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Tank Turret Rotation Speed [Gotta Go Fast] Discussion. For more information, see the TMP FAQ. The Panasonic Lumix DC-G100 (G110 in some regions) is. Battlefield 2 1.5 FINAL patch released 1-Sep-2020 click over here now. This video will show you some strategies you can you to play the Medic class effectively and also analyze all of their class-specific weapons.

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Pokle, Fairy King of Magical Forest

Pokle, Fairy King

Role Support, Mage
Health 550 (+76.5xlvl)
Health Regen 6.9(+0.8xlvl)
Resource Mana
Mana 365 (+58.6× lvl)
Mana regen 7.4(+0.8 ×lvl)
Damage Base 54 (+3.95xlvl)
Range 550
Armor 30 (+4.2xlvl)
Magic Resist 31(+0.75×lvl)
Movement Speed 335

Brief Lore:

Tree cutting was no rare in every side of Valoran, especially in the magical trees growing in the lands of Ionia. Pokle the Fairy King was its protector and guardian as well. Pokle has the power of Nature that he use to protect and attack those greedy people trying to destroy the forest. Magical Forest, stated in its name, trees, animals and plats in there contain energy and magical powers. Since human discovered this forest, it was been targeted by many from a long time. Pokle is there to defend it and apprehend those humans.


Fairy are small human like creature with wings the often live in the forests and magical powers that may relative to nature. Pokle size is human-like because he belong in a Royal Fairy. They can form into huma sized and can revert into Pixie Form. (Please bear with my artwork).

Basic Attack:

Pokle uses his whip like vines that grows with his wings to attack at ranged. This attack is not considered as a projectile.

Passive: Entangling Roots

AURA (800 unit radius): Pokle's presence conjures a growing root beneath the enemy units. If Enemy Champion will not move in their place within 1.5 second, Entangling Roots is fully grown beneath them and holds them applying ROOT and True Sight to unit for 1.5 seconds. Minions/Monsters will be rooted for 3 seconds. It can affect enemy unit once in every 8 seconds.

Q: Wrathful Bloom

ACTIVE: Pokle plant a flower in the target ground, it will arm after a 1.2 second delay. This plant will use its vine to whip in a line targeting a MOVING enemy unit in its range (prior with nearest Moving Enemy Champion) dealing Magic Damage and apply Slow for 1 second.
Enemy Champion are grounded inside Plant's Range.
Flower Plant can be destroyed after it takes 5 attack from Enemy Champion.
Plant Duration (8/10/12/14/16) seconds
Cast Range 600 units
Flower Plant Range 600 units
Magic Damage (45 +2.5×lvl) (+35% AP)
Slow (12/15/18/21/24%)
Vine Whip Attack Rate (1.25/1.43/1.67/2/2.5) attacks/sec
Cooldown (20/19/18/17/16) seconds
Cost (80/90/100/110/120) mana

W: Green Grow

FIRST CAST - PLANT COLLECTOR: Pokle target a (Honeyfruit / Blast Cone / Scryer's Bloom) then use his vine to collect then store it.
SECOND CAST - GROW: Pokle grows a collected (Honeyfruit / Blast Cone / Scryers Bloom) to the target ground. Cooldown starts after Second Cast activation.
PASSIVE: Reduce the RESPAWN TIME of respective plant he collected by (30%/40%/50%/60%) at level (1/6/11/16). Additionally, while he already have plant collected, his Basic Attacks will deal bonus Magic Damage.
Cast Range 550
Bonus Magic Damage (40/55/70/85/100) (+25% AP)
Cooldown (30/26/22/18/14 seconds)
Cost (40/45/50/55/60 mana)

E: Plant Grafting

ACTIVE: Pokle grows plant to the target Allied Unit/Minion/Turret/Trinket/Conjured Units (Pokle can target his planted Flower Plant) giving them Shield for 3 seconds.
VINE LASH: Before the shield expires, he can activate this spell again to conjure a vine that originates from the Shielded target. This vine latches on to the first unit it hit in a target direction dealing Magic Damage and pull them toward the Shielded unit.
Shield (60/90/120/150/180) (+65% AP)
Magic Damage (40/70/100/130/160) (+50% AP)
Cast Range 750 units
Vine Range 600 units
Cooldown (15/14/13/12/11 seconds)
Cost (60/65/70/75/80 mana)

