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B2) and a card with a serial code on it that lets you view the making of the Taiko Wii 4 advert (of all things). Fair enough, one of the best weapons in the game is a War Hammer, which can be obtained almost right out of Candlekeep, and whilest good magical axes are scarce, they're not non-existent. Update 1.04 Adds Halloween Courts and Fixes Faces - Patch Notes Christopher Groux 10/7/2020. Faces of War patch faces of war. Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development studio, known for the Arma series, DayZ, Take On Mars, Ylands, and more.

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After that open GTA V Activation Code Generator and click Generate button to get your GTA V Key. Faces of War GAME PATCH v.1.04.1 ENG https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=455. Doghouse 1.2: name/Me #/JDHUD Doghouse 1.2: name/Phrozen Crew 97 #/LPSEAB Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW-PC-1997 pass/UOIBPDLHRI Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW00000000 pass/RDVOCQNNNH Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW12345678 pass/JRTTONNXPI Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW97979797 pass/XZZZZFBFQI DoKo for Omnis 5 runtime: DOKO Dominoes: SPLASH Doorway v2.22 v2.30: name/*** #/11915 Doorway v2.22 v2.30: name/Batman. This video shows what all the armor sets look like in God Of War (2020). Last year Call of Duty 4 took over the genre of first-person shooters on next-gen systems.

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Infinity Ward produced a game that was in the running (if not the #1 selection) for Game of the Year. We have even fought hard to defend your privacy in legal cases; however, we've done it with almost no financial support - paying out of pocket to continue providing the service. Table of Contents = ===== I) Basics 1-01 General Information 1-02 Story 1-03 Characters 1-04 Controls 1-05 Main Menu II) Walkthrough 2-01 Chill Man 2-02 Nitro Man 2-03 Commando Man 2-04 Blade Man 2-05 Strike man 2-06 Sheep Man 2-07 Pump Man 2-08 Solar Man 2-09 Wily 1 2-10 Wily 2 2-11 Wily 3 2-12 Wily 4 2-13 Wily 5 2-E Easy Mode 2-H Hard Mode 2-P Proto Man Mode III) Equipment 3-01. Wikileaks emails and whether there actually was a "hack" at all. Ophcrack is a Windows Password cracker based on Rainbow Tables What is ophcrack?

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Doghouse 1.2: name/Me #/JDHUD Doghouse 1.2: name/Phrozen Crew 97 #/LPSEAB Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW-PC-1997 pass/UOIBPDLHRI Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW00000000 pass/RDVOCQNNNH Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW12345678 pass/JRTTONNXPI Dogs of War 2.0: #/DW97979797 pass/XZZZZFBFQI DoKo for Omnis 5 runtime: DOKO Dominoes: SPLASH Doorway v2.22 v2.30. And war (Figure 1-1, page 1-2), and are key contributors to shaping the international security environment and reacting to events. ARMA3 WW2 MODS COMPILATION LIST[/u][/h3] Beside the collection y. Junior Member: Join Date: Mar 2020. Faces of war patch 1.04.

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Coruscant, then known merely as Notron, the. The figures represent a jump from 433, 300 people, or 0.79 per cent of the population, who were estimated to have Covid-19 in the. This Ascension Activation Meditation is a meditative journey into another world – the world of the Earth Mother, Nature Sprits, Devas and the Material Kingdom of Spirit. Faces of War - Ubisoft Support. Watch the latest news videos covering crime, politics, weather & breaking news.

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Recover4all 5.01 Registration Key. Deathline International - Wild Boys (3: 52) 2502. This tactic works best on Redzone Rampage since each player starts with boosts resources as the blue Tiberium. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn v1.04.12 Unlocked - Best Apk Apps. WiF Collector's edition Virtual companion contains all text, graphics and research files involved in the creation of this 34 year tour de force.

