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The Definitive Edition offers an original AoE II experience enriched with multiple features and additions that make the game much more enjoyable to play in the modern times, as players are now more demanding than they were when AoE II was originally released. It Is Full Version Game.

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Masters end up with this quest if they choose Option 1: Cutting the trees. More information below: Fridays @ PM PST / PM EST / PM GMT Please be sure to have the latest patch and scenarios to play with us, links for those are located on the homepage. Cd Key Generator Aoe 3, Crack Download, Downloads9va Minilodic Vol 3 2020, Stattrak For Baseball 4.1, Milf Lessons Give It To Neesa, Cd Autorun Creator 4.6, Va Christmas Baby Songs 2020 320kbps, 8 Minute Meditation Quiet Your Mind Change You, Code Honor, Bool Of Rah, Simufact Forming, Tuneup Utillities 2020 Key, Oliver Twist 2020, Top 40 Albums, Timekeeper 2.11, X2 X Men United 2020 1080p. Avoid using letters before the version number. Aztecs and Khmer have been nerfed so it is time to assess the farm economy. Sat 17 Oct 2020 03.30 EDT Last modified on Mon 19 Oct 2020 04.51 EDT. 4 Reasons Why You Should Take a Course with AOEU - The Art click now.

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And this is how things look percentage-wise: The data is gathered using 6 farmers per civ farming with no gap to a mill for 10 minutes each, with averages taken after 10 tests. Just Copy URL And Paste In Winrar [HOST] Delete. Flagellation Slaughter the target, dealing (95.472%Lash the target with Anima 3 times, dealing of Attack power) * Physical damage. Microsoft Office 2020 v16.33 Activation Crack Mac OS Free Download. New Rainbow Six Siege Update Reworks Tachanka, Full Patch Notes Detailed Tachanka has a new primary weapon thanks to the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch. The Oscira Series: Dedicated to the first weapons new Tenno come across as they begin their Warframe journey. I can not get AoE to run full screen with 8.1.

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AoE – Anywhere on Earth (Time Zone Abbreviation)

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Grasta setup guide

Last update: 16 Nov 2020
Warning: A lot of text and some tables. Not best viewed on mobile
This is just a little bit of elaboration on grasta setup and some case examples, with some projection towards grasta enhancement that will come with FGAD. It is assumed that you have read wiki/Grasta.
T1 T2 T3: The grasta tier, referred to in the wiki as low, mid, high tiers respectively T2 p/p: T2 pain/poison enh : grasta enhancement g.crit, g.pain, g.poison, g.rage: guaranteed crit, etc AGAD, PGAD, FGAD: Antiquity Garulea AD, etc null: usually referred to as non-type in-game

Attack grastas for elem DPS

Setup Multiplier, no additional typ atk+ Multiplier, typ atk+ 10% Multiplier, typ atk+ 20%
1] T3 elem + T2 p/p x2 1.3x1.3x1.3=2.20 (1.3+.1)x1.3x1.3=2.37 (1.3+.2)x1.3x1.3=2.54
2] T2 p/p x3 1.3x1.3x1.3=2.20 1.1x1.3x1.3x1.3=2.42 1.2x1.3x1.3x1.3=2.64
3] T3 T2 T2 elem (or in place of T2: T3 maxHP, crit, almighty, etc) 1.3+.2+.2=1.70 1.3+.2+.2+.1=1.80 1.3+.2+.2+.2=1.90
No additional typ atk+: Both setups 1] and 2] yield the same multiplier, but for setup 1] the advantage is unconditional +30% multiplier and extra PWINT/SPD stat while setup 2] relies on p/p to be applied; but 2] has the advantage of not costing jadeites. Setup 3] has lower multiplier but it is unconditional, so can still be useful while you are farming p/p. They can also have SPD stat, so AF SPD tier should be taken into consideration. Worth emphasising again that T2 p/p has fixed stat. Hammer is PWINT+5; Staff is INT/SPD+5; other weapons PWLCK+5.
With typ atk+: Typ atk+ buffs from weapons (Swift Cherry Blossoms, Dark Spirit Ax, etc) and skills are additive with T3 T2 elem, so be aware of how they affect the multiplier. See how setup 2] gives slightly higher multiplier with typ atk+ buff. However, T3 elem has +5 PWINT w.r.t. T2 p/p, so all in all 1] and 2] give around the same dmg in the end. If you want to convince yourself, use the damage calculator.
Considering the above, here is one path of farming Garulea AD to access big dmg quickly: - Start with PGAD and stay until you get enough awakened T3 T2 elem for your main DPS (setup 3]) - Switch to AGAD to farm p/p, even better if you can already get all 5 reward slots. Stay until you have enough p/p for main DPS (setup 1], 2]). Give the T3s here low priority as they are not as useful (read below for which ones you might want to grab first) - Switch back to PGAD to finish getting all T3 - Switch back to AGAD to finish getting all T3 - While waiting for FGAD, you can choose either AGAD, PGAD, or finally farm those Otherlands gear. Some questions to help with your decision: Azami's light or Gariyu's shadow? Cat Ema or Superior Dogu?
Note that some players like to finish getting everything in PGAD first. This is fine; superbosses up to around 8 antiquity demons can be defeated with setup 3].
Who are the g.p/p setters? Go to wiki/Characters and you can filter. I will list all of them here (assume post-manifest)— g.pain: Radias, NikehAS, NagiAS, LaclairAS, Elga, Renri, Bertrand, Jade, Deirdre g.poison: Laclair, VeinaAS g.pain&poison: Suzette, Felmina Wind bias much, WFS? As u/lvcifer316 points out, there are a lot more g.pain setters, so it makes sense to align wind team with Poison to free up Pain for other teams.

