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In here you can enjoy playing through different modes. Get support by contacting us online. AimExpert – Aiming Expert for 8 Ball Pool v1.1.6 [Unlocked. While tables 7-14 with bar table is $5/hour/person Seniors over age 60 $1 discount per hour/per person Table with 3 people or more $1 discount per hour/per person. Insert the amount of Cash Amount of Cash to Add. The 'D' is a semi-circle with a diameter of 1/3 of the width of the playing area (so a radius of 1/6). 6Ft Snooker Table for sale in UK.

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The fifteenth ball is the 8 ball and it is the focus of the game as each player tries to pocket his or her seven balls before the other player is able to achieve this in order to be able to legally pocket the 8. Search Premier League Submit search. Classic Pool is the classic Billiards for Android. You can now play true pool games anytime with that 8 Ball pool mod online game. Ball Pool Ultra MOD Billiards Pool Game – Download 8 Ball Pool Ultra MOD full unlocked Billiards Pool game for Android free, play 8 Ball Pool: Billiards Pool. My question is: my son shoots great in the backyard with a great form with a 27.5 ball at a 9 foot rim.

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Learn to play epic shots and easily climb up international ranking lists. Premier Blue & Yellow Pool Balls 2" Aramith Blues & Yellows and 1 7/8" cue. These sets are often needed for those who would like to play american cue sport. Enter your pool shape, length, width, shallow- and deep-end depths into our Pool Volume Calculator to find your pool's volume in gallons. You can also note the quality of physics; it deserves separate praise. GTA V (GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto, GTA) Out now for PlayStation4, Xbox One, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and PC. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California. Cheats, Cracks, Keygens - All For Free! : YoVille Cheats.

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In addition, the Regulations of Pool Billiards cover aspects of the game not. While you seek him out, you'll be occupied by plenty of strange activities involving balls: Ride a Ferris Wheel! Whether its tutorials, tools, support, cheats, mods, hacks, apps, games and everything else related! Download File Commander premium mod v4.3 apk ANDROID full - Notes -Download link 1- link 2- Download File Commander premium mod v4.3 apk ANDROID full version latest 2020 100% WORKING file commander premium crack FILE COMMANDER PREMIUM FREE File. 8 pool ball hacker v 1.6. I think it is only 1/2 inch smaller than my current motor so what should I use to. Manual lost? Download the manual you're searching for.

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19 Possible Brawler Concepts to be Added in the Game

