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Charmed (2020 TV series)

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Age of mythology patch 1.12 skype. Buy & download the game here, or check the site for the latest news. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Age of Mythology and the Extended Edition. The wolf spirit still.

F4A - Skype - Long term fantasy RP: Skyrim, Mythological, MTG, etc.

As title says, I'm looking for a long-term partner! If you can't do that, it's fine, but if you plan to disappear on me or not reply, please at least wrap up the RP with me, it breaks my heart to see characters go to waste, and fantastic RPs to wither.
Fandoms/realms I enjoy include but are not limited to...
  • Skyrim
  • Magic: The Gathering (we can decide what plane(s) )
  • League of Legends
  • Norse/Greek Mythology
What I can RP with:
  • Skype
  • Email
  • another computer-accessible IM programme
What I cannot RP with Kik / Phone PM
I'm totally fine with gore, and nsfw is fine as long as it does not dominate the RP! I RP in third-person POV. If you would like to RP, correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is a huge thing. I'm fine if your spelling isn't amazing, but if it's every other word, it's hard to focus on the RP. One-line responses are hard for me to work with, but if it's only an occasional thing, I'm fine with them! I write a lot of detail so beware if I write 2 paragraph replies! (note: I've never written longer than 2 paragraphs, that length is sort of a rarity.)
I am also a huge supporter of playecharacter knowledge. If you plan to do a huge plot twist, or if there's something you want to happen (ex: we're walking in the forest. you ask me ooc not to fast-forward to showing up in the next town, because you are going to have an animal attack, or your character wants to tell mine something). Communication is very important :)
I realize that this makes me sound like a very picky and pretentious person, but I promise I'm pretty laid back! RPing is my favourite pastime, and all I want to do is make sure both of us have as much fun as possible! If you're interested, please inbox me, and I'll shoot you my email or skype! Thank you ; v;
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My assessment on Season Three

