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Ben 10 battle ready hacked able character.

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Play Fun Browser Games https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=982. If the two top stars of '90s anime were to face off in an all-out battle, it would be totally one-sided, and not in Goku's favor. Gwen is one of the main characters in all the Ben 10 TV series.

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After the last box, you'll be able to save and heal at the nearby gold mana statue past some quicksand. Ben 10 and related media extravaganza What it says on the tin. Acrok Video Converter Ultimate, you can just convert Blu-ray/DVD/HD movies to most excellent holdup the format for editing application or movable devices, like iPad Air, iPhone 6, Android tablets or smartphones, etc.

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Using the power of the Omnitrix which has embedded itself on Ben's wrist, players will be able to battle as one of five popular alien heroes from the show. Figures launch into action and magically land on their feet! Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episode 21 Disk Drill Pro License Download Film Wiro Sableng Novel Bahasa Inggris Dan Terjemahannya.

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Firestone Idle RPG has recently been launched on the R2Games platform and has seen quite some positive feedback from R2 players. BOSS BATTLE - Bil & Ben, 2nd Encounter (Level 30). V8.50 Patch Notes - Epic Games' Fortnite https://boom-boom.ru/download/?file=990.

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episode 21. Ben 10 battle ready hacked play free ben 10 battle ready hacked games at NowGamez start playing ben 10 battle ready hacked now. SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Overview.

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Raids and Mythic+ begin before the end of the month. Authorities call facial recognition a valuable tool. You are now ready to play a battle to the death in multiplayer with real players from all over the world, and don't forget to.

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Not to mention his species is considered the closest thing the Ben 10 Universe has to a dominant species in the Galaxy. Get ready to join their kid-friendly battle in Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu! But the range is different levels of action/adventure and comedy.

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He proved to be quite skilled in basic hand-to-hand combat as well-armed and unarmed combat, being able to easily dodge shots from Manny's blasters and proceed to disarm him while in human form. Overpowered can mean a few things; it can mean that a characters' power or weapon is way too powerful, and thus they are never truly in danger, it can mean that the character simple has too many powers or special skills, or it can mean that a superpower that isn't given a second thought is actually a god-level ability. We bring you this new game Ben 10 Run of whom Taptapking is not real, an fun game where our hero Ben 10 runs across town with a board to get there quickly in order to combat bad.

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His built-in repair systems can repair most injuries to his body if given enough energy. But a warrior ready to do battle with any foe who stood in her way. Although Ben now has the added responsibility to protect others and fight evil forces, he still manages to find time for some Upon discovering a mysterious device known as the.

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Ben 10 battle ready is a freeFighting game online at [HOST] The page lists 40 games related to the game Ben 10 battle ready, enjoy. Maintain your fitness level with non-stop, high-intensity workouts wherever you are. Hi and welcome on [HOST], this is our collection of: Unblocked Games Ben 10 Battle Ready, here you can find a lot of things like Unblocked Games Ben 10 Battle Ready.

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Persia was very wary of British and Russian colonial interests during the Great Game, the United States was seen as a more. V8.00 Patch Notes - Epic Games' Fortnite. Ben 10: Battle Ready (the site just generically calls it "Battle Ready"-the Ben 10 part is assumed) is obviously based on the Ben 10 cartoon and toy franchise.

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Play Ben 10 battle ready games online now! MegaGames - founded in 1998, is a comprehensive hardcore gaming resource covering Game Trainers, Mods, News, Fixes, Videos, Patches, Editorials, Freegames, Demos. Knuckle Cracking happens when a character cracks their knuckles to show that they are ready to deal out a whuppin' or tackle a challenge.

