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Shank #1 cracked wheat

Influence of ozone on ribonuclease activity in wheat

Just FYI, still a good product and worked for my setup. Wheat and Rye Malts; Hops. Chains can be classified by their design, which can be dictated by their use: Those designed for lifting, such as. METHOD: Sprinkle salt and pepper on the shanks; heat some olive oil in the pot and brown the shanks all over.

Crack safety Assessment of PEGylated Oils as Used in Cosmetics

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  • Confusing Marks on Sterling Silver and Silver Plate
  • Lamb Shank Tagine with tabbouleh.
  • Nigella Lawson Aromatic Lamb Shank Noodle Broth Recipe
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Key will Stem Rust Destroy the World's Wheat Crop?

Hand-Held Mixer Method: Combine dry mixture with cracked wheat mixture and vegetable oil in mixing bowl on low speed. Premium Nubuck leather upper. Additionally, almost any group of words that functions as a noun can be an object, such as noun phrases, noun clauses, gerunds, and infinitives. Shank #1 cracked wheat.

Download milk-Braised Lamb Shanks with Cracked Wheat Pilaf

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An early warning system to predict and mitigate wheat rust

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11 Shank Chisel Plow For Sale - Honey Bee 11 Shank Chisel

30+ Best Lamb shank recipe images

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Eorzea Database: Antelope Stew

Install hose carrier on side of hitch lug with two (2) 1/2" x 2" HHCS, lock washers, and hex. Lamb shank tagine with herb tabbouleh. Arlene Shank, age 86, formerly of Holtwood, passed away on Thursday, May 23, 2020 at Fairmount Homes, Ephrata. Lion Brand Tweedle Dee (1) Nako Baby Super Bebe (1) Nako Bambino Marvel (4) Patons Cotton DK (8) Patons Fairytale Merino Mix (10) Peter Pan Baby Cotton DK (2) Peter Pan Binky (1) Rico Baby Cotton Soft Dk (5) Rico Baby Dream DK (4) Rico Fashion Cotton Light And Long (5) Ricorumi (18) Rowan Baby Merino Silk (2) Rowan Cotton Cashmere (1) Rowan.


Sign up to receive exclusive deals, tips and tricks, special coupons and much more. The antifungal activity of lactoferricin is now being tested on F. graminearum in wheat (Table 1). During the course of infection, some strains of F. graminearum produce DON, a trichothecene mycotoxin that primarily affects smooth muscle function, and therefore poses a health hazard to humans and monogastric animals (Busby and Wogan, 1981. Farm Equipment For Sale By WMS Auction & Marketing. When Linda returned from her shower I took a load of whites to the laundry room and put them in a washing machine.

Original Wheat penny 1 cent coin shank buttons 6 pcs lot

Rubber lug outsole for durability and maximum traction on any surface. OFF 1-Hole Brass Rhinestone Shank Buttons, with Acrylic Rhinestone, Flat Round, Silver Color Plated, 22.5x22x9mm, Hole: 3mm (RB-S048-03) US $3.51 / 10 pcs US $5.41 / 10 pcs. Ultrathin sections of wheat endosperm demonstrating the immunolocalization of BiP to PBs (black arrowhead). Her secret was the handful of walnuts she added.

