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(Spoilers All) History buffs and casual historians: Can you find the historical geopolitical counterparts to the fictional cities, states, countries, and continents in the ASOIAF world?

Let's try to figure out the influences:
  • Westeros - Generally agreed that it's Western Europe.
  • Essos - Essos = Middle East. "The Ghiscari Emipire would be the different iterations of Persian empires over history. The Middle East and North Africa are known for ancient deforestation that left much of land desert." gooners1
  • Summer Isles - Caribbean - a-c-moore Islands off of Africa Arguably less Caribbean influence and more off-Africa, as Westeros/Essos/Summer Isles is more based on Western geopolitics. - ironborn206
  • The North/Winterfell - Scotland and Ireland Heavily influenced by their neighbours in language and law but retaining their own cultural traits. Winterfell = Edinburgh. - KapiTod. Lowland Scotland An argument against Ireland. "Old Kings even called themselves "The King in the North"." - ironborn206 York, NOT Edinburgh Urged by Bristol_Aero_student, an Irishman. In rebuttal: "Kings in the North" would indicate Anglo-Scottish. There are aspects of the Yorks (Edward IV) that were used for the Baratheons. - ironborn206 & KapiTod, an Irishman himself. On re-rebuttal, York, England. It was considered the central city of Northern England and is a ways south of Hadrian's Wall. This fits well with the idea that Westeros is England and north of the wall is Scotland. - adammmm86
  • The Wall - Hadrian's Wall. - bottleguy1. Also, "A rough parallel with the North of England can be drawn by equating the Scots as Wildlings, Celts as First Men, Anglo-Saxons as Andals and Targs as Normans." - eVolution91 GRRM said Hadrian's Wall is main influence And the Andals are obviously the Angles (and Saxons). - KapiTod
  • The Hill Tribes - Old Celtic tribes. "Champions with old iron armour and greatswords with the farmers armed with odds and ends (Kerns)." Naming convention of using "The" preceding the name, "The Wull", "The Norrey", "The Ned". - KapiTod Germanic Tribes - ironborn206
  • The Iron Islands/Pyke - Scandinavian Viking kingdoms, "with the raiding, the longships, and the kingsmoot." - gedehamse. Kingdom of the Isles. Pyke Castle is clearly based on Dunluce Castle in NI. "The names of the characters are very reminiscent of Gaelic and Hiberno-Norse names. The Isles had "The King of the Isles" one of which was Harald the Black (Harren the Black). While the Norse had "The Thing" the Irish had "The Nomination Stone" so both fit into the Kingsmoot." - ironborn206
  • Harrenhal, Riverrun
  • The Twins - Avignon (w/o the Popes). Le pont (bridge) d'Avignon is a very famous medieval bridge, and there is also a song called 'Sur le Pont d'Avignon.' It was very strategic because it was the only fixed crossing of the Rhone between Lyon and the Mediterranean. The bridge was heavily guarded with a large gatehouse on one side and a fortress on another. - LionFox
  • The Vale - Switzerland. "There are geographical similarities like the mountains and the fertile vales in between." There's also the parallel between Lysa's passive-neutral military stance that mirrors that of Switzerland. - almacuby. Also, Wales, due to its culture (knighthood, chivarly) similar to that of the Crownlands/West." bottleguy1
  • The Eyrie - Peyrepertuse in France. It's built along a limestone ridge that towers above the villages in the valleys on either side, and just gets higher and higher towards one end. Because of the long, narrow setting and the different levels, it's actually two separate castles connected by steps. One of the original entrances used a ladder. - LadyVolpont
  • Casterly Rock
  • The Riverlands - RhuRhineland. History of being used as battlegrounds and have the biggest rivers on the continent. - KapiTod. Northern France/Champagne/Netherlands - Highly fertile lands with a large cluster of rivers. - bottleguy1
  • Lannisport