Since T3 elem/null is unique, you will have a situation where you don’t have T3 elem for a 2nd char with the same weapon (e.g. T3 water katana between NikehAS and Shigure). Ofc give the T3 elem to the better DPS, and for the other you can use T3 almighty / T3 crit / T3 maxHP / T2 p/p in its place.
With enh, the above is sort of moot because the enh would make the T3 elem buff party-wide (of the same specified personality). This also makes setup 2] to be favoured because the T3 can now be equipped by somebody else in reserve. For example, if Shion in reserve has enh T3 fire katana, the +30% fire buff will be granted to all katana users in the party. So AkaneAS and Tsukiha at frontline can have T2 pain x3, making their multipliers 1.34=2.86.
T3 maxHP: stacks additively with T2/3 elem — use on char who already has innate maxHP multiplier and/or team with end-of-turn heal. T3 maxHP conditional in the presence of maxHP+ buff (from Myunfa, Anabel, VeinaAS, etc.) applies to the buffed maxHP.
T3 crit: good for units who double-stack their orb when crit (e.g. NagiAS) and there is no g.crit buffer in the team (e.g. if Myunfa is present, T3 crit on NagiAS is redundant, except for the stats). Since there are sizable number of g.crit buffers (RenriAS, Dunarith, VeinaAS, Myunfa, YunaAS, ShanieAS, Violet, ForanAS, Yipha, TsukihaAS, IluluAS), make sure your T3 crit is not redundant. Kikyo can benefit from T3 crit since her clone prevents her from getting crit buff (and T3 maxHP, because clone invulnerability).
Perma-crit club: Anyone who has personal additional >30% crit rate basically will be able to perma-crit (the rest is covered by: innate LCK 10% + T3 crit 30% + enh 15% + enh 15%). Guildna and Strawboy have personal crit grasta, Cyrus has personal weapon with +50% crit rate, Violet's personal weapon has +30% crit rate. Also Western personality chars, since there will be T3 crit (Western). Guildna/Violet: T3 30% + personal 30% + enh 15% + enh 15% + 10% (LCK>159) Strawboy: T3 30% + personal 30% + enh 15% + Miaki’s fists 20% + 5% (LCK>79) Cyrus: T3 30% + personal 50% + enh 15% + 5% (LCK>79) With the marine sword that converts basic attack to aoe, Guildna will be a good farmer, see this JP vid here (Nopaew Channel). You can see that Strawboy and Cyrus can already 90% crit without enh, with LCK>159. If we ever get aoe fists/katana or grasta... WFS buff them plz.
Comment from u/minadein:
One thing I would add is that there is a new series of grasta introduced: Western. T3 maxHP (western), T3 restore (western), T3 crit (western). So you can set up Melina to perma-crit using two T3 crit grasta (hammer + western), along with the AOE grasta. And of course, have someone else with upgraded T3s to boost her damage.