Ultimate: Grasp of Nature

ACTIVE: All rooted enemy unit nearby will be targeted uaing this Ultimate. On active, a Thick Wooden Root emerges from the ground and grasping all rooted unit, ROOTING them again and apply NEARSIGHT that lasts for 5 second or until it is destroyed. Wooden Root that grasps the target have certain amount of hitpoints that could be destroyed (by Ally/Enemy Champion) using Basic Attack or Spells (to free the rooted unit from the grasp). But as the Thick Wooden Root takes damage by attack/spells, 100% of damage will also be REDIRECTED to the Rooted target.
Thick Wooden Root deal Magic Damage in every 0.5 second.
Thick Wooden Root will TAKE OVER the Hitbox of the Rooted target. In some cases, On-target Healing/Buffing Spell may not be possible to target the Rooted target since it will target the Thick Wooden Root first (try to destroy it first!).
Rooted Target may also use attack/spell targeting the Thick Wooden Root to free himself from grasp.
Range 2500 units
Magic Damage (50/75/100) (+30% AP)
Thick Wooden Root hitpoints (3/4/5) instance
Cooldown (120/100/80 seconds)
Cost (80/100/120) mana


MAGE: Pokle's main offensive spell is his Q, Flower Plant. Thisbflower plant behaves like a turret but it will only attack an enemy unit which is Moving. So standing still will make you safe, but moving will make the Flower Plant whip you like hell and it attack at a very fast rate. Try to destroy the Flower Plant while standing still to avoid its damage. This is where Pokle's Passive shine, when any enemy unit standing still within 1.5 second they will Rooted. In order to avoid rooting yourself try to move. So Q and Passive compliment with each other, if you move Q will punish you with whip but if unit will not move they will be rooted. Lets say that the enemy escape in the rsnge of Flower Plant while enduring some of its damage. Pokle can activate his E to the Flower Plant and se ond cast to conjure a vine that latches the first unit it hit then Pull it toward the Shielded unit which is the Flower Plant. This would make the enemy unit pulled and re-entered inside the Plant's Range, so there is no escape for now. If an Enemy unit prefer to stay in place in order to avoid damage from plant they will be rooted but has no damage. The thing is, if unit prefer to be rooted, target choose their own death. Simce his Ultimate can be activated if whomever is rooted at Pokle's surroundings. This Ultimate deal continuous heavy damage. But this root that grasp the target can be destroyed by attack/spell. And there is one thing that this ultimate makes interesting, the damage taken by the root while it is being destroyed the damage will also be felt or redirected the full damage to the rooted unit.
SUPPORT: Pokle is very meticulous type of support that his spell must be activated in as much as perfect way. His passive is given since it is hard type of CC. His passive may be useless in battlefield but with the combo of other Immobilizing spell and with enough time of 1.5 second in place would trigger this passive and in addition it will Immobilize the target at further duration. Q in supporting perspective it act as a teasing and anti-repositioning ability that would make the enemy avoid the area range of plant. His W allows him to take and reposition the plants of the field (Honeyfruit / Blast Cone / Scryers Bloom) it is useful for combo or reserving scout/sustenance effects. His E has two component which is very important in his supporting, so try to max this out at early levels. Forst his E grant Shield for defense and Second this shield can send out a vine that pulls the first unit it hit (vine originates at the shield unit). For some combo of his E, you may use E spell to the Ward/Trinket and activate so that vine will latch to enemy and pull them toward the Ward/Trinket's position (this is very useful at displacing enemy for combo purposes, chasing down or for protecting). His Ultimate is normally a root but with interesting effects.
submitted by lyndongwapo to LoLChampConcepts