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World in Flames collectors edition International award winning WWII strategy boardgame. It contains various fixes, such as shield position, troop fixes and also some new content, like new faces. Fixed female elf face issues. Pat and the supporting cast of his show come together to cut loose, break balls, and laugh at life and what's going on in the world. Oct 21, 2020 at 1: 04 pm The US economy is still running on normalcy bias.

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And that means it's time for pool parties. XCOM 2 - New Patch Fixes Cra Faces of War v [trainer +4]. Empire: Total War - The Warpath Campaign FAQ/Walkthrough. Volunteers were given stencils and rakes to create the large. Samuel Davis was made freeman March 91, 1689-90.

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If you enable JavaScript, this message will disappear. Gameguru Mania is the world's leading source for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox, Wii U, VR, Switch video game news, reviews, previews, cheats, trainers, trailers. Summary: In Resident Evil 2, the classic action, tense exploration, and puzzle solving gameplay that defined the Resident Evil series returns. Patch 1.04 German [Patch] Posted almost 14 years ago; 16 downloads; Ubisoft has issued a new patch for Faces of War which brings the game to version 1.04. ID: 68672c1 875726676: Wad author 1.22: tHATDUDE Comp PC'96 Reg 12345 Key AC-6854E995.

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They have the they have the war chest to survive Jake Van Buschbach 8: 55 there in the meantime, that Yeah, Dominic Vogel 8: 56 exactly. Crack Punch Home Design Platinum V12. An evil spirit that changes faces infiltrates one family placing one brother in danger while the other tries to save him.

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Smart TV. ACCOUNTS AND ONLINE SHOPS. Apply the official Faces of War v1.04 (v1.04.1) [ENGLISH] Patch. Samuel Davis (1639-Unknown) - Find A Grave Memorial. Film Review: Mark of the Witch (2020) https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=466. High quality Hackers Movie gifts and merchandise.



In this sanitized edition of Around the Alliance, we will power rank everything possible and identify certain parties that need to remain socially distant for more reasons than COVID-19. But first, let's hit some rumors.

Rumor Mill

AJ GREEN, the free-agent WR, was seen at the Northwoods practice facility with a smile on his face and no walking boot. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, teams in the Alliance are unable to organize in any formal setting. The fact this didn't deter Green from making a visit to the Hodags seems to indicate a strong leaning towards Northwoods when free agency opens April 1st.
GARDNER MINSHEW II recently posted a video on social media of him working out with a blazing red headband holding up his mighty mop-top. Was this a simple wardrobe choice, or is the sophomore gunslinger hinting at his desire to join the Roadrunners?
Seen as the bell of the ball, IRV SMITH JR is reportedly playing off of three teams for a big money deal. While sources can't confirm any figures, it is believed that the TE will fetch at least a massive $9 contract, locking him up for 3 years. When there's smoke, there's fire, and the smoke is saying Smith could have his choice of 5 or 6 teams with a big payday at the end.
Finding time during his knee rehab, RASHAAD PENNY recently tweeted about how he was looking for a far away destination to vacation once the travel restrictions from COVID-19 are lifted. Fans were quick to point out the allure of such places as Hawaii, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico, all of which Penny took time to favorite.