Fun and Intrigue Series - The Zookeeper's Friends

Episode 1 to 5
Episode 6 to 10
Episode 11 to 16
Episode 17 to 20

< Episode 21 > Street Sharks
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 6] - Weather - Moderate Winds
The team is prepped and ready to go, everyone stacks behind the walls by the door readying their action. Four enemies are spotted at the end of the long hallway, three soldiers and a ranger in the back. Thief climbs just above the door frame hoping to ninja-sneak attack an enemy. Two rounds of movement happen before the fighting actually started - it's at that point the Thiefs bracelet shouts "Feline AIDS - He had sex with a dude!". Ruining his chance to sneak attack who repositioned himself behind a corner. The Soldiers walked closer and their eyes glowed a bit purple in a monotoned voice saying - kill them for the master. Soldiers didn't put up much of a fight due to bottlenecking them, really the only threat was the ranger in the back. Bard and Ranger are getting off ranged attacks - Cringe Cleric, Kensei, and Thief stabbed away while Good Cleric cast cantrips.
It's at this time the party killed the first soldier - then out popped an intellect devourer. Intimidating yeah but also very squishy, Birdman downs the Ranger in the back and the party kills the remainder enemies with ease. Afterward, the party takes a short rest - after a quick heal, the Thief tries to look through the keyhole only to find out that there's a locking mechanism blocking the view. So he did what any smart person would do - open the door normally. Right into a Shark Man who was directly on the other side of the door plus four others in the background. Half man - half shark - 100% very dangerous. The Door was quickly smashed in by a fellow Shark Man soon after. The team rolled good but Shark Men turned out to be a serious threat regardless, plus Sharkmen sides had good positioning. Sharkmen had sewage water and good swim speed, and the team couldn't fully utilize their melee capabilities. Sharkmen were not only very beefy but they have a diseased riddled fun bite. Which the Thief soon very quickly caught, after a quick retreat the Cringe Cleric who now has 21 AC decided to change places with the Thief and tank the door.
Que Jaw Music - grappled Cringe Cleric and thrown into the water and who is now surrounded. Gets absolutely destroyed, KO'd, failed his CON saving throw, and gets a fun disease. Sharkmen are determined to make the Cringe Cleric their snack - blood in the water - Cringe Cleric failed his first saving throw, stacked with one point of exhaustion from getting KO'd in the first place. Bard pulls gamer strats and casts Darkness. Kensei stuns one of the Sharkmen and it's at that point the battle started to turn in the team's favor. Bard manages to heal the Cringe Cleric and the team starts driving back the Shark Men, after a few more rounds of combat the team managed to kill the remaining Sharkmen without getting any more diseases. Banged up something fierce from the back-to-back fights the team decided to take a long rest, however - the long rest soon turns out to be not so restful.
< Episode 22 > Tin Foil Hat
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 6] - Weather - Moderate Winds
The team decides to leave the sewer instead of bunkering down - letting the seemingly strange trash just float on by. The team now top-side decides to get free food and rooms from a nat 20 Bard performance. The party decides to get brunch before taking a long morning rest. During brunch Cringe Cleric and Thief starts showing symptoms, maddening laughter, and minor pissing one's pants. A medicine check later shows that the disease is Crackle Fevor, an infectious disease that can be transmitted by either injury or within 10 feet of anyone having episodes and left untreated can lead to permanent madness. Good Cleric catches it, and everyone affected rushes to get themselves cured. Afterward, the party dumpster dives back into the sewer once more - only to find that the half-man/trash body that was in the initial room was gone. In fact, the Trash Golems that were slain were also gone - this is what we call foreshadowing.
The team cautiously makes their way back to where they last left off, no other traps were spotted but the team spots a cistern down a hallway and a door next to the said hallway. The team opens the door to find four very angry and starving tigers, Cringe Cleric closes the door ending the fight but not before the Bard shoots one of the poor-abused tigers. The team spots another door that was across from their last encounter point and decides to just open the door normally into a small room - walks right into an Intellect Devourer controlled meat bag Veteran. Everyone rolls decently, however, the positioning and initial attack plan was very - very bad. Kensei runs into the room and initiates stab on the only enemy in the room. Everyone starts to reposition in the small hallway near the door. Surprisingly nobody remembered the last time of what happens when you run into an area alone. Enemy Meatbag Veteran slaps Kensei, and another Veteran walks through the door and hits on advantage. An enemy mage walks up behind and party and does an AOE, if you say Fireball you guessed correctly. Hits good cleric, cringe cleric, and birdman. The thief runs into the room and tries to get a few stabs in. The Bard now walks in and gets advantage on the Veteran who attacked with advantage. Which the bard also gets advantaged by a Knight, then semi surrounded by another knight. Birdman makes the big think move and goes into the small room and starts to attack which he misses.
