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Commander's Rounds Gaiden (16.3)- Cleaning Day

Entry 16.3 Gaiden- Cleaning Day [Belfast/Dido/Sirius/Hermione/MAIDS]
(All my stuff available here.)
There was work to do. Maid work.
Belfast had assembled most of the Royal Maids in front of the HQ building where commander did his business and also lived. She looked up and down the line to make sure everyone was paying attention. She had received a special dispensation from the queen for this, so there would be no troubles with her. Belfast knew what needed to be done- all she needed to do was direct the maids.
She took a deep breath, and began. "Hello to all of you. The matter for us at hand is that our master will be away for at least a week, and since he won't be conducting business here himself, we are going to take advantage of his absence."
Dido quickly raised her hand, while quivering. "Does... does that mean m-master has abandoned us?"
Belfast gave Dido a warm smile. "It merely means he has something to tend to away from port."
"Oh." Dido lowered her hand, and looked less than reassured.
Belfast went back to speaking. "What this does mean, however, is that while master is away, we can give his home and headquarters a proper cleaning. He will come back after being very busy, so he won't want to deal with a mess himself. This not only includes general cleaning and tidying, but also matters like laundering his clothes and linens. Dido and Hermione will be handling master's laundry. Gloucester and Sirius will be tidying the office, Newcastle and Glasgow will be handling the information stations. Curacoa and Curlew will handle miscellaneous tidying. If there are any questions, you can come to me, Curacoa, or Curlew."
Hermione raised her hand. "Excuse me, but where are Edinburgh and Sheffield?"
Belfast gave a nod to her. "They are remaining to tend to the queen and other dorm duties. Anything else?"
There was a silence. Belfast was pleased. "Every maid is expected to do their duty."
Belfast unlocked the door, and each of the maids spread out to get to work on their part of headquarters. Belfast was about to head in as well, until there was a tug on her skirt. "Um." Belfast turned to see the miniature version of herself, Little Bel. The diminutive maid gave a curtsy before looking up. "...Is there anything I'm needed for?"
Belfast shook her head. "I wouldn't say you're ready for this sort of sensitive duty. However..." Belfast picked up her smaller self and held her close. "There's no reason you can't watch. Even if it feels like you are doing nothing, consider it educational."
Little Bel nodded, and snuggled into Belfast as she was held. Belfast carried her smaller self into the building while everyone else was hard at work.
Hermione was rather surprised as she worked through the commander's sheets and bedcovers. She had thoroughly checked around and under the bed for anything missing, and she did not once have a chance encounter with any dirty magazines. She was certain that was the way that things were supposed to work, as she had vague memories of sailors hiding all sorts of items like that while at port or at sea.
Perhaps Dido would encounter that while going through the commander's laundry.
She had her own things to think about, however. She was thankful that the building had its own laundry facilities, and a bizarrely configurable machine. It actually wouldn't be much trouble to get things done in the exact correct way, the combination of temperature and time and cycle that would leave the commander (and any romantic company) sleeping on or under the best-made sheets in the port.
It was made easier by the fact that the commander rotated his sheets on a regular basis, making sure that they weren't excessively used up- she began to wonder if that was the sort of thing that they trained into him at whichever academy he went to.
She went back to his room to see if there was any more that she had to deal with, and Dido had been actually working rather slowly in stacking up his clothes in the separated laundry baskets, based on what she saw from peeking through a crack in the door. And then she found out why.
"Master..." She heard once, and then stopped to listen again. She saw something being tossed into a laundry basket.
After a few moments, she heard it again. "Master..."
Hermione waited a moment, and then stepped fully into the commander's room, where she found Dido holding one of the commander's shirts over her nose and mouth while taking a deep breath. "Master..."
And then the two of them made eye contact, just looking at each other for a good, long while, with Hermione just basically waiting for Dido to realize that she had been caught in something rather un-maid-like. Eventually, Dido figured out that her secret was no longer safe, her eyes widened, and then she flushed a bright red. "H...Hermione..."