Power Rankings

It should be noted that for the ACTUAL UFFA RANKINGS, teams were scored in ten categories. These included ranking by position groups, strength of schedule and total scoring (non-factor), draft capital, cap room, prior success, and front office activity. Normally, this means the power rankings are comprised of 50% present (positions & activity), 30% past (schedule, scoring, success), and 20% future (capital and cap room). These ten categories were averaged out to give each team a score. A 2017 Browns-level power ranking would therefore be a 10.00 while the 2020 Browns-level of perfection would be a 1.00 score.
For all the other rankings, there's "math" and "science" involved... it's just too subjective advanced for you to notice.
  1. Alaska (2.63) - Scoring top 3 in all but one category, the Kodiak are in strong position for 2020. The team has the highest value of draft capital, the third most cap space, and is coming off a 3rd place finish following an Alliance-best 10-4 regular season record. Alaska also took top marks with their QB tandem of Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson as well as first in WR with a deep corp of Hopkins, Evans, Hill, Robinson, and Calvin Ridley. The one area of weakness was the TE room, where the combination of third year breakout-hopefuls Jonnu Smith, Mike Gesicki, and Blake Jarwin netted an 8th place finish.
  2. Oklahoma City (4.00) - After finishing as Alliance Champion and hoisting the Cario Cup, the Storm come into 2020's way too early power rankings as the number two team. Obviously OKC scored at the top in prior record from 2019 as well as activity. The current roster was level across the board scoring a 3 at the highest (RB) and 6 at the lowest (WR). The Storm's lowest grade was a 7 on draft capital, but should the 1.02 pick pan out then expect to see OKC close the gap on the number 1 spot in power rankings.
  3. Northwoods (4.88) - Not far behind the Storm is once again the Northwoods Hodags. After finishing as the Cario Cup runner-up in 2019, the Hoes are looking to make a strong push in 2020 and get over the hump. Ranking top in TE, 2nd in WR, and 4th in draft capital, Northwoods should be able to continue their high-flying passing attack, especially with the continued development of young QBs Goff, Prescott, and Haskins. The one area of weakness is cap space, where the Hodags rank 8th. Yet with many studs locked up for +4 years, there seems to be little reason for excessive free agent spending.
  4. St. Louis (5.00) - I'm just as shocked as you. After going winless in a truly cursed 2019 campaign, the Clydesdales are sitting in a good position for a big 2020 bounce back at barely a tenth of a point behind #3 in the power rankings. Following a blockbuster trade that brought Russell Wilson into a healing QB room of Big Ben and Matt Stafford, St. Louis still has enough in the war chest to land 2nd in draft capital and 5th in cap room. These factors paired with the young depth at WR (Chark, OBJ, Sutton, and Moore) and TE (Engram, Hockenson, and Fant) give a lot of hope for the future. What is uncertain is how the ground game will look, given the weakened state of the backfield. With no splashy free agent RB on the market and no first round pick, St. Louis might be waiting until 2021 to complete the rebuild and get a true bellcow back.
  5. Dunedin (5.50) - The Rangers come in 5th thanks to their strong veteran receiving corp of Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Darren Waller, and company, as well as Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball. Prior to the Russell Wilson trade, Dunedin was limping into the 2020 draft with the 4.06 and the 5.04. Now they have a commanding presence with the 6th and 8th overall selections in this July's draft. Given the last place state of their RB room, you'd have to expect to see some backs taken with those picks. Perhaps a powerful combo of JK Dobbins and Deandre Swift?
  6. San Juan (5.75) - San Juan's ranking is likely the most deceptive on the list. The Shrimp rank dead last in cap room and were weighed down by their missing the playoffs in 2019 and having little activity in the front office. Outside of these three categories (the weakest indicators of future success), the Shrimp were the only team in the Alliance to score in the top half of all positional categories. This talent leans San Juan in an enviable position: use the #3 overall selection in the rookie draft to make a push over the top in 2020 or trust in the existing roster's talent and trade away the #3 for a haul that establishes them into the future?
  7. Hawaii (5.88) - Making a splash on the power rankings list, newbie Hawaii lands at number 7. While understandably thin throughout the roster, the Volcanoes come into free agency with the most cap room to spend and rank a deceitful 5th in draft capital (the separation from 2nd to 5th in draft capital is 6pts, equal to the 5.05 pick). Hawaii may be an unlikely contender for the Cario Cup in 2020, but they have taken some good first steps in building their future in the Alliance.
  8. Lincoln (6.63) - Following a change in ownership and a relocation, the Johnsons have understandably fallen in the rankings since narrowly winning the Interior Division in 2019. Lincoln was hurt badly by a poor passing attack, little cap room, and a solid last place in draft capital. With that said, the Johnsons do boast the strongest rushing attack in the Alliance by far with CMC, Josh Jacobs, Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, and Philip Lindsay. With several teams out there in need of RB help, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Lincoln ship away an RB or two for starters and draft picks at other positions.