In fact, he misses nearly all of his attacks throughout the entire encounter. Bard gets jacked up and Birdman nearly gets killed, walks away with like 3 or 4 HP before hiding in the last tiny room in the previous encounter. Popping out every turn to miss his attacks, multiple nat ones which he damages himself for 1 hp and hides back into the room. Kensei disengaged and naruto runs into the enemy mage that casted fireball locking him down. Which almost turned out to be very - very bad, more on that later. Cringe Cleric is tanking up again and after defeating one of the enemies out pops a brain slug who uses Devour Intellect - cringe cleric fails and takes damage and now he has to roll again. Fails and nearly gets stunned for five turns. Kensei and Birdman are trying to take the wizard down and Thief is repositioning to assist as there's another veteran approaching from the same direction of that the wizard came from. The wizard goes down and the tiny brain slug pops out of the body and survives the initial attacks. Kensei is """ technically """ the smarter cat brother - fails both of his intelligence saves and gets stunned for 8 turns. Shouldn't have drunk too much skooma before going back down into the sewers because the funny thing about Intellect Devourers is that it can hijack your body if you're stunned.
Good Cleric runs to the rescue and undoes the stun saving Kensei from being body jacked, because if he hadn't done that the Kensei would have been body jacked. As it survived another wave of attacks but the Kensei killed it. With the worst part of the battle over the fight slowly turned into the party's favor as the only ones left are the Knight enemies - Birdman defines the laws of the universe and attacks out of turn in great risk. He's been rolling very - very - VERY badly plus he's on 1 HP. Another nat one and he's KO, however, if he gets a nat one or two he's automatically dead. Misses and dies inside only, he does this next turn. Five or lower and he's dead outright - manages to hit his target, and refrains from cheating death throughout the entire encounter. The party once again gets banged up and plans for a short rest after a quick examination of the room, Good Cleric does some perception checks to see if anything stands out, no traps or anything. Walks up the small set of stairs and gets startled by a Shark Man in a locked jail cell, it is hungry for people meat. Sharkmen can understand common but can only respond in grunts, the party then plans on doing a small interview with the Shark Man.
< Episode 23 > Troglo-Chickens
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 6] - Weather - Moderate Winds
The team decided to skip the interview due to a cry for help down the hallway, turns out there was a human captive alive, and hears the actions of the party. Turns out the human captive is also in a jail cell surrounded by corpses their butt-cheeks eaten off. Captive says he faked his death after passing out on the toilet from bad hotdogs and ale. Woke up to two men in monotoned voices dragging him to a jail cell. Party makes the big think move to let him out, good cleric rolls high on insight and doesn't spot anything out of the ordinary, just a fat guy with a taste for butt checks. Some people are saying just kill him but nobody goes through with it. Captive says he's heard levers and metal doors opening south of his jail cell, as well as other noises of various wild animals.
Proves to be true as nearby in the same small housing is an Ape and a bear. The party leaves the small housing area and sees the large watergate, the lever, and a metal door. Most of the party is by the door of the small housing where the Captives jail cell was, just before the pile of rotten hotdogs rose up and became a Shambling Mound - a fusion of trash and rotten hotdogs. It's much more sturdier and because the party left the sewers and thus allowing things to go unchecked while someone unfriendly was diligent to do trash duty. Hot Dog monster rolled a Nat 1, so he gets beat up on pretty quick. After hot dog monster did his turn things got fun. The captive turned out to be a doppelganger and an attraction of the """ zoo """, despite good cleric rolling high insight the doppelganger rolled higher off-screen and with tasty advantage. Gets one good round of damage against cringe-cleric. The Sharkman goes GASHUNK and bursts out of his cage and runs right towards the party, doppelganger uses a turn to shapeshift into a Sharkman to not get targeted. The party was concentrating attacks on hot dog monster as the Kensei stunned it, bard doing cartwheels all over the place and everyone else is just laying into hotdog monster. Right after the party took down hotdog monster the Thief who didn't learn from his last mistake of attacking the aforementioned shark-man from his first encounter with them attacked again.
Got bit and infected soon afterward, Doppelganger goes down easily but Birdman got opportunity attacked by the sharkman hard via crit. Sharkman goes down the same turn though. Overall the mid-boss fight wasn't all that hard, however, the team used up more resources than they should have. Thief get's cured of his disease right afterward, spots discolorization near the wound so it was a dead giveaway of an infection. The party spots another jail cell across a small water trench, same trench hotdog monster was clogging the water and absorbing the trash golems the party first whooped on. Bard examines the cells and sees werebears, also sees a nice treasure chest in an adjacent cell that you have to enter the cell the werebears are to get to. They don't seem very interested in the party but the Good Cleric rolls high on animal handling and throws in a corpse. Doesn't do much, werebears just stare at it, they do smell the kibble and bits. Good Cleric throws that in and distracts the werebears so he can grab the loot. Nice scroll of cure disease, shame they didn't find it earlier. The party forms up on the door while Kensei pulls the lever, Good cleric checks for traps and rolls a nat 20, doesn't see any traps and the overall area is pretty dim out in the distance. Sees a small glow from a fire but that's just about it, moves up 5 feet, and a brain-slugged veteran spots em around a sharp corner.