She sighed. "Ah, I see why you were taking a while."
Tears started to well up in Dido's eyes. "Please don't tell Belfast...!" She squeaked out.
Hermione just smiled at her sister. "As long as you just get back to the laundry, not a word." Dido nodded, and went back to stacking up the laundry.
Hermione decided that she couldn't leave things at that with her distressed sister. "You always worry about him abandoning you, don't you."
Dido just gave a slow, quiet nod to her.
The black-clad maid just moved over and hugged her sister from behind. "Oh, dear... I'd like you to tell me something, then. What does he do whenever he sees you? Every single time?"
Dido kept her deep blush. "He... He..."
Hermione tilted her head just a bit, her fingers with those black-painted nails intertwining. "Take your time, I'll listen to what you have to say."
Dido bowed her head a bit. "He... Master touches and strokes my head until I feel better. For a while."
Hermione giggled. "Mhmmm... And he does this each and every time?"
Dido gave another quiet nod.
She closed her eyes as she held her sister. "Now, does that sound like someone who will abandon you at the drop of a hat?"
Dido shook her head. "But... that's the way it went, wasn't it? We got all sorts of praise when we were needed to fight back then, but after that... They... they..."
"Shhhh..." Hermione moved a hand up to gently stroke Dido, doing her best to calm down her sister. "Things are much different now then they were back then. I don't believe that the commander is someone who would let that happen to us again."
"Ah..." In the end, under the careful attention of her sister, Dido began to calm down.
Hermione smiled once she felt Dido stop shaking. "Now then, you need to keep your mind on doing his laundry. We both know that you do your job very well, and that you're not clumsy at being a maid."
Dido leaned her head into her sister's touch. "...Thank you..."
Hermione giggled. "And when he gets back, he's going to know his laundry was done by you, because of how good it will feel when he puts his clothes on after being away from home. You can do that for him, right?"
Dido gave a quick nod. "Do you think that master will notice, though?"
Hermione kept her smile. "It's his job to notice all kinds of details. I'm sure that he will. Of course, that means you're going to have to focus to do the best job you can for him, all right?"
There was a pause, and Dido finally agreed. "...Right!"
Hermione finally let her sister go and get back to work, just watching her sister stay on task. Hermione herself gave a soft sigh. Dido needed to accept that she was loved and wanted by those around her- not just the commander, but her sisters and all of the other maids.
Newcastle and Glasgow were attached to a duty that was known to the other maids as "Washing the White Elephant." The headquarters building contained a combat information center that was rarely used. While it was built at great expense for the commander to coordinate operations across the globe, it was only really useful in case Azur Lane itself was attacked. Due to the way that Sirens were able to silo off battlefields, communication into and out of mirror seas could be spotty at best.
It was merely an extension of the problems humanity faced fighting the Sirens from the very beginning- the reason that humanity had to re-learn the old ways of naval combat in the first place was because the attempts to fight them with high-tech naval weapons only resulted in human forces eating their own missiles and unarmored ships being shredded like toilet paper under the Sirens' gunfire and lasers.
However, it was always important to keep this command center in good shape- the Sirens were not shy about doing battle anywhere they pleased, and Azur Lane's doorstep was no exception. And there was always the possibility, now that they had the full cooperation of the Northern Parliament, that they might find a way around the communication problem.
Newcastle, however, had her own perspective on the room. "You know, you should take this a bit more seriously."
Glasgow's heart wasn't really in it- she was doing some of the cleaning while reading a new volume of manga, one which was apparently about some sort of tank-girls- which was to say, like them, but tanks instead of ships. "Yes, I should but it seems a bit pointless, seeing as he insists on always coming out to have a look for himself when there's a battle in the going."
Newcastle shrugged. "Things can and will change, and we need to prepare for when they do. It may not be of use to us now, but that's just another project to work on. I think we both would like to not have to clean this place, even if it's for different reasons."
Glasgow looked up from her manga. "So, what are the reasons?"
Newcastle leaned on her mop. "Well, you don't like it because it seems like a useless chore, and I'd prefer it if we didn't have a need for a place like this in the first place."