  • The Reach/Highgarden - Medieval France. "Had the largest population in Westeros/Europe, both have a strong Chivalric culture, and both have very fertile lands." - gedehamse. We see Loras embody all the elements of chivalry: "honor, courtly love, courtesy." Also, Medieval France's Charlemagne's cavalry was the first embodiment of a martial group steeped in chivalry. As both gooners1 and davy_crockett note, both the Reach and France (of course) are known for their exquisite wine. Northern Italy. For the same reasons as the French (agriculture, great food and wine, considerable wealth). Slevo Arguably not France, but Aquitane -"During Elinore of Aquitane and Richard the Lionharted's lives." - fifa-2002 The Citadel - *Either Montecassino or Cluny.** "While both locations aren't tied to a big city like the Citadel is, monasteries where arguably the most important educational and scientific centers in the middle ages and the Maesters bear a resemblance to monks with their vows of celibacy, the taking of new names/dropping of their family names and with the whole robe thing." - ooopsmymistake
  • Storm's End - Krak des Chevalier - fifa-2002
  • Slavers' Bay - North African city-states. "Based on the slave trade, very old, around since before Valyria/Rome, fought a series of major wars against Valyria/Rome before getting crushed and exterminated." - Crook_shanks
  • The Free Cities (general) - Italian city-states. "These self-governing entities roughly the size of cities are what Italian cities were like in the middle ages.dd to that the remnants of a powerful, long-gone empire, and the similarities continue." - HClay77 West Indies/East Indies "In these cities enterprise is valued over high birth. It's a place where exiles can go to make their fortunes and find upwards mobility." -Slevo City states in the Aegean Sea in the Late Bronze Age "the trading patterns Bronze Age cities such as Knossos and Mycenae in modern day Greece could be compared to those of the Free Cities. Ships would make circular voyages around the Eastern Mediterranean, stopping in Crete, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Anatolia, and the Levant which is shown in the Uluburun shipwreck. . . This trade route is similar to that of the Free Cities ships traveling in the Narrow Sea. . ." - Edgar_Allan_Vogon
  • Braavos - Venice, with its canals and water-based city-planning. - HClay77. Amsterdam. " It's in a northern climate, Amsterdam actually has more canals than Venice and was a haven for religious refugees." - eVolution91. The Greek city Rhodes had a giant statue of the titan Helios standing over the entrance to the harbor. Braavos has it's very own titan doing the same exact thing. - Janzbane Somber colors reminiscent of both Venice and Amsterdam - boredinproperty and saturninus
  • Rhoyne - Rhine. mostly_dry
  • Pentos
  • Astapor
  • Dothraki - Mongols, Huns and Tatars, I.e. Eurasian horse nomads. - gedehamse Also, "the mongols and other cultures used to pour molten precious metals (there are accounts of gold or silver) in the heads of important prisoners or generals" - dvallej
  • Yunkai
  • Meereen - Astapor, Yunkai and Mereen influenced by Assyria Fringed Tokars, stepped pyramids as examples. - westerosi_whore Greek, and other mediteranean city-states The Unsullied are a Mix of Spartan Hoplites and Jannisaries. The Spartan Hoplites were the quintessential warriors of their time, trained to be fearless, merciless and to withstand great amounts of pain, while the Jannisaries were elite slave-soldiers, taken or bought from their parents to be trained for war. - gedehamse
  • Qarth - Constantinople. "One of the maps in 'The Lands of Ice and Fire' helps with this, in the configuration of the walls of the city and their similarities to those of Constantinople at the time of its fall in 1453." - serious14 Damascus would be a better comparison. Baghdad, though landlocked. Lots of ancient cities, not just Constantinople, had thick walls. Constantinople was a major capitol, whereas Quarth doesn't really fit culturally. It's much too isolated, and much more Eastern. - Frognosticator Pre-1258 Baghdad Before the Mongols came and sacked everything. Baghdad was the centre of the Islamic golden age, More books were destroyed there than when the Library in Alexandria burned for example. After the mongols sacked it, Baghdad never recovered. - whisky_cat
  • Dorne - The Spanish and Arabic. "Dorne is rather like Spain during the late periods of Islamic rule (12th - 14th centuries). The Water Gardens easily evoke the Alhambra at its peak, and the dress of Dornish lords (long-sleeved, belted silk robes, etc.) conjures up images of medieval Moorish nobles. As for Dornish fighting men. . . [they're clothed like the Arab calvary of old]." - PaedragGaidin. nfriel also notes that GRRM says that Dorne has Welsh influence: "Wales was ruled by princes, not kings. Even when Wales was brought under English rule , Wales retained its own culture. Also, some of the names are distinctly Welsh - Lewyn Martell ,for e.g. - Slevo
