ($320K), Husband ($90k)
Income Progression:
Middle/High School: I babysat for a neighbor weekly and earned $40 at a time for this, I kept it up for many (many!) years and when I was older and driving, this was my gas money and cell phone (nokia brick!) payment :)
College: I did not work during my first several years at college, but during summers I returned home and nannied some more. I was able to save a few thousand $ this way which gave me spending money during the school year
Gap year: I worked as a phlebotomist making around $26k for the year between graduating undergrad and starting med school- much of this money went into travel to visit husband (at that time he was boyfriend) as we were in a LDR for the duration of this year
Medical School: I didn't work, I was too busy attending lectures for 8+ hours a day then coming home and studying for another 6 hours! (and studying 8-10 hours a day on weekends!)
Residency/Fellowship: Started around $55k, this progressed per year by small increases, to about $68k for my last year of fellowship training. I did not put any money into retirement accounts during this time as we were living in a HCOL area and the budget was pretty tight for our rent and student loan expenses. I do regret this as money put away in your 20's has so much time to last in the market and make tons of gains!
Attending Lyfe: Started around $240k but benefitted greatly from some restructuring of the physician compensation at my employer, so increased quickly in the past year, this year's compensation is $320k
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
(This number is what's left AFTER ALL deductions including taxes, health insurance, retirement contributions (max 401k and Roth IRA yearly), etc):
For a two paycheck month (which I count as monthly), the total take home is $18,500 ($14.5k me, $4k husband). When we have a three paycheck month we treat the extra paycheck as a mini bonus (usually goes into travel, but this year into paying off some debt- we paid off a big tax bill, then we paid off my car (bought in 2019) and soon will pay off the private student loan.)
Side Gig/Other Income Monthly Take Home
Section Three: Expenses (My husband and I have completely joint accounts, so these expenses are taken out of our joint account)
Rent / Mortgage / HOA fees : $2005 for mortgage, property taxes, condo fee and HOA
Housekeeping $110 every 2 weeks
Insurance: $872 for condo insurance, car insurance (2 vehicles), disability income insurance (so if I cannot work in my field, I can receive disability income to keep our income similar to how it is now), life insurance policies
Retirement contribution if you contribute more than what’s as already specified from the income / pre-tax section. Do not double count: No extra than what’s taken from paycheck
Savings contribution
We direct deposit (from our paychecks) $2800 per paycheck (so on average 2 paycheck month, $5600 monthly) into a separate account which goes into HYSA- from this we funnel the money into travel, extra contributions to ETFs, my backdoor Roth IRA, big purchases etc.
Investment contribution $1000 monthly to ETFs
Debt payments (please break this down individually and specify if you're paying above the minimum) We are on IDPSLF payments for our federal student loans, with loans to be forgiven in a few years (see above.) Right now we are on COVID forbearance and throwing our usual payments ($2200 total monthly) into savings. As this is income based repayment, the payments go up every year, but even though right now I am on $1500 monthly repayment (when not on pause due to COVID) this isn’t enough to cover interest on my student loans, which is why my balance is higher than what it started out as.
Donations (please specify if monthly or annual). Intermittent donations throughout the year- this year we donated my husband's stimulus check to a local food pantry, we gave $750 to BLM causes, and we give gifts totaling around $1.5k every Christmas to a local family in need ("adopt a family" through our local government agency- this will not be physical gifts this year due to COVID but we will be contributing a similar amount via gift cards!)
Electric $100
Wifi/Cable/Landline $300 (this is so high because we get multiple TV streaming services plus NFL Sunday Ticket)
Cellphone $190
Subscriptions $150 (periodicals, showtime, spotify, etc)
Gym membership Me: Yoga $90, Dance class $95, Husband: personal training $750 (yes, I know this is crazy. But it keeps him happy and healthy and that is priceless)
Pet expenses $62 pet insurance (don't count dog food, etc in this- that gets counted in grocery expenses)
Car payment / insurance $757 lease on luxury SUV for husband (my car is paid off)- also ridiculous, yes I know but somehow we have slipped into some lifestyle creep!
Regular therapy None (yoga counts as mental health "treatment" for me, been doing this for 3 years now and it has helped so much with my anxiety)
Paid hobbies None
Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
My parents didn't attend college- they are super smart but just didn't have the opportunities to do so (both are immigrants to the US). So, due to their very hard work which allowed me to flourish in school, I was able to do very well and they did expect me to go to college! I also wanted to be a physician from a very young age, and I'm so glad it worked out. I got a full-ride scholarship for my undergraduate degree and took out federal student loans for medical school. Though my parents did not contribute to my tuition, they definitely provided support throughout my time in school (paying for tickets home, giving me extra spending money for Christmas and a priceless amount of emotional support).
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?
