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[Hello World] - Part 3

NSFW (in the first scene there is an attempted rape)
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“This is it,” Matthew smirked with a bit of a flourish, holding back the door and gesturing Chloe inside. “Prototype DRN-42, the proof of concept that kick-started the Android Craze.” Chloe peered excitedly into the cramped storage closet. Tucked into the back corner, half-obscured by an old lab coat that had been tossed aside, the First Android stood like the monument of a new era. It was so rudimentary that it was almost laughable. It had a bucket-shaped head with a single lens for visual function, with a circular speaker screen beneath the lens for verbal responses. Its legs were little more than triple-cylinder CAF-5x pistons with a single knee joint, and the arms were solid telescoping pieces lacking elbows. The chest cavity was almost completely exposed, displaying wires, memory drives (for the background processes, at least), the primary motor, and the main battery pack.
Biting her lip in fascination, Chloe asked, “Does it still work?”
Matthew shrugged, watching her excitement. He’d never fucked a gearhead before--most were too butch for his liking--but she was filled out in all the right places, so he took it as a challenge. Seeing her flush in joy made him want her even more.
Letting the door swing closed behind him, he reached out and gently stroked her arms, tickling her soft skin just beneath her short sleeves. “We can try to turn it on, if you want.” He leaned forward and blew in her ear.
Jerking her shoulder up, she spun around in shock. “Ew, what are you doing?” she exclaimed, backing away from him.
“Come on, I let you in to see the prototype,” Matthew said with as much charm as he could muster. “I need a little something in return.” He seized her wrist and pulled her close to him, leaning in with puckered lips.
“Get off me!” Chloe screamed, shoving his chest. He was much bigger than her, so she only succeeded in pushing herself deeper into the cluttered closet. The back of her legs collided with a box of something scientific, and she stumbled back. Matthew surged forward, leaning over her and pinning her down. “Help!!!” Chloe screeched, kicking and writhing. “_HELP!!!!_”
The fire alarm suddenly went off, and Chloe thought she would never be more grateful that someone was smoking in the bathrooms as she was at that moment. Matthew paused when the shrill sirens sounded, giving Chloe just enough time to push him away and slip out from underneath him. Lunging for the door, she pulled it open and rushed out. Sparing one last glance at her would-be rapist, she snapped, “Don't ever come near me again!” She froze for a millisecond when, over Matthew’s shoulder, she thought she saw a flicker of light, as if the aperture in the single lens on the prototype android had shifted.
Pushing the thought from her mind, she ran out of the lab into the flow of students exiting the premises.
Despite the horrible encounter with Matthew, Chloe couldn’t get her mind off of the prototype gathering dust in Dr. Glowinski’s lab. She was still a first year student at the specialized university, inspired to enter the field of bionics after seeing the first footage of DRN-42 on her dad’s laptop when she was a child. She had grown up in the aspiring Android Craze, but her parents had been able to see the footage live and had recorded it for posterity (any legal copies were downloadable for a fee, but Dad was more frugal than a camel in the desert).
She curled up in her dorm room now, her tablet in her lap, researching everything she could about DRN-42. If only she could have had more time to observe it! She would have loved to see it booted up, to see if it sounded as authentically empathetic in real life as it did in all the video recordings.
While she was diving deep into the university’s intranet, as well as the good ol’ world wide web, for anything she could find about the prototype, she got a message bubble through her university’s social media account that no one ever used. Hovering her thumb over it, she opened up the details to see if it was someone from one of her classes. Part of her feared it was Matthew trying to be a creep. For the past week, he’d been texting her nonstop.
The contact name said it was a guy named Darren. It didn’t give any class details, or even what year he was in. Suspicious of spam yet curious as to who would bother with the ghost town of a social media site, she opened the message.
“I se... off fi... alarm.”
She twisted her lips doubtfully. This had to be another stalker. This just wasn’t her week, was it? Without replying, she clicked Block.
Immediately afterwards, the red X over the icon vanished, and another message popped up. “You research... DRN....”