12 of these ideas are ones I’ve had before except I balanced a few of them.
All brawlers here are separated on the rarity I think they should have.
• 4500 Trophies: Boomer
Description: Boomer has traveled a long way from France to show his skills as a boomerang thrower to the world.
Health- 3000 base health
Attack- Boomer hurls a small boomerang at the enemy dealing 800 damage (base) which can pierce through the enemy and hit them again as the boomerang travels back to Boomer in his line of sight.
Special- Juggling Act- Boomer throws 3 huge boomerang in front of him which deal 800 damage (base) each and comes back to him in his line of sight. The boomerang destroy blocks and are the triple the size of his regular attack. Each boomerang travels in a different direction, one straight forward and one left and right. The enemy can be damaged by all three if close enough.
Star power- Bon Voyage- For each time a boomerang hits an enemy, it gains 50 extra damage (max 150) on that throw.
Special charge- 10 hits
Reload speed: 1.4
Range- medium range
Speed: 650
• 6000 Trophies: Mira (Reworked)
Description: A hunter who tracks down deadly animals in the wild
Health: 3500 (base)
Attack: Tranquilizer gun: Mira shoots a tranquilizer dart dealing 500 damage (base) and slowing down any enemy hit by the dart to be slowed down by 50 speed for 5 seconds.
Super: impeccable scent- shows the location of all of the enemies and what their super is at for 10 seconds. (Has markers to there location if off screen).
Star power: Sleep darts: If three darts hit an enemy in a quick enough succession (5 seconds time period) then the enemy will fall asleep for 1.0 seconds.
Special charge: 7 hits
Range: Same as Crow‘s
Reload speed: 1.2
Speed: 675
• 10,000 Trophies: Cyris (New)
Description: An advanced AI computer virus who has evolved to have many abilities like the ability to hack brawlers.
Health: 3,300 (base)
Attack: Cyris shoots out two shots of code which when they hit a brawler it deals 650 damage (base) and steals 2% from that brawler‘s super meter.
Super: Hack- Cyris leaves his body behind and goes into a hardware form (looks like a blue ball of electricity) in which he walks extremely fast (1000 speed), If he goes towards a brawler than he will control the brawler for 2.5 seconds with which he can use that brawlers attack and super. When the 2.5 seconds are up he goes back to his body where the super was initiated. The hardware mode lasts 10 seconds.
Star Power: glitch- every 10 seconds it looks as though he has stopped to everyone however he is still moving. He “stops“ for 2 seconds and keeps moving with a blue player icon still moving and when the two seconds are up he shifts into the place he was moving.
Super Charge: 13 hits
Reload speed: 1.5
Range: Same as pennies range.
Speed: 750 ———————————————————————
• Iris
Description: A sprite from the forest determined to spread her plants to the desert.
Health- 3500 (base health)
Attack- Iris attacks the enemy with a blast of earthly magic, shooting a green shot which expands into 5 spores (with a slight homing effect) which do 300 damage each (base damage)
Super- Wall of trees- Iris summons of wall of trees which can protect her and her teammates (10000 base health)
Star power: Earthy sacrifice- every enemy she kills, she summons a plant in their place, either a Venus fly trap (traps nearby enemies if they walk too close for 3 seconds and has 3200 health) or a plant that spits acid in a certain radius (2000 health and 200 damage with a slow speed).
Super charge: 10 full attacks
Reload speed- 1.5
Range: Same as Jessie’s
Speed: 650
• Merlin
Description: A stage magician looking for work in all the wrong places.
Health: 2400 (base)
Attack: Merlin shoots a small purple projectile out of his wand which has a slight homing effect if it gets too close to an enemy dealing 800 damage (base)
Super: truly magic- Merlin teleports to a location and bursts all of his magic outwards pushing the enemies away dealing 1000 damage (base). It is used like barleys main Attack as you aim where you want to teleport and then burst out the power in all directions with the size of Tara’s super except a little less.
Star power: Mystifying illusion: Merlin confuses the enemy for 2 seconds after he uses his super, switching up the enemies controls.
Special charge: 12 hits
Range- Same as Jessie’s
Reload speed- 1.7
Speed: 650
• Ana (New)
Description: A girl who loves snakes, so much so she spent all of her money on exotic snakes.
Health: 3600
Attack: Snake teeth- Ana throws two fast moving snake teeth at the enemy (shot out at the same time .5 tiles apart) dealing 500 damage each causing the brawler hit with it to null healing effects for 2 seconds.
Super: Ana lunges forward (Bull’s super range) in a flash to catch her prey. Any enemy caught in her lunge will be squeezed by Ana for 1 second taking 800 damage (base) and be stunned for 1.5 seconds. If no one is there when she lunges, she just moves forward.
Star Power: After using her super, Ana can move 1.5x faster for 3 seconds.
Super charge: 10
Reload speed: 1.3 seconds
Range: Same as Jessie‘s
Speed: 700
• Leonidas (New)
Description: A Hoplite champion who has trained long and hard in the art of combat.
Health: 4,000 (base)
Attack: Leonidas thrusts his spear forward, piercing through any enemy’s caught in his spear to take 900 damage (base).
Super: Spear throw- Leonidas throws his spear at the enemy dealing 1800 damage (base) if it can hit ( Same radius as Brock’s attack except the width of the projectile is halved).
Star power: Hoplon- Leonidas puts up his shield when at full health which takes an extra 500 damage.
Super charge: 8 hits