The other maid slipped a bookmark in her manga, and closed it up. "Still thinkin' of yer peaceful world, yeah?"
She smiled. "Of course. I don't think it's out of our reach." She got back to work. "I think we've had more than our fair share of excitement and danger. And besides, the way things are now, we'll actually be able to enjoy the peace our efforts will bring." She closed her eyes. "After all, the shadow is a small and passing thing."
Glasgow nodded, and went back to her manga. "...Oh yeah, something I've been meaning to ask you about. Have you an idea why they keep writing about things that don't exist?"
Newcastle stopped herself. "Well, what brought this on?"
"Just reading this." She waved the manga volume at Newcastle. "You'd think that we'd be extraordinary enough that we'd have lots of this sort of stuff about us nowadays."
Newcastle smiled, and went back to cleaning. "You have to remember that we are the product of human memory, ideals, and imagination. By some means or another, imagination is the first step in how they make things real. Besides, now that we exist, we are capable of making our own stories without their help."
"Huh." Glasgow went back to half-reading, half-cleaning. "Well, how about that."
Gloucester and Sirius were dealing with the commander's office, which was so very large, well-furnished and homey that one might even call it a study more than an office. Still, it was where the commander did most of his business and kept everything that needed to be kept on paper, but wasn't important enough to need to be kept in a secure area of the base. The tall bookshelves did pose a problem for shorter ships, but there were stools, stepladders, and if the ship was game, the commander himself might give a boost.
This is where Gloucester and Sirius were doing their own part of the maid duties. Gloucester was partially keeping an eye on Sirius, who was a bit shaky. She knew that Sirius had a bit of trouble due to her occasional insistence on being all thumbs, and yet Belfast still assigned Sirius to traditional maidly things. Gloucester wondered if Sirius might be better off following Southampton's lead and becoming one of King George V's apprentices- she was certainly skilled enough at battle.
She couldn't keep her eye on Sirius forever, though, as there was a great deal to reorganize and keep tidy. The commander had a tendency to just shove books back on the shelf wherever he saw space, and so many of his volumes of essential policy and legal matters were quite out of order. The Royal Maids would never be out of work, so long as commander was alive.
Even as she had a notion that Sirius was struggling back there, she had to concentrate on her own part of the job.
This turned out to be a mistake.
There was the sound of many things falling on a parson, plus a whine from Sirius. Gloucester turned to find that her fellow maid had brought down a number of thick binders onto herself from a high shelf in the room. Gloucester turned around and walked over to have a look at the dazed and teary-eyed maid, and she wondered if Sirius's distress came from having so many things fall on her or just the act of being clumsy enough for that in the first place.
Gloucester looked over the mess. "Well, I'll help you clean this up."
Sirius looked up at Glocester with pleading eyes. "But I've done something wrong to master's things- I'm going to have to be punished for that!"
Gloucester started picking up and closing the binders. "That's not what I'm supposed to do- it's either Belfast's or master's decision."
Sirius blushed and began poking her fingers together. "...Perhaps you could tell master or Belfast that I need to be punished, then?"
Gloucester sighed. there were times when it seemed like Sirius was almost eager to be punished, even for the most minor things, and neither her nor Belfast really understood why. For some reason, though, it felt like something that Ajax would know more about. She'd have to ask her, later. "...We'll see. So, just what did you knock down, anyways..." She had a close look, and it appeared to be a large collection of photo albums.
Sirius leaned over to have a look. "Master keeps all of these pictures?"
Gloucester nodded. "Yeah... While we can keep lots of pictures on our phones, people still make photo albums to better preserve the ones that are very important to them."
"Master's important memories...?" Sirius couldn't help herself, and began opening up each of them, one at a time, just for a quick look. and as she took a peek in each and every one, she found that there was something they all had in common. "Gloucester, these are all...!"
"All what?" Sirius quivered a bit as she showed the other maid what she had found.
"Should we get the other maids?"
Gloucester thought about it. "Yeah... I'll fetch them. You just stack them up on the coffee table near the couch."