My parents were very very frugal! We hardly ever ate out and if we did so, it was a treat (and then we didn't get soda as the thought was that would add an additional $2 per person and that was expensive)! They put barely anything on credit and paid cash for their first house, cars, etc. I was not educated on stocks/investments as my parents did not have extra cash to invest, however I am very mindful with any extra spending (try to limit eating out, don't spend that much money on clothing, housewares unless I really need something.)
What was your first job and why did you get it?
Babysitting for a neighbor weekly for years! I was always interested in childcare (too much reading BSC- funny b/c now I am proudly childfree by choice!) I got it to have extra pocket money for shopping or going to movies with friends- when I got older the money was useful for gas for my car and to pay my monthly cell phone bill.
Did you worry about money growing up?
I did not worry about having basic necessities, but I am sad to say I did worry about money (as my parents were not willing to buy me Mudd jeans or the latest Adidas clamshell shoes so I thought we were 'poor'). Now, I recognize my privilege and realize that we were NOT ‘poor’- I never had to worry about the lights being cut off and I never went hungry.
Do you worry about money now?
No, and it is such a blessing to not worry about money and I remember this every day.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net?
I was responsible for my own bills (cell phone) from the start (around age 15)- after graduation from college at age 22 I was responsible for my own bills, housing, etc. I have a safety net in that if I ever become disabled and cannot work, I pay for disability income insurance and would receive a similar income to what I make now, as that insurance benefit.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? If yes, please explain.
Day 1: Wednesday
6am: Ugh, my husband’s (H) alarm goes off. He starts work 2 hours before I do, so this is life for me most weekday mornings. I attempt to fall back asleep but I hear him and our dog (D) tiptoeing around for the next 45 minutes. After H leaves and D settles down again, I fall back asleep.
7:30am: I wake up! I browse the web while eating my breakfast (chocolate dipped digestives and cold brew coffee- my best purchases during the pandemic have been my cold brew pitcher and torani syrups to add flavor- this month is pumpkin pie syrup!) I wash my face and do my morning face routine (Vit C serum, moisturizer), pack lunch to bring to work (I go in to the office 2 times a week and WFH the other days), walk D, take a shower and put on some real clothing (actual pants!). Commute to office.
9am-5ish: I work! Since I’m going into the office less often, I use this time to catch up on paperwork (prior auths, notes) and checking in with colleagues F2F in between virtual patient appointments. I eat my lunch around 12:30 pm (sandwich with veggie turkey and cheese- I’ve been vegetarian for 13 years, and a banana). Also in between work I browse the internet, doing research to buy a new paper planner for 2021. I am a paper planner person as I do best with to-do lists that I can physically cross out when each task is done- I think I am going to invest in a Hobonichi Techo- does anyone have experience with these? I also see that H has filled up his gas tank ($43.61)
6pm: I’m home! I give H and D big kisses (D’s are sloppier than H’s) and we catch up with our day. I admit that I am a lazy, unhealthy person most of the time so I eat a ‘dinner’ consisting of raisin bread toast, apples and salted caramel hummus. Then I read a bit (downloaded “ The Power” on Kindle last night after watching “The Social Dilemma” in an attempt to decrease internet time.) Nighttime routine of changing into PJs, wash face, BHA, moisturizer. Sleeping by 10 pm.
Daily Total: $43.61
Day 2: Thursday
6am: Same as yesterday, except this time D is tippy-tapping on the hardwood a lot while H showers, so I get myself up to take him outside. I have a hard time falling back asleep afterward so I just stay awake, have breakfast in bed (cereal and cold brew) and watch news commentary on the upcoming presidential election (please please please vote!) Today is a WFH day so I shower, put on a plain t-shirt and leggings, some light makeup (eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss) so I don’t look dead on Zoom.
8am-7pm: Work! Today is pretty busy with many back to back telehealth appointments, I try to keep up with notes, sending prescriptions and lab orders throughout the day and am semi-successful in not procrastinating. H comes home around 4 so I move into the guest bedroom to finish my final appointments of the day. I fit in lunch during one of my breaks- toasted sourdough, egg, and cheese sammie with potato chips. H bought himself lunch today ($8.79)
7:30 pm: H and I make dinner (again, raisin toast, apple, salted caramel hummus and some jaffa cookies). We have some Hilton points to use up by the end of this year, so we contemplate doing a weekend away and look up how many points we would use if we spent a long weekend in various hotels in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Richmond (all easily driveable.) We pick a location and book, and I’m excited to have something small to look forward to! This year we had to cancel a tropical vacation we had booked in the spring and we were planning on visiting England in the fall, however of course these had to be cancelled. I have taken off a few weeks for staycation, but it isn’t the same as exploring somewhere new. ($222, this is the extra cash we had to pay after using up our points- not bad for a fancy hotel downtown!)
10 pm: Changed into PJs, nighttime face routine and cozy in bed with a book. Sleep!