This line, and the first two paragraphs will be copy and pasted to three posts in total.
Hello Twin Peaks fans! I just got done binging Twin Peaks Season 1 + 2, FWWM, and Season 3. I did not watch Missing Pieces, however, I at some point later I might have to go back and watch, since it sounds like that provides more Twin Peaks that I like. I watched Twin Peaks because I was bored, and I know it is popular, and it seemed like a show that was right up my ally. I have not seen any of David Lynch's other work. I am not a film nerd. I am not an atomic history expert. I do not specialize in Greek mythology. I do come from a small town that has been struck with tragedy before. That is pretty much all of the context you should need about me that would be relevant to the conversation.
I want to discuss all of the parts of Twin Peaks that I've seen. I will create separate posts for Seasons 1 + 2, FWWM, and Season 3 just to organize the conversation better. I understand that there are books for Twin Peaks. I do not plan on reading them, and therefore, go ahead and reference it if it is relevant to the discussion. I personally do not care if the book is spoiled for me.
What I liked
  1. I did not have a hard time whatsoever adjusting to Season 3. It was a little slow to begin with, but I'd imagine after 25 years just about any TV show would be slow to begin with
  2. This point should be in the other posts as well, but Kyle Maclachlan. I guess this post gets it though because of the diversity of the roles he played this season. All for a perfect resolution and payoff near the end. My only wish was that we got a little bit more time with him doing real detective work.
  3. Audrey's storyline. It wasn't much. It didn't change anything. However it gave insight to our beloved character. I was extremely disappointed with the character, but it makes entire sense and I appreciate it. At first, I guess it doesn't make it sense. Isn't Audrey suppose to be the smart and successful one of the three young ladies? She had the best taste in guys. However, "Cooper" betrayed her trust, which from her perspective and frankly everyone's, is super nonsensical. It makes sense that it would lead to later marital problems. I don't understand her end scene, but I don't care. Her end hasn't come yet it seems like.
  4. The Nadine, Ed, and Norma love triangle. Nadine somehow grew as a character in a good and bad direction. It allowed Ed and Norma to finally get married which is absolutely awesome.
  5. The scene in the diner between Becky, Shelly, and Bobby was so well done. While Bobby wasn't the greatest guy in the beginning, he was still incredibly protective of Shelly. It seemed like his worst nightmare as a father, person, and police officer happened for his daughter. You could see the hurt in his face. And then for Shelly to sucker punch him during that moment with Red. Poor guy. And poor gals too. So well done.
  6. Lucy shooting Dopplecooper was awesome. Enough said.
  7. Andy also being a hero. Enough said.
  8. I loved the fight between BOB and Freddy. Could they have literally had anyone else serve Freddy's role? Yeah, but I don't care. I've heard it wasn't suppose to serve as a parody for Marvel movies, but honestly, it may as well have. It was stupidly simple, but hell, we could at least tell what was going on.
  9. I loved every single Dougie scene.
  10. I liked the progression of Ben Horne as a character.
  11. There is probably more, but there was a lot going on this season, and I am not sure if anything else would add to the conversation.
What I disliked
  1. I wouldn't necessarily call this a dislike, but the atmosphere is definitely different, and I feel that part of that has to do with the technology used to film. However, this is probably entirely dependent on when you watched the show. If you watched in when it came out, it probably wasn't as jarring, because that is simply the "best" that TV looked back then. But for me, not only did I not watch it when it came out, I wasn't alive then, so I wasn't even use to cameras of that time regardless. Basically, that technology has always been dated to me. Not bad, just dated.
  2. Catherine didn't have a role, and the excuse was because they couldn't find a role for her? Really? You can't possibly find a role in the town of Twin Peaks for the person who arguably has the most capital in Twin Peaks? Considering that one of the characters had a story line where their business was expanding. Would Twin Peaks even exist as it had without the lumber mill? How many jobs were lost? What happened with the development of the Ghostwood land or the former mill? It is just incredibly lazy and brushes a huge plot line under the rug. Not even a potential mention from her main business rival about how he defeated her?
  3. This one is also less of a dislike, and something easy I can forgive. I understand Harry couldn't physically reprise his role, however, why couldn't he also skype? His brother becoming sheriff doesn't make much sense. We've never heard of his brother. But it doesn't really matter, because I think the alternative to him would have been Hawk and Hawk still would have done everything he did anyways.
  4. Diane. I really don't like Diane in any way shape or form. I didn't like Dopplediane or real Diane. Diane didn't seem like the type of person Cooper would like, and there wasn't any on screen chemistry either. It would have been better if Diane was simply a vocal Diary that he called Diane for whatever reason.
  5. Now, here comes the match to the gas fumes. Season 3, Episode 8. I honestly should make a separate post for it, and perhaps I will, because this is the main reason I wanted to make these posts. Perhaps if this post doesn't gain traction, I will make a separate post for it.
Season 3 Episode 8. It is extremely overrated. Specifically the middle 40 minutes of the episode. Two things I've heard from commentors on this sub were that it was the greatest hour of television and that this episode in particular would be written about in doctoral dissertations. Why? Visually, I don't think it is anything special. If you disagree, please explain why. It isn't like there is a groundbreaking score to accompany the episode. When I think about Twin Peaks or the episode, I don't hear anything from that episode specifically. But for example, when I think Jurassic Park, I hear Jurassic Park. There isn't anything special about the origin story. It reminds me a lot of Men in Black. And frankly, it doesn't shed new light on anything in previous episodes, and I don't think it changes anything in future episodes. I guess it serves as one standalone episode of Twin Peaks, but I think if most people only watched that and had to determine if Twin Peaks was good or not, they would say it is not good. For people who love it, do the Slow Mo guys on youtube scratch that same itch that this episode does? Is there any music that scratches the same itch? I want to understand what you guys love about it, so that perhaps I can appreciate it more. Obviously I don't "get it." But what is there to get? What is the thing that I am missing? Am I expecting it too much to be Twin Peaks, and it simply isn't Twin Peaks and shouldn't be regarded as such?
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