  9. Albuquerque (6.75) - The Roadrunners have a lot of questions marks coming out of the expansion draft, but are expected to be big players in free agency. As of now, there is speculation if Jacoby Brisset or Jameis Winston are QBs the team can build around, but having the second most cap space and the 1.04 pick seems like plenty to address that need. Additionally, Albuquerque doesn't have a pick after #4 overall until #30 overall (3.10). Thankfully, the additional picks acquired in trading back from #1 to #4 landed the Roadrunners players like Stefon Diggs, Will Fuller, Riley Ridley, and Chase Edmonds. The Roadrunners may not hit the ground running in 2020, but they have and array of potential and youth that should serve them well in the future.
  10. Swansea City (7.50) - Swansea was the only team in 2019 to not make a trade and also never made so much as a waiver claim. This internal team building strategy can work out, but only if the Ducks nail their draft picks. As it currently stands, Swansea City has a pretty middle of the pack amount of draft capital, but a decent amount of cap space should she choose to make a splash in free agency. Sitting at the 1.05 in this summer's draft is a good position as well, given the need for depth at both RB and QB. Depending on how the picks go from 1-4, the Ducks could land a great value at either position sitting at 5 (figure targets on Burrow, Tua, or Herbert as well as Taylor, Dobbins, and Swift).
  1. Hawaii - Who in their right mind doesn't want to go to Hawaii? This is a no brainer!
  2. Dunedin - Are you there for the real or the fantasy? To be "down under" or to be in Middle Earth. Whatever your reason, Dunedin, New Zealand is a once-in-a-lifetime trip you won't want to miss.
  3. San Juan - So long as you can avoid the hurricane season of August-October, Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise to visit.
  4. St. Louis - There's beer and an arch! Also, lots of other cool stuff if you are so needy to want more.
  5. Albuquerque - Assuming you spell it correctly in Google Maps, Albuquerque is actually a pretty hopping place. The desert keeps the days warm and the night skies clear for plenty of star gazing.
  6. Swansea City - Most people don't travel to the UK in hopes of ending up in Wales, but you could do a lot worse for Welsh sightseeing. Hope you like fishing!
  7. Alaska - Depending on the time of year, Alaska would be a trip for the ages! Unfortunately, that time of year is pretty narrow.
  8. Northwoods - Everything about Alaska, except the payoff for that narrow window comes with the dangers of alcohol poisoning.
  9. Oklahoma City - Though not normally a place you think of for vacationing, OKC has a much stronger case now that they are home to the Cario Cup!
  10. Lincoln - When you have to compete with Omaha, you might not be the strongest destination.
  1. Salt Lake Knights - Salt Lake City has long been on the cusp of legitimacy ever since they stole the NBA Jazz away from New Orleans. The city knew that putting a UFFA team in downtown would put them on the map. Alas, the "Stormin Mormon Knights" will have to wait for another opportunity to bring top flight football to their town.
  2. Portland Pioneers - Portland has long been a tier B city for football. It feels like only a matter of time before they get their franchise.
  3. Mexico City Aztecs - A new player since the NFL began aggressively pushing American Football into Latin America, Mexico City is a megalopolis just waiting to be tapped. Expect the Roadrunners to make a hard lean into the Hispanic population in Albuquerque and corner the market here.
  4. Green Mountain Boys - A surprise contender, the small Vermont movement was notable for crowd sourcing their capital, promised to give a season ticket to every New England resident regardless of income, and vowed to equally distribute the salary cap among all players. While a total pipe dream, it was at least fun to read the manifesto application.
  5. Ottowa Lynx - Bringing the Alliance into Canada would be a nice move, but with teams in Northwoods and Alaska, there was already enough cold weather games.
  6. New Mexico Fallout - A competing bid against the Roadrunners, the Fallout fell short primarily because they proposed building a stadium on a radiation-riddled, decommissioned nuclear test site and because the ownership group was headed up by a drug kingpin.
  7. Sacramento Blaze - California is a big market to get into, but Sacramento just wasn't seen as the right place. Perhaps San Jose or San Diego in the future would win out.
  8. Austin Bats - Much like California, Texas is a major market that has yet to be tapped. But given the championship just ran through Oklahoma City, the Storm used their influence to keep any other teams from taking away their media rights.
  9. Hawaii Ocean - A failed bid in competition with the Volcanoes, the Ocean never really stood a chance. Perhaps one day the technology will exist to play a game of football while riding the surf. Until then, the Ocean's ownership group may want to reconsider the feasibility of their plans.
  10. Concord Minutemen - It tried to copy the Green Mountain Boys plan, but failed by actually disclosing how they would pay for those promises. Turns out mandatory PSLs for all New England residents is not super popular.