T3 m.crit: For staff users, similar setup as physical DPS, and same consideration regarding T3 crit applies to T3 m.crit. Usually that is given to GariyuAS because his orb stacks twice when crits (other choices: MyrusAS, VeinaAS). So for GariyuAS, this is optimal: T3 fire + T3 m.crit + T2 pain (with g.pain setter in the party like Jade). Ofc when m!Mariel is present to give g.m.crit, then the T3 m.crit is redundant (though you might want to keep it for the +10 INT/SPD).
T3 almighty (typ atk +25%): Stacks additively with T2/3 elem. Since they buff all types, it will be good for multi-elemental lunatic chars, although among them only Thillelille and Skull have the specified personalities. Enh makes it party-wide as well and it's interesting that its restriction is not by weapon. u/dreicunan points out that some chars can take advantage of two enh T3 almighty at the same time, e.g. Kikyo/Shigure/Shion (Eastern, Cat Lover); Cerrine/RuinaAS (IDA, glasses); RenriAS (Sweet tooth, Glasses); Azami (Eastern, Sweet tooth). Sooo, theoretically you can get bonkers multiplier like T2 p/p x3 + party-wide {T3 elem + T3 maxHP + T3 almighty + T3 almighty} = 1.33x2.1 = 4.61 (!!) E.g. Kikyo T2 p/p x3, Ilulu T3 wind ax + T3 maxHP ax, Shion T3 almighty eastern + T3 almighty cat lover

Attack grastas for null DPS

Note: Wrong recommendation in prev version; has been corrected now, thanks u/dreicunan for fact-checking
Setup Multiplier, no additional null atk+ Multiplier, null atk+ 25% Multiplier, null atk+ 50%
1n] T3 null + T2 p/p x2 1.4x1.3x1.3=2.37 (1.4+.25)x1.3x1.3=2.79 (1.4+.5)x1.3x1.3=3.21
2n] T2 p/p x3 1.3x1.3x1.3=2.20 1.25x1.3x1.3x1.3=2.75 1.5x1.3x1.3x1.3=3.30
3n] T3 T2 T2 null 1.4+.3+.3=2.00 1.4+.3+.3+.25=2.25 1.4+.3+.3+.5=2.50
No additional null atk+: Unlike T2 elem +20%, T2 null has the same +30% buff as T2 p/p, and T3 null is +40%, so setup 1n] clearly wins out. But for farming, setup 3n] is good since it is unconditional.
Also, like T2 elem, T2 null can have SPD as secondary stat, so same advice as elem situation. But note that T2 null with preferable stat rarely appears in PGAD Nagsham <- understatement of the year, probably.
With null atk+: Same consideration as the analogous elem situation applies.

Life grastas

Most are self-explanatory, so just a few highlights:
T3 restore +30% (hammer, Straw D.): Myunfa's EoT % heal is buffed by this. With this Strawboy can heal decent amount even with Heal M (more than Morgana's 1500HP), which is accessible in his magic incarnation, so you can have Myrus-like build (hybrid mage/healer). At 255 base INT, Wisdom Knuckles — Heal M heals 1501-1596HP, boosted by +30% is 1952-2075HP. So you don't need healer incarnation if you just want simple heal; use healer more for the buffs. With enh 30%>50% this grasta is all the more desirable.
T3 MP consumption-: Lance useful for Tiramisu for SPR stat. For farming: e.g. LokidoAS' Heavenly Impact can be lowered to 20MP, and can be fully recovered by Myunfa's Bunbuku Shower.
T3 self-healing: Not aware of non-niche usage of this. Maybe if you want to do an AD soloing challenge?
T1 power of regen: Constant regen is nice, but the % heal is too small to be useful. Even with party-wide enh it is still difficult to use, since it would be restricted to the same weapon trait. Maybe good as training wheel when one just begins grasta farming.

Support grastas

T3 weapon prayer: Right now +30% is not so worth the jadeite but with enh 30%>50% it would be good. Other than equipping it to oneself (e.g. Felmina buffing herself), ofc another at frontline can also use it and retreat to reserve if they are not needed. u/minadein points out that you can equip Bivette with staff prayer to boost GariyuAS damage even further, as quite an F2P-friendly fire zone team comp. Note that weapon prayer buff increases heals, but not regen please ask the devs why.
T2 T1 debuff res: Kinda trashy now with only 25% chance of not getting debuffed for T2 (additive to 75% when equipped in all 3 slots? No one bothers to test I guess). However enh will make it 25%>100% (resisting Grand Purity Staff's typ res debuff in Yuna manifest fight, anyone?), so don't destroy those as yet. T1 is 15% chance. Proficiency debuff = PWINT/SPD debuff.
T3 curses: Self-explanatory. Definitely up the priority list to spend jadeites to awaken since they are more likely to be useful. But with Guildna and Altena around, their use is probably limited to some situations. Enh makes the debuffs more potent and its duration longer: 20>25%, 2>3 turns so they would have an edge over Guildna/Altena's skills and more like Yuna's. Everybody can be budget Yuna yay

Grastas from P5R collab

(under construction) Refer to my post for now. I will elaborate more if there is any good usage beside the obvious ones.

