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NecroVision Lost Company Patch unpacking problem General Gaming. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. NecroVisioN: Lost Company (c) The Farm 51 / 1C Entertainment NecroVisioN: Lost Company is the prequel to original horror FPS shooter, taking place before the NecroVisioN story begins.

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Adjust gravity, skip levels, refill ammo, and get any weapon with cheats for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on PC and Mac. NecroVisioN is first-person shooter that takes places in a varied range of locations, from the horrific and bloody trenches of World War One, to secret labs and underground caverns plagued by. Necrovision patch 1.1 music.

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NecroVision – Fantasy FPS shooter from Farm 51 - RELOADED - with ViTALiTY v1.1 Patch Just Released May 18, 2020 Velvet Assassin – Stealth Action / Tactical Shooter from Replay Studios - Just Released Apr 30, 2020 Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason – Suspense Sci-Fi FPS from Action. Microsoft Windows on 20 February 2020. EarMaster Pro PW Full Patch PM by Unknown EarMaster Pro 6 adalah sebuah software belajar yang memungkinkan anda untuk dapat lebih mudah dan cepat dalam mempelajari musik khususnya dalam hal pengenalan nada / suara.

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NecroVisioN Lost Company [Download]: Video Games NecroVisioN Lost Company NecroVisioN: Lost Company is the prequel to original horror FPS shooter, taking place before the NecroVisioN story begins. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Security tools for webmasters. Fixes: * Fixed antialiasing issues on DirectX 10 * Fixed pixelated graphics that occured on some systems * Fixed crash on ATI drivers * Fixed issue with missing objective item when playing level "The Cure" for the second time. The loud portions are too loud, the soft portions are too soft, there is no way to independently adjust these separate portions, and for some reason the game decides to disable my ability to adjust my computer's volume via the volume controls at the top of my keyboard.

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Click to download: Download. NecroVisioN: Lost Company v1.0. It contains a bunch of unique levels, characters, weapons and gameplay elements as well as new main hero that presents the original game story from opposite perspective.

Get Even - Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Get Even
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: First-Person, Action, Psychological Thriller, Mystery
Media: Gamescom 2016 Trailer
'Opposite Worlds' Story Trailer
The Power of Music
Side Story Video #1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Storywriters Behind the Scenes
'Uncover the Truth' Launch Trailer
Developer: The Farm 51 Info
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release Date: PC - June 21 2017
Playstation 4, Xbox One - June 22 2017
Price: $29.99 USD
More Info: Wikipedia Page
Review Aggregator: OpenCritic - 73 [Cross-Platform] Score Distribution
MetaCritic - 71 [PS4]
MetaCritic - 75 [XB1]
MetaCritic - 74 [PC]
Oddly arbitrary compilation of games by The Farm 51 -
Entry Score (Platform, Year, # of Critics)
Time Ace 52 (DS, 2007, 19 critics)
NecroVisioN 63 (PC, 2009, 19 critics)
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation 64 (PC, 2012, 33 critics)
Deadfall Adventures 53 (PC, 2013, 31 critics)


Website/Author Converted Score Critic's Score Quote Platform
VGChartz - Daniel Carreras Unscored Unscored Overall, Get Even is an ambitious game that unfortunately never manages to deliver on any of its potential. It starts out as a horror experience, before slowly transforming into murder-mystery, but never capitalises on any one single theme and as a result feels a bit messy. I can’t help but imagine that, had the developers at The Farm 51 stuck to a single genre and delivered a more concise story, Get Even would've been a great title. By all means give it a try, but don’t be surprised if, should you finish it, you feel deflated and a little bit baffled. PS4
Eurogamer - Edwinn Evans-Thirlwell Unscored Unscored A trashy, overwrought psychodrama with the odd inspired touch that alternates between simple forensic puzzles and gimmicky gunplay. PS4
GameSoulz - Soul Unscored Unscored Overall, it may be possible to enjoy Get Even, if you´re a sucker for interesting story-ideas, exploration-fanatic and a graphic lover (I guess), yet, Shooter fans will definitely not be satisfied with it. PC