Daily Total: $230.79
Day 3: Friday
6am: Same as every other morning
8am: Whoops, I accidentally fell back asleep and just woke up just 30 minutes before my first appointment of the day! Even though today is another WFH day I get inspiration to wear a cute fall outfit so I shower, do my hair and change quickly before my first telehealth appointment. Eat breakfast (bagel, cold brew) in between meetings.
12:30 pm: I have a longer break in between morning and afternoon appointments today, so after a quick lunch (veggie turkey sandwich and apple) I go to Aldi and get some ingredients to bake cookies later today. I absolutely love Aldi- the ‘aisle of shame’ with the candles and random gadgets and decor is my weakness. Alas, today nothing catches my eye and I just leave with what was on my list- butter, 2 cans of pumpkin, confectioner’s sugar ($5.41)
5pm: Wrap up work, then it’s LONG WEEKEND TIME! I make the cookies (they have pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in the batter and make the condo smell SO GOOD!) H and I go to grab pizza from a nearby pizza shop and bring it to a friends’ home for outside, socially distant dinner time. They have an adorable, smart and precocious little girl and it’s fun to be around children for a bit- however, it’s also exhausting (all the questions! All the attention!) and I’m reminded that I am quite happy to be child-free. I always thought I would turn 30 years old then magically want/have children, however when I turned 30 some time ago I had no magical yearning. I gave myself another 5 years and that desire to have kids never came- so this year I officially decided I am going to be content without having children. H is on board, too (luckily!) ($92.13)
9pm: Home, and it’s relaxing on the couch time! H is sports obsessed and throughout the years we have been together, somehow sports knowledge has leaked into my brain. I watch with him for a bit, then head to bed to read some more, then fall asleep!
Daily Total: $97.54
Day 4: Saturday
8 am: I finally got to sleep in! Take D on a quick walk then go back to bed for a bit. I pull up my Mint app and organize our spending/budgets- I have been using Mint for around 9 years (since H and I combined accounts) and I love it. We got paid yesterday, so I make sure everything is where it should be in our accounts. The best thing H ever did this pandemic was split our paychecks so some money goes into our primary checking account and the rest ($2800 every 2 weeks) goes into another checking account, which eventually gets transferred to HYSA. This way we don’t think of the other money as “spendable” and it’s much easier to save, then utilize for big purchases (vacations, ETFs) instead of taking it from our primary checking. After this organizing, I showeget ready and go to meet my friend for some farmer’s market time!
11am: My friend and I get coffees and wander around the outside market. It’s a beautiful fall day and I am loving it. I browse a bit and we get some food- I used to feel a LOT of guilt for “unnecessary” purchases due to feeling like I needed to save every cent, but now that H and I are meeting our savings goals and have everything set up for automatic contributions to retirement and investments, I feel much better with now and then spending on little splurges- even if it’s an expensive oat milk latte, or lunch out! ($20)
3pm: Ugh, somehow I have a stomachache (hope it wasn’t from my yummy lunch). I set up camp in bed with a hot water bottle and Tums. I watch a bit of “Emily in Paris” which has a terrible script but great eye candy (beautiful people, clothing and locale.) H went out as he is in the market for a new fall coat and returns with a clothing haul, so of course I request a "fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!" ($588)
6pm: Risotto for dinner! H and I used to order takeout/delivery a whole lot more on weekends prior to the pandemic, but during the last 6 months we have become more inventive at cooking at home. We then begin watching "The Haunting of Bly Manor" and IT IS SO GOOD.
Daily Total: $608
Day 5: Sunday
8am: I had a really good night’s sleep! H wants a nice big breakfast today so we make pancakes, eggs, and veggie sausage. This, of course makes us feel very nappy so we take a nap and cuddle.
1 pm: I find that Rugs USA is having a sale and I buy 2 rugs online. D was sick last weekend and unfortunately had diarrhea all over our living room rug, so we had to toss it. I found a new rug for the living room and a smaller one for the bedroom at a really good price ($163.99). I also decide to pre-emptively buy an upright carpet cleaner machine in case of any future messes, but Amazon is glitchy and keeps telling me there's an error and I can't apply my points during checkout. I give up and will try again tomorrow.
All afternoon/evening: Lazy on the coach, finish “The Power” and start “Uglies”. Eat leftover pizza and pumpkin cookies. Move to the bedroom to put on a face mask and watch The Real Housewives of Potomac. OMG it’s so good this season!
11pm: We don't have work tomorrow so go to bed a little later than usual, watching another episode of “The Haunting” before bed.
Daily Total: $163.99
Day 6: Monday
8am: Neither H nor I have work today! However, this is the start of my call week. I make sure my phone is turned on so I hear any calls that come in. I also try to check out of my Amazon cart again and it’s still not letting me apply my points. I give up and check out the usual way, points can be used later on another purchase ($134) I get some calls from work, however luckily everything can be pretty easily taken care of over the phone in a few minutes.