Extra grasta slot at 200 light/shadow

(under construction) Same logic, extrapolated to 4 slots. E.g. all p/p multiplier would be 1.34 = 2.86

Some case examples

  • NagiAS (T3 earth + T2 pain + T2 pain): standard 1] setup in earth zone team \ Consider T3 earth + T3 crit + T2 pain if no Myunfa
  • Joker (T3 null + T2 null + T2 null): 3n] null farming setup when not using his fire slash.
  • Wind magic Strawboy in Garulea AD (T3 m.crit + T2 poison + T2 wind INT/SPD): T2 elem here instead of T2 p/p because with +5 SPD he steps into the next AF SPD tier (297 SPD) and can outspeed the speediest Garulea mobs. Build details here \ Other setups: In place of T2 poison; personal T3 heal+30% to boost healing; or T3 fists prayer to boost Felmina.
  • Myunfa (T3 heal +30% + T3 hammer aoe + T3 hammer prayer): standard earth zone support setup, with SPD and heal boost \ Other setups: aoe + nulls for auto-attack farming
  • Mariel/Yuna/Mana (T3 staff prayer, HP recovery, MP restore, typ res+, etc)
  • Azami/Altena (HP restore x3): in Yuna manifest fight free char strat by u/minadein for example
  • Some other exceptions from standard setups: chars whose dmg scales with other stats like Tiramisu, Kikyo; multi-elemental lunatic

Elemental skill attack grasta (abbreviated ESG in wiki)

  • Fire ESG: Fire team lacks SPD buffer so Mana with fire ESG can fill that role and participate in fire zone attack. Dunarith with fire ESG wouldn't be the worst idea too.
  • ESG for char with weapon prayer skill: e.g. Dewey/Lokido with wind ESG can boost Felmina in wind zone team; Philo with earth ESG can boost NagiAS. With prayer grasta enh 30%>50%, Philo can be benched Philo manifest when; but Dewey's fists prayer comes with +50% crit dmg too so ESG is still better compared to Felmina equipping T3 fists prayer grasta herself.
  • ESG for g.p/p setters: e.g. Suzette/Felmina with fire ESG would enable p/p grastas on fire zone team (but it is probably easier to apply p/p and pull them to reserve instead).
  • ESG just for the stats: since they are T3, they have stat +10, which can be useful without spending jadeite to awaken
  • enh ESG will have +30% elem dmg so that makes them more appealing

Grasta enh (unlocked in chp70)

Quick mechanics summary (what I understood from Altema; finer details and English terms tbc): - You farm Latent Ore, Special Ore, and Restore Ore from FGAD and overworldtbc - You enh a grasta by smelting it with Latent Ore to enhance or extend its effect; with Special Ore to give additional effect; or bothtbc - Smelting enh grasta will overwrite the previous effecttbc - Smelting with Restore Ore restores the original and gives back the Latent/Special Oretbc (Restore Ore itself is consumabletbc). - Smelting with any Ore costs 10k Git each time
The following enh list is taken from Discord, crossposted from JP forum. In italics are corrections / additional info cross-checked with what I read from elsewhere. Altema's page is here.
Grasta enhance (Latent Ore) 1. T2 elemental: 20%>30% 2. T2 null: 30%>40% 3. All T3 elemental, null, HP max, Almighty: Effect share between all party members that fulfill the condition. 4. Pain & poison punisher: chance to inflict pain/poison on attack 5. Agony: 30%>35% 6. Mind, absorb: additional 25% all type damage increase 7. XX hit (watery, wind): 30% XX ele damage up 8. Enhance normal attack: 50%>100% 9. Normal attack to all target: normal attack will deal additional 50% damage 10. Hp restore: pass effect when swap with backrow 11. Mp restore: share effect with party 12. HP, MP recover: 100% heal when swap to backrow 13. Self healing: skill cost -15% 14. Healing power: 30%>50% 15. MP cost reduction: 15%>25% 16. prayer: 30%>50%, effect duration 3 turns>5 turns (tbc: turn change not mentioned in Altema) 17. debuff resist: 25%>100% 18. physical/type resist+ :10%>15% 19. powewisdom curse: effect 20%>25% (2>3 turns) 20. power of regen > party-wide
Grasta potential enhance (Special Ore) You can awaken 1 potential per grasta: 1. +300 HP 2. +30MP 3. +20% healing 4. +15% crit rate 5. +15% magic crit rate
Or you can choose 1 additional effect per grasta: 1. +50% damage when you have X status ailment (poison, pain, bind, rage) 2. +10% damage when hitting weakness 3. remove all status when swap to backrow 4. transfer buff when swap with backrow (a la everybody is CetieAS) 5. Hold ground when you have max HP (once per battle) 6. Enemy encounter rate up stack up to 3 times 7. Enemy encounter rate down stack up to 3 times 8. 30% damage up when facing 2 or more enemy 9. +15% damage, but all MP cost +50%