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Alec Meer Unscored Unscored Get Even is a true original, of the kind we all too rarely see made with this degree of gloss, and I found it deeply interesting for all its stumbles. PC
Do You Even Game Bro? - Zach Jackson 90 9 / 10 Narrative-driven games are my thing; I love getting lost and emotionally invested in a game’s world and story to the point where I simply can’t put the controller down. It’s very rare that games elicit that sort of reaction from me, however, The Farm 51 have done that with Get Even. I cannot stress enough how immersive the atmosphere and sound design are, I was compelled from start to finish. It is a must-play game if you’re a fan of narrative-driven experiences. PS4
GamePro - Dominik Schott - German 88 88 / 100 A unique thriller, which tells a twisty story with unexpected gameplay ideas. PS4, XB1
The Games Machine - Marco Tassani - Italian 86 8.6 / 10 Get Even is an excellent psychological thriller, crippled by some uninspired and dull action sequences, and a weak enemy AI. Nonetheless, the plot and the way the story is told make for an excellent experience, one that is definitely worth enjoying. PC
PS Site - Krzysiek Kalwasiński - Polish 85 8.5 / 10 Get Even is one-of-a-kind experience, which will be appreciated by fans of the complex thrillers. With different styles of gameplay, great music & sound and heavy atmosphere, it is a must-play. PS4
Stevivor - Nicholas Simonovski 85 8.5 / 10 There are only a handful of titles that I come across that I would truly recommend gamers to experience — Get Even is one such example. If you enjoyed titles like Quantum Break and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, with an element of thriller thrown in, you’re sure to enjoy this.
God is a Geek - Chris White 85 8.5 / 10 Get Even tries to do too much, but rather than getting it wrong, it succeeds on many different levels. It blends styles within the first-person genre seamlessly, tells an ambitious story without tripping over itself, manages to scare you, and connect with you emotionally. The shooting is satisfying and exhilarating thanks to some smart enemy AI, and the Cornergun is a great weapon to use. I enjoyed Get Even a great deal; it takes you to a place you weren’t prepared for, and whether you’re happy about that or not, there’s no denying that this is a unique and fantastic video game you should all play. PS4
Game Informer - Javy Gwaltney 83 8.25 / 10 In spite of a handful of glitches and aged visuals, Get Even is an inventive and ambitious thriller that makes the most of its sci-fi inspirations. PC
Impulsegamer - Tory Favro 82 4.1 / 5 stars Get Even is going to be a surprise hit title in my opinion. It just has that certain something to it. I do think it will be one of those sleeper hits that many will miss, but hopefully fans of the genre get behind it and spread the word. It certainly deserves it. A lot of thought has been put into the game to make it something memorable. PS4
Hobby Consolas - Hobbyconsolas.com - Spanish 81 81 / 100 Playing Get Even is like ongoing brain surgery to change the zones related to memory. And even with some rough edges (the graphics), the sound treatment and the script makes the operation a triumphant success: an unforgettable experience. PS4
TrustedReviews - Simon Miller 80 4 / 5 stars Get Even refuses to be pigeon-holed at any point, and though some people won't be able keep up with the madness, for those that can it's an entirely unique experience. Bandai Namco may just have the most interesting game of 2017 here, and a potential huge cult hit. PS4
Areajugones - Juanma García - Spanish 80 8 / 10 Get Even is one of the biggest surprises of the year. Very original, and an outstanding story that hooks the player during the whole game. PS4
GameSpew - Robert Gammon 80 8 / 10 The developers have created a very interesting world in Get Even, and the brilliant atmosphere coupled with varied gameplay makes for a very worthwhile experience. PS4
BaziCenter - Morad Halimi - Persian 80 8 / 10 Get Even is a fantastic action adventure with solid story, great narration and a mysterious atmosphere that tells the story of Mr. Black and Mr. Red. There are some issues in graphical and gameplay departments, but nevertheless it’s a very satisfying experience that will keep your mind engaged about the fate of the characters. PS4
Spaziogames - Francesco Ursino - Italian 80 8 / 10 A dramatic story told in a very fascinating way. The shooting gameplay is quite a disappointment, but the high level of the audio, and the enthralling plot sets Get Even on high standards. PC
IGN Spain - David Soriano - Spanish 80 8 / 10 Get Even excels in ambience (narrative) and sound design, but it's very limited by game mechanics and graphics engine. PC