Historic UB Gift Complete Deckguide

Historic UB Gift Complete Deckguide
So I really wanted to build a new historic deck with the cards from Amonkhet Remastered and this is what I came up with:
Creatures (30):
4x [[Merfolk Secretkeeper]]
4x [[Stitcher's Supplier]]
4x [[Brain Maggot]]
2x [[Lazav, the Multifarious]]
4x [[Champion of Wits]]
4x [[Emry, Lurker of the Loch]]
2x [[Ravenous Chupacabra]]
2x [[Massacre Wurm]]
4x [[Stonecoil Serpent]]
Artifacts (6):
4x [[Gate to the Afterlife]]
2x [[God-Pharaoh's Gift]]
Lands (24):
7x [[Island]]
4x [[Phyrexian Tower]]
5x [[Swamp]]
4x [[Drowned Catacomb]]
4x [[Watery Grave]]
3x [[Disfigure]]
2x [[Gifted Aetherborn]]
2x [[Kitesail Freebooter]]
2x [[Hostage Taker]]
2x [[Massacre Girl]]
2x [[The Scarab God]]
2x [[Massacre Wurm]]
The following few sections are about how this deck came together, if you want to skip those you can go directly to the General Gameplan section.
So anyone who played MTGA way back in the closed Beta will remember that there already existed a quite popular UW Gift control deck. This deck utilised discard effects to get Gift in the graveyard and later bring it back with [[Refurbish]]. Besides this it played control cards and strong reanimation targets such as [[Angel of Invention]] as targets for Gift. It was a nice control deck with a very strong and sometimes also very fast wincondition. Once Gift hit the board, the game was usually over very fast and it was hard to interact with for some decks.But those days are over and while we can play Gift again, other critical gamepieces like Refurbish are still unavailable to us.There existed another Gift deck build around [[Gate to the Afterlife]], that was less successful, because it was too inconsistent. It was build to fill the graveyard fast to fulfill the requirement for Gate and win with an early Gift. It was very much all in on this gameplan and didn't have a good Plan B.
This is the deck kind of deck I am talking about now, a deck that is all in on filling its graveyard fast to activate [[Gate to the Afterlife]] and win with God-Pharaoh's Gift, before our opponent can bring anything relevant to the table.As I said, this deck wasn't very successful before, but I believe that this has changed with new strong cards that get us to Gift more reliably and faster and a generally more favorable Meta (the top deck doesn't play maindeck [[Abrade]] anymore).The most important improvements compared to the deck back then are Emry, Lurker of the Loch and Phyrexian Tower. Our 4 copies of Emry effectively act as another 4 copies of [[Gate to the Afterlife]] and thus significantly improve our chances of an early Gift. Phyrexian Tower helps us ramp to our important spells and sacrifices our creatures to fill our grave faster.
I've been quite successful with this new deck, hitting mythic in a few days while maintaining a winrate of 65%.
However I consider this deck to be one of the more complicated ones, so I'll try my best to give you an overview of the general gameplan, all the different cards, and different matchups (including sideboard guide).