Reload speed: 1.8 seconds
Range: Like Nita’s Attack, but half the width.
Speed: 625
• Volt
Health: 3000 (Base)
Attack: Battery Rifle- He shoots out a small electric current in front of him in which if the enemy is hit all enemies nearby take damage. Each shot does 1600 (base) and it splits up that damage amount based on the number of enemies nearby when the shot is hit. Although he can deal a lot of damage, his electric burst is very small and hard to hit (as big as one of colts bullets)
Super- Energizer- Puts down a energy generator on the ground right next to him, which generates power towards his teammates (cannot charge his own) super. With a medium radius, the power generator has 3000 health and takes 20 seconds to charge up teammates super (base) and each upgrade gets rid of .5 seconds. Each time a teammate charges up their super, The energizer loses 1500 health. If he is in the energizer his bullet size is doubled as well as other electrical attacks.
Star Power: Energy Sap- Enemies inside the Energizer are slowed down slightly (-50 speed)
Range: Same as Brocks range
Reload speed: 2.0 seconds
Supercharge: 5 hits
Speed: 650
• Drake
Description: Rumored to have ties with a vampiric lord, Drake has hidden himself away from the rest of the world until now.
Health: 3400 (base)
Attack: shoots one sacrificial dagger straight forward that does 750 base damage (Only can hit one enemy).
Special: Reanimation- Drake brings upon an army of the undead in a certain radius (similar to Tara’s special radius). Coming from all directions. Anyone caught in the radius will be attacked by 10 skeletons which each have 500 health and 100 damage (base). They can be destroyed and all of the skeletons will disappear after 10 seconds.
Star power: Deathly link- Gains a 10% damage boost to an enemy with 75% health and additional 10% boost towards an enemy with 50% and 25% health.
Special charge: takes 10 hits to charge
Range: Same as Jessie’s
Reload speed: 1.4 second
Speed: 700
• Abom
Description- As an abominable snowman he uses attacks that are chilling. Although he dishes out these attacks he still gets cold.
Health- 5000 base
Attack- Abom spits out an icicle at the enemy dealing 900 damage (base)
Super- Blizzard- Yeti spits out a storm in front of him with a wide effect (medium range). The storm slows the enemies doing 100 dps (doesn’t change) while he throws 3 sharp icicles doing 400 base damage (piercing). The storm last for 3 seconds leaving any enemies caught through the whole thing frozen for 2 seconds and other enemies in it slowed for 2 seconds.
Star power- Brittle ice- the icicles he spits at the enemy break into two when an enemy or wall is hit splitting out 3 shards outward dealing 200 damage each.
Reload speed- 1.7
Super charge- 11 hits
Range- Same as Spikes
Speed: 625
• Ares (New)
Description: No one knows if he is a god or not. Whenever there is a battle nearby he is always the one who causes it.
Health: 4,400 (base)
Attack: Weapons of war: Ares Swings his mighty Axe and broadsword at the enemy in quick succession. The axe does 800 damage and the broadsword does 600 damage (base). 180 Attack radius.
Super: Drums of Wars: Ares and his teammates hear the drums of war in their ears, giving each of them a 10% Attack and Health boost (base) for 5 seconds. 4 tile radius around Ares which cause the effect.
Star Power: God Speed: When He uses his super, He gains an extra 100 speed for the duration of his super.
Super charge: 10 hits
Reload speed: 1.4 seconds
Range: El Primo‘s main attack range
Speed: 700 ———————————————————————
• Arachne
Description- The queen of all things creepy and eight legged. She used to work as a seamstress at the local souvenir shop until she was transformed into a spider.
Health: 3500 (base)
Attack- Web Wire: She throws a specially made web forward dealing 700 damage (base). If she misses her shot, the web stays in place like a tripwire, and if triggered it deals 350 damage (base). The web lasts indefinitely but can only have a max of 5. The web can be broken by shots.
Super- Allied Arachnids: She summons 3 small spiders that seek enemies and explode, leaving behind a sticky web. Each spider has 1000 health and explodes dealing 800 damage and leaves a slowing web for 3 seconds with the range of spikes super (Base). If they are destroyed they don’t blow up.
Star power- Web Cache: When standing over her webs, she instantly reloads if she is attacking, but the web disappears. Same thing with her super except she can get 3 reloads out of it.
Range: Same as colts
Reload speed: 1.6 Seconds
Super charge: 7 shots
Speed: 700
• Bob
Description- No one really knows where this thing came from or what it is, but some say he came from outer space.
Health- 3000 base
Attack- Bob shoots a laser out of his space blaster deals 900 damage (base) which also can pierce through enemies
Super- Mothership- Bob calls in the mothership for assistance which summons a U.F.O. To help Bob. The U.F.O. Is thrown at the enemy and sucks up one enemy doing 600 dps for 2 seconds and immobilizing the enemy for two seconds. The U.F.O. Is directed by bob (has the radius of spike super) in which the U.F.O. Flys around the radius for five seconds. If someone gets within a 1 block radius it attacks them, but disappears after the 5 seconds
Star power- Extraterrestrial Blood- When Bob is damaged he leaves a trail of his green blood on the ground dealing 250 dps lasting for 3 seconds and when he is killed he leaves a huge puddle which does double the damage and lasts twice as long which is the size of barleys main Attack.
Reload speed- 1.9
Super charge- 7 hits
Range- Same as Brock’s
Speed: 650
• Jack