  • King's Landing - England/London. Wealth, center of civilization. Slevo. London (The 12th-century account Historia Regum Britanniae asserts that the city's name is derived from the name of King Lud - wikipedia) mostly_dry City of London The boundaries and King's Landing compare favorably, and "the Red Keep matches up pretty much exactly with the Tower of London,: and the Great Sept more or less with St. Paul's Cathedral. Both have big rivers, too. - BuddhaWithABraOn Callbacks to Edward I Obviously, Tywin could be represented by Edward I, Golden Lion. - Slevo and BuildingNoBookCase
  • Volantis - Ptolemaic Egypt - "Notably the claims to be the heir to a great empire (Valyrian/Alexandrian), their control (of part) of the largest river in the world, as well as their use of elephants." - KapiTod Florence (w/o the Medici and w/tons of slavery). Florence was a daughter of Rome. The city on the Arno had a rhetorical tradition in which Florence was the heir to Rome and was worthy of empire." - LionFox
  • Lorath
  • Lyr
  • Tyrosh
  • Old Valyria - "The Roman Empire. Both were enormously powerful, with very advanced civilizations. My favorite piece of proof is the description of the Valyrian roads still being used at the time of the books. The Romans also had a very extensive, well-made system of roads, which was also still used into the middle ages, because of how durable it was." - HClay77. The Doom is probably inspired by the downfall of Minoan Crete. - "The Minoans of Crete were a powerful country at the time due to their dominance in trade until a volcano named Thera exploded in the region with the force of several hundred atomic bombs. This cataclysm caused terrible earthquakes, tsunamis and a great cloud of ash that may have darkened the skies for months. The mighty Minoan culture was felled by this natural disaster and the Greek invasions which followed. The Doom of Valyria is a similar fiery, cataclysmic event that wouldn't really be able to be explained since no records probably survived it." raunchelixir Personally, I think a case could be made for Atlantis. Valyria is given an almost mythical status, with its dragon origin. Atlantis and Valyria were also both islands and are now lost civilizations. And Atlantis was known and feared for its naval power, which could be stretched to be represented by dragons via allegory. "Old Valyria" now is almost a mythical place in ASOIAF; no inhabitants or visitors, and its nature is almost the stuff of legend. Another Rome point the Valyrian political system: It's a "Freehold" of landholders dominated by aristocracy. That's very familiar to the Roman Republic." - Premislaus Doom of Valyria = eruption of Vesuvius. Also destruction of Pompeii. - Captain_Excellent
  • Ghiscari Empire - A mix of Greece, Egypt, Alexander the Great. "Older civilization just to the east of Rome/Valyria, ultimately conquered by Rome/Valyria; harpies are a Greek cultural creation; okay with slaves; Unsullied fight in Greek phalanx formation." - five_hammers_hamming; Carthage. "Carthage, like Ghis, was an established power by the time the Roman Republic (Valyria) was beginning to expand in the Mediterranean. Multiple wars (the Punic Wars) were fought between the two rivals, just as Valyria and Ghis fought each other multiple times. And when the Romans defeated Carthage for the last time, they sowed salt in the fields, so nothing would grow there again." - nfriel
  • The First Men - Celts. The horse culture (see: horse goddess Epona, Uffington White Horse). "Expanded during the bronze age replacing earlier cultures including Great Britain (although the migration of the Celts to GB was over many years, and into the Iron Age). More obviously, in Irish mythology, pre-Celt Ireland was populated by Tuatha Dé Danann, sort of Fairies, which have parallels to the CotF. Celts also held trees to be magical, specifically the rowan and the yew." - gooners1
  • Asshai - India or China. "It was the terminal eastern end of trade in the era of exploration, plus the parallel of the Jade Sea and the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea." thenoopq.