GameGrin - Calum Parry 80 8 / 10 Get Even is a memorable experience and a well-delivered psychological thriller. Music and audio design stand as its high point, alongside the visuals and gameplay creating an immersive atmosphere. It truly is The Farm 51's best title to date, and Bandai Namco was right to give them the extra time needed to complete it. PC
PCInvasion - Peter Parrish 80 8 / 10 Like Spec Ops: The Line and Alpha Protocol, Get Even is a flawed game whose strengths dwarf the mechanical weaknesses. Expect it to start popping up on podcasts or in long-form articles in the next few months, accompanied by the ever-present caveat “well, the combat bits aren’t particularly good” and then praise for almost everything else. It’s probably going to pick up 6/10 type scores in most places that aren’t here, and I can completely understand why. The shortcomings are easy to point out, but Get Even delivers a complex, non-linear narrative full of clever misdirection, shifting truths, and conflicted characters in a way few other games can match. PC
Hardcore Gamer - Kyle LeClair 80 4 / 5 Get Even may be a bit polarizing depending on how you want to approach things in terms of gameplay and what you hope to get out of it, but it’s advised that you see it all the way through, as the end result is a highly satisfying game with an engrossing story that delivers in creepy, emotional and thought-provoking moments that helps it stand out, especially with its more subtle presentation of morality in gaming. You can argue that it may not be one of the best action games of the year, even when it delivers a tense moment, but its enjoyable hunt for the facts and the eventual truth highlights it as a winning adventure game. It may look sloppy, but it’s pleasantly surprising and worth going in blind for. PS4
TheXboxHub - Gareth Brierley 80 4 / 5 stars If you like story driven first person adventure games, then you can’t go wrong with this. It’s inventive, brilliantly told and designed, with great voice over work. XB1
TechRaptor - Samuel Guglielmo 80 8 / 10 Get Even has some clunky mechanics, but has such a fantastic story that I wasn't that upset with them. Also it has a great soundtrack, some fun puzzles, and the CornerShot which is an awesome gun. PS4
COGconnected - Patrick Anderson 78 78 / 100 Get Even has no shortage of cool ideas and ways to appeal to different play styles – but the parts don't quite come together as a coherent whole. PC
Oyungezer Online - Utku Çakır - Turkish 78 7.8 / 10 Get Even glues players to their chairs with its amazing story and superb sound design. Even with its shortcomings, Get Even is a game worth to experience. PC
IGN Italy - Davide Ambrosiani - Italian 75 7.5 / 10 Get Even uses the FPS formula to deliver a touching and deep story. Despite some technical failings, the narrative and the sound make the trip worth to be made. PS4
EGM - Michael Goroff 75 7.5 / 10 Get Even is better as an experience than as a game, but it's an extremely evocative experience. Even still, what could have been a completely unique gaming experience is hampered by its desire to be a more action-oriented, generic thriller. XB1
Use a Potion - Daryl Leach 73 7.3 / 10 You’re not going to be blown away by what Get Even offers and it often lacks the polish that a triple-A title holds, but it does more than enough to justify a playthrough. If you fancy playing something a little different to the norm that’ll hook you in with its engaging story and entertaining gameplay, it’s certainly worth giving Get Even a try. PS4
Xbox Achievements - Richard Walker 70 70% A bold and interesting Inception-inspired crack at delivering a twisty turny story, Get Even succeeds in making exploration and collectibles enjoyable, while the later combat engagements prove to be a grind. Overall, however, Get Even is a fun, if somewhat convoluted, first-person yarn. XB1
PlayStation Universe - John-Paul Jones 70 7 / 10 A sometimes beguiling yet, frequently intriguing blend of first-person exploration and shooter genres, Get Even's uneven execution results in a game that is commendable for its ambition and relentlessly engaging narrative, but one which ultimately fails to come together in practice. PS4
TheSixthAxis - Jim Hargreaves 70 7 / 10 While it has its flaws, there's a uniqueness to Get Even we rarely see in video games today. Right away, The Farm 51 demonstrates its desire to be different, crossing between genres and actually taking a gamble. While it doesn't always pay off, we're still left with something both intriguing, experimental and, at times, thought provoking. PS4
