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Never trust Biomass burner's for power...

Never trust Biomass burner's for power... submitted by KannerOss to SatisfactoryGame

Playtest: Buff Burner Power, Nerf Coal Power

TLDR Let's try this:
  1. Unlock the Chainsaw immediately.
  2. Give the Biomass Burners an input slot.
  3. Use Fertilizer from The Farming Mod and Mk.1 Wind Turbines from Refined Power Mod before unlocking Coal Power.
  4. Decrease the Energy Value of carbon fuels to 1/8th value and double Genny burn-speed.
A big thank-you to u/pararapapaimlovingit for their post Picking up Leaves and Wood without the Chainsaw (FEEDBACK) and u/ImKibitz for his recent Satisfactory Starter Guide + Starting Tips! (Update 3).
Biomass Burning is unpleasant. Collecting biomatter is jarring, swirling your camera across the ground, spamming E, trying to collect the nearly invisible leaves. This gameplay is actually bad for our eyes and fingers. And u/pararapapaimlovingit's title holds the solution: Chainsaws. Meanwhile the Coal Generator power tier is completely overpowered, and you can easily skip Fuel Generators, but many new players are too scared to upgrade, staying in the Burner tier, making themselves miserable. I've come up with some simple and easy-to-implement modifications we could playtest, to improve the fun of Satisfactory's early- and mid-game!
I propose 4 changes, with justifications, below:
Change #1. Rush to unlock the Chainsaw (Tier 2 - Obstacle Clearing) on new playthroughs.
Tier 2 - Obstacle Clearing costs 500 screws, 100 cable and 100 concrete. In raw materials, that's 125 iron ore, 100 copper ore, and 300 limestone. These'll mostly be hand-crafted, since you wont have enough iron to build many constructors yet.
This also unlocks Solid Biofuel, which hand-crafts fast and is a completely free 25% increase in fuel value. With this unlocked first, you'll be opened up to focus on building your factory.
Question to answer during playtesting: Should the Chainsaw be moved to Tier 1, and the research be made cheaper?

Change #2. Give Biomass Burners an input slot
This is the Biomass Burner 5-step maintenance process:
  1. Collect leaves & wood
  2. Insert leaves into container
  3. Insert wood into another container
  4. Collect Solid Biofuel from container
  5. Insert Biofuel into each Burner, often needing to manually split stacks
Give Biomass Burners an input slot, and this is still a 3-step maintenance process. Unlock Smart Splitters, and the player still has to collect bio-material manually.
Bio-material depletes, requiring you to walk further and further from home to collect it.
The player is still strongly incentivized to build Coal Power to avoid Burner maintenance, but is able to put it off 'till they're ready. Implementing Coal Power is a scary challenge that many new players put off as long as possible.
Unfortunately, there is no mod that implements a Biomass Burner with an input slot. I can think of no way to playtest this change without a mod that implements it.
Question to answer during playtesting: Should this Burner-with-an-input-slot be a separate building, unlocked through research at Tier 2? Or is that a meaningless gesture?

Change #3. Install The Farming Mod and The Refined Power Mod.
The Farming Mod allows you to automate Biomass by composting any bio-matter into Fertilizer. I haven't actually tested the efficiency of this, but it doesn't completely automate Biofuel, since there's currently no mod with an Input Burner. Definitely worth a look, though!
The Refined Power Mod allows you to build Mk.1 Wind Turbines very early, which generate 10 MW and must be spaced out 6-by-6 foundations. These generate so little power that you can't rely on them exclusively. They're great! HOWEVER, water turbines and upgraded wind turbines are overpowered. They produce lots of power requiring no input, and should only be built for decoration.
Question to answer during playtesting: At what point does Coal Power just seem more logical than continuing to semi-automate Burners? OR, do Wind Turbines and automated Fertilizer overshadow Coal entirely?

Change #4.
  • Each Coal Node will only support half the number of Generators
  • Each Coal Node will only provide 1/4th the vanilla power output
We accomplish this internally by:
  • Reducing the Energy Value of Coal, Petroleum Coke, and Compacted Coal to 1/8th value.
  • Double the burn-speed of coal generators.
Example: the four Normal Coal Nodes in the jungle basin can only produce 1GW on Mk3 Belts, down from nearly 5GW, but require half as many Generators and Water Extractors.
  • Players with heavy energy demands prior to unlocking Fuel may either build many Coal Plant Outposts, or rush to Fuel Generators.
  • Vehicles will consume eight-times as much coal if fueled by coal, encouraging other forms of fuel. This is fair, since Coal is the easiest fuel to insert.
  • Overclocking Coal Generators still has little value, since you can easily max out coal nodes without any overclocking.
Coal power plants are too good. They are:
  • cheap, requiring no steel nor modular frames
  • expandable, you can build so many that you accidentally future-proof yourself 'til Nuclear.
  • are lossless, you can siphon off unused Coal to make Steel.
It's no wonder Fuel Generators are often skipped entirely! We want to fix that. Coal Generators should consume so much Coal that you actually have little left-over to make Steel, encouraging you to limit the amount of Coal infrastructure you build or remove your Coal infrastructure entirely after you install Fuel Power Plants.
Coal Generators will now produce 18.75 MW (instead of the 75 MW) by burning 30 Coal/m. To a new player, the Coal Generator tooltip would not look appealing, but again, Coal Generators are cheap to build and require no maintenance.
Mk2 Belt on Normal Node Mk3 Belt on Normal Node
Vanilla 8 Generators, 3 Water, 540 MW 18 Generators, 7 Water, 1210 MW
Modded 4 Generators, 2 Water, 110 MW 9 Generators, 3 Water, 277.5 MW
This is a list of all fuels in Satisfactory and their Energy value, for reference.
Old Energy value New Energy value
Petroleum Coke 180 MJ 22.5 MJ
Coal 300 MJ 37.5 MJ
Compacted Coal 630 MJ 78.75 MJ
Once you've maxed out an area's coal nodes, your options for power expansion are building another Coal plant elsewhere or building a much better Fuel plant, maybe even a Turbofuel Plant.
Question to answer during playtesting: What size of Coal Plant do you build first? Do you continue to build more Coal Plant Outposts after the first? Is the incentive to unlock Fuel Power strong enough?
submitted by Tortoise006 to SatisfactoryGame

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