Party doesn't roll as good as the mid-boss fight, but one thing that did stand out is a herd of Troglo-Chickens. Your normal troglodyte but with the head of a chicken, peaceful creatures really - just don't get in their way else you'll get knocked over and take minor damage. The enemy mage that was just out of sight from the fire glow is now visible thanks to the advancement of that extra 5 feet good cleric took, though it also started combat. The Enemy wizard casts Cloudkill, it's underpowered but doesn't hurt the party as much as the name implies. The 12 Troglo-Chickens rush out of the cage and starts colliding into enemies and friendlies alike by accident. Birdman targets the wizard and doesn't down him, deals a lot of damage though. Both sides have to wade through a herd of Troglo-Chickens as the herd is all over the place. The party is basically " slugging it out " with humanoid enemies and brain slugs while wading their way through a herd of Troglo-Chickens. Troglo-Chickens are your friend <3, sadly the enemies didn't thank so as they had to cut down a couple of them. So standard Spiritual weapons all over the place and now tacti-kool crowd control and a well placed AOE all around. About half of the Troglo-Chickens managed to escape, but not before knocking over people. During the later portion of the fight, Kensei gets KO'd and there's an intellect devourer right in front of him. Thankfully you have to be stunned to get body jacked.
Cringe-Cleric heals him the next turn only for him to get KO'd again shortly afterward. Cringe-cleric tries to justify that he can pretend he's still KO'd but with literally everyone seeing him heal the Kensei - get that shit outta here. Two points of exhaustion gained, thankfully the next time he get's up he gets up for good. During the finishing stage of the fight, Birdman once again defies the laws of physics and of the galaxy and attacks out of turn at -7 to hit + sharpshooters -5 > hits target. However this time something happened off scene. The party once again gets beaten up and now is forced to use a long rest before continuing any further. It's now midnight and the party has exactly 12 hours to complete the quest before the War Game starts, they only get one more mulligan but they did cover a lot of ground.
However - when Birdman awoke he found a strange mask attached to his face. When you cheat the laws of the universe - Wild Magic fun tends to happen.
< Episode 24> Levers
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 7] - Weather - Moderate Winds
Birdman wakes up with a stone mask embedded into his skull, whispers, and laughter fills his head and suddenly he hears a voice. "Welcome - my new plaything!". It's at this point Birdman realized he had awoken the ancient god of chaos and wild magic - Xom. Xom is a mischievous god that enjoys adventurers doing absurd notions, purposely walking into traps, getting constant bad dice rolls, pulling levers, etc. He gives toys and powers to his playthings, provided they don't bore him by walking through battles and other notions. Xom whispers Birdman his potential as a follower, Birdman told the party this and of Xom's blessings; Kensei, Thief, and Cringe Cleric think it's a good idea to humor this god and accept his blessing. Xom doesn't care if you worship him or not - for he just wants to be entertained. Birdman spawns three other masks and Xom whispers to the Kensei, Thief, and Cringe Cleric their potential as well, more on that later. Good Cleric bitches out and Bard doesn't care much for it, it's at this time the team investigates the area where the troglo-chickens escaped from. Turns out there's a large waterway tunnel in it as well as an observation ledge.
The ledge shows a bronze lever and a small chest with a book of feeding habits for creatures that nobody knows how to read. Bard knows it's in deep speech, just have to find someone who can translate the book. A potion of animal friendship and some food. Thief and Kensei fight over who pulls the lever which the thief manages to do, opens a gate in the waterway and the team hears something coming their way. After repositioning Kensei takes lead and runs right into a five-headed Hydra. Roll - Dem - Init - oh the Hydra rolled a Nat 20. Kensei instantly regrets taking the lead and gets little over half of his HP taken out in a single turn. However, despite it being a five Headed Hydra, if it had reinforcements it could have proven to be an actual challenge. Kensei manages to stunning strike it after two attempts, and it's at that point the beat down starts coming into play. Everyone repositions and gets advantage all day every day, Birdman manages to miss half of his shots though. The fight was a bit drawn out as it gained two heads and regained some of it's HP every turn but the team could effectively out DPS the regen. A good number of butt stabs here and a slash there and it went down, behind the Hydra floated a Chainmail of Resist Acid. Everyone dismisses the worth of it but hey could come in handy one day.
Good Cleric goes over to the Hydra holding pen and drops a rock into it with light. It reaches the bottom but there's nothing inside but a few skeletons and hydra poop. Good Cleric whines about nothing good being down here. The team does a little bit more investigating and finds a lever in the area with the previous encounter with the troglo-chickens. Pulls that one as well and the team starts to dive in, it's another holding cell and it is DARK. Cringe-Cleric humors Xom and turns off his light, Good-Cleric turns his on which by proxy doesn't make Xom like his playthings any more than usual. The team spots a large ledge and thinks about climbing it, they decide not to and continue going down the passageway. Kensei and Thief take point because they have dark vision, Bard is in the back with birdman and Good Cleric and Cringe Cleric are side by side. Kensei and Thief see something up ahead and runs far ahead of the team. Turns out it's an Otyugh, nobody could properly pronounce its name. The team rolled okay and Kensei tried to Stun Strike it which failed, Thief gets off a few hits. Birdman can't get a proper line of sight so he ready's his action - he continues to miss half of his shots of course. Good Cleric moves up with light, Cringe Cleric advances as well and casts Bane. Otyugh takes his turn and misses Thief all three times, then a second Otyugh comes up and runs into Good Cleric and the rest of the team. Both Otyugh manages to deal proper damage, Thief gets bit, diseased, grabbed, and stunned in a single turn. Good Cleric with 20 AC gets bit and tentacle whipped.