GameSpot - Eddie Makuch 70 7 / 10 The Farm 51's psychological thriller tells a story you won't forget. PS4
TrueGaming - خالد العيسى - Arabic 70 7 / 10 If you're one to appreciate mysterious brain teasers with a touch of beautiful tunes, then you'll find a pretty fun story in Get Even at an inexpensive price point too. XB1
Cultured Vultures - Nicholas Monahan 70 7 / 10 Despite some significant deficiencies in the gameplay department, Get Even more than makes up for dull shooting and inconsistent, frustrating stealth with a well-told, genuinely emotional and thought-provoking take on the "enter memories/dreams" concept. At $29.99, it's well worth the 12 or so hours you will spend exploring its web of deceit and discovery, and you may appreciate a horror game where you get to just shoot all the crazies instead of running like a sissy. PC
Gameplanet - Chris Brown 70 7 / 10 Get Even is a strange game. It's almost schizophrenic in its execution, but The Farm 51 should be applauded for trying something different. It represents what I love about independent game development: it maybe a little rough around the edges, but it takes risks and provides a truly unique experience. For that I applaud it, even if I cannot unreservedly recommend it. PC
TrueAchievements - Mark Delaney 70 3.5 / 5 stars Get Even uses some light brushstrokes of cliches but ultimately paints a picture much more unconventional than it may at first seem. In both story and gameplay, your expectations will be subverted several times over. Not all of its risks pay off, but when they do they ensure the game is a refreshing addition to the medium. Part shooter, part exploration and investigation while always compelling, Get Even is the strange mashup of Saw and Eternal Sunshine we never knew we wanted. If you play games for story and can forgive some forgettable shootouts and visuals, Get Even may someday be a fond memory of yours. XB1
GamingBolt - Alex Jackson 70 7 / 10 Get Even is the core of a fantastic, provocative game that has the potential to be the kind of experience that only games could do, but that core gets rather frustratingly lost within decisions that would better fit within a box standard shooter that impudently goes after Call of Duty’s crown. This is a game and a team with potential, but with Get Even, you’re only getting a glimmer of that. PC
VideoGamer - Alice Bell 70 7 / 10 Get Even's use of layered sound and even more layered story is unsettling and great, but other awkward mechanics make this psychological thriller a bit less than the sum of some very fine parts. PS4
3DNews - Денис Щенников - Russian 70 7 / 10 One of the best stories in games for the last few years. Wish I could say the same about other parts of Get Even… PC
GamingTrend - Hunter Wolfe 70 70 / 100 Get Even is a respectable first-person shooter, sure. But despite finishing the game eager to start a second playthrough to experience the story with new perspective, the lack of player choice was a considerable disappointment. I felt duped for hunting down every piece of evidence during my time with Cole Black, because it didn't influence the truth that ultimately emerged. This omission reduces Get Even from an imaginative game to a passable one that made me feel I was watching a thriller film more than playing a game. PS4
NZGamer - Blair Loveday 69 6.9 / 10 Despite its flaws, Get Even is still a very worthwhile experience. The game’s narrative is a little predictable, but it’s told well. It builds tension unlike anything else, and uses jump scares sparingly to give maximum effect. It’s a great game, with unfortunate quirks holding it back – which will hopefully get patched out. PS4
PCGamer - Andy KElly 66 66 / 100 There’s genuine ambition and imagination on display in Get Even, and I wish I liked it more than I do. But I feel like it would have been better, and more focused, without the first-person combat—or at least a lot less of it. I’m compelled to learn more about Black’s past as I play, but then I have to kill or sneak past some guys and everything grinds to a halt. A confusing tangle of a game, then, but the mystery-laden storyline might just be enough to pull you through some of the weaker action moments. PC
JVL - Malcolm89 - French 65 17 / 20 With a minimalist gameplay and offering the worst experience ever seen in a FPS, Get Even nevertheless succeeds in making an impression. With a great atmosphere and a quality soundtrack, the game brings a sweet madness in our sessions. The narration and acting of the main characters fascinate us during this well-designed investigation, even if there are some clich's. With more open areas and a better technique, Get Even could have been one of the unforgettable games of our summer, but instead of that, even if it's not memorable, it will bring you a cheerful experience. PS4