A headbanger's hatsu - Tony Who

Name: Anthony “Tony” Who
Character sheet (get ready for low-quality art)
Nen Type: Transmutation
Age: 32
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 79 kg
Bio: Anthony "Tony" Who is his nickname. His real name? Nobody knows. What is known is that he grew up an orphan until he was adopted by a Blacklist Hunter who taught him Nen through meditation. Tony from an early age was irreverent and impatient, his learning was difficult but he ended up dominating the basic principles at age 12. His foster father saw great potential in Tony, but the boy was more interested in music, more precisely in heavy metal and his childhood dream was to become a musical hunter. To satisfy his father's desire, Tony trained his body hard and went through increasingly difficult trials while learning to play the guitar. At 16 Tony felt he was ready for the hunter exam, his last challenge was to defeat his father in a single combat where he was hammered. Despite the defeat, it didn't discourage Tony, for a whole year he trained even more until he reached the point of developing his first hatsu and although still no match for his father, Tony was granted permission to take the exam the following year. At 18, Tony participated in the hunter exam but abandoned it during the second phase upon learning that his father had been cursed with Nen. His father had lost almost all of his senses. His only way to interact with the world was through smells and touch. Tony desperately sought a solution, but after a month his father withered away. He vowed revenge but never managed to locate his father's killer. From then on Tony was involved in several fights in an attempt to forget his inability to have helped his father. In one of these fights, he met Liz Verdance, the Electric Hunter's bassist, a doom metal band. The fight ended in a draw, and they have since become close friends. She encouraged him to join the band when saw his great talent as a guitarist, and Tony accepted immediately. Years later Tony passed the hunter exam without difficulty. Eventually, Tony also became the band's new vocalist after breaking some bones from the ex-vocalist. In his life there are two passions (actually three but Susie abandoned him), playing guitar and fighting, and he claims to be a survivor of a thousand fights. He has a thousand stories to tell despite the majority being hard to believe. He values the sincerity and trust placed in him by other people. Although he doesn't consider himself an example to be followed, he respects people of simple values. Tony has a dream to achieve world fame and earn a lot of money from it. Nowadays he is looking for the tablature of the metal god that allows those who touch to receive gradual fame for the rest of their lives.
  • Master guitarist – 5 pts: Tony is a guitar master, he can play absolutely any melody with extreme proficiency.
  • Skilled fighter – 5 pts: Tony is a great warrior and martial artist. He is a master in many styles but his specialty is Boxe, Muay Thai, Kung Fu (Shingen-Ryu style), Krav Maga, Capoeira, Judo, Sambo, and "Brazilian" Jiu-Jitsu.
  • This guy is fast 4 pts: Tony is very fast. Even with the guitar in hand, your agility/velocity remains the same.
  • Notable aura pool – 2 pts: He is able to summon a superior amount of aura compared to an average user.
  • Competent shooter – 2 pts: He knows how to use firearms.
  • Noisy – 5 pts: Tony is extremely loud even without his guitar. Due to his excessive excitement, he always seems to scream while talking.
  • A little bad hearing – 1 pts: He's always playing the guitar which ended up affecting his hearing a little.
  • Doesn't accept negative criticism – 3 pts: He gets easily irritable when other people talk bad about his music. In an everyday situation, he would curse the critic's family until the fifth generation, but during a battle, things can get out of control if the opponent takes advantage of it.
  • Overconfidence – 3 pts: Tony is overconfident in his skills as a guitarist and fighter, if he thinks his opponent is no match for him, he will use little or no strategy to defeat him.
  • Clueless strategist – 2 pts: All he knows how to do is play guitar and hit people, don't talk to him about super elaborate strategies.
Advanced Technique Strength: In
Equipment List
  • 1x tactical bag;
  • 30x picks, 1x guitar strap, and 1x guitar slide;
  • 1x tactical vest (bulletproof);
  • 1x pistol (Glock 26) and 3x Glock magazine;
  • 1x Ben's Knife (with a paralyzing toxin);
  • 1x small flashlight;
  • 1x medkit (bandages, a scalpel, surgical thread, scissors, spray alcohol, lighter, antibiotics, pain relievers, and morphine);
  • 3x smoke grenade and 3x hand grenade;
  • 1x grenade belt;
  • 1x sound recorder;
  • 1x gas mask.