Fear began to flutter in her stomach as she tried to block him again. Once more, the name unblocked by itself.
“Don't bl...,” another message read. “Messa... ficult. I need... help. I... DRN-42. Ple... help... escape.”
Chloe stared at the message for several silent seconds, her hands shaking. This couldn’t be real. This was some stalker. Hell, it was probably Matthew! Should she call the university police to report harassment? Was this proof of that? Probably not, unless she could link him to the IP address... Would he be smart enough to use a proxy?
Another message bleeped into existence on her screen. “Please... help.”
She snagged her cell phone and called her friend Sam. He would have the proper processing power to run diagnostics. Turns out he was sitting alone in his apartment with a six-pack of beer and a box of pizza, so he happily flounced right over with his geek gear.
Plugging in cords, Sam slurped at a Miller and licked a piece of pepperoni off his scruffy beard. “So, you think Matthew has sunken to a new low?” he asked as he began the diagnostics. “I mean, look at these messages. They look like a kindergartner trying to be intense.”
“I just want proof so I can report him,” Chloe shrugged, sitting on her bed behind him.
“Report him anyway. He assaulted you,” Sam shrugged.
“I don’t have proo--”
The laptop beeped, and Sam leaned forward suddenly. “Holy shit,” he muttered. Chloe jumped off the bed and peered over his shoulder. The mysterious “Darren’s” true identity was…
Sam leaned back and looked up at her, his greasy face drained of all color. “It really is that goddamn android.”
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I got the chance to speak to a Product Manager at Microsoft :)

Hey all -
Recent college grad here. Looking to make the transition into Product Management.
Had the chance to interview a Product Manager at Microsoft in the Azure cloud services organization. I specifically focused on asking questions about his day to day as I really wanted to understand what a PM does.
Thought I'd share here.
What does an average day look like?
Every day is different, but I generally spend my time doing one of three things:
  1. Creating clarity on what to build
  2. Guiding Execution
  3. Reporting Progress
The role is highly collaborative so I’m constantly partnering with Engineering, Design, and PM colleagues. On an average day, I’ll have at least 3 meetings. Here’s what it looks like:
At the start, I meet with my Engineering Manager (EM) counterpart for an hour. We discuss our roadmap and realize we may need to cut a couple features because some work took longer than we planned. We review our backlog and discuss potential features to cut. I agree to get customer feedback to revise our prioritized list of work if necessary.
Before my next meeting, I review customer feedback and notice there’s a bug in one of my features. I contact the customer via email to provide a workaround and add a task to our team’s backlog. I reply to a few emails before my next meeting: a 15 minute stand up with the engineering team.
We discuss the current status of work in progress. One engineer has a question about a feature and I realize the requirements could use a bit more detail. I set up a working session for later in the day to clarify what needs to be done.
In the hour before my next meeting, I continue my work on a new feature. I need to provide feedback on mock-ups from our designer. The options look great! I leave some comments and set up a meeting with the designer to review the final decision. I also schedule a meeting for the following week to get feedback from engineers and other PMs on the team.
Next, my EM and I meet with a team we are partnering with to deliver a feature in a couple months. The other team explains that there will be a two week delay because some higher priority work came up. We decide on a new timeline and agree that the project is not significantly at risk.
To wrap up my day, I review a PowerBI dashboard that displays usage data for a feature we released 3 weeks ago. 40% of users have adopted the feature and 95% of user surveys are at least 4 out of 5 stars. This is great news! Our target is 50% adoption within 3 months and 90% ratings of at least 4 star ratings. I write a status update, include screenshots of the report, and send it to my manager and our engineering team.
After I finish the meeting to clarify the work discussed during standup, I write some SQL queries to gather data to support another feature I’ve been working on. I end the day noting my thoughts on how the data highlights the problem we are trying to solve.
What does a non-average day look like?
I have no meetings! I may spend the day refining my specs, scheduling talks with customers and planning our roadmap. On days like this I like to do big picture thinking and develop the vision for my feature area based on new market research or customer feedback. My vision document includes details on what I think are the biggest opportunities for my team to improve our product for customers.