Socially Distant For As Long As Possible

They need a break... 2019 was rough between Luck and Melvin and Big Ben and Foles and Mariota, etc.
May the night of the tater-tots live on in infamy and Grape Svedka never be sold again.
The Kodiak is so obsessed with the Wisconsin standout, you'd think it was run by Jeremy!
Expansion was a beast. Fun, but a beast. Let's all mentally recover from those cap gymnastics before even spelling out IDP!




Go Browns!
submitted by Sconnie92 to UFFA

Who Would Be In Your All-Time Pirates Lineup?

If you had to put together a lineup of your favorite players for the Pirates, who would be in it? You can set your own parameters (only over the last few seasons, All Time, only in the "modern era", players you liked, players you thought were the best, players that were statistically the best, etc). For me, I'll include all Pirates players and pick a specific season/version of the player I choose - basing it on a mix of statistics and my fandom/opinion on the players. I also included a full rotation of 5 starters and a closer, and a DH despite being in the NL, because it gives me the opportunity to recognize another great offensive season.
This will be my 24th team "All Time Lineup" that I have put together. It started as an interesting discussion topic on the Rockies sub (where I was traded during Reddit Trade Deadline), and I've enjoyed putting it together for the teams I have done so far, so I figured I'll just keep going.

Here's my lineup:
  1. CF Andrew McCutchen R - 2012 season: .327/.400/.553 (.953 OPS/158 wRC+), 31 HR, 96 RBI, & 20 SB
  2. SS Honus Wagner R - 1908 season: .354/.415/.542 (.957 OPS/194 wRC+), 10 HR, 109 RBI, & 53 SB
  3. DH Brian Giles L - 2002 season: .298/.450/.622 (1.072 OPS/174 wRC+), 38 HR, 103 RBI, & 15 SB
  4. 1B Ralph Kiner R - 1951 season: .309/.452/.627 (1.079 OPS/179 wRC+), 42 HR & 109 RBI
  5. LF Willie Stargell L - 1971 season: .295/.398/.628 (1.026 OPS/186 wRC+), 48 HR & 125 RBI
  6. RF Roberto Clemente R - 1967 season: .357/.400/.554 (.954 OPS/170 wRC+), 23 HR, 110 RBI, & 9 SB
  7. 3B Pie Traynor R - 1923 season: .338/.377/.489 (.866 OPS/125 wRC+), 12 HR, 101 RBI, & 28 SB
  8. C Jason Kendall R - 1998 season: .327/.411/.473 (.884 OPS/136 wRC+), 12 HR, 75 RBI, & 26 SB
  9. 2B Bill Mazeroski R - 1958 season: .275/.308/.439 (.747 OPS/97 wRC+), 19 HR & 68 RBI