General Gameplan
The main goal of this deck is pretty obvious: get [[God-Pharaoh's Gift]] on to the battlefield as fast as possible and beat your opponent with endless reanimate value. How do we achieve this? By cracking [[Gate to the Afterlife]]. To do this we need to fill our graveyard fast (we need 6 creatures in the graveyard). We have many ways to fill our graveyard, Stitcher's Supplier, Merfolk Secretkeeper and Emry, Lurker of the Loch are all used to mill ourselves, Champion of Wits lets us draw and discard cards, Gate to the Afterlife lets us loot every time one of our nontoken creatures dies and Phyrexian Tower and Stonecoil Serpent both let creatures die (we can cast Stonecoil for 0) and can trigger the loot effect from Gate to the Afterlife.
Once we can crack Gate and get our Gift into play, we are very likely to win the game, getting there is really the main challenge. A vanilla 4/4 haste for free every turn is already very strong, but of course we are looking to also take advantage of some strong EtB triggers.Most of the time we want to reanimate Massacre Wurm or Ravenous Chupacabra first, to kill our opponents creatures. If our opponent has no relevant creatures in play, I prefer picking Brain Maggot over Champion of Wits to rid them of anything that could still prevent us from winning. In some cases we want to reanimate Emry to reanimate Gate and set up the second Gift. This is mainly the case when we expect the first gift to be removed or need to set up more board presence for the following turns (when our opponent has a very strong board).
If we can't get our gift in play, we're in a rough spot. In this case, we'll be playing a mediocre midrange deck, but we still have a chance. Stonecoil Serpent, Ravenous Chupacabra and Massacre Wurm are all good cards to play even without Gift. There are those games where our opponent uses a lot of resources to prevent us from getting Gift in play and then loose to a 5/5 Stonecoil or a hardcast Massacre Wurm. This is the reason why I opted to not include [[Combat Celebrant]] or [[Drakuseth, Maw of Flames]]. Those Cards would be very strong reanimation targets, but are otherwise completely dead (we can't afford going tricolor). The reanimation targets we have right now are already strong enough to win. The number of games you'll lose despite getting your Gift into play are very few and in those rare cases, a Drakuseth or Combat Celebrant often wouldn't even make the difference, because you're already too far behind. Drakuseth and Combat Celebrant are win more cards in this deck, and we don't need those. We'd rather have a Massacre Wurm or Chupacabra to hardcast in more difficult games.
In our opening hand we really want to see either Gate or Emry, at least two lands and a few ways to mill ourselves. Emry effectively counts as another copy of Gate, because we are very likely to mill one of our Gates and can then cast it from our Graveyard. While we really want to see some mill cards, almost every hand with Emry or Gate is a keep (Gate over Emry, because it is less likely to be removed). We are very likely to draw at least some mill cards throughout the game, and all our creatures will end up in the graveyard eventually. I very rarely didn't have my 6 creatures to activate Gate in time. So either Gate or Emry are the critical components you want to have in your opening hand. Going down to six or five cards is no big deal for this deck (unless you expect lots of disruption!), once we have a Gift in play we won't need a lot of handcards. If you mulligan once or twice and still can't find a Gate or an Emry (or you don't want to mulligan, because your opponent plays lots of disruption), you want to at least have either Lazav, the Multifarious (who can turn into an Emry) or Champion of Wits and hope to draw Gate or Emry later. Brain Maggot is also a nice card to have to disrupt our opponent and buy us some time.
So those are the basics about the deck. In it's core this is a Combo deck. It's no OTK combo, but one that seals the majority of games.In most games we can get a Gift into play by turn 4 or 5 (sometimes even turn 3 with Phyrexian Tower). The gameplan is more consistent than it looks, but you sometimes have to get creative when it comes to filling your graveyard. Playing around graveyard hate is also a big deal, but I'll cover that in the matchup guides.
Here I'll talk about every single card in the deck, why it is there and some more specific elements about playing with them.
Creatures (30):
Every second card in our deck is a creature and it has to be this way. We need creatures to activate [[Gate to the Afterlife]] and to reanimate with [[God-Pharaoh's Gift]]. Every noncreature card makes our deck less consistent, which is why we play as many creatures as possible.
4x [[Merfolk Secretkeeper]]