FGAD stuff

Not going to elaborate in full here, but some notes: - Mechanics is different from AGAD/PGAD - Higher chance of chants and jadeites, see this thread - Any T2 can drop from reward slots, except nulltbc - Cerrine gains light here - Basically the current farming spot for JP players. JP 2.6.60 update even increases the incentive by lowering the cost of 50 junk/femur items to 10.
See Altema for more details.

VC grasta (slot unlocked in chp58)

Awakened usually extends VC effect to 2 turns, and additionally some: - improve buff/debuff/healing, e.g. MarielAS INT+30%>40%, Hismena p.res-20%>30%, MelinaAS regen, Sophia - improve some attack VC, e.g. MyrusAS hit 2-4x>3-5x - inflict g.ailment, e.g. Radias, Bertrand > g.rage Poporo g.poison VC grasta when
To make a fully awakened proof, go to Cat Shrine: Bonfire: destroy 4* tomes until you get enough sp frag; exchange 10 tomes/5 treatises for the desired proof; exchange 10 tomes/5 treatises for the sacrifice proof Cat Hokora: Bind both desired proof and sacrifice proof to activate Cat Hokora: Separate activated sacrifice proof (DON'T SEPARATE AWAKENED PROOF) Cat Hokora: Bind desired proof to awaken
True VC grasta: Repeat the above 2 more times, unequip and combine 3 awakened proofs in Future Cat Shrine. As you can see, due to the grind, making true VC grasta is not worth it for most chars as they only typically add +10 stat (worth it ones: Tiramisu, Kikyo, your waifus).
Note that for some chars, their 4th slot grasta is given in the story. 3 unawakened VC grastas each: Bivette, Deirdre, Sophia. T.VC grasta: Persona 5 collab crew. Personal non-VC grasta: Aldo, Guildna, Jade. I'm slightly concerned that it specifies Protagonist instead of Aldo though; will Varuo replace him as Protagonist Note that these grastas are gold-rimmed: they cannot be destroyed, same as any gold-rimmed T3 attack/life/support.
Which VC grasta to farm: Obviously your main DPS, and your Garulea team to make your runs easier if you use VC strat. Farming Cerrine's isn't a bad idea, given FGAD is coming. Listing some of the good VCs here that benefit from VC grasta: Myunfa Suzette Hismena Radias Bertrand Felmina Ewan Isuka YunaAS ClaudeAS (but treatises are RNG) So generally speaking, it's the ones that make your damage more disgusting. For reference, here is Altema's list of all VCs.
Enh sp atk: Sp attack refers to AF finisher (wiki/Another_Force). Note that Kikyo can equip Cat Lover for SPD as placeholder for her VC grasta. Triple enh sp atk is also possible by aligning the Sword trait (Aldo + Shannon + Deirdre/Anabel/Radias).
Edit history: - always ongoing: spelling, formatting, rephrasing for clarity - incorporated corrections and suggestions from u/xPalox, u/dreicunan, u/minadein, u/lvcifer316 - added T3 self-healing, char-specific 4th slot grasta - added quick summary of enh smelting mechanics - digressed expanded on PGAD/AGAD choice - (Markdown table is da best) - added g.p/p setters - more corrections for Discord enh list - added comment on curse enh - expanded on perma-crit club - added info from P5R collab part 2
Todo: - table for setup & corresp multiplier
submitted by Typical-Cookie to AnotherEdenGlobal

Preseason 11 Gangplank Highest Success Rate Build Paths

This Thread Has Been Updated 24.11.2020 (Day.Mon.Yea) 9:20 AM / 7:20 UTC / 23:20 PST /
UPDATE: I have Re-edited This Post To Correctly Show The Damage Done By The Collector Nerfs That hit Live Patch 10.23 AT 11.11.2020 (Day.Mon.Yea) Preseason 11 patch & Also Edited Some Amazing Defensive Options Into Prowlers Claw, Trinity Force & Divine Sunderer Build Paths. I Also Added A NEW BUILD PATH Second Highest Build On This Thread Using Galeforce! For The Post Explaining Gangplank's Awful Winrate And Lackluster Performance That I Predicted Going Into The Preseason, Check Out This Thread:

Highest Damage Per Hit Build Path (Received A Minor Buff Patch 10.24):

  1. Ravenous Hydra 3300 Gold (Increased AOE Damage On Barrels, Ability Haste & Healing)
  2. Essence Reaver 2900 Gold (Increased Spellblade Damage Scaling, Ability Haste & Critical Strike Chance)
  3. Prowlers Claw 3200 Gold (21 Lethality, Ability Haste & 5 Lethality Per Legendary Item)
  4. Infinity Edge 3400 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Damage)
  5. Lord Dominik's Regards 2900 Gold / The Collector 3000 Gold / Deaths Dance 3100 Gold / Maw Of Malmortius 3100 Gold / Spirit Visage 2900 Gold / Sterak's Cage 3100 Gold / Edge Of Night 2900 Gold (Increased Lethality / Armor Penetration, Critical Strike Chance, Execution Passive / Bonus Damage Against Higher Health Opponents, Health, Healing & Damage Reduction. Building Sterak's Cage With Sheen As Your First Item With This Build Path Is Not A Bad Option When Needed)
  6. Sell Boots -> Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000 Gold / Lord Dominik's Regards 2900 Gold / Navori Quickblade 3400 Gold (Increased Penetration. With Full Build It Is Actually Better To Sell Your Prowlers Claw For Galeforce, As The 100% Critical Strike Chance With Upwards Of 480 Attack Damage At This Point In The Game Is THE STRONGEST 6 Item Stack You Can Have)
76 Lethality With The Collector & 64 Lethality + 25% Armor Penetration With Lord Dominik's Regards - 18 Lethality Without Youmuu's Ghostblade, 60% Critical Strike Chance, 199% Critical Strike Damage & 50 Ability Haste (33% Cooldown Reduction)
  • Powder Keg's Do True Damage With Boots Sold For Youmuu's Ghostblade Against Champions Up To 127 (89 Without Youmuu's Ghostblade) Armor With The Collector & Up To 143 (102 Without Youmuu's Ghostblade) Armor With Lord Dominik's Regards.
  • The Collector Got Nerfed Hard For Gangplank's Powder Keg's As A Scaling Penetration Critical Strike Item, Attack Damage Was Increased To 55 From 45, But The Lethality Was Decreased From 18 To 12. Because You're Not Focusing On Buying The Collector In The Mid Game As The Item Doesn't Have Nearly Enough Urgency To Be An Important Core Item When Playing Gangplank, This Means That Most Of The Time Now Lord Dominik's Regards Will Always Be Better Item For Powder Keg's As Well As Basic Attack Critical Strikes.
  • This Build Path Got The Biggest Buff From Any Other Gangplank Build Path In Patch 10.24, Receiving 10 Extra Attack Damage On Essence Reaver & 5 Extra Attack Damage On Prowlers Claw Which Doesn't Sound Like A Lot, But In Late Game After About 5 Items Completed With 40% Chance To Critically Strike With Added Penetration From Prowlers Claw's Mythic Passive, You Will Be Able To Deal About 50 - 40 More Damage Per Each Powder Keg Compared To Previous Preseason Patch 10.23)
Item Cost Without Counting Boots Or Any Replacement Item For Boots Slot: 15 800 Gold - 100 If You Chose Lord Dominik's Regards Over The Collector.


There Is A Very Good Build Path Option To Consider In Games Where You Strongly Believe That You Wont Need A Defensive Item, But Only Do This Build Path If You Are Completely Certain That You Will Not Need A Defensive Item In The Game You Are Playing, Otherwise This Build Path Loses In Damage Per Second & Damage Per Hit To The 2 Other Builds I Have On This Thread As Well As The Divine Sunderer Build Path. That Said This Build Path Has Insane Combination Of Damage Per Hit, Damage Per Second & Is Highly Mobile At All Stages In The Game! Another Thing To Consider Is Changing Whatever Build You Did Earlier In The Game To This Build Path If You Have Leftover Gold After 6 Items Completed And You Want To Be Even Stronger.