Belfast had left to tend to some other things with Little Bel, but when she returned to the headquarters, she found that nobody was doing anything which they were supposed to- it seemed that a lot of things had been abandoned in the middle, which is something she did not entirely approve of.
She found that the rest of the maids had congregated in master's office, and those who couldn't fit on the couch were leaning on the back to look at photo albums- there were a great deal stacked on the table. "Ah, what had happened?"
Hermione looked over to Belfast, and gave a curtsy to her. "Ah, it seems that, by accident, our sister has discovered the commander's trove of treasured memories- and discovered something odd about them."
Sirius held the album wide open. "Miss Belfast, they're all from master's time here."
Belfast walked over while carrying Little Bel. It was true, they were all things from master's time with them at Azur Lane.
Repulse leaping into Prince of Wales's arms after reuniting.
Teatime with Illustrious, York, and London.
Belfast tidying up his room with the note "Belfast- very tidy, maybe too kind?"
Atago surprising Takao with a hug from behind.
An exasperated Z23 trying to tutor Glowworm.
Belfast wanted to tell the others to get back to work, but instead of that, she said something different. "Curacoa, why don't you open up another one."
"Certainly, miss Belfast."
And so she did, and there was plenty to see.
Graf Zeppelin, Belfast, and Hiei each carrying their miniature selves.
King George V's first time cooking dinner for him with the note "KGV- Kind. V. gorgeous, just as hungry." Belfast had to suppress a giggle at that one.
Taihou performing in her New Year's dress.
Littorio showing the correct way to pour wine for a lady.
Rossiya carrying Gangut home after the latter had a few too many.
And all of the photos he had kept were moments like this- none of his victories, nothing resembling a military review, no recordings of their exercises or anything of the sort- just the time he spent with all of them outside of his duty as commander and their duty as ships. these are the sorts of things he wanted to remember for a long time. Belfast did wonder why he didn't keep anything from his time before coming to Azur Lane, but it was not a maid's duty to pry about such things.
Newcastle gave a bow to Belfast. "Have you anything to say. miss Belfast?"
Belfast, in theory, wanted everyone to get back to work, but, she also had a feeling that this was an important moment that wasn't meant to be disturbed. She probably shouldn't break it up, and Newcastle probably wouldn't forgive her for a long time if she did. So she just put Little Bel in Glasgow's lap before looking after more of the photos herself.
A picture of Dido with the note: "Dido- better than she thinks she is"
Cleveland and her sisters doing basketball practice.
Alabama letting Minneapolis feel her strong abs.
Victorious attempting to give fashion advice to Tirpitz.
Belfast felt that she could let things go, as long as they were all doing something like this, and so she shook her head, taking the drastic step of actually letting her schedule slip. "...Master will be away for some time- I think we can take a break for the time being."
Newcastle gave a smile of approval. Newcastle had been the head maid before she was, and while Belfast did pride herself on being the exacting, perfect maid, there were some intangible matters where she still had to rely on Newcastle's judgement. She was glad for the assistance- after all, she was only one maid.
Glasgow looked over. "Wait... Is that Tirpitz in a swimsuit?
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Common Questions Megathread (Others, NY SAFE, Pistol Permits, And More)