Hatsu Abilities

1st Hatsu: Let's break it down! (this is definitely not a reference to Overwatch)
Nen type: Transmutation (100%)
Description: Tony can transmute his aura into six arms/hands. When he performs precise boxing movements he can control them without the need to emit.
Conditions and details:
  • If an arm is cut off, Tony will not be able to transmute it again for ten minutes (this can be easily prevented if the durability of arms are enhanced);
  • The arms can extend up to 50 meters;
  • If Tony becomes unconscious, the arms will disappear, but they can be activated again if Tony regains consciousness;
  • The transmuted hands can perform any motor task that a human hand can perform, in contrast, the arms can rotate at will;
  • Tony can mix the arms and create more powerful versions. The arms can quickly split at any time, creating a surprise attack against the opponent;
  • Before activating it, Tony needs to say the name of the ability;
  • The hands can be turned into claws;
  • Tony can use emission to hurl aura. The hands can be fired like a projectile. This version has less than one-third of Tony's power although it can still pose a threat to competent Nen users;
  • When emitted, the hand-projectiles will have a range of 25 meters. Tony cannot control the trajectory or perform motor tasks with projectiles emitted. When a hand is emitted, a new one is created automatically.
L.B.I.D! has two variations: "It’s time to face the music!" and "Get Ready for Infinite Punishment!".
2nd Hatsu: It’s time to face the music!
Nen type: Transmutation (100%), Conjuration (80%), and enhancement (80%)
Description: When conjuring "Annihilator" his pet guitar, Tony must play it to increase the speed and the enhancement of his transmuted arms.
Conditions and details:
  • The conditions of the major ability (Let's Break it Down) are integrated into this variant with some relevant changes;
  • (This is kind of obvious) Boxing moves are replaced by guitar solos;
  • The faster Tony plays guitar more powerful his transmuted arms will be, if Tony out of tune, his arms will lose power (Lose 3% of the power with each out of tune, BUT! Tony never misses);
  • When activating the ability the number of arms increases to 10;
  • When activating the ability a small winged amplifier called "Turbo killer" is conjured, it is connected to the guitar and will follow Tony until the ability is undone;
  • The opponent must be listening to the sound produced by Turbo Killer;
  • Tony can program special moves when playing a determined melody;
  • When using this ability, the arms can extend up to 80 meters;
  • If the guitar is played or touched for more than three seconds by another individual, a soniferous gas will be released by a mechanism;
  • If Tony becomes unconscious, the arms and the conjured objects will disappear, but they can be activated again if Tony regains consciousness;
  • Annihilator is similar to a Fender Stratocaster;
  • If Annihilator is destroyed or severely damaged Tony will not be able to use it again for thirty minutes;
  • If Turbo Killer is destroyed or the connection to the guitar is damaged, it cannot be conjured again for an hour and the additional arms will disappear. When Turbo Killer can no longer be used, Tony can activate the ability "Say Hello to my Little Friend".
3rd Hatsu: Get Ready for Infinite Punishment!
Nen type: Transmutation (100%), Conjuration (80%), and enhancement (80%)
Description: When the transmuted hands attacking the opponent at different points on the body, a word in the form of a tattoo will appear on the attacked member. From there, all subsequent attacks will be directed at the tattooed locations.
Conditions and details:
  • Tony can "tattoo" his opponent six times, therefore he can use one to six different hands (a hand can tattoo more than once);
  • When all hands attack the tattoo, the hand responsible for "tattooing" the opponent's body receives a 5% power enhancement;
  • The hands are automatically guided to the tattooed place, however, they attack in a random sequence;
  • The tattooed words describe the type of attack (scratch, punch, or shot). The other hands will attack the tattoo according to its description;
  • The maximum duration of the ability is 30 minutes;
  • Tony must be playing guitar while his transmuted hands are attacking. If Tony stops playing for ten seconds, the tattoos will disappear from the opponent's body and he will not be able to wear this hatsu again for two hours. Besides playing guitar, tony must be headbanging violently. After 30 minutes Tony will be a little dizzy;
  • This ability works in conjunction with "It’s time to face the music!" but it is not necessary that the opponent is listening to the sound produced by Turbo Killer (and Tony don't need to say the name of ability);
  • When using this ability, the arms can extend up to 70 meters;
  • If a hand is destroyed in an attempt to "tattoo", the attack power of all the others is reduced by 5% and the total number of possible tattoos is reduced to 5;
  • If a hand is destroyed before attacking the tattoo, the power of the next hand will be decreased by 5%.
4th Hatsu: Say Hello to my Little Friend!
Nen type: Conjuration (80%)
Description: When Turbo Killer is destroyed or disconnected from Annihilator, Tony can turn the guitar into an assault rifle.
Conditions and details:
  • The Annihilator's headstock will turn into a gun barrel, while Tony plays the guitar and repeats the onomatopoeia "TATATATA!!!" (this is definitely not a reference to Jojo) he can shoot at will;
  • If Annihilator is destroyed or damaged, Tony won't be able to conjure it again for an hour;
  • The transmuted arms cannot function while this ability is being used;
  • Tony can shoot for two minutes until he loses his breath, BUT! He plays a recording where he repeats the onomatopoeia for 50 minutes, that way your breath is conserved;
  • Annihilator can keep shooting up to 3 minutes without interruption but it will overheat if Tony keeps shooting. Annihilator takes 30 seconds to cold completely;
  • Effective firing range: 800 m (870 yd);
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,630 ft/s (800 m/s);
  • After firing with Annihilator for 3 minutes, Tony can fire an explosive projectile from a conjured grenade launcher. After firing, he must wait another 3 minutes.
General Strategy: Tony wants to understand how his opponent's ability works and will use his irreverent personality to provoke him. Their strategy is based on surprise attacks, using their transmuted hands, they will divide quickly to attack or capture the target. If Tony deems it necessary to activate Annihilator and Turbo killer, the latter will be hidden with In. If the enemy is a tough guy, Tony will try to activate "get ready for infinite punishment".
submitted by StickyWings to HatsuVault

TLJ is a huge, objective piece of shit with no qualities to it made by horrible people to horrible fake fans/bots