The first Otyugh by Kensei and Thief goes down before the Thief gets KO'd, the second one get's crowd control by the Bard and ganged up on. After the fight, Thief finds the body of a man wearing a magical tin foil hat, with a potion of Vitality, 2 potions of resistance, and a Superior Healing potion. Thief puts on the magical Tin Foil hat and gets more Intelligence, but he looks so ridiculous he loses Charisma and Wisdom - plus it's cursed and he can't take it off. Everyone hears a sudden loud roar from the distance, Thief decides to wade through the dark passageway and comes across the main chamber on the other side of the Otyugh's holding pen. Thief gets up real close and here's the brain slugged control say - the training is complete master hurrrrrrrr. Thief somehow struggles to find how out a Tyrannosaurus-Rex managed to fit inside of the sewers let alone get snuck in without anyone noticing. He relays the information to the team, Good Cleric found something good all of a sudden. Good Cleric wants to now tame the Tyrannosaurus-Rex, however, he'll need to defeat the master or now named The ZooKeeper first before doing do.
< Episode 25 > Marching Order
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 7] - Weather - Moderate Winds
The team forms up in a Marching Order - Good Cleric, Kensei, Cringe Cleric, Thief, Bard, and Birdman; and starts moving towards the area where the Thief came back from, sees the same large metal cage door and T-Rex. The bard also spots a solid gold lever with a 500 GP worth of gems ruby handle. Fails a Wisdom saving throw so he really wants to pull that lever. The team forms up and starts to head out but not before exploring the upper portion of the Otyugh's pen. They come across the ledge they once saw and a secret passageway, the team forms up inside of said passageway, and bard pull's the chain. Opens the back door to the Owlbear cage, the bard instantly closes the door. The team gets back to the troglo-chicken area again and consorts their map, if they go west-southwest they should be able to get to the T-Rex pen and hopefully the ZooKeeper.
The team contemplates which way they should go, south to a door, north-west to another door, north to the cistern, or just west-southwest. The team decides to test out the door to the north-west door. Why stealth checks the door - just open it right into a were-tiger said the Cringe-Cleric. The team goes into combat mode and gets minor damage off of the weretiger as it's immune to non-magical and silver weapons. Then everyone but Birdman piles into the room to surround the were-tiger, Kensei begins to bore Xom by initiating stun-lock, it was after the first turn of combat Sharkmen show up to take a bite out of crime. The team is beating on the were-tiger while the Sharkmen start to attack cringe-cleric who is in the door frame having PTSD, thankfully there's only two. The team is wearing down the tiger and Cringe-Cleric repositions himself out of the door-frame, gets shanked by the Sharkmen - that high AC can't save you all the time. The team starts beating on the Sharkmen until one breaks through and bites the Bard, thankfully Bard didn't get diseased. Kensei initiates stun-lock again on Sharkmen - Xom is now bored. Kensei insults Xom and declares he's taking off the mask after the fight, he attacks the Sharkman whos inside the room.
Birdman is making his shots this time and invokes Wild Magic from Xom's mask. He can't get drunk for 17 days, starts planning to imminently to have a drinking contest and rigging the matches. Nice. One Sharkman down one to go - Thief backflips on a nat 20 off of the way and misses his attack. The team begins to push the last remaining Sharkman back and wins the fight. Kensei meets the DC check and successfully removes Xom's mask - the chaff will be separated from the wheat of course. Thief invokes Xoms wild magic and gets 100, he gets a limited wish. He wastes it and makes Birdman gay, wasting a valuable resource Xom roars with laughter and cures Thief of the disease he got from the Otyugh. Thief spots a chest in the Tigerman's room, then spots that the chest is trapped. Disarms and opens up to find pocket sand, a healing potion, and a fragmentation grenade. Birdman scoops up the grenade to bomb an unsuspecting target in the future. The team gets into their marching order and goes west-southwest, they spot 10 gold on the ground a little bit north, good-cleric does a perception check to spots for traps. He doesn't spot a trap but does see an extra gold coin.
Team spots 20 gold coins next to a door on the same pathway, Kensei also spots a room on the other side of the sewer canal. Birdman checks for traps and just barely spots one in the darkness, he flys over and throws a rock into it triggering the trap alerting the people in the room. Kensei rushes over to Birdman and the rest of the team is on the other side of the canal, outcomes a brain-slugged veteran. Birdman and Kensei pillar man poses but it's ineffective for - reasons. The team overall rolls okay, the only issue is that an enemy wizard goes second. The team opens up hostilities by attacking the veteran, next turn the wizard throws an acid ball in the middle of the party hitting everyone. All but the Thief makes their saving throws. While everyone is targeting the now bad dude wizard Thief makes a last-ditch effort to heal himself and survive his next turn as the acid lingers on a failed saving throw, sadly Xom wasn't watching and Thief get's KO'd.
Birdman unable to see the wizard in the darkroom ahead takes the Veteran down and the Kensei runs into the room alone to finish off the wizard. Repeating the Doom Guy's mistake from back in the town being attacked by the Drow - runs into the room alone wounded and spots the rest of the enemies, a Ranger, and two Knights. He bolts out the door but forms a bottleneck closeby, the enemies sally out to the door frame and the rest of the team on the other side of the sewage canal makes ranged attacks. Kensei has street-smarts and passes the Intelligence check by the intellect devourer, Cringe Cleric starts to move towards the Thief to get him back up, and everyone else readies to start hitting the enemy from a distance.