This is used to mill ourselves. One mana mill four is not a bad deal and for another mana we get a great blocker and cheap creature to sacrifice for Phyrexian Tower and ramp us the next turn or get our 6th creature in the graveyard. It's not as good as Stitcher's Supplier, but it's the next best option available to us right now.
4x [[Stitcher's Supplier]]
This is the most efficient way to fill our graveyard. It mills 3 cards when it enters and dies and is a creature by itself. This is also the best card to feed to our Phyrexian Tower. By playing this turn one and turn two sac it to the Tower, we can play a Gate turn two and often crack it the next turn. A play pattern like this is almost unbeatable for our opponent.
4x [[Brain Maggot]]
This is the best hand disruption on a stick we can get for two mana. It is great to buy us time early or to get rid of any disruptive elements our opponent has brought to stop us from going off. This is also a very good reanimation target that can get rid of any comeback cards our opponent might have. It is also a lot more difficult for the opponent to get his card back, when its stuck below a 4/4 instead of a 1/1. When picking removal with this, you should take targeted removal over boardwhipes. This means that you they have to whipe the board earlier and will only have left one targeted removal spell, which makes it easier for you to rebuild (of course there can be scenarios in which picking the bordwhipe is better, for example if you desperately need the board to not get whiped for one more turn).
2x [[Lazav, the Multifarious]]
These are the poor mans 5th and 6th copies of Emry. Most of the cards in this deck are very irreplacable, but I could see cutting this one in the future. Lazav gives us a bit of card selection, mills us at max one card and most importantly can become an Emry that let's us cast our Gate from the graveyard. The Problem is, that paying taking a whole turn off, just to copy Emry is often just too slow. A possible replacement could be [[Mire Triton]], but I think that card just does to little. A deathtouch body is nice, 2 life are ok and milling two cards is also not very exciting. Depending on the meta, [[Gifted Aetherborn]] could be a good replacement, but right now I prefer this as a sideboard card against aggro. Once we get to Kaladesh Remastered, [[Trophy Mage]] would be a nice replacement, but we already have a lot of 3drops, so I might end up cutting a Champion of Wits instead.
4x [[Champion of Wits]]
This is really good card selection on a 3drop, is a strong reanimation target and is a strong uncounterable 7 drop from the graveyard lategame. It gets our creatures in the graveyard and find our Gate, which is both critical to our gameplan. One thing to note is, that if you have six lands, one of them a Phyrexian Tower and a Champion in play, you can sacrifice the Champion and immediately eternalize it.
4x [[Emry, Lurker of the Loch]]
Emry is the perfect card for this deck. We may not always have the artifacts to make this cheaper (playing a 1/1 Stonecoil on turn one to set up a turn 2 Emry is a great play), but it mills us four cards and can cast Gate from the graveyard! This is the best way to get our Gate (besides just drawing it, but you're not always that lucky). Casting [[Stonecoil Serpent]] from the graveyard is also a great source of value and casting a Stonecoil for 0 from the grave, while having a Gate in play lets us loot and thus get another creature in the graveyard. Casting a second Emry just to get the 6th creature in the graveyard for Gate is also a fine play.Many opponents bring a [[Grafdiggers Cage]] in from the sideboard, while this doesn't interrupt Gate or Gift at all (our creatures don't enter from the graveyard, we are just creating copies), it does prevent Emry from casting Artifacts from the grave, so be wary of that.
2x [[Ravenous Chupacabra]]
This is a great midrange card, that can kill important creatures and one of our primary reanimation targets. If you expect your opponent to have removal of their own (which I do in most matchups), then I prefer this over Hostage Taker.
2x [[Massacre Wurm]]
This is most of the time our best reanimation target, but also our most expensive card (besides Gift, but that one's rarely hardcast). It whipes a lot of cheap creatures in the format (especially 2/2 Zombies!) and can deal a lot of damage. The damage effect lasts for as long as the Wurm is on the battlefield, which makes blocking for the opponent a lot more difficult. This creature is just a gameending beast. Hardcasting it is also not the end of the world (we can get there by turn 5 with Phyrexian Tower) and we can still win games this way.
4x [[Stonecoil Serpent]]
This is a very versatile creature. It synergizes very well with Emry, gets in your graveyard for free (you also get the loot trigger from Gate) and can be a strong creature when the game goes longer than we want. The protection from multicolored and reach are also surprisingly relecant, it blocks Uro and every creature from the mono blue flash deck.