Highest Damage 6 Item Stack Build Path (Received A Vary Minor Buff Patch 10.24) :

  1. Ravenous Hydra 3300 Gold (Increased AOE Damage On Barrels, Ability Haste & Healing)
  2. Essence Reaver 2900 Gold (Increased Spellblade Damage Scaling, Ability Haste & Critical Strike Chance)
  3. Galeforce 3400 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Chance, Attack Speed & 3% Movement Speed Per Legendary Item)
  4. Infinity Edge 3400 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Damage)
  5. Navori Quickblade 3400 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Chance & Ability Haste)
  6. Sell Boots -> Lord Dominik's Regards 2900 Gold (Increased Damage Against Higher Health Opponents, Critical Strike Chance & Armor Penetration)
25% Armor Penetration, 100% Critical Strike Chance, 215% Critical Strike Damage & 70 Ability Haste.
  • Because Galeforce Gives 15% Movement Speed Boost After You Have Sold Boots, You Will Essentially Be Able To Run At 397 Movement Speed All The Time After Selling Boots. This Means That You Basically Created A New Item Slot On Your Full Build That You Normally Would Struggle To Make Use Of Really Late Into The Game, Especially In Games Where You're Fed Or Otherwise Trying To Keep Some Kind Of Item Advantage Against Your Opponents. You Will Never Do True Damage With Your Powder Kegs Or Basic Attack Critical Strikes Using This Build, But As Stated Before, You Will Have Absolutely INSANE Statistics With This Build Path At 6 Items. Literally Everything You Want To See As A Gangplank Player Can Be Found On This Build At 6 Items, Which Is Why It Deserves Honorable Mention On This Thread.

Highest Damage Per Second Build Path:

  1. Trinity Force 3333 Gold (Increased Spellblade Damage Scaling, Health, Ability haste, Movement Speed & 10 Attack Speed Per Legendary Item)
  2. Ravenous Hydra 3300 Gold (Increased AOE Damage On Barrels, Ability Haste & Healing)
  3. Navori Quickblade 3400 Gold / Deaths Dance 3100 Gold / Wits End 3100 Gold / Maw Of Malmortius 3100 Gold / Steraks Cage 3100 Gold / Spirit Visage 2900 Gold (Increased Damage Per Second, Critical Strike Chance, Ability Haste, Healing & Damage Reduction)
  4. Infinity Edge 3400 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Damage)
  5. Lord Dominik's Regards 2900 Gold / The Collector 3000 Gold / Phantom Dancer 2900 Gold / Mortal Reminder 2700 Gold / Bloodthirster 3400 Gold (Increased Lethality / Armor Penetration / Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Critical Strike Chance, Execution Passive / Bonus Damage Against Higher Health Opponents / Life steal)
  6. Sell Boots -> Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000 Gold / Mortal Reminder 2900 Gold / Phantom dancer 2900 Gold / Dead Man's Plate 2900 Gold (2 Zeal items after boots sold is not a bad option)
30 Lethality With The Collector & 18 Lethality + 25% Armor Penetration With Lord Dominik's Regards, 60% Critical Strike Chance With Youmuu's Ghostblade & 80% Critical Strike Chance With Zeal Item - 18 Lethality, 199% Critical Strike Damage / 207% Critical Strike Damage & 60 Ability Haste (37% Cooldown Reduction)
  • Powder Keg's Do True Damage Against Champions Practically NEVER With Either The Collector Or Lord Dominik's Regards After You Have Sold Boots Even If You Pair BOTH The Items Together.
Item Cost Without Counting Boots Or Any Replacement Item For Boots Slot: 16 433 Gold + 400 If You Chose Second Last Item (Before Selling Boots) Bloodthirster.

Highest Balance Between Damage Per Hit & Second Build Path:

  1. Divine Sunderer 3300 Gold (Increased Spellblade Damage Scaling, 5% Physical & Magic Penetration Per Legendary Item)
  2. Ravenous Hydra 3300 Gold (Increased AOE Damage On Barrels, Ability Haste & Healing)
  3. Navori Quickblade 3400 Gold / Mortal Reminder 2700 Gold / The Collector Gold 3000 Gold / Deaths Dance 3100 Gold / Steraks Cage 3100 / Spirit Visage 2900 Gold / Wits End 3100 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Chance / Lethality, Ability Haste, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Healing & Damage Reduction)
  4. Infinity Edge 3400 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Damage)
  5. Navori Quickblade 3400 Gold / Mortal Reminder 2700 Gold / Lord Dominik's Regards 2900 Gold / The Collector 3000 Gold / Phantom Dancer 2900 Gold / Bloodthirster 3400 Gold (Increased Critical Strike Chance / Lethality / Armor Penetration, Movement Speed, Attack Speed / Life Steal)
  6. Sell Boots -> Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000 Gold / Phantom Dancer 2900 Gold / Dead Man's Plate 2900 Gold (Again, 2 Zeal items after boots sold is a good option, but Youmuu's Ghostblade gives highest per hit damage as last item)
Lethality & Armor Penetration With All Lethality & Penetration Items Listed Above totals 30 Lethality + 44% (Diminishing Returns) Armor Penetration & 25% Magic Penetration, 60% Critical Strike Chance With Youmuu's Ghostblade & 80% Critical Strike Chance With Zeal Item - 18 Lethality, 199% Critical Strike Damage / 207% Critical Strike Damage & 70 Ability Haste (41% Cooldown Reduction)
  • Powder Keg's Do True Damage With Boots Sold For Youmuu's Ghostblade Up To 90 Armor With All The Lethality & Penetration Items Listed Above. Without Having All Lethality & Penetration Items Listed Above, Powder Keg's Will Practically NEVER Do True Damage Against Champions.
Item Cost Without Counting Boots Or Any Replacement Item For Boots Slot: 15 900 Gold With Collector & Lord Dominik's Regards / 16 800 If You Chose BloodThirster & Navori Quickblade Instead.

Highest Viability & Quality Ability Power Build Path (Received Minor Buff & A Nerf Patch 10.24):

  1. Prowlers Claw 3200 Gold (21 Lethality, Ability Haste & 5 Lethality Per Legendary Item)
  2. Serylda's Grudge 3400 Gold (Increased Armor Penetration, Movement Speed Slow On Ability Damage & Ability Haste)
  3. Lich Bane 3000 Gold (Increased Spellblade Damage Scaling, Movement Speed & Ability Power)
  4. Demonic Embrace 3000 Gold (Increased Ability Damage Scaling, Health & Ability Power)
  5. Void Staff 2500 Gold / Rabadons Deathcap 3800 Gold (Very Significantly Increased On-hit Magic Damage Scaling, Even Against Low Magic Resistance Champions Void Staff Offers More Damage on Lich Bane Spellblade Effect As Well as on Grasp Magic Damage Proc. However Rabadons Deathcap Is still Useful Item If you Get The Gold For It As It Offers Higher Cannon Barrage Damage Against Low Magic Resistance Champions Than Void Staff Does, Also Rabadons Deathcap Makes Powder Keg's Do More Damage Than Void Staff Does)
  6. Sell Boots -> Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000 Gold / If Possible Buy Sorcerer's Shoes (Increased Lethality / Magic Penetration, Some Movement speed & Active Movement Speed Effect)
62 Lethality + 30% Armor Penetration - 18 Without Youmuu's Ghostblade, 0% Critical Strike Chance, 175% Critical Strike Damage, 260+ Ability Power With Void Staff & Elixir Of Sorcery / 440+ Ability Power With Rabadons Deathcap & Elixir Of Sorcery, 30 Ability Haste (23% Cooldown Reduction)
  • Powder Keg's Do True Damage With Boots Sold For Youmuu's Ghostblade Against Champions Up To 153 (98 Armor With Buying Sorcerer's Shoes Instead, But The Damage Increase On Cannon Barrage Can Easily Be Worth Not Selling Boots For)
Item Cost Without Counting Boots Or Any Replacement Item For Boots Slot: 15 100 Gold + 1200 If You Chose Rabadons Deathcap Over Void Staff. The Idea With This Ability Power Build Using A Lethality Mythic Item And First 2 Items Being Attack Damage Items And Not Ability Power Items Is Because Gangplank Does Not Work Good If His Powder Keg's Dont Do At Least Decent Or Good Damage At All Stages In The Game As You Will Not Always Have Your Cannon Barrage Out of Cooldown. This Is The Reason Why This Build Path Works So well Compared Ability Power Gangplank Build Paths In Any Other Season Before Season 11.

I Hope This Was Helpful, I Spent Way Too Long Making This And To Me It Looks Easy To Understand And Follow. Preseason Will Be Upon Us And Lets Try To Not Completely Sink Gangplank's Winrate Within The First Week Of This Madness. As Usual I will Be Most Likely Streaming At The Start of Preseason 11, Come Join Me At
And Thanks For Reading Everything Up To This Point, Highly Appreciated Fellow Privateers!
Yea, Gangplank's Winrate Is Beyond Hope Right Now Sitting At 44% In Low Elo & 41% In High Elo At The End Of First Preseason Patch 10.23... Always Cheer For The Underdog!
submitted by Definitive_Unit to gangplankmains

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