  • SP Babe Adams R - 1919 season: 17-10 with a 1.98 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, & 92 K in 29 GS/34 G/263.1 IP
  • SP Bob Friend R - 1963 season: 17-16 with a 2.34 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, & 144 K in 38 GS/268.2 IP
  • SP John Candelaria L - 1977 season: 20-5 with a 2.34 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, & 133 K in 33 GS/230.2 IP
  • SP Doug Drabek R - 1990 season: 22-6 with a 2.76 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, & 131 K in 33 GS/231.1 IP
  • SP Vern Law R - 1965 season: 17-9 with a 2.15 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, & 101 K in 28 GS/217.1 IP
  • CP Mark Melancon R - 2015 season: 3-2, 51 SV/2 BS with a 2.23 ERA, 0.93 WHIP, & 62 K in 78 G/76.2 IP

  • Manager Danny Murtaugh: 1115-950 (54.0%), 3 playoff appearances, 2 World Series Championships

Here is some of the reasoning behind my choices:
  • C Kendall: Smokey Burgess went to 7 All Star games between '59-'64 and was part of the 1960 WS winning team. Russell Martin played for Pittsburgh for 2 seasons and garnered MVP votes in both, depsite not necessarily being statistically impressive as a Pirate. Manny Sanguillen was a 3x All Star in his 12 seasons for the team, and Tony Pena won 3 Gold Gloves and made it to 4 All Star games in his 7 seasons. I went with Kendall here though, who was a 3 time All Star and was having his best season in '99 when he broke his ankle and missed half the year.
  • 1B Kiner: Stargell played 800 games here, but played more in LF and had his best seasons offensively there. Orlando Merced spent 7 seasons with the team, finishing 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting and had a handful of good seasons at the plate. Kevin Young had a few good seasons in the late 90s/early 00s, but with no awards to show for it. Jake Beckley was a really good player as well (a really long time ago). Ralph Kiner made 5 All Star teams and averaged 42 HR per seasons in his 7 full seasons with the team. He is a Hall of Famer with his number 4 retired by the team, and a statue of his hands holding a bat at the stadium. He played mostly LF, but he ended up playing 58 games at 1B during one of his best seasons.
  • 2B Mazeroski: Bill Mazeroski is another legendary Pirate with his number (9) retired, a statue at the stadium, and earning Hall of Fame honors. He spent his entire 17 year career with the Pirates and was a 10x All Star, 8x Gold Glover, and won 2 WS (most memorably hitting the winning HR in Game 7, 1960). George Grantham split time between 1B and 2B, and was an above average hitter for his 7 years with the team. Johnny Ray spent 7 seasons with the team and finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting. Rennie Stennett played in the '70s and garnered MVP consideration in 2 different seasons. Neil Walker is a recent guy who spent 7 seasons with the team and was an above average hitter for most of those.
  • 3B Traynor: Bobby Bonilla was a 4x All Star, playing both 3B and RF, and Bill Madlock went to 2 All Star games for the Pirates. Aramis Ramirez started his career with the Buccos, but ended up being a much better player with the Cubs. Bob Elliott was a 3x All Star playing RF and 3B for Pittsburgh. Freddy Sanchez is a 3x All Star during the 2000s. Pie Traynor was a 2x All Star (the first 2 All Star games in history - most of his time in the game was pre-All Star game era) and he finished top 8 in MVP voting 6 times. He has his number retired by the team and is a Hall of Famer who played his entire career with the team - hitting well in the 1925 WS helping the Pirates win.