~~End for now
The dumpster diving is nearing its end which afterward it's mass battle time then hot dog selling shenanigans.
submitted by SriFenbyEx to dndstories

Weekly Grocery Saver 4/8 thru 4/14


This is a snippet of available grocery stores and their prices which seem to be good or better than average deals. They're not all generic brand. The goal is to show that quality products can be found at reasonable prices.
Each store will have their own in-store specials and if you want to add any product you see as a deal, comment away and I'll add it in below. Also note, some stores like Smith's will have regional pricing (so I discovered that not all deals are the same at every store. So far Albertsons seems to be the most consistent on all Vegas store prices.)
Listing products by category first. Categories would go: Meats (fresh/canned), Produce (fresh/canned), Breakfast/Grains/Pasta/Bread, Beverages, Frozen food/treats, Misc.


## Note possible regional store pricing. Ask for a price match. These prices are pulled from their Craig location.
## Hint: On the Mix&Match, your total quantity of items in your purchase just needs to meet a mininum item quantity and you will still receive the lower price for those items. Minimum $15 must be purchased for M&M deals.
## Monday Specials: My recent visits to the stores on Monday showed they had specialty pricing that was not advertised. Example: Dzn eggs for 75c each. During COVID shutdown: This is oddly still true. Granted you want to limit your exposure time, but Smith's did have eggs for 99c/dzn on Mondays.
Store Special:
$10 meal deal - roasted ckn (srvs 2-3), salad kit 10-12oz, mashed potatoes 24oz, La Brea baguette
$2 more for garlic & herb roasted ckn (srvs 3-4)
---Meal Deal is regional, check your store---
Bone-in Sugardale ham portions $1.19/lb Lt1x
Sweet potatoes 99c/lb
Philadelphia cream cheese block $1.79
Powerade 28oz 69c
Pepsi/MtnDew/La Croix 4x $10
Kroger ice cream 48oz 2x $5
Colgate toothpaste/tooth brush 10x $10



*In-store hint:* Preload dcpns in their app.
Pork loin back ribs/St Louis style ribs $1.97/lb
Bone-in Hormel Cure 81/Signature spiral sliced ham $1.77/lb Lt1x
Farmland bacon 12oz 2x $5
Deli baked/fried 8pc ckn $7.99
Navel OJs 99c/lb
Signature Farms mini peeled carrots 1lb 99c ea
Corn 6x $1
Lucerne cheese shred/chunk/sliced $1.99 w dcpn Lt4x
Planters peanuts $1.99 w dcpn Lt4x
Lay's XL/Cheetos/Fritos/Kettle cooked chips 3x $5 Lt1offer
Frito Lay party size chips $2.99 w dcpn Lt4x
Snyder's pretzels family size/Kettle chips $1.99 w dcpn Lt4x
PerrieSanPellegrino 6-10pk $3.99 w dcpn Lt4x
Powerade 68c w dcpn Lt15x
Coke/Pepsi/Dr.P 12pk 4x $10 Lt1offer Min $25 purchase
Frechetta pizza $4.99 w dcpn Lt4x
Blue Bunny/Turkey Hill ice cream $2.88

Smart & Final

In store hint: Each store does manager specials on products, look for them.
Carolina ground turkey 16oz roll $1.99 ea
Carolina ground turkey 5lb roll $7.99 ea (4x $28.76)
Fuji apples 98c/lb
Gala apples 98c/lb
Red apples 98c/lb
Navel OJs 99c/lb
Navel OJs 5lbs bag $3.49 ea
Bananas 49c/lb
Rubyred grapefruit 99c ea
D Anjou pears 8ct pkg $5.99 ea
Iceburg 99c ea
Dole spinach 8oz $1.99
Green cabbage 79c/lb
Bagged carrots 2lbs $1.49 ea
Bagged carrots 5lbs $3.69 ea
Russet potatoes 99c/lb
Russet potatoes 5lbs bag $2.99 ea
Red onions 99c/lb
Yellow/Brown onions 69c/lb
Yellow onions 5lbs bag $3.99 ea
White onions 89c/lb
Kingsford baked beans 15oz 99c ea
Fresh gourmet croutons 5oz 99c ea
Gatorade 32oz 10x $10


Store usually has dbl ad Weds and Fri/Sat/Sun specials.
*Strawberries 2lbs pkg $1.98 ea
*Pineapple 2x $3
*Hass avocados 2x $1
*Asparagus 98c/lb
*Green beans 98c/lb