This thread will cover some of the frequently asked questions here regarding NY gun laws. If you believe anything should be added or updated, please let me know.
Most of the legal topics addressed in this post are applicable only to those that live outside of New York City. The laws in NYC are different, please see the bottom for more information.

Is X banned by the NY SAFE Act?

The NY SAFE Act bans rifles, pistols, and shotguns from having certain features if conditions are met.
For rifles:
If it is SEMI-AUTOMATIC and has the ability to receive a detachable magazine, it cannot have any of the following features:
Please note: if the magazine is non-detachable (fixed magazine), these features are okay on semi-automatic rifles.
This only applies to semi-automatic rifles. Bolt-action, lever-action, single-shot, etc can have detachable magazines and features.
If it does not have any of the banned features listed above, you can have a detachable magazine on your rifle.
* There is debate on what makes certain grips legal/illegal, grips that do not "protrude beneath the action" are believed to be legal, such as the Exile Machine Hammerhead, Resurgent Arms Grip, BoAR Grip, etc.
The photos are just example, variations of each feature will look different.
For shotguns:
If it is SEMI-AUTOMATIC, it cannot have any of the following features:
Please note: Detachable magazines are banned if the shotgun is semi-automatic. Unlike semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, semi-automatic shotguns can have pistol grips.
These banned features do not apply to pump-action shotguns. Semi-automatic shotguns that use tubes instead of detachable magazines are NOT exempt from this features ban.
For pistols:
If it is SEMI-AUTOMATIC and has the ability to receive a detachable magazine, it cannot have any of the following features:
Please note: Due to the pistol permit requirements, handguns must be registered on your license before you can take possession. While fixed-mag pistols (such as AAK pistols) may technically be legal under the NY SAFE act, some counties will refuse to register these guns. Always check with your local office before purchasing if you have any questions about legality.
For curios and relics:
Antique/historic guns (guns over 50 years old) have some exemptions from the NY SAFE Act:
  • Antique/historic guns can be transferred
  • Even if it classifies as an "assault weapon" (see above) it can still be transferred
  • If it classifies as an "assault weapon" it needs to be registered. As of 2014, only antique/historic guns are still eligible to be registered. You cannot register an "assault weapon" that is less than 50 years old.
  • Magazines for antique/historic guns can be over 10 rounds, but they need to be registered.
To register an antique/historic gun or magazine, go here

What is an "Other"?

An "Other" is NOT a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or "Any Other Weapon"/AOW as it does not meet the federal definitions for any of these categories.
Others have three requirements:
  • The overall length must be 26 inches or longer. For the AR platform, this includes the tip of the buffer to the end of the barrel. Muzzle devices, such as flash hiders and compensators, do not count towards this length requirement unless they are permanently attached (pinned/wielded).
  • It is designed to be fired with two hands; typically by the use of a vertical grip
  • It is not designed to be fired from the shoulder; therefore, it cannot have a stock*
By meeting these three requirements, it does not fit any category mentioned above. How?
Legally, rifles and shotguns are defined as being designed to fire from the shoulder. The lack of a stock means it is not designed to be shoulder fired.
Legally, pistols are defined as being designed to be used with one hand. Adding a vertical foregrip means it is designed to be used with both hands.
Being longer than 26" means it is not longer considered to be an Any-Other-Weapon/AOW, which means it does not require a NFA stamp.
Please note: The legality of Others in NY state has been debated and ownership should be taken at your own risk. While they may be considered legal by the ATF and can even be purchased at many NY guns stores, a police officer may be unfamiliar with their legality and may view it as an unregistered "assault weapon" per the NY SAFE Act.
Others MUST not have already been configured as a rifle. You cannot legally convert a rifle into an Other. If you are building your own, it must start off as a lower and not a prebuilt rifle.
It must be a vertical foregrip (perpendicula90° angle), canted or angled foregrips are a no-go.
*Rifle stocks are not permitted on Others. Adding a rifle stock will turn it into a Short-Barrel Rifle (if the barrel is <16") or a unregistered "assault weapon" under the SAFE Act. There are alternatives to having an exposed buffer tube, such as a buffer tube cover or a pistol brace. Care should be taken with pistol braces, while the ATF confirmed they are legal and not considered to be a stock, there is some debate on their legality for others.
Others are not legally classified as rifles, pistols, or shotguns, and therefore, the NY SAFE Act banned features do not apply.

How does the pistol permit process work in New York?