  • SS Wagner: Honus Wagner and Arky Vaughan have the Pirates top 15 SS seasons by fWAR, and these two are 1st and 4th in bWAR for the team. Arky Vaughan is a Hall of Famer who made 8 All Star games and won a batting title for the team. On many other teams, he would easily be the SS on the All Time team...but Wagner is easily the guy here since he's probably one of the Top 10 players of all time and the greatest SS in baseball history. Wagner spent 18 seasons with Pittsburgh, winning 8 batting titles, a WS, and having his number retired by the team (he played before uniform numbers, but they retired his number from coaching days). He also has a statue at PNC Park. Jay Bell is much more recent, and was an All Star and Gold Glover as a Pirate. Gene Alley (2x All Star, 2x Gold Glove) and Dick Groat (6x All Star, 1x MVP, WS winner) also had several good seasons with the team.
  • LF Stargell: This was a tough decision between Bonds, Stargell, and Kiner, with plenty of other options as well. Willie Stargell spent his entire 21 season Hall of Fame career with Pittsburgh, earning 7 All Star appearances, 2 WS wins, and a WS MVP award. He won an MVP award and finished top 3 in MVP voting 3 other times - he played a lot of 1B as well, but his best 2 seasons offensively were exclusively in LF. He also has his number 8 retired and a statue at the park. Barry Bonds spent twice as long as a Giant than a Pirate, but he still won 2 MVP awards (in '90/'92, and finished 2nd in '91), 3 Gold Gloves, and 2 All Star appearances. I ended up using Kiner at 1B so I could fit more of these guys into the lineup. Brian Giles is one of my favorite Pirates - he was a 2 time All Star and received MVP votes in 4 straight seasons, and he averaged 37 HR in his 4 full seasons with the team. Fred Clarke played over 100 years ago and helped win a WS. Jason Bay was a 2x All Star who won a Rookie of the Year award. Starling Marte is a 2x Gold Glover and 1x All Star, and is currently one of the best players on the team.
  • CF McCutchen: Andrew McCutchen won an MVP award, a Gold Glove, and made 5 All Star games. There were also a handful of other options: Max Carey leads all CF (he played LF for a few years, then CF) in WAR and had 688 SB with the team. Tommy Leach split time between 3B/CF and helped win a WS, but played in a time before individual awards. Andy Van Slyke was a 4x All Star and 5x Gold Glover who spent the late '80s and early '90s patrolling CF for Pittsburgh. Al Oliver also made 3 All Star games in his 10 years with the team, and Matty Alou made 2. Paul Waner's brother Lloyd was also a Hall of Famer.
  • RF Clemente: This is a really strong position for the team. Roberto Clemente is a Pirates legend: Hall of Famer (they waived the waiting peroid due to his untimely death), 15x All Star, 12x Gold Glover, 1x MVP, and 2x WS champion, winning WS MVP in 1971, and his number 21 is retired by the team with a statue at PNC Park. His arm was also legendary - he has the most outfield assists of anyone in baseball over the last 100 years. Clemente also had an award named after him (basically to a good player who is involved in the community), and outside of baseball was posthumously awarded Congressional Gold Medal, Presidential Citizens Medal, and Presidential Medal of Freedom. Apologies to Dave Parker (4x All Star, 3x Gold Glover, 1x MVP, 1X WS winner) and Paul Waner (4x All Star, 1x MVP, and Hall of Famer with his number 11 retired). Clemente and Waner are 2/3 in bWAR for the franchise. Kiki Cuyler was a Hall of Famer but only really played 3 full seasons for the Pirates, finishing 2nd in MVP voting in one season.
  • DH Giles: There are plenty of options for this spot: former MVPs Parker, Waner, and Bonds, or maybe Vaughan, Bonilla, or Giles. Based on how the rest of the team turned out (very right handed), I knew I wanted to go with a lefty. I debated this for a long time, checking stats and finally made the decision to go with Brian Giles since he had the highest career adjusted OPS+ in franchise history.
  • SP Adams: Babe Adams was around for 2 World Series wins by the team, though in fairness, he didn't contribute much to the 1925 WS (he won 3 WS games in 1909). He is tied for 2nd all time in wins for the franchise, and received MVP votes in 2 different seasons.
  • SP Friend: Bob Friend was a 4 time All Star who pitched 15 seasons with the team, winning 191 games and an ERA title. He actually ended up with more losses than wins for the Pirates due to terrible run support most years, but he had one of his better seasons in 1960. He helping the team get to the WS (they won that year, but he was 0-2 in the series). He averaged about 4.7 fWAR per season from 1955-1965.