Artifacts (6):
4x [[Gate to the Afterlife]]
This is how we get our Gift into play. We can often play it turn 3 and get our Gift the next turn. Note that the Gate even helps you filling the graveyard, whenever a nontoken creature dies you gain 1 life and get to loot on card. You can often get creative in killing you own creatures (Phyrexian Tower, second Emry, 0 mana Stonecoil, chumpblocking) and thus activate the Gate faster.
2x [[God-Pharaoh's Gift]]
The whole deck is build around getting this out as fast as possible. And once we get there it is devastating for our opponent! I won't go about what to reanimate when again (already covered that in the General Gameplan). What I want to mention here is how this card works against graveyard hate. You do not have to concede against Grafdiggers Cage! That card only prevents creatures from entering the battlefield from the graveyard, but this is not how eternalize works. Gift exiles creatures from our graveyard and creates 4/4 copies, none of our creatures enter the battlefield from the graveyard! It also means, that our opponent can't prevent us from eternalizing by exiling the creature in response! They will have to exile all your creatures before combat, otherwise you will get your token. After your opponent exiled your entire graveyard you can just quickly get another creature in the graveyard (hoarding some mill cards is a good idea, also Phyrexian Tower is your friend) and keep reanimating (well eternalizing, but you know what I mean).But if people start plaing [[Rest in Peace]], we'll have a problem.
Lands (24):
Not too much too say here about most lands (except for Phyrexian Tower). We definetly want all of our mana to be untapped. I think 24 lands is the right call, we really always want 3 mana by turn 3 and it's nice to have enough mana to hardcast some important spells if we get to the lategame.
7x [[Island]]
4x [[Phyrexian Tower]]
Yes, we play 4 copies of a legendary land, because it is insanely strong in this deck and we want to have it every game. We really want a card that lets us sacrifice creatures for free and we want more mana, this does both! Sacrificing a creature to get our Gate or really any of our spells one turn earlier is gamechanging. This also really helps us to get our creatures in the graveyard. With Gate in play, every creature we sacrifice is essentially 2 more creatures in the graveyard and Stitcher Supplier is especially good to sacrifice. Sacrificing a creature in response to an exile spell can also be useful.One thing you should always do is be sure to keep priority while playing with Phyrexian Tower (press Ctrl or set a stop in your current phase)! The game considers Phyrexian Tower to only be useful when creating mana and thus immediatly passes, when you don't have anything to spend you mana on. However the sacrifice part of Phyrexian Tower is critical for this Deck! So be careful, I've lost games because of this.
5x [[Swamp]]
4x [[Drowned Catacomb]]
4x [[Watery Grave]]
This deck is probably better in BO1 (but that's not real magic...), because we don't really have many cards we want to board out and we don't really want to be playing fewer creatures. For this reason, we mostly have good utility creatures in the sideboard. The Sideboard is not fix at all, it might change a lot in the future (sideboards are always meta dependent, but I'm also just not an expert at sideboarding).
3x [[Disfigure]]
Sadly there is just no good 1mana removal creature, so If we really want to kill creatures early, this is as good as it gets.
2x [[Gifted Aetherborn]]
This is supposed to be a tool against aggro. But since we have [[Rampaging Ferocidon]] in the format, it has kind of underperformed for me. This is one of the primary candidates to be replaced in the future.
2x [[Kitesail Freebooter]]
This is a nice tool against control. We really need to get their counterspell aout of there hand and get a window to play our Gate and this does the job. We already play 4 Brain Maggots main, but we want more of these cards against control.
2x [[Hostage Taker]]
This goes in, if we need more targeted removal and/or when our opponent plays little removal himself. It's also decent to take some artifacts, but that isn't very relevant in the current meta (I wouldn't bring this just against Grafdigger Cage).
2x [[Massacre Girl]]
This goes in, when Massacre Wurm isn't enough, or we want even more ways to whipe the board. You want to think about keeping you 1 toughness creatures alive to set up a good boardwhipe.
2x [[The Scarab God]]