11am: I go grocery shopping, using a list I hastily made this AM by wandering around and looking in the fridge and pantry to jot down what we need. I get enough food for our meals for the week, including eggs, bread, bagels, milk, almond milk, veggie meats, frozen veggies, fruit, Gatorade, sparkling water, hummus, soup, Mac and cheese, face wash, contact lens solution, dish soap, paper goods ($117.58) Veggie turkey sandwich and chips for lunch along with more of "The Haunting."
3pm: I make H breakfasts for the week (egg burritos he can heat up, grab and go) and tidy up the kitchen. Every week I like to clean out the fridge, throwing away old leftovers and wiping down the fridge shelves. Eventually I want to get plastic bins to organize by categories. I love organizing and decluttering (insert the Marie Kondo "I love mess" gif here.)
Afternoon: Laundry, slice veggies for the week and make roasted sweet potatoes for easy sides for the week. This MD made me see how few vegetables I really consume so I guess I will make more of an effort!
8pm: I’ve had dinner (soup and baguette) and am ready to head out to my dance class! I participate in an adult dance class every Monday and I am so happy that I am able to participate in person for the time being- it is a small class (just me and 2 other students and the instructor) and we are very spaced out in the studio and wear masks while we practice.) Afterward, I had home, shower, then settle into bed.
Daily Total: $251.58
Day 7: Tuesday
6 am: H up, I hear the goings-on and can’t go back to sleep. I’m going in to the office today so I stay up to have some coffee and breakfast (bagel, cold brew) then shower, change, and head to work.
9am-5pm: Work is pretty slow today, so I continue on my research into paper planners for 2021. I also look into fountain pens- the Lamy Safari looks like a good starter pen, anybody have fav pens to share?
5:30 pm: I’m home! Our house cleaner came by today and everything is so fresh and clean! We first hired her two years ago, after much grumbling on my part (I don’t mind cleaning, but H and I have different standards of cleanliness and hiring a house cleaner has reduced our arguments by 75%.) I consider this a very worthwhile splurge. ($110 but already noted above in monthly expenses). I see that H has treated himself to a car wash and lunch out today ($57+$11)
8pm: The rest of the evening is spent vegging and snacking for dinner (oops, I was too tired to make anything today so I had pancakes, nutella, greek yogurt and granola). Nighttime routine, then bed!
Daily Total: $68
Food + Drink: $254.91
Fun / Entertainment: $222 (hotel res)
Home + Health: $297.99 (rug, rug cleaner)
Clothes + Beauty: $588
Transport: $100.61
Other: $0
Weekly Total: $1463.51
How do you feel about your spending? Was this a normal week for you? Has this inspired you to make changes or has it given you a “wow I’m doing pretty good” confidence boost? Is there anything you’re actively working on? No need to answer any or all these questions but just use this space to write any thoughts you have!
This was a pretty normal week for food! I find that we normally spend $1000 monthly on groceries/takeout/alcohol etc, so the numbers here make sense. I do try not to impulse buy (as you can see, I don’t order random things on Amazon as I get guilty about the expense/cluttecarbon emissions of shipping). The larger expenses this week were one-offs (fall/winter wardrobe for H, mini vacation, rugs) and usually happen every few months or so. I would say that this is the year that H and I got pretty serious about “paying ourselves first” and automating our savings, regular monthly contributions to investments, making sure to max out our retirement accounts, etc. I am excited to see what’s in our future after student loans are off the table! Our five year plan is to continue enjoying ourselves by spending time togethewith friends, traveling (when it is safe to do so) and buying a larger home with a yard in 2025. Thanks for reading, I would love any questions/comments/advice!
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Nokia 6 cannot access internal storage since inserting an SD card

Hey guys,
I have had a Nokia 6 for about two and a half years now. I bought an SD card last spring to expand its storage a bit, and since then I have been having issues with the internal storage. I cannot access it from any of my apps or when I plug in my phone to my PC - I can only access my SD card. The storage is still there, because I can look at it via my settings > storage. It tells me that my "internal shared storage" has 28 GB used out of the 32 total. I can see the apps I have installed on the internal shared storage, and the phone lets me know I have about 5 GB of audio and photo files each, but when I tap them, the phone tells me it cannot access these files.
Removing the SD card did not help. Nor did inserting another one, or reformatting either of the SD cards I tried. Luckily, I had a backup of these pictures and audio files. I am now in the process of moving to a new phone and I want to export my Whatsapp conversations to my new phone. To do that, you need to make a backup and put it in Google Drive, but since my phone cannot detect its own internal storage (which Whatsapp is installed on...) I cannot make a backup to upload. Is there any workaround for this?
Thanks in advance!
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