Saudi Gamer - سندس الخباز - Arabic 60 6 / 10 Get Even is great game for mystery fans, the story is very unique and won't stop surprising you. Although the beginning requires some patience due to the slow rhythm and not having enough events going on. The graphics are not suited for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, which makes it harder to fight dizziness with the first-person view. PS4
Metro GameCentral - GameCentral 60 6 / 10 A tangle of technical and gameplay issues often obscure it, but there’s some impressive storytelling to be had in this ambitious techno-thriller. PS4
GameZone - Cade Onder 60 6 / 10 Get Even falls short in a number of places such as its gameplay and its technical performance. The only saving grace of the game is the unique, well-told story but that can only carry it so far. PS4
** SA Gamer** - Marko Swanepoel 60 6 / 10 Get Even is a title that is polarising in its presentation. While the mysterious and choice-driven narrative along with the characters is hugely interesting, the gameplay is woefully deficient with a developer that clearly did not know which direction it wanted the gameplay to take. While messing around with different genres and styles, it failed to create its own identity. However, it is worth the playthrough for its narrative alone, but I do not recommend it at its full price, even if it is lower than usual. PS4
GameMAG - xtr -Russian 60 6 / 10 At first Get Even grabs your attention, but after a while you realize that before you only an imitation of a quality product with a completely unnecessary combat, boring story and dull characters. And this is for an intelligent psychological thriller just a terrible omission. PC
Critical Hit - Geoffrey Tim 60 6 / 10 It’s ambitious, imaginative and often intriguing and does its best to deliver something fresh and unique. Unfortunately, Get Even fails to nail down the fundamentals, resulting in a sadly disjointed, overwrought experience. PS4
Wccftech - Christian Vaz 55 5.5 / 10 Get Even's goal is to get the player to question what is real and what isn't. While it succeeds in achieving this, I can't help but feel that it may be slightly too vague to truly hook its players. You'll spend a lot of time reading newspaper clippings and other scraps of paper that will eventually build a complete picture, but I struggled to muster the willpower to locate all of that information. There is very little that entices me to revisit Get Even and although it wasn't necessarily a bad experience, it certainly isn't a Game of the Year contender either. There's no questioning that Get Even offers a different dimension to the first person shooter genre, yet it struggles to maintain the aspects that make it most unique, quickly devolving into a repetitive cycle. PC
PlayStation LifeStyle - Ahmed Mohamed 55 5.5 / 10 Get Even is almost afraid of what it could have been, settling for a more traditional horror experience instead of becoming what it really wants to be. The genre has been healthy in recent months, but a wildly different approach is always welcome and Get Even only accomplishes that in fleeting moments. PS4
The Outerhaven Productions - Veronica Ciotti 50 2.5 / 5 stars Get Even is not a bad game. In fact, there are moments where its storytelling and atmosphere really shine. However, it is held back by its gunplay, stealth, and at times an overly complicated plot. I felt relieved when all the pieces came together and the ultimate mystery revealed itself, but that doesn't excuse the confusion I had during much of the game. Perhaps the complex story could be forgiven if the game was a little more fun. It's unfortunate because there are elements of a good game in Get Even, but ultimately it tries to do too many things and only succeeds at a few of them. PS4
Push Square - Liam Croft 40 4 / 10 Get Even had a good base of neat ideas, but the execution of the overall product is so poor that many areas feel unfinished. Combat is quite simply a disaster, the graphics look like they've been taken from a 2008 PS3 game, and the soundtrack crushes your enjoyment far too often. The plot may well grab your attention, but the act of actually playing Get Even is nothing but a chore. PS4
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From the Bemine Bundle people: Build a Bundle with 12 games to build from (The Ball, Necrovision, PAM, BEEP, Dark Fall: Lost Souls, Ubersoldier 2, ... + music) submitted by reireirei to gaming

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