  • Great Norvos - Russia-Veliky Novgorod "Novgorod was a rich and powerful medieval city state in north-west of Russia. Unlike Kievan Rus, it has never been conquered by Mongols; instead, Novgorod paid tribute in gold and furs to keep Mongols off their walls. ." - Dangaard
  • And any others I missed
NOTE: I will not be verifying theories. It's basically a "king of the hill" sort of policy, where if someone presents a theory, I'll put it up on the board, which will be the prevailing theory until someone else directly contradicts it with a "stronger" argument.
EDIT -- If you make contributions, I will update the list with the info and attribution. There might be multiple influences, as GRRM has said that he doesn't "do straight one-for-one transplants, as some authors do, so you can't really say that X in Westeros equals Y in real life. More often X in Westeros equals Y and Z in real life, with squidges of Q, L, and A."
EDIT2 -- Updated with as many responses as possible. Special thanks to multiple contributors, like KapiTod, ironborn206, gooners1, gedehamse, HClay77, slevo and any others. Keep them coming, there are still some unfilled ones. And again, these are just theories that should be taken with a grain of salt. Had to edit a lot out to keep it under 15,000 characters, sorry if some got cut!
submitted by Death_Star_ to asoiaf

This Week in History (1 June - 6 June)

As always, if you enjoy posts like this, check out /ThisDayInHistory.
1 June
  • 1495: The first recording of a batch of Scotch whiskey is made by Friar John Cor.
  • 1660: Mary Dyer is hanged for allowing Quakers into the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • 1779: Benedict Arnold is court martialed for being a git.
  • 1831: John Ross becomes the first European at the magnetic North Pole, though Inuit peoples had likely been there earlier.
  • 1857: Les fleurs du mal by Charles Baudelaire is published.
  • 1868: The Treaty of Bosque-Redondo allows the Navajo to return to their homelands in Arizona and New Mexico.
  • 1879: Napoleon Eugene, the last dynastic Bonaparte, is killed in the Anglo-Zulu War.
  • 1916: Louis Brandeis becomes the first Jewish man on the US Supreme Court.
  • 1941: 180 Iraqi Jews are killed in a pogrom in Baghdad known as the Farhud.
  • 1942: The underground Warsaw newspaper Liberty Brigade publishes information about the mass killings in the Nazi death camps, the first time this information had reached the public at large.
  • 1960: New Zealand has its first television broadcast at 7:30 PM. It includes an episode of The Adventures of Robin Hood.
  • 1962: Adolf Eichmann is hanged.
  • 1963: Kenya gains self-rule.
  • 1967: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, one of the most influential albums in pop music history, is released.
  • 1974: The Heimlich manoeuvre is first published.
  • 1979: The first black-led government of Rhodesia takes power.
  • 1980: CNN begins broadcasting.
2 June
  • 1763: Chippewas capture Fort Michilimackinac in Michigan by distracting the guards with a game of lacrosse, throwing the ball into the fort, following it in, and closing the door behind them.
  • 1835: P.T. Barnum's circus begins its first tour of the US.
  • 1865: The American Civil War ends with the surrender and dissolution of the last Confederate army.
  • 1886: Grover Cleveland marries Frances Folsom, becoming the only president ever to be married in the White House.
  • 1896: Marconi applies for a patent for the radio.
  • 1919: Anarchists set off bombs in eight US cities, triggering the Red Scare of 1919.