Luke giving up on Kylo goes against his main and most likeable character trait in the OT which is that he doesn't give up. Vader did far worse than Kylo for a lot longer yet Luke never gave up hope on Vader and he was right to do that. Now after he has proof anyone can be redeemed he just gives up on Kylo. Luke should if anything be even more likely to not give up on those close to him after vaders redemption as it proved his belief.
We also have the issue with how completely moronic Luke decisions to go into hiding was. Lukes reasoning is that because he can't take out Snoke, Kylo, the knights and Ren and the entire first order army at once he shouldn't bother, this is just a great example of the lazy excuses created to try and explain characters dumb decisions in TLJ. He couldn't defeat Vader, sidious, the inquisitors and the entire imperial army during the OT but that never made Luke even hesitate to help out in any way he could. Despite not being capable of that the rebellion would have likely failed had Luke not joined their cause. Hes the most powerful force user in the galaxy and we know he was more powerful than Snoke because he turned Kylo as he believed only someone in the Skywalker bloodline could defeat Luke. This is particularly impressive given how arrogant Snoke is, despite that arrogance Snoke knew he couldn't beat Luke. Its been proven time and again in Star Wars how much the individual can help in major conflicts, thats one of the major themes in the franchise as a whole. This doesn't just apply to the incredibly powerful force users like Luke but regular force users and even non force sensitives like Han Solo, Padme, Tarkin and Thrawn, for better or worse they majorly helped their factions. Luke knows these he's seen it many times and when he was far less powerful and experienced was one of the best examples so why does he suddenly think he cant make a difference ? In the clone wars Obi Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka were the difference between planets being won and lost many times as were many other jedi who were nothing compared to Luke in terms of power, people who'd be crushed like a bug by Vader in their primes unlike Luke who defeated him with a few years training.
Luke abandons not just all his friends and those he cares about but the galaxy as a whole and leaves them to be inevitably killed or conquered by Snoke and the first order. Now some will say this isn't the fault of TLJ as TFA set up Luke being on the Island. Firstly Luke was originally going to be using the force at the end of TFA when Rey meets him but the scene had to be altered as Luke cut himself from the force. Secondly TFA never made any of the major issues people have with Luke decision thats why their was no outrage over Luke actual decision in TFA as people assumed he's have a damn good reason. All people knew was Luke had gone looking for the first jedi temple (Why look for that if Luke just wanted to die ?), that Luke left after Kylo fell to the dark side and that nobody had been able to contact him since he left. All of these could have easily been given good explanations that actually fit with Lukes character. Luke could have gone to the first Jedi temple to find a way to try and help redeem Kylo or to try and stop others falling to the dark side. He could have gone to find a long lost force ability to try and help defeat snoke. Given Snoke is from the unknown regions of the galaxy and not a sith he could have some unique abilities (such as force drain which hasn't been used in canon) that his training from Yoda and Obi Wan haven't taught him how to deal with. He could have gone their to train his remaining padawans so some day together they could defeat Snoke, Kylo and the knights of ren. He could be ignoring Leias trying to call out to him with the force as he doesn't want to risk Snoke sensing where he is, as i said Snoke isnt a sith and is from the unknown regions and he connected with Rey despite never meeting her. He could have done the same thing but instead of connecting through Kylo he connects through Leia to find Luke (If Luke replied to her calls) Luke and Leia actually have a bond and it makes sense they do unlike Kylo and Rey who just had a breif fight once. Obi Wan and Maul never had such a bond, neither did Anakin and Dooku and both duos fought many times and hated each other far more.
Luke mentally breaking once Kylo turned and leaving him to commit atrocities so evil Luke considering killing him in his sleep for a moment makes Luke one of the worst Jedi in canon and most of those he's better than are the few who turned to the dark side like Pong Krell or Barris Offe. Lets have a look at a few examples of what good Jedi do in similar situations. When Jedi Master and Council member Kit Fisto fights General Grievous only minutes after having seen him kill his padawan he saddened by his death but stays calm when they face off and does his best to try and capture or kill Grievous. When Maul Obi Wans greatest enemy kills Satine a woman Obi Wan loved when he was younger right in front of him Obi Wan is saddened but never comes close to anger or hate. When Kanan (who at this point only had a padawans training and wasnt even a knight yet) belived the Grand Inquisitor had killed his padawan Ezra he didn't let his fear consume him, he let it go and used his new calmness to defeat a foe he'd always lost to in the past as he was weakened by his fear. By far the best example though is Luke, when his Aunt and Uncle who were basically his parents were brutally killed by the Empire he never thought about hiding or wanting to get revenge on the Empire...he didn't even show any anger her hate. All Luke wanted to do was become a Jedi, a guardian and peace and justice to try and stop similar things happening to anyone else. This was with no jedi training this was just who Luke was as a person at his very core. By the end of ROTJ Luke had a become a Jedi and a great one yet he completely breaks because of an incident that is obviously horribly but certainly not much more than what he's been through before and become stronger for like in the Emperors throne room. Nobody wanted Luke to be some flawless character in the ot, but if you are going to give him struggles and have him learn lessons make them things he hasn't already learnt and gone threw. He believes Kylo cannot be redeemed and there no good in him, though we don't know if he'll be redeemed we know their is good in him. Why can Luke of all people not sense that, Luke should have remembers Yodas lesson
Luke:I don't believe it!
Yoda:That is why you fail.
Another example of Lukes stupidity in TLJ is he thinks the Jedi need to end because they allowed Sidious to rise up and take over the galaxy at the height of their power. But the fault of Sidious rise to power should be blamed on the republic which gave him all the power willingly and believed all his lies. What did the Jedi actually do wrong during the prequels with regards to sidious rise to power ?
  1. He was voted chancellor fairly.
  2. His term as chancellor was extended through a vote as where the increase in his powers as chancellor such as getting an executive decision to allow the clone army to be used to defend against the Separatist.