This is a strong alternative wincondition. When we know, that it'll be difficult for us to get Gift in play, then this is the way to go. This is most likely the case against control decks. It can reanimate creatures at instant speed, which can be very useful. Reanimating a Brain Maggot in the draw step is nice and reanimating another Scarab God in response to an exile spell is insanely strong (you sacrifice the original, which goes back to your hand and still have another scarab god in play, which triggers its own scry ability on upkeep, because it's a zombie)!I thought about playing this main, but it is just too slow for most matchups.
2x [[Massacre Wurm]]
This goes in against decks with lots of small creatures. It is a very powerfull card and often we will want more than just the 2 copies we have in the maindeck.
Here are some short matchup guides against decks that I faced a lot on my way to mythic. Surprisingly I only played against Goblins for 1 or 2 times, so I can't tell you a lot about this matchup (I suppose you want to have the Disfigures, Massacre Girls and probably a few more Massacre Wurms). I also never encountered the mirror, so If you played against UB Gift the past few days, it might have been me :)
Field of the Dead:
This is a favourable matchup. They play one [[Bojuka Bog]] main which they will tutor up, so be sure to time your mill effects at the right time. Other than that, they have few ways to disrupt your gameplan. You can usually go off before them and Massacre Wurm is really hard for them to play around. We board out both Lazavs and bring in the other two copies of Massacre Wurm.
GB/Jund Sacrifice:
This is not a great matchup. These decks can explode out of nowhere and can match us in speed. We want to have all the Bordwhipes we can in this matchup, but if they get [[Bolas's Citadel]], there is nothing we can do. We board out both Lazav's, all four Stonecoils and bring in 3 Disfigure, 2 Massacre Girl and 1 Massacre Wurm. You want to kill their [[Priest of Forgotten Gods]] or mana dork as soon as possible and Whipe the board fast. Once you land one Massacre Wurm/Girl, we usally win. We just have to survive long enough... Also [[Scavenging Ooze]] is a very strong card against us.
Mono Red Burn:
Our fast start beats their fast start, but at a slow start we're probably just dead. I'd say this Matchup is about even, but it's also very swingy. [[Rampaging Ferocidon]] is a huge problem card for us. We board out Both Lazavs, one Gift and bring in two Gifted Aetherborns and one Massacre Girl.
Mono Blue Flash:
This is a decent matchup. If we get to play our Gate, we win and even a turn 2 Stonecoil is bad news for them (it has reach). Their best card agains us is [[Brazen Borrower]], which can bounce our Stonecoil or our Gift. We want to board out both Lazavs, 1 Gift, 2 Champions and bring in 3 Disfigure and 2 Massacre Girl. One boardwhipe is usually enough to end the game. Brain Maggot is also very useful against counterspells.
Mono Black Aggro:
This is a great matchup. Besides Thoughtseize and a rare Bojuka Bog, they can't interact with our gameplan at all. They win by attaking with creatures, but we have chumpblockers for days, so we usually get to survive long enough to get our stuff together and win the game. We board out both Lazavs and bring in both Gifted Aetherborns.
UX Control:
This is a good matchup. If they can't counter our Gate, we just win and Brain Maggot helps us to make this happen. Against UW, we want to make sure to get the second Gift into play fast, because they can exile one with [[Elspeth Conquers Death]] or can get rid of it with [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]]. Against UB, we probably want to board out the second gift, because they're gonna bring in [[Necromentia]]. We board out both Massacre Wurms and both Chupacabras and bring in both Kitesail Freebooters and both Scarab Gods. Against UB, we additionaly want to board out one Gift and bring in one Hostage Taker.
RB Sacrifice:
This is also a great matchup. This deck is a lot slower than the green version and instead more focused on controlling the board, which we care little about. They have no real way to interact with Gift and even a hardcast Massacre Wurm is backbreaking for them, because they win with many small creatures. We bring in both Massacre Girls and board our both Lazavs.
Final Thoughts
This Deck has really overperformed for me. The core gameplan is very strong and often unbeatable if it works out and if it doesn't it's still not the end of the world. Graveyard hate is annoying, but hasn't been backbreaking at all. The matchups against the top decks of the format aren't bad at all and other more fair decks are easy to beat.Overall I think that this deck could be a real competitor in the format, probably tier 2 or even tier 1.5 . My list is still far from perfect (on second thought, I'd really like to replace Lazav), especially the sideboard needs a lot of refining.I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the deck and encourage you to try it out!

submitted by Garchomp17 to MagicArena

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