The process is different per county. New York City also has it's own process. Permits that are legal throughout New York State are NOT legal for New York City. You need a NYC permit to possess a handgun in New York City.
Until you have a pistol permit, you CANNOT even touch a pistol. There are exceptions, such as if a certified instructor is present, but for the most part do not count on anyone letting you use one or examine one until you get your permit.
Rules for obtaining a pistol permit:
  • Must be a New York State resident*
  • Must be 21 years old
  • Have no prior felony or serious offense convictions
  • Be of good moral character
* this may include part time residents as well
To my knowledge, the only universal part of the application process is filling out the State of New York Pistol/Revolver License Application (PPB3) forms.
This form requires FOUR character references. They will need to provide their signature. They cannot be family. In some counties they cannot be active law enforcement either.
The process varies by county. Always check with them first to see what you will need. Some of the other steps in the process you may experience:
  • Required training/safety course. Sometimes it's the local police that provide these courses, other times you need to take a course with a private organization like your local gun store (or even online, if permitted).
  • Fingerprinting. This may be a state requirement, I'm not sure. Sometimes this is done by the local police, other times it's done by a private organization such as IdentoGO.
  • Photographs. You may be required to submit your own or have them taken. This is what will be on your permit and in your file.
  • Character references. In addition to the references in the PPB3 form you may be asked to provide references to the county as well. They may have additional requirements, such as the reference living in the same county or requiring the reference to send in a letter.
  • An appointment. Some counties allow you to submit everything by mail or online (especially now), others require you to be there in person.

I just got my pistol permit, now what?

Congratulations! You can now legally own a handgun in New York State (but not in New York City, unless it's a NYC permit of course).
The first step is actually buying one. Once you have one picked out and paid for at the local gun store, they cannot release it to you. Yet.
They will provide you with a receipt, you will need to give this to your local permit office. Once they process it, they will add the gun to your pistol permit and give you a coupon that shows they are okay to release the gun to you. Only then are you allowed to take possession of the handgun.
You are not allowed to be in possession of another persons handgun unless it is on your permit or they are currently present. Even if it belongs to your spouse, it needs to be on your permit. If someone leaves a handgun in your possession, you are technically breaking the law by possessing an unregistered handgun. So do not hold onto your buddies pistol because they don't want their SO to find out about it.
Some counties have different types of pistol permits. They may issue special "concealed carry" vs "special use" (unrestricted/restricted) permits. Under New York State, they are legally viewed as the same. While you technically could be okay carrying a handgun with a restricted permit, this is a very bad idea. You may not be charged with a crime, but if it's reported, the judge can still revoke your permit.

What are "lowers" and why do I hear so much about them?

Lower refer to lower receivers. It is one of the most important components as it houses most of your internal parts and holds the gun together. You can use these to build a fixed-mag rifle, a featureless rifle, or an Other as mentioned above.
There are two common types - stripped lowers and 80% lowers. Stripped lowers need to be purchased at a gun store/transferred by an FFL, they cannot be sent directly to your house. They already have a serial number.
80% lowers are unfinished lowers. They require some additional modifications before they can be used. Currently 80% lowers ARE legal in New York, however, there is upcoming legislation that bans them in NY and requires existing ones to be serialized and/or registered.

How do I build my own AR?