  3. Assuming Palpatine wasn't a sith the republic wouldn't have won the war without the clone army and the clones wouldn't have won without the jedi, both were vital. If the republic lost the galaxy would have been ruled by Dooku and Grievous (bare in mind they didn't know Palpatine was a sith during the war) .
  4. They had no leads or evidence that Palpatine was Sidious and only acted against him then. Even that was arguably not enough evidence but clearly the right choice wasn't to wait and do nothing.
Should the jedi have just left the republic to be taken over by the separatists? Should they have overruled democracy and kicked Palpatine out of power because they didn't personally like Palpatine even though they had no evidence ? of cause not. It was the corrupt and ignorant republic which was to blame for sidious rise. With Palpatine the Jedi acted the best they could with the information they had.
The Jedi kept peace for 1000 years, Luke failed to do so for 30 ironically 26 of those years he was a Jedi following the Jedi way. We also have the point that the empire likely would have still been in power if it wasn't for the jedi helping Luke, yes Luke rejected Obi Wan and Yodas belief that he needed to kill Vader but that was his only issue with their code.
Luke death in particular was awful. I'll explain in the next paragraph but first I have to make something clear. Luke didn't die of exhaustion he let himself pass on into the living force like Yoda and Obi wan which is why his body disappeared. Had he died from the injuries which come from exhaustion his body would have stayed their after his death like with Qui Gon and Anakin.
So Luke let himself die when the galaxy needed him most, billions will die and suffer and even more if the first order were to win, we know they'll be defeated because Disney wouldn't have the trilogy end any other way but Luke doesn't. He essentially doomed the galaxy again not only negating the good he did in the OT but solidifying his place as one of the worst jedi In canon.
The galaxy needed him even more at the end of TLJ than they did after kylos turn since it's now just 100 resistance members and an untrained force user Vs kylo, the Knights of ren and the first order. As mind numbingly stupid as Luke was for abandoning the new republic when kylo first turned his redemption is negated by him fucking up an making a similar but worse mistake again. If anyone put a bet on such an outmatched group you'd laugh at them, except Luke didn't bet a little money he bet the fate of the entire galaxy and the trillions of lives in it.
One final act of distracting the first order does not make up for him not rebuilding the Jedi Order and for him wallowing in self pity for 6 years let alone him abandoning the galaxy again. Especially when it seems to be just for a setup for a new random character whose so powerful and great she doesn't need any training to come in and restart the order and do everything he couldn't.
One final point I'd like to add. Luke didn't even read the Jedi texts on the island. So why go there in the first place ? Why would he not even bother just to read five books to see if they offer any information that could help him. This is Luke even in canon before rotj (and especially after) Luke was desperately trying to find all the information on the Jedi he could to learn as much as possible. It just makes it seem as though Luke doesn't care about Kylo turning or what he and the first order are now doing to the galaxy at all. Yes Luke didn't know exactly what was going on but given his visions if Kylo that gave him the moment of weakness and the fact he knows snoke is a dark sider and rules the first order he has to know they are or will be attacking the galaxy soon. It beyond just lazyness its downright evil and the complete opposite of what Luke is like.
Rey is a Mary Sue, she is nearly perfect at everything she does in comparison to the other characters. After five seconds of her first time flying a ship she’s an amazing pilot and able to out manoeuvre trained pilots in a ship she's never flown before. No explanation is given in the movie for her piloting abilities and even the expanded universe excuse is weak saying she practised on simulations. Shes good at shooting blasters she misses once and then is suddenly hitting people every shot from a long distance despite never using a blaster before. Even trained and skilled shooters like Death Troopers don't shoot as accurately as Rey did.
Rey is absurdly powerful and capable with the force for someone who has no proper training. Somehow she is able to lift several tonnes of rock and duel as well as Kylo. Rey now has better telekinetic feats in canon than the likes of Obi Wan and Ventress. Post ANH Luke Skywalker needed hours just to lift a noodle with Telekinesis thats even after obi wans brief training on the falcon and all of Old Bens journals, yet Rey lifts at least a dozen tonnes of rock without any strain. Luke had the potential to surpass Sidious the most powerful Sith ever, yet compared to Rey he looks incompetent. She is able to use a Jedi Mind trick with not just without any training, but without having even seen the ability used. Ahsoka Tano who was the most powerful and talented Padawan during the Clone Wars (if you exclude Anakin who was a padawan during the wars for about a day) and certainly the most powerful and talented force user in her generation was only just able to use a jedi mind trick with about a decade and a half of training and even then she wasn't sure she could use it.
In TFA she beat Kylo in a duel but their was at least the excuse that he was badly injured and emotionally conflicted to explain the Rey winning, this is an excuse i can buy. Rian Johnson however made no attempt for a similar explanation when duelling the Praetorian Guard and decided to again double down and have Rey somehow fight the Praetorian guard just as well as Kylo if not better. They killed the same amount and Rey needed to save Kylo at the end. Kylo is meant to be incredibly powerful and skilled, hes the main villain of the trilogy and has over a decade of training yet Rey is about as competent as Kylo in a duel. Rian uses another of his poor excuse to explain this with Snokes line "Darkness rises...and the light to meet it" Many have taken this to mean the force has made Rey so strong to balance the sides of the force out, Whether Rian meant it that way i don't know but like almost all of the explanations in TLJ it falls apart as soon as you think about it. The force has never worked like this. In the prequels Sidious and Maul or Sidious and Dooku were not made just as powerful as Yoda, Windu, Obi Wan, Anakin and 10,000 other Jedi. Overall they weren't even close. In the OT Luke didn't suddenly become just as powerful as Sidious and Vader, he was barely a match for Vader and stood no chance against sidious. Even if this was how the force worked what would even be the point in training ? If you became more powerful force users on the other side of the force would get the same increase in power and if you didn't train your power would increase anyway if those on the other side of the force improved. If Rian meant that line as an explanation for Reys power than quite frankly he has no idea what he's talking about.