Store usually has Wed/Thur and Fri/Sat/Sun specials.
Boneless Ckn breast 99c/lb
Ckn leg qtrs 79c/lb
Whole cleaned tilapia $1.99/lb
Shrimp 31-35ct $3.99/lb
Red apples 2lbs $1
OJs lbs $1
Papaya 89c/lb
Watermelon 3lbs $1
Cantaloupe 3lbs $1
Pineapple 99c ea
Limes 79c/lb
Lg Hass avocado 69c ea
Green/Red cabbage 2lbs $1
Iceburg 79c ea
G.R.Y.O bell peppers 89c/lb
Carrots jumbo 59c/lb
Radish 2x $1
Yucca 79c/lb
Jicama 2lbs $1
Cucumbers 6x $1
Roma tomatoes 2lbs $1
Tomatillo 59c/lb
Brown/Red onions 2lbs $1
Green onions 2x $1
Cilantro 3x $1
Anaheim pepper 79c/lb
Jalapeno 2lbs $1
Pasilla peppers 79c/lb
Pinto/Black beans dry bulk 99c/lb
Rancho Grande cheese/creams 2x $5
Maizada corn tostadas 8.8oz 99c
CoJack dry beans/lentils 16oz 99c ea
Dona Maria mole 2x $5
D'Gari flan 79c ea
Mariana's milk 1gal 2x $5


Store usually has specific day specials.
Beef shank $2.49/lb
Grill pk/Whole ckn 79c/lb
Shrimp 26/30ct $4.99/lb
Shrimp head-on/headless 60/70ct $3.99/lb (Th/F)
Whole yellowtail $2.99/lb (Th/F)
Tacos $1 ea (T)
Cuties 3lb bag $2.99
Navel OJs 2lbs 99c
Watermelon 5lbs 99c
Lemons 2lbs bag $1.49 ea
Romaine heart 3ct bag 2x $3
Spinach bunch 89c ea
Kale 2x 99c
Cauliflower 99c/lb
Carrots 5lbs bag $1.99 ea
Roma tomatoes 2lbs 99c
Pasilla peppers 2lbs 99c
Peruvian beans dry bulk 99c/lb
La Costena canned jalapenos 99c
El Sabroso chips 5oz 99c ea
Del Monte ketchup 99c
All Pompeian cooking oils $1 off w in-ad cpn
AZ tea 59c ea 5x
Nilo/Viloa coconut water 99c ea
Gatorade 32oz 79c ea 12x
Squirt 2Ltr 99c 5x
Coke/DrP/Pepsi 12pk 3x $9.99
Springfield waffles 3x $5
Aluminum roasting pans 99c ea

La Bonita

- New store hours: 8am-8pm.
- Only 50 customers in at a time. Please wait outside and practice social distancing of 6ft.
- No more salsa bar.
Beef shank $1.99/lb (W/Th)
Flat rib strips $3.99/lb (F/Sa/Su)
Beef tripe $1.99/lb
Whole pork leg 89c/lb (W/Th)
El Mexicano chorizo 5x $5
Boneless ckn breast 79c/lb
Ckn thighs 89c/lb (F/Sa/Su)
Turkey drum/wings/neck $1.29/lb
Deli turkey ham sliced 2lbs $5 (W/Th)
Shrimp 51/60 $2.99/lb
Tilapia fillet $1.99/lb
Whole tilapia cleaned $1.49/lb
Basa fillet $1.99/lb (F/Sa/Su)
Granny smith apples 2lbs $1
Burro bananas 3lbs $1
OJs 5lbs $1 (W/Th)
Pineapple 89c ea
Papaya 3lbs $1
Honeydew 4lbs $1 (W/Th)
Watermelon 6lbs $1 (F/Sa/Su)
Sm avocado 5x $1 (F/Sa/Su)
Iceburg 2x $1
Spinach bunch 2x $1
Broccoli 69c/lb
Green bell pepper 3x $1
Cucumber 5x $1 (W/Th)
Roma tomatoes 2lbs $1
Tomatillo 3lbs $1
Chayote squash 4x $1
Jicama 2lb $1
Red onions 3lbs $1
Pasilla peppers 3lbs 99c
Jalapenos 4lbs $1 (W/Th)
Brown rice dry bulk 69c/lb
Black beans dry bulk 69c/lb
San Marcos canned whole jalapenos 99c
Rancho Grande cheese/creams 2x $5
White/Wheat bolillos 4x $1
La Constena canned beans 99c ea
Bakery conchas 12pk $2.99
Cacique drinkable yogurt 69c
Sabor Cool dairy beverage 5ct 5x $5
Powerade 2x $1 (F/Sa/Su)
Pepsi/MtnDew 12pk 3x $9
Individual sodas 5x $5