Building your own AR can be rewarding, but it's also very intimidating. You will save money and learn a lot more about rifles in the process. Just relax, trust me, it's not as difficult as it sounds. Think of it like an adult Lego set.
For starters, decide on what route you want to take as it will change your requirements.
Do you want to go fixed mag? Using a magazine lock allows you to have features banned under the SAFE Act, but then loading the gun can be a hassle. Good for a range gun, but not recommended for home defense.
Do you want to go featureless? It's more practical, and while it may not look as aesthetically pleasing, you can still swap out magazines. This is important capability for most.
Do you want to go with an Other? See the above guide. You sacrifice using a stock, but you can keep most features and still have detachable magazines. It does carry some slight risk however.
Do your research on what you need based on your preferences. There are many different guides out there. This is the one I referred to.
For the most part, there are two sections -
Upper receiver parts:
  • Stripped or complete upper receiver
  • Barrel (must be 16" or above if it's not for an Other)
  • Gas block and gas tube
  • Hand guard
  • Charging handle
  • Bolt carrier group
Lower receiver parts:
  • Stripped lower receiver
  • Lower parts kit w/ trigger assembly
  • Buffer kit: buffer, buffer tube, buffer spring
  • Buttstock (OR pistol brace, OR buffer tube cover, etc)
For convenience, there are often kits that have everything you need. For example, buffer kits will have the buffer, buffer tube, and buffer spring together so you do not need to purchase them separately.
Completed uppers generally have the upper receiver, barrel, the hand guard, the gas block and the gas tube. You may need to purchase the charging handle and bolt carrier group separately, although some include these components as well.
The tools you need will vary depending on what you already have and what components you get. At the very least, you will likely need a roll pin punch kit. An armorer's wrench is also a good idea.
There are tons of videos and articles on assembling everything once it comes in.
Be mindful that there are certain parts are illegal to own in NY (Ex: rapid-fire modification devices), however, everything that you need to build a standard AR-15 is perfectly legal to own. As long as it's assembled as one of the three legal configurations mentioned above.

Can I own a gun?

Assuming you are an American citizen and have not been convicted of any crimes you most likely can.
Under federal law, the following people are prohibited from owning firearms:
  • convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;
  • who is a fugitive from justice;
  • who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act, codified at 21 U.S.C. § 802); Note: this includes weed as well
  • who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution;
  • who is an illegal alien;
  • who has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions;
  • who has renounced his or her United States citizenship;
  • who is subject to a court order restraining the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of the intimate partner; or who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
Under New York State law, the additional people are also banned from owning firearms:
  • Anyone that is not a citizen of the United States
  • Has been certified not suitable to possess a long gun by the director or physician in charge of a hospital or institution for mental illness; or
  • Has been convicted of a felony or “serious offense,” defined to include:
    • Illegally using, carrying or possessing a handgun or other dangerous weapon;
    • Making or possessing burglar’s instruments;
    • Buying or receiving stolen property;
    • Unlawful entry into a building;
    • Aiding escape from prison;
    • Certain kinds of disorderly conduct;
    • Certain drug offenses or crimes involving sodomy or rape;
    • Child endangerment;
    • Certain crimes permitting or promoting prostitution;
    • Certain kinds of stalking; and
    • Certain violent or threatening crimes committed against a member of the same family or household, including assault, strangulation, menacing, harassment, and trespass.
In New York, you must be 16 to possess a long gun, 18 to buy a long gun, and 21 to apply for a pistol permit. You cannot own a pistol without a permit. There is no permit required for long guns.

Is it true that you can buy guns/ammo/parts on the internet?

Yes! But it's not what you might be thinking.
When you buy a gun or a lower receiver online it cannot be shipped directly to your door. Instead, it must be sent to an FFL/gun store instead. After your purchase, they will need to send a copy of their FFL to the seller. Once it arrives they will determine if it is legal and compliant with NY laws, some will make any modifications if necessary, and they run your background check. If it is a handgun, you will still need to wait for your coupon from the state to pick it up.
You can legally buy ammo and have it shipped to your house, see the ammo thread for a list of vendors that ship to NY.
You can legally buy most gun parts and have them shipped to your house. Lower receivers still need to be sent a FFL/gun store (unless they are 80% lowers). For the most part, everything else is fine to ship to your home.
There are no shipping restrictions are firearm accessories (sights, lasers, flashlights, etc).

I live in New York City, how are guns laws different here than the rest of the state?

NYC gun laws are even stricter than the rest of the state. A New York pistol permit is not valid in New York City unless it is a New York City permit. New York City unrestricted pistol permits are valid for the rest of the state.
Long guns require a NYC Premises Rifle/Shotgun permit. For the process involved in obtaining one, please refer to this post.

If you would like to see anything else added here, please let me know.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. This is just a Reddit post to provide helpful information. Always consult with a lawyer if you have legal concerns about any of the above.
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