Everything she confronts she overcomes. It’d be one thing if she were a good pilot and sword/staff fighter. But to make her easily master the higher Jedi skills so easily? That’s the real issue. What actual training does she need? None. Compare to Luke who even in ESB with three years of knowing he's a force user, having texts to follow and build of the little training he had was just a good pilot (at good at shooting small things), but isn’t the best marksman, a lousy sword fighter, and an even worse Force user. If Rey actually couldn’t control her use of the Force, such that she was perhaps a bit destructive or chaotic in use, it would absolutely be fine. But she uses the Force deliberately and with the mastery of a seasoned Jedi master to defeat an actual seasoned Dark Side user. Luke told Rey after the first lesson: " you went to the dark side, you didn't even hesitate", and luke walked away angry and afraid...and they never brought it up again and continued with the lessons. At least in Empire yoda warned Luke that if he went to save his friends, he might lose to Vader, and by lose he meant join the dark side. Bare in mind TFA and TLJ take place within the space of a week and it just shows how ridiculous Reys power creep is, even compared to Anakin the chosen one its crazy.
The other thing is that Rey is so instantly well liked by Han, Leia, Finn, Kylo and Chewie. Compared to Finn who Han dislikes, Chewie or Leia. In almost every way, she is presented as the perfect, well liked, ready made heroine. Yet it took an entire film for Han and Leia to really warm up to Luke, and Vader didn’t even notice him until the tail end of the final trench run. So many people justify how flawed Luke was made because he was so competent in the OT but then still love how hyper competent Rey is. Compared to Rey Lukes terribly incompetent. Even in the sequels Rey is the one trying to get Luke to do the right thing and helps him learn from his very obvious mistakes. She ended up being more of the mentor of the duo than Luke. Having the main force using hero of the trilogy be very powerful and talented is fine, but when she's so powerful and talented she makes not just other incredibly powerful and talented character but the chosen one seem incompetent it makes her boring and it's incredibly lazy writing.
Leia pulling herself back into the ship from space is ludicrous for someone who has had no training. This is something not even the likes of Mace Windu could do yet she does it with no training. Anakin and windu were hit by a similar explosion in TCW and would have died had R2 not gone to get them help and they weren't even in space. In the canon novel "Heir to the Jedi Luke spent hours just trying to lift a Noodle. Anakin the chosen one only had vague premonitions and enhanced reflexes when he'd had no training. Its absurd that she could do that at all let alone after being hit by such an explosion that she also had the capabilities of defending her self from. Forget the force users with decades of training who've been hurt by a single grenade, Leia with no proper training can apparently stop herself from being killed by an explosion 20x that size. If Leia was so highly trained in the force it should have been mentioned in TFA or TLJ.
The biggest problem Leias powers cause though is that Rey doesn't need Luke to train under, if Leia is so capable Rey can just learn from her.
Many have complained about Snoke being killed before he was given any backstory and/or made into an actual character rather than diet Sidious. Some are trying to hand wave away this criticism by comparing it to Palpatine in the OT. Context matters. Palpatine simply being the evil big bad was fine in an early universe that was still being established. In the sequels this is an established universe with a lot of history behind it. Snoke's existence demands explanation and justification. They set him up to be the big bad guy of the trilogy. They had Andy Serkis play him. In interviews he was described as old enough to have watched the rise and fall of the empire, which fuelled many of the fan theories around Snoke as all that does is raise the question "What was Snoke doing during that time and why did he wait till nearly 30 years after the fall of the empire to strike. They even used that trope of hey look here are some villains we've established as powerful and evil (Kylo and Hux) but look how terrified they are of Snoke.
TLJ is a direct sequel of the OT. It exists 100% in that existing universe. And because of that there's a pre existing history for these movies where there was not for the OT. And thus, who is Snoke is a question with much more validity since he must have been alive in the OT and yet we know nothing about him at all. Snoke is just suddenly... kinda there. Who these people are and how they came to power, I think, is an essential part to this continuative flow of the story in this universe, especially since they're succeeding other characters and groups. And it wouldn't necessarily require much time. Snoke does need an explanation. The Sith were destroyed in episode 6, so where did this new dark side master that seems like a sith in every way but title come from in episode 7? Another reason Snoke needed more backstory and characterisation than the Emperor in the OT is he also didn’t undo the entire series of events coming before him. He was Square one of the series and Snoke is not. Snoke destroyed Lukes jedi order, Turned Kylo to the dark side which lead to the death of Han and built up the first order which has no pretty much destroyed the New republic with ease. Such a vital character needs explanation
But despite all that we still get more back story on sidious in ANH
The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I've just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.
:Grand Moff Tarkin
So from that we know the galaxy was once ruled by the imperial senate all the way back to the old republic which old Ben refers to with Luke. We know Sidious took all of their power and influence for himself. That's all I wanted for Snoke. The rebels won in RTJ (or maybe Jakku) then an Imperial General, outer rim warlord, rogue senator (anything) began consolidating the remaining imperial forces and winning decisive battles. That's the bare minimum, they could have put it in the crawl. It's pertinent information to catch the audience up from RTJ to TFA and importantly it's almost certainly known by the heroes we're following, yet they did't even do this.
I really enjoyed the idea of the twist of killing him in the middle of the 2nd movie of the trilogy like this. I thought it was a surprising and bold move. But since the audience knows nothing about him, we have no strong feelings for or against him it seems like so much wasted potential for cheap shock value. It would have been even more shocking and impact full if he had an established backstory behind him. Due to the lack of history to the character a lot of the audience were left scratching their heads rather than praising his sudden comeuppance.