El Super

- Revised store hours: 8am-9pm

Beef tripe $1.99/lb (Sa/Su)
Beef tongue $4.99/lb (Th)
Pork leg whole/half 99c/lb
Bar-S/Hoffy meat franks 12-16oz 89c
Bafar ham deli sliced $1.97/lb (Sa/Su)
Hoffy bacon 12oz $2.99
Cacique chorizo 99c ea
Mutton cut-up $2.99/lb (Th)
Ckn leg qtrs 69c/lb (Th)
Ckn drum/thighs 89c/lb
Shrimp 26/30ct $4.99/lb (W/Th/F)
Shrimp 36/40ct $4.79/lb
Shrimp 51/60ct $4.59/lb
Head-on shrimp 60/70ct $2.97/lb (W/Th/F)
Shrimp 71/90ct $3.49/lb (W/Th/F)
Swai fillet $1.99/lb (W/Th/F)
Whole tilapia cleaned $1.29/lb (W/Th/F) or $1.79/lb
Fuji apples 2lbs 99c
Granny Smith/Red apples 2lbs 99c (W)
OJs 3lbs 99c
Bananas 2lbs 99c
Kiwi 3x 99c
Mango 2x 99c
Yellow mango 3x 99c (W)
Papaya 2lbs 99c (W) or 69c/lb
*Pineapple 3lbs 99c (W/Sa/Su)
Cantaloupe 3lbs 99c
Watermelon 4lbs 99c
Limes 69c
Iceburg 2x 99c (W)
Green cabbage 4lbs 99c
Loose carrots 3lbs 99c
Cucumbers 3x 99c
Persian cucumber 2lbs 99c
Roma tomatoes 2lbs 99c
Tomatillo 2lbs 99c
Jicama 3lbs 99c
Italian squash 2lbs 99c (W)
Mexican squash 2lbs 99c
Russet potatoes 3lbs 99c
Brown onions 4lbs 99c (W)
White onions 3lbs 99c
Pasilla peppers 2lbs 99c (W)
Jalapenos 2lbs 99c
Cilantro 5x 99c (W)
Brown sugar cones 99c/lb
Libby's canned corn 99c
Gogurt 8pk $1.99
FUD fresh cheese 10oz $1.99
Bolillos 4x 99c (Sa/Su)
Dinner rolls 36ct $3.79
Veggie masa for tamales $1.29/lb
Hunt's tomato sauce 8oz 2x $1
Hunt's ketchup 20oz 99c
Dona Maria mole sauce $2.29 ea
D'Gari gelatins 89c ea
Dried hibiscus $3.69/lb
Danimals drinkable yogurt 18pk $5.99
Yoplait drinkable yogurt 2x $1
Little Hug fruit barrels 20ct 2x $5
Sonora citrus punch 128oz 99c
Powerade 28oz 79c
7up/Squirt 12pk 3x $9.99
Pepsi/7up 2Ltr 99c 4x (Sa/Su)
Jarritos 11-12oz 79c ea
Aluminum foil roasting pan 99c

Ranch 99

Pricing is good until 4/9

Shrimp 41/50ct $4.99/lb
Fresh red banded rock cod $2.99/lb
Fuji apple 89c/lb
Fresh longan $1.29/lb
Jack fruit 39c/lb
Lg gai-choy 59c/lb
You-choy 69c/lb
Grape tomato pint 99c ea
Brown onion 4lbs $1
Asian Taste dried mushroom 5oz $5.98
Greenmax black sesame cereal $3.98
Menlo lumpia wrapper 16oz 2x $3
Chaokoh coconut milk 13.5oz 2x $2.50
Sunvoi agar dessert mix 78c ea
Hanasia lemon tea 1kg $4.98
C2 lemon/apple green tea 16.9oz 88c ea
Kimbo thai tea drink canned 11oz 68c ea

168 market

Pricing is good until 4/9
Red banded rock cod $2.99/lb
Baby bok choy 2lbs 88c
Grape tomato 99c ea
Jackfruit 39c/lb
Brown onion 4lbs $1
Sinbo preserved mustard pks 4x $1
GreenMax yam & multi0-grain cereal 12ct $3.98
Wai Wai rice vermicelli 17.5oz $1.78
Samyang hot ckn flavored ramen 5pk $3.98
Kimbo tofu variety 2x $3.88
SEG peanut snacks 90g 2x $2
GreenMax black sesame powder 400g $4.28
Mochiko sweet rice flour 16oz 2x $3
HFT herbal teas 500mL $1.08 ea
Vina instant coffee mix 3-in-1 2x $5
Asian Taste young coconut juice w pulp 17.5oz 78c ea
Ramune 2x $1.98
These are decent deals, but if you found a better deal while out there - share it and I'll add it to the list.
Saving trick: If a store runs out of a certain product that was on sale, ask for a rain check. You can use the rain check within 20 to 30 days and still get the discounted price on those items.
TL;DR - Food stuff.
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