  • SP Candelaria: The Candy Man was a 1 time All Star and finished 5th in Cy Young voting in 1977. He pitched for Pittsburgh for 12 seasons and ended up winning 124 games with a 3.17 ERA with the team and was part of the 1979 WS winning team. One thing I noticed when looking up his numbers - Baseball Reference has his 1977 season worth over 7 bWAR (9th highest all time single season WAR for a Pirates pitcher), and FanGraphs has it worth less than 3 fWAR (212th highest) - I can't remember seeing a bigger WAR gap between the two sites.
  • SP Drabek: Doug Drabek was never an All Star for the Pirates, but won a Cy Young award and finished 5th in Cy Young voting another year. He had a really nice 3.03 career ERA for the team, but advanced stats (WAR) aren't that kind to him, only giving him 20-21 WAR with the team in 6 seasons.
  • SP Law: Vern Law won the Cy Young in 1960, beating out Friend for the honor mostly due to better run support. He won 2 games in the World Series that year to help the team win it, he's a 2x All Star, and won 162 games in his 16 year career - all with Pittsburgh.
  • SPs not used: Surprisingly, I don't think there is a pitcher who is in the Hall of Fame as a Pirate, so there were no gimmes on the list, making pretty much everyone debatable. Jesse Tannehill won 116 games in his 6 seasons for the team, Sam Leever won 194 games and an ERA title in his 13 years, and Ed Morris won 129 games in only 5 seasons. Deacon Phillippe won 168 games for the team and helped win the 1909 WS. Wilbur Cooper is the franchise leader with 202 wins in his Pirates career, winning 17 or more games in 8 straight seasons. Most of these guys pitched a long long time ago, when offenses weren't as prevalent, so I didn't want to load the rotation with guys from the 1890s-1920s here. Dock Ellis barely misses the cut for me, winning 96 games for the team in the '60s/'70s and having the infamous LSD no hitter. Gerrit Cole is probably the best starting pitcher in the last couple decades for the Pirates - he made it to an All Star team and finished 4th in Cy Young voting in his 5 seasons as a Pirate, but his career has picked up since being traded. Bob Veale was a 2x All Star who has over 100 wins with the team as well.
  • CP Melancon: Roy Face was a 6 time All Star who leads the franchise in saves, and earned 3 saves in the 1960 WS. Joel Hanrahan is a 2x All Star who has 2 36+ save seasons under his belt, along with 1 sub-2 ERA season. Mark Melancon is a 3x All Star and has the single season saves record for the team. Mike Williams is a 2x All Star with 140 saves. Kent Tekulve made 1 All Star game in his 12 seasons with the team, and got 3 saves in the 1979 World Series. Hall of Famer Goose Gossage also closed for the team for one season, but I don't think that is enough impact to use him here - though it was a really good season. I went with Melancon here.
  • Manager Murtaugh: I went with Danny Murtaugh here since he's the only manager to win 2 WS with the team, and he's second in career wins. He has his number retired by the team. Leyland was an option, making 3 NLCS appearances in the early 90s, and Fred Clarke is the franchise leader in wins and also has a WS win. Chuck Tanner and Bill McKechnie are the other two WS winners.

What do you guys think? There are a handful of guys - Bonds, Waner, Parker, and Vaughan that were really deserving but ended up not making the cut in this lineup. What lineup/rotation would you guys have?

I've decided to turn this into a "series" of sorts that I do of the different teams. Here are links to the other teams "All Time" Lineups that I will fill in as I go:
AL East
AL Central
AL West
NL East
NL Central
NL West
Note: Links to previous lineups are provided if you are interested, but it obviously isn't an invitation to troll other subs.
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