Description- A Pumpkin Born of fire and imbued with magic by his lord. He loves patches his horse and patches, which remind him of his favorite place.
Health- 3000 base health
Attack- Jack hurls a fiery pumpkin at the enemy (splash damage) dealing 800 base damage and causing the enemy burn for 2 seconds dealing 80 damage per second (doesn’t change)
Super- Fog- Jack throws a smoke pellet (like Spikes super) imbued with pure evil which creates a fog around the enemy (like grass) for 10 seconds. Enemies caught it in are identified by a black skull above there head.
Star power- Born in fire- when an enemy is burning, jack gains a 20% Attack damage increase and gets healed the amount the enemy was damaged.
Reload speed- 1.7
Super charge- 15 hits
Range- Same as Spikes Attack Range
Speed: 650
• Loch (New)
Description: A being who lives at the bottom of brawl lake and has great mysteries surrounding his existence.
Health: 3000 (base)
Attack: Loch throws out a ball of mud from a distance dealing 1050 damage (base).
Super: Loch throws out three leeches which quickly move towards the closest brawler and each deal 400 damage and have 800 health (base). When they cling on they have to be shot off in the direction they attached at. Leech life effect giving Loch 50% of the damage they did.
Star power: Murky mud- upon impact, the mud ball leaves behind a pool of mud which slows down the enemy by 50 (same area of effect as Brock’s star power).
Super charge: 9 hits
Reload speed: 2.0 seconds
Range: Same as Brock’s Attack range
Speed: 675 ———————————————————————
• Mars
Description: A man who has traveled to many planets who has decided to make earth his home. He brings with him a sack of “souvenirs“ that used to be other planets.
Health: 3800 (base)
Attack: He shoots a miniature planet which when about to hit an enemy, orbits around the dealing damage to everyone around him until it finally hits the original target. Each planets orbits around the enemy once dealing 800 damage (base)
Super: Gravity Grenade- Mars throws a gravity grenade into the ground causing everyone caught in the grenade radius (Like Dynamikes super) will cause the enemies to fly up into the air, where they cannot move or be damaged, for two seconds until they fall back on the ground taking 700 damage (base).
Star Power: Star Shot: Mars has a chance to shoot out a star which when shot has a 1 tile aura around it dealing 50 damage per second.
Range: Same as Jessie‘s
Reload speed: 1.7 seconds
Super charge: 14 hits
Speed: 650
• Windy
Description- A girl hit by a tornado as a child and gained its power. It’s like something out of a comic!
Health- 2400 base health
Attack- Windy shoots out a gust of wind in front of her which does 600 base damage while also slightly slightly slowing down enemies (when the wind is hitting them -50 speed). Can go through the enemy and hit others
Super- Twister- windy creates a powerful twister which randomly moves in different directions. Any enemy caught in the twister will be pulled in and take 700 base damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. The twister will be as big as barley’s main attack and quickly move in random directions. can break blocks.
Star power- Debris- If the twister breaks blocks, debris goes into the twister dealing 100 damage extra per block broken. It can also deal more damage if another enemy is sucked in.
Reload speed- 2.0
Super charge- 16 hits
Range- Same as Penny‘s
Speed: 650
• Astrid (New)
Description: A Valkyrie who has decided the fate of many warriors into crossing into Valhalla.
Health: 5,000 (base)
Attack: Blade of Valhalla- Astrid Swings her blade dealing 800 damage (base) which sends forth a fast moving beam of light dealing 500 damage (base) which pierced through enemies.
Super: Fate Chosen: Astrid chooses the fate of her comrades or her enemies. Valkyrie shoots a small slow moving group of spirits forward causing any brawler who touches it to have their fate decided. Their fate will either be favorable (teammates) or unfavorable (enemies). It it hits her teammates they will be healed completely (if alive) or revived where they have recently fallen to fight on. If they are an enemy they will take 3000 damage
Star Power: Swan song: A swan follows Astrid healing her 200 health every 5 seconds and heals everyone on her team 500 health when a teammate dies.
Super charge: 15 hits
Reload speed: 1.5 seconds
Range: little bigger than el primos attack and the beam is the same as Brock’s range.
Speed: 675 ———————————————————————
• Linda
Description: A Witch who has traveled a long way to get revenge
Health- 2400 (base)
Attack- Linda shoots out two bursts of magic which twirl around each other each dealing 600 damage (base). Not piercing
Super: Not a good Witch- Linda summons one of her loyal subjects to do her bidding. Linda summons a single skeleton (2000 health 200 Attack) that can’t be killed completely until Linda is dead. It can however be broken for 5 seconds. Also it can stand next to low health teammates and if shot once by Linda’s main attack, the life force of the skeleton will be transferred to the teammate and heal them the amount the skeletons health was, causing the skeleton to disappear. She can have up to 2 skeletons.
Star power: Unholy contract- Linda gains 500 health every time one of her skeletons are broken.
Super charge- 10 hits
Reload speed: 2.0
Range: Same as Bo‘s
Speed: 675
Appearance- Linda would look like a regular witch and with each skeleton she summons, skulls float around her head. (Up to two) ———————————————————————
Thank you for reading my ideas. Tell me what you think about them and upvote if you like them.
submitted by Andy1323- to Brawlstars