  • 1924: Calvin Coolidge signs the Indian Citizenship Act, granting citizenship to all Native Americans born within the US.
  • 1935: Babe Ruth retires from baseball after being one of the greatest players ever.
  • 1946: Italians vote to turn Italy into a Republic. King Umberto II is promptly banished.
  • 1953: Queen Elizabeth II is crowned queen of the UK. This is the first major international event to be televised.
  • 1962: Police intervene as Chilean and Italian soccer players get into fights during the World Cup in one of the most violent soccer games in history.)
  • 1979: Pope John Paul II visits Poland, becoming the first Pope to visit a Communist country.
3 June
  • 1621: The Dutch West India Company receives a charter for New Netherland.
  • 1839: Lin Tse-hsu destroys 1.2 million kilos of opium seized from the British, sparking the First Opium War.
  • 1885: The last military engagement to take place on Canadian soil happens when a Cree leader, Big Bear, is captured by Mounties.
  • 1889: The Canadian-Pacific Railway is completed, creating a trans-continental route across Canada.
  • 1943: Sailors and Latino youths clash in Los Angeles in the Zoot Suit Riots.
  • 1950: Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal become the first to successfully ascend and descend an 8000er, a peak more than 8000 metres high.
  • 1989: Chinese authorities crack down on protesters at Tiananmen Square.
  • 1992: Australia grants Aboriginals land rights). Why this took until 1992 is anyone's guess.
4 June
  • 1411: The people of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon are granted a monopoly on Roquefort Cheese by royal decree.
  • 1783: The Montgolfier brothers publicly demonstrate their hot air balloon for the first time.
  • 1802: Grieving for his wife, Marie Clotilde, Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia abdicates the throne in favour of his brother, Victor Emmanuel.
  • 1912: Massachusetts becomes the first US state to set a minimum wage.
  • 1917: The first Pulitzer Prizes are awarded.
  • 1919: The US Congress passes the 19th Amendment granting suffrage to women.
  • 1939: The MS St. Louis, a refugee ship carrying almost a thousand Jewish refugees, is denied permission to land in Florida, forcing it to return to Europe. More than 200 of its passengers would later die in concentration camps.
  • 1970: Tonga gains its independence from the UK.
  • 1975: The California Agricultural Labor Relations Act becomes the first US law to grant workers collective bargaining rights.
  • 1989: Solidarity's victory in Polish elections sparks a wave of peaceful revolutions across the Soviet bloc, beginning the Autumn of Nations.
5 June
  • 1257: Krakow, Poland receives city rights.
  • 1829: The HMS Pickle captures a slave ship off the coast of Cuba.
  • 1832: The June Rebellion in Paris attempts to overthrow Louis Phillippe.
  • 1849: Denmark becomes a constitutional monarchy.
  • 1851: Uncle Tom's Cabin begins its run in an abolitionist newspaper.
  • 1915: Denmark grants women suffrage.
  • 1949: Orapin Chaiyakin becomes the first female prime minister of Thailand.
  • 1956: Audiences are scandalised when Elvis Presley performs "Hound Dog") on the Milton Berle Show, complete with signature hip movements.
  • 1959: The first government of Singapore is sworn in.
  • 1981: The Morbidity and Mortality World Report reports on the first recognised cases of AIDS in Los Angeles.
  • 1984: Indira Gandhi orders an attack on the Golden Temple, one of the holiest sites in Sikhism. She would be assassinated by her Sikh guards in retribution.
  • 1989: The Tank Man halts a procession of tanks bound for Tiananmen Square.
6 June
  • 1833: Andrew Jackson becomes the first US president to ride on a train.
  • 1933: The first drive-in movie theatre opens in Camden, New Jersey.
  • 1981: In an effort to avoid hitting a cow that was on the railroad tracks, an engineer plunged his train into the Baghmati River in India, killing more than five hundred (and likely closer to 1000) people. The cow was unharmed.
  • 1984: Tetris is released in the USSR.
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