Sometimes I’ll block my calendar for an entire week with back to back interviews or focus groups with customers. I develop a combination of questions, design mocks, prototypes, and surveys, then partner with User Research, Design, Engineering, and PM peers to execute a research study. I use the results of these various activities to discover the biggest challenges my customers face and add new ideas to my product roadmap and vision document.
What’s your favorite part about the job?
I love working with people and building consensus. It feels good when I get to talk to customers and we reach an understanding about how my product can serve them better. I enjoy when I can take that feedback along with product data to create alignment on what my team should build. Holding a meeting with multiple stakeholders and getting to see the nods of agreement as we develop a collective vision of success is energizing.
It’s also great to look back after a feature has been shipped and recognize the impact that has been made for customers. It feels good when I’m reviewing customer feedback and the comments express gratitude for my feature and how it helped them.
Are there things you don’t like about being a PM?
Project management! This often involves tracking bugs, and features in backlog management software as well as writing status reports for my team and partners. While I don’t love this part of the job, I appreciate the value it provides in keeping the team on target and communicating our progress. Without this work it would be difficult to manage all of my responsibilities.
What advice do you have for someone young (or old) looking to build a career in Product Management?
Go build something! Product management is one of those things you have to learn by doing, so go build something, anything, for someone else. As you're building it, resist the urge to start with the end product. Instead, focus on what problem you are solving and why. Talk to a representative customer, discover their needs. And before you start building, think carefully about how you’ll measure success. Going through this process will give you experience with the essence of product management.
If you already have experience like this, great! Prepare your resume with results-based bullet points about your experience. Read the book, “Crack the PM Interview”, and practice interview questions with an experienced product manager. Then use your network (or build one) to get referrals into your target companies. My MBA program helped guide me through the resume preparation, interview practice, and networking process. Without an MBA program, all these things are possible, it will just take some persistence.
I noticed you studied Computer Engineering (and also worked as a Software Engineer) and now you work as a PM - how important is this technical grounding you have to your role? Could someone succeed without it?
My technical background is important to the extent that it is a part of me. Each PM has a different style and mine is based on my blend of technical and business experience. On a typical day, I communicate with both technical and non-technical teammates, go deep on technical discussions to unblock my team, and perform data analysis to measure success. And these things are not the essence of PM - the essence of PM is solving problems in a way that creates value for both customers and the business. If someone is comfortable learning from and communicating with the technical stakeholders involved in product development, they can succeed.
That being said, a product manager who builds machine learning models for a social media application may need more technical skills than a product manager who builds the web interface for an e-commerce application.
Previously, you founded a startup (Hansel). In what ways is being a product owner at Microsoft similar to building something from scratch?
PMs and entrepreneurs both need to understand who their customers are. I had my first experience running focus groups for my startup and I’ve executed several more since becoming a product manager.
Both also need to understand the market and the competition. As a founder, I spent a lot of time researching, speaking to, and using products of competitors. As a product manager, I don’t often get to speak to competitors or use their products directly, but I leverage any online resources I can find to learn about their products and what customers like about them.
Finally, both require effective communication with various disciplines. In a big company there are many specialized roles: design, engineering, marketing, sales, legal, research. As a PM you’ll need to work with them all at some point. As a founder you’ll need to perform some if not all of these functions yourself, especially in the early stages. And at some point, you’ll need the help of others to be successful.
Finally, how helpful do you think your MBA has been towards your PM career?
My MBA was extremely helpful in helping me transition from engineering, while providing a foundation of business knowledge to complement my technical background. The MBA provided me with tools to pitch my transferable skills and a network to help me land and succeed in interviews.
Additionally, the MBA taught me how to analyze business opportunities, develop business strategies, and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. I use these skills daily to be effective as a PM and an MBA is just one way to gain them.
Hope this was helpful! The full interview with nice illustrations is available here. Maybe you'll also enjoy my conversations with the CEO of a startup or Data Scientist at Uber.
Any questions and I'll be in the comments :)
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