Instead of this Snoke is just a device. Which wouldn't be much of a problem if it wasn't for the fact he wasn’t set up as a device. He was set up as a big mysterious villain that ultimately didn’t pay off in his bigness or mysteriousness.
Giving backstory and depth to Snoke would have been so easy. They could have had Snoke gloat to Rey in the throne room, or have Kylo tell Rey why he has to serve him, or give Hux a scene like with Tarkin and the generals. So many ways to do this. We don’t need his birthday or his favourite colour, just something to bridge the gap from RotJ’s happy ending to TFA’s miserable state of affairs.
Also with Snoke gone there are no competent villains left in the trilogy for episode 9. Kylo was beat by Rey in TFA and Rey fights as well if not better than him in TLJ with no training where as kylo has 10+ years of training making him look incompetent. Clearly he isn't much of a threat to her. he's also prone to tamper tantrums. Hux is a complete laughing stock who showed in TLJ to not just lack any tactical or strategic capabilities but also lack common sense.
Another complaint is if Snoke is able to telepathically Rey without having even met her or knowing where she is why could Snoke not just do this to take out all the new republic and resistance leaders ?
Holdo and the FO vs Resistance fleet
One of the major themes in TLJ was about not worshipping heroes and how everyone has flaws. So why does the movie make out Poe is in the wrong for not blindly following Holdo when it seemed like she had no plan, just because she was a higher rank than him ? Poe didn't even know who Holdo was until she was put in charge, thats even worse than blindly following someone like Leia or Luke who have done far more than Holdo.
Holdo had no logical reason for not telling Poe and Poe had no reason to trust her other than her rank. As far as he knew she was dooming them all to death, of cause hes going to try and do something to stop her and save everyone
I can't remember the source but i saw this comment on Poe that it makes some great points
Despite how the film tried to paint him, I found that Poe was by far the most competent character in this film, and was a far better leader than either Leia or Holdo Let's start with the bombing run. Poe's reasoning for this run is that the Dreadnought is a "Fleet-killer", and taking it out now could save hundreds, if not thousands of lives down the line. Yes, they lose all of their bombers and some of their fighters. Maybe 50-60 soldiers. However, the run is successful. The Dreadnought, which we see obliterate the surface of a planet with a single shot, is destroyed. Next, in one of the most infuriating scenes in the film, Poe is demoted. Keep in mind that Leia was in command the entire time. Poe didn't disobey an order, he had convinced Leia of the plan. She was always in command, the call was always hers, and she decided to go through with it. However, when the consequences of the run are made apparent, she blames Poe instead of taking responsibility for her own call. However, we'll just go ahead and, for the sake of argument, say that Poe was responsible. Immediately afterwards the resistance drops out of hyperspace and is followed by the First Order. Poe's concerns are entirely vindicated, and I think it's hard to deny that the following engagement would have gone far, far worse for the rebels had the Dreadnought still been in play. Even assuming they survived that, what were they going to do once they got down to the salt planet? We saw this thing kill a planet earlier in the film. The only reason the rebels ultimately survive is because of this bombing run. This is never acknowleged, however, and Vice Admiral Holdo takes command and proceeds to dress Poe down just for asking for his orders and the plan. Keep in mind that Poe isn't just some mook. Even with his demotion, he's your second or third in command, and he has the respect of the entire crew, as evidenced by his later leading a majority of the crew in mutiny against Holdo Finn and Rose come to Poe with a plan, and while it is pretty stupid, at this point Poe doesn't really see any other alternative besides just possibly letting everybody die at the hands of an incompetent commander. It's the only plan he's been given, so he goes for it. When Poe finally mutinies with a large portion of the crew, Leia stuns him and it's revealed that the plan was to empty their fuel reserves and send the escape pods to a nearby salt planet. However, when the plan goes into action, Finn and Rose's contact betrays them and tells the First Order about the escape pods. This results in many of the escape pods being destroyed. This is played up to be Poe's failure, but I disagree immensely. It's Holdo's failure. She had literally no reason not to tell anyone the plan. Poe, while his plan ultimately failed, had no reason to believe that Holdo wasn't going to get them all killed. Nor did the crew. She'd given neither of them any indication that she was a competent commander, or that she had anything resembling a plan. In the face of that, Poe had the choice of either possibly letting everyone die, or trying something that, while it probably wouldn't work, might just save the lives of everyone on that ship. In the context of the situation, I think Poe absolutely made the right choice, and any blame for what happened falls firmly on Holdo's shoulders for being an incompetent leader who never inspired her crew or gave them any reason to believe in her, and yet expected them all to trust her with their lives and just believe that she was making the right decisions.
Now we'll get to the absurd levels of incompetence the first order show through the whole chase in the movie.
The first order has all of the resistance in one fleet that they completely outmatch. But they decide to wait for the fleet to run out of fuel before destroying the final ship. Time is one of the most valuable resources in War. Those 18 hours you are chasing the three Resistance ships would be allowing the New Republic an additional 18 hours to regroup and reform to defend itself. they are trying to take over the galaxy and the new republic is in chaos after their capital system was destroyed. Such a large fleet would be incredibly useful taking over other key New Republic planets rather than waiting for the resistance fleet to run out of fuel. Kylos fighter blasts straight through the shields that can hold off Snoke massive capital ship and the rest of the fleets fire power for 18 hours Apparently the first order wouldn't even be able to wear down the shields in that time... also if a fighter can do that much damage why didn't they release all of the 1000s of fighters from that massive fleet and tear the resistance fleet apart. Another poor explanation is given saying the fighters had no cover from the FO fleet, but if they can tear through the capital ship shields they don't need it. especially since there would be so many fighters in the first order fleet. All the shields power was focused on the rear of the ships so why didn't they also go and shoot up the front of the ships. The resistance would have been pretty much defenceless. Poe took out a bunch of turrets earlier in the film and Poe does the same in TFA, Kylo should be capable of doing the same given he has the force to enhance his reflexes and he'd have at least 100s of fighters backing him up.