Dual Type Analysis: AGL and PHY


Hey there, Dokkan Reddit! This is a slightly different type of analysis post. While we always look at the newest set of OP leader skills (the 120% meta, or the new 150% one), there are a lot of unexplored leader skills that could get a bit of attention, those being the dual type leaders. Since their boosts are so tiny, I really can’t say any of these leader skills are meta. But they are something that could be fun to play around with from time to time.
Like I said, this’ll differ from the traditional analysis. First I’ll look at the card with this dual leader skill, and then check out some possible main rotations you could make using cards from the two types. Only cards that give 3 ki and boosts to all 3 stats count. I was planning to only look at cards available on global, but there are a lot of JP cards too good to leave out. Finally, I’d throw down a sample team and compare their DPT to that of a meta team. Easy, right? So to get started, we’ll take a look at the combo of AGL and PHY.

The Leader

Icon Name Rarity Max HP Max Atk Max Def Leader Skill Super Attack Passive Skill Link Skill
Bulma- Searching for a Sweetheart UR 7,348 6,980 3,851 AGL and PHY Type Ki +3, HP, ATK & DEF +40% Supreme Damage; Recovers 8888 HP Ki +4 at start of turn; recover 8888 HP per Rainbow Ki obtained Brainiacs, Rival Duo, Battlefield Diva, The Incredible Adventure, Guidance of the Dragon Balls, Scientist, Shattering the Limit
Waifu Bulma’s healing is pretty valuable especially with the lower overall lower health pool that this team is going to have. She provides herself with 4 ki, so you won’t have to worry about her linking with the other units to get her heal from her SA. She isn’t going to do much damage herself, but that’s fine. It should be noted that Pan has the same leader skill, but with 2 ki and 30% to stats instead.

Notable Pairs

Super Saiyan Trunks (Xeno) and Super Saiyan Trunks (Future)

Since LR Trunks barely has any attack links at all, you would want to partner him with someone who gives as much ki as possible. His and his Xeno counterpart share 5 ki through links, which is just enough to guarantee them both supers, but just too little that Future Trunks might miss his 18 ki super. It’s a bit of a gamble. Alternatively, there’s Starter Goku, who gives just 1 extra ki, but he doesn’t generate nearly as much attack himself, and he has that pesky HP restriction. That’s why I personally chose Xeno Trunks.
Super Saiyan Trunks (Xeno): 295,532
Super Saiyan Trunks (Future): 1,177,786
The pair’s combined attack is 1,473,318.

Super Vegito and Vegito Blue

Of course these two would come up here. For them both being the same character, you’d think they’d have more unique synergy. Their rotation is highly resistant against normal attacks. Super Vegito tanks them completely, while Vegito Blue reduces the damage, but not nearly as much. Super Vegito would go in the first slot to make sure that Vegito Blue can get his SA boost, and because there are more attacks to be tanked there anyway. Overall, a very nice duo.
I ain’t gonna write out all the math, so I’ll just put the attack values of each unit, then both of them together for the pairs total. This is including their free dupe system buffs, and their free ability.
Super Vegito: 683,056
Vegito Blue: 589,965
The pair’s combined attack is 1,273,021.

Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and Omega Shenron

The synergy here mostly just comes from them being very good cards each in their own right. They only share Fierce Battle in terms of attack links, but they don’t have too many better options anyway. They’re two powerful cards, so why not put them together? It doesn’t hurt that Omega debuffs, and Vegeta tanks, either.
Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta: 521,590
Omega Shenron: 584,671
The pair’s combined attack is 1,106,261

Majin Vegeta and Super Saiyan Bardock

Majin Vegeta benefits greatly from support units, with his on-SA passive, and he shares a couple of good links with Bardock as well. Their only problem is that they don’t share ki, but that’s resolves by Bardock also giving ki from his passive. Vegeta’s high damage output makes up for Bardock’s low damage, and Bardock also seals. It’s a combination of those factors that makes this pairing work.
Majin Vegeta(14 ki): 924,169
Super Saiyan Bardock: 135,285
The pair’s combined attack is 1,059,454.

Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black and Goku Black

Black always was a pretty self centered guy, and it shows here. The pair literally don’t need any ki to super (on global) due to their passives, which means you can leave as much ki as you want for Black’s nuking passive. They share a whooping 50% in attack links when BBB is active, which is pretty damn good. And they debuff. This pair is pretty damn good.
Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black: 545,010
Goku Black: 475,745
The pair’s combined attack is 1,020,755.

Super Saiyan Goten and Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid)

These two were made for each other, literally. They share 6 out of 7 links, and start with 11 ki when linked together. If only they’d awakened from the SSJ3 Gotenks event, they could’ve shared an extra 15% attack from Fierce Battle. Oh well, either way they’re very good together. They also both have a 3 turn attack raise on SA, which makes them stronger.
Super Saiyan Goten: 321,508
Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid): 334,617
The pair’s combined attack is 656,125.

Super Saiyan Gotenks and Whirus

These guys only share a single attack link and a single ki link. So no real unique synergy there. But I thought it would be fun to include them anyway, seeing as how Switzerland is the new premiere orb changer, and Dabtenks Rebirth is the top AGL nuker. MobileManASC calculated that Whirus would give his nuking buddy 12.5 orbs on average a turn. So I thought it’d be fun to see what they could do together, if you happen to have both (and no fusion leader (even though there’s a free one)).
Super Saiyan Gotenks: 365,527
Whirus: 206,959
The pair’s combined attack is 572,486.
Those are all the pairs from these two types that I can think of to talk about. If you can think of any more, lemme know and I might add ‘em in. Now for the sample team.

Rotational Damage

Average per turn: 1,595,285


Honestly, that’s not terrible. 1.6 million damage isn’t anything special, considering that there are cards that do that much on their own now, but for a team that’s under a 40% leader skill, it’s rather impressive. And this team has a lot of options beyond the ones that I listed. There’s really no shortage of good units between these two types. Only thing holding the team back is the waifu herself (Bulma, obviously not Pan). So if you’ve got Bulma or Pan, don’t see any reason to not try out this team for yourself.
Hope you guys all enjoyed, and lemme know if you’d want to see another one of these in the future. Or if I just completely screwed up the math somewhere (I’m sure I did).
submitted by KoukiTajiri to DBZDokkanBattle

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