Also why does the main First Order fleet have no chips that can even can't catch up with a resistance capital ship? They're lighter and faster even tho in the OT we saw Star Destroyers catch Leia's ambassador ship and chase the Falcon. The resistance rely on hit and run tactics apparently since even their largest ships can out run all FO ships except fighters they can't be defeated in space they just need to keep running
Why did the first order not call for reinforcements to jump to light speed ahead of the resistance fleet ? if there were none avail why didn't they have some of their massive fleet light speed somewhere else then light speed back ahead of the resistance fleet ? In TFA Han was able to light speed right to the edge of Starkiller bases surface but FO admirals cant even do so in the massive area ahead of the resistance fleet.
This whole plot relys on the resistance capital ships shield being so absurdly powerful yet it seems first order ships never have shields as Poe shoots the hell out of turrets on their large capital ships in both sequel movies. Apparently one of the most powerful ships in the First Order navy hasn't even got a basic shield ? This allowed poe to wipe out all the turrets on a dreadnought. Sure Poe is the resistance best pilot but a dozen or so regular fighters could have done the same. This level of inconsistency is abysmal.
The FO had so many easy ways to wipe out the entire resistance all thought the movie but none of it is ever taken. How are the first order meant to appear at all like a threat when they are made so incompetent ?
Resetting the universe. Empire vs Rebel dynamic achievements of previous trilogies heroes removed
TLJ doubled down on the major mistake in TFA of repeating the Empire vs Rebels dynamic rather than letting the galaxy move on. Somehow The New Republic military was pretty much completely destroyed by Starkiller bases one attack. Apparently the New Republic which controls most of the galaxy had practically no military outside of that one star system. If you re watch the Starkiller base firing scene again you cant even see any large fleets, just half a dozen capital ships. So did the republic just leave themselves defenceless again? The same thing that allowed the separatists to rise up and start the clone wars, at least it made sense when the Republic in the prequels had done that as there had been peace for 1000 years. In the sequels there has been peace for barely 30 years and they have a faction run by a dark sider than bases all its designs of the militaristic and evil empire so many people in the New Republic fought to overthrow. This makes all the higher ups in the republic complete morons. Most if not all would be old enough to have lived when the empire ruled the galaxy, yet they were fine with such extreme demilitarisation with a faction on their boarders that is lead by a dark sider and bases all its architecture and military design of that same even empire that oppressed the new republic. It's like Belgium, France, Poland ect completely demilitarising their countries after the Nazis were defeated and sticking to that even if Germany started to turn into a Nazi run country again. Its well past the point of believable incompetence. It's another case of making everyone incompetent so they can take the story in the direction they want.
TLJ makes the entire Skywalker family irrelevant to the galaxy. The "empire" and the "rebellion" are fighting for control....again. So the entire first 6 movies mean nothing now. Anakin and Lukes arc was made pointless, Vader and Sidious are replaced by two dark siders who seem like sith in every way but title for some reason. Then Luke doesn't even rebuild the jedi order as I've already mentioned.
All the achievements of the original trilogy heroes has been made pointless. The republic is destroyed and all that remains is a small rebellion, the Jedi are gone except instead of two powerful force users to potentially train (Luke and Leia) now there is only one and there are no living Jedi to properly train her. Vader and Sidious were replaced by Kylo and Snoke as well. Instead of creating a new story following the achievements and changes to the galaxy that happened in the original trilogy they just reset the universe...
So the first major problem i have with Rose is her freeing the space horses which are just going to get rounded up in a few hours anyway but leaving the kids. Either she knew freeing any of them was pointless is which case why free the space horses or she hadn't thought about that in which case why not free the child slaves ?
The Next is Rose meeting and falling in love with Finn in 18 hours. One of the major parts of her character and "plot" is hero worship. She had her idealised version of Finn smashed when she saw him try to escape. Sure he redeemed himself by trying to sacrifice himself but even so falling in love with someone that soon is ridiculous and made worse by one of the major themes of her story and the movie as a whole.
Lastly she stops Finn sacrificing himself. Now i wont bother addressing her dumb line about saving the ones you love because I've yet to see anyone defend it, however it turns her into a completely selfish character doing the very thing Finn was flawed for doing at the start of the movie. At the start of the movie Finn didn't care about the first order he just wanted to find and help Rey. At the end of the movie Rose does something even worse by dooming all of the resistance members to certain death (if Luke hadnt come along which she knew nothing about) just so the person she cares most about can live a few extra minutes before the First Order gun them down. I've seen some people argue Finn would have failed anyway because the laser was powering up. Yes that is a possibility however the chance of that cannon being destroyed or at least being damaged enough it cant shoot through those blast doors is infinitely higher if Finn had crashed into it. The options are A) let Finn sacrifice himself and hope it damages the canon enough. B) Stop Finn from sacrificing himself so instead of just Finn dying all of the resistance dies.
This is more to do with Roses story line than the character. It's built up how complex the system the hacker needs to hack is. Maz only knows of one person who could do it. But Finn and Rose happen to run into a different hacker who can do everything the person Maz wanted them to find could do. Both hackers also happen to be so close by that Rose and Finn can fly off find them and bring them back in 18 hours. You also can't use the argument the force did all this because DJ ended up betraying them which the force would know. Why would he send them to DJ rather than let something unlikely happen so they could meet the guy Maz